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Booty shrink

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My liberal friends would laugh and say, \'That sounds like something she would do!\'And she did!See More of Bella Dea at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Former raiderette gets make love in her booty Former Raiderette gets make love in her booty I\'m going to be penetrate in an area that\'s going to be outstanding, 47-year-old Tarise Taylor said before she shot this scene, her first on-camera booty encounter.She means she\'s going to get make love in her booty. How does this former cheerleader feel about bootyAt first, it\'s, \'Whoa!\' and then it\'s like heaven, she said. It sounds like you\'re hurting and you\'re not. You\'re having an orgasm.She told us she was fortunate to get booty-make love by Carlos. She hadn\'t had booty in a while, but she didn\'t need a refresher course.My body tells me what to do. I\'ll grab onto his hair, his arms. I\'ll bite his lip. I\'ll bite mine. I\'m in pure ecstasy!Carlos is going to be in pure ecstasy have sexual intercourse Tarise\'s tight bootyhole. 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