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Long, lean & libidinous Long, Lean & horny Long, lean and lusty--that\'s Taffy. She stands 5\'9, almost 6\' in heels, which she wears whenever she gets the chance.I could never date a guy shorter than me, the 18 year old told us. I like to feel feminine and small when a man holds me. I wear heels to scare away the men who are put off by tall women. Some of them say the rudest things to me! I\'ve been called sasquatch. Most men don\'t realize that they\'re being offensive when they say things like, \'you\'re beautiful for a tall girl.\'We don\'t mind a chick with height here at NM as long as they can give us the goods. Luckily, Taffy does just that. Her sleek and toned body are just right for a wild romp.See More of Taffy at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Naturally nice Naturally pretty Karina positively beams when she poses, no matter what type of photograph or video she is making. She radiates joy and happiness and the camera captures that. Karina always smiles, naturally. She\'s not trying to be someone she\'s not. Many models try to act all serious and sultry but Karina is just herself, a happy person. Her smiles are very inviting. Karina instinctively knows that looking serious, looking poker-faced at the camera, the Top Model television school of haughty body language, is not her and not what her fans like. The comments that the guys send in are highly supportive. D.B. emails: I just wanted to say that Karina Hart is one of the most beautiful models I\'ve ever seen, and I have been buying SCORE since 1997. Also, my wife is very turned on by Karina\'s pictures too. Please pass on my comments to Karina. I\'m sure she knows she\'s beautiful, but reinforcement never hurts. And K.M. writes Karina is just fantastic. petite face, pretty dark hair, slim waist, womanly hips, thick, shapely legs and huge perfect breasts. She\'s nailed that smoldering come-hither look down to a T...definitely a natural in front of the camera. She\'s hot and she damn well knows it. And so do we!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Breast royalty Breast Royalty Please meet and greet Miss Leanne Crow, a Londoner just photographed during a trip to the Caribbean and a perfect new addition to the SCORE universe. Leanne loves singing, acting and writing. She\'s a former cheerleader and used to play netball in school, a British sport similar to basketball. We\'re sorry she doesn\'t anymore. That would be big to see now with her 34J\'s. She loves watching WWE wrestling and says John Cena is her favorite wrestler. In this introductory pictorial, Leanne checks out a vintage bra, a pointy hooter-harness like the kind the girls used to wear under tight tops back in the \'50s. I always wear a bra when I go out. Sometimes I have to wear two bras because of the weight. But if I\'m home chillaxing, I\'ll either not wear a bra or I\'ll wear a sports bra. On SCORE\'s trip to St. Maarten, Leanne met fellow Brits Michelle Bond and Charley Green and Australia\'s Angela White for the first time. For a few days, St. Maarten became the island of the curvy dolls!See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Training her new guy Training Her New Guy Kirra\'s new boyfriend doesn\'t know the drill yet. He thinks just because he showed up to her house he\'d get some cunt. Wrong. Besides being an all-state cheerleader, Kirra Lynne is also a long-legged domme with a serious need for foot pleasure!She begins training her new ped-pumper by having him peel off her fragrant socks, unleashing the nice aromatic gym scents she\'s been adding to all day. Once her slick cunt folds are fully lubed up, she begins to strip for him, revealing her luscious body. When she\'s sure he\'s pretty and hard, she starts kneading his package through his jeans with her silky soft peds.You know there\'s plenty more lusty thigh worshiping, cunt pounding, and foot cumshots ahead, but we\'ll let you observe that for yourself. See More of Kirra Lynne at LEGSEX.COM!. Minka\'s first photo shoot Minka\'s First Photo Shoot This military uniform shoot was the first pictorial Minka shot for her debut in SCORE. The edition\'s coverdate was December 1994 and Minka was the covergirl. This was a breakthrough issue in several ways. large bust magazines were hesitant about putting an Asian girl on their covers. SCORE had no hesitation. Minka remembers that time. When my girlfriend showed me the magazine, I saw the telephone number and that\'s what I called. I sent three Polaroid pictures. Next, one of the owners and the chief photographer John Graham got the pictures. He called my house and said, \'An airplane ticket is going to be at your house in one or two days. I want you to come to England.\' That\'s it. So I went to England. And he took a test picture and said I would be on the cover, and then he said that I would be a feature dancer. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was going to be the first time an Asian girl was on the cover. That was very important to me.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Budding blonde Budding Blonde We\'ve watched Sammy transform.She was once shy and timid, and slowly Sammy has opened up before our cameras. She went from a girl who covered her mouth and giggled at the mere mention of sex, to a cumshot slut taking voluminous cocks and voluminous loads. I\'m way more mature about sex now.Are you still a little shy about sexMaybe a teeny elegant bit, but nowhere near where I was before. I think back on how I used to be with sex and I feel embarrassed. I was such a prude! Now I\'m all about getting naked and fucking.Does your new attitude shock folks Not really. Friends who have known me a long time feel like, \'Finally! She grew up!\' And newer people just figure I\'ve always been a slut! See More of Sammy Daniels at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Estonia cold fox Estonia Cold Fox Occupation: Bartender; Age: 20; Born: July 18; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Matching bra set; Anal: Licking; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Of course.A submission all the way from Estonia might just be a first for us. We had to look up where Estonia is before responding to Katya\'s email to us. Hello from Estonia, she wrote. I am Katya, and I want very much to be a model in your magazines. I have actually been approached by several photographers and agents here in Estonia, but they have a bad reputation of taking advantage of girls. I know you have been making magazines for 20 years, so I know you are safe to use my photographs.Guys, we\'re always thorough when it comes to checking girls\' IDs, but when we\'re receiving photos from former Soviet Union countries, we double and triple check. I have always looked young, Katya told us. In fact, I have a problem finding older men who will make the first move with me. When I go to university, it\'s always the first-year students who flirt with me. It\'s a voluminous problem because I don\'t like young boys. I like older men in their 30s. They know their way around my body much better. See More of Katya at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Madison cums our way Madison cums our way I wanted to do porn to feel young, and my husband gave me permission to, said 64-year-old mother and granny Madison Milstar. I feel 35, and this was my present to myself. Sixty-five sounded old, and I didn\'t want to be old, and I\'m a fan of porn. I love to look at it, and I said, \'I can do that,\' and my husband said one day, \'I know you can. Would you like to\'So she did, and she\'s been doing a lot of have intercourse at She\'s also sent some new MILFs our way, including Dallas Matthews at could have never done those things when I was 30, Madison said. Not with my job and a young son. I\'m much more free now than I was when I was in my 30s.She looks large with her sweet face, big, tan-lined boobs and shaved pussy. She loves to show off her bottom and she loves to get have sexual intercourse in her bottom. Madison lives in Hawaii, where she works on those tan lines, has sex one to two times a day and masturbates twice a day in her home office.I use a pocket rocket, ass plug, dildo and nipple clamps. Sometimes all at the same time if I\'m feeling frisky. I like to feel stimulation in as many places as I can.We feel stimulated just looking at this exciting 60something.See More of Madison Milstar at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Coed\'s all nighter Coed\'s All Nighter I think I was either a D or a DD in school, said cutie-pie Anna Kay (More To make love on DVD). I played basketball, volleyball and softball. In fact, around then, I had to quit sports because my natural tits got too great for me to handle. It was just uncomfortable. I felt, like, they were just too great. I could never find any sports bras that would fit and it was a pain. I felt like everyone was staring at me when I\'d be running up and down the court. And I felt like my natural tits overshadowed my athletic skills. So I quit. I would say I am active nowadays. I don\'t necessarily work out, but I do a lot of skating and bowling. I play a lot of baseball with my family. Now I wear two sports bras when I\'m doing anything active. And one is a little loose and one is usually a lot smaller so that it really pushes my natural tits down and holds them in. Has Anna ever woken up the neighbors when she was with a have sexual intercourse buddy I\'m sure I have. But I don\'t think that it\'s something they wanted to complain about. I know roommates that have heard me have sexual intercourseing and masturbated to it. Like, \'Your sex sounds so awesome, I just had to tell you I masturbated to it!\' And that was a female roommate!See More of Anna Kay at XLGIRLS.COM!. Teddy titillation Teddy Titillation Let\'s face it: Girls with ultra-slim bodies are not supposed to grow up to have 32F-cup boobs and graceful 22 inch waists. Sha Rizel from the Ukraine did. Sha joins a rare group of girls that includes Venera, Valory Irene and Merilyn Sakova, all of whom became superstars with SCORE readers and SCORELAND members. Their bodies have defied the genetic odds that nature has laid out for the majority of big-boobed girls.Sha enjoys movies, cooking, dancing and travel as well as just chilling and enjoying herself at home. She\'s not a sports fan, but she works out at a local fitness center and practices Pilates several times a day. And it shows! Sha is the kind of gorgeous, busty girl you see on television in international beauty and swimsuit contests. The kind of girl who wants to promote world peace and international cooperation. The kind of girl you\'d probably never expect to ever see totally naked. And now you are.The advancement of international cooperation has sped up thanks to Sha. Actually, Sha is, in fact, a television celebrity and has appeared on game shows and other programs. See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Do natural tits float Do Natural boobs Float One SCORELAND member who wants to remain anonymous writes about Paige Turner (November \'16, January \'17 Voluptuous), I\'ve been a member since the start and this is my new favorite model. Considering all of the girls featured over the years, that\'s quite a compliment.Paige Turner busts out of her skimpy bikini at poolside and puts on a show that\'s hotter than the Miami sun. This pictorial differs from the video in several ways. Paige doesn\'t get in the pool and she doesn\'t go inside the house to slap one out. It\'s shot entirely outdoors.I was always picked on at school for being so busty, said Paige. Now they try to pick her up. The tables have turned. Having voluminous breasts doesn\'t mean a girl has a voluminous sexual appetite but Paige does. She loves clit stimulation. She loves curved dicks. She masturbates every night before she goes to sleep. She was eager and charged up for her first sex show with professional X-man Tony. Yes, Paige started off with a bang. All because a SCORE reader recommended she try voluminous boob modeling. See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!. The show me state girl The Show Me State Girl Porsche Dali has been a frequent visitor to XL Girls since 2010. She exploded many heads when she debuted and she still continues to rock the house. Porsche added some tats since she first appeared and had a change of hair color as well. Other than that, she\'s still the same girl. Friendly, upbeat, horny....XL Girls: What should a guy do to get your attention Porsche: Be friends with me first. It\'s inviting to be complimented, but I don\'t want someone to come to me and say, \'Hey babe, inviting boobs. Can I touch them\' So just be friends with me, find out what I like, what I don\'t like and let it go from there. XL Girls: Are the guys you date typically boob fanatics Porsche: Yeah, or butt fanatics. I\'m packing butt, too. But I normally get the boob guys. XL Girls: So do guys say things about your anus too Porsche: Yeah. The best thing was when I was a senior in high school. We were all getting ready to graduate. I graduated from a good considerable school and one of the guys I knew was like, I gotta do something. So he stood me up in front of everybody at the anusembly and said, I just want to let everyone know this is the finest anus I\'ve ever seen on a white woman. XL Girls: Have they ever popped out by accident Porsche: Swimsuits are absolutely awful for considerable boobs. I\'ve been in family functions and been swimming and they popped out. See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!. Rich & creamy Rich & Creamy Bedeli isn\'t the type of chick you would usually call high strung. We\'ve all seen this girl get down, but seein\' her like this, we\'ll call her high strung or anything else she wants. The sight of Bedeli\'s creamy skin, tight curves and phat backside tied to a stairwell waiting for you to dominate her is a welcome surprise for any man. It\'s like receiving some gift-wrapped cunt for your birthday.But when you\'ve got Bedeli like this, you can\'t give it all to her at once. Our boy Juan knows he\'s got to warm Bedeli up with a little teasing before going to work on all that booty.Juan oils up and plays with Bedeli\'s backside. Like the saying goes, that must be jelly \'cause jam don\'t jiggle like that. And man, does Bedeli have an backside made for poppin\' and jiggling. We could watch it all day.Oh, play with my backside, Bedeli moans. You\'re getting me all hot.Juan keeps the teasing going by licking her backsidehole. Being the pleasant dude that he is, Juan asks Bedeli if she\'s ready for more.You want me to untie you he asks.Oh, yeah, baby, Bedeli responds. I want you to make love my backside.Juan unties her, but the teasing isn\'t done yet. He finger-blasts Bedeli\'s tight, pink cunt while licking her nipple, and Bedeli moans with ecstasy until she can\'t take anymore. She hops down onto her knees and shoves Juan\'s fat penish into her mouth with vigor, taking nearly every inch she can down her throat. Finally, Juan takes Bedeli onto the couch and she shoves his penish into her dripping-wet cunt.Aw, yeah, she says as Juan make loves her reverse-cowgirl. I love that penish inside my cunt. You make me so hot.Things get hotter when Juan gets Bedeli onto her side and sticks his stiff penish into her backsidehole.Oh, that backside is so tight, he says as he shoves his penish in and out of her.Oh, make love my backside, Bedeli screams after Juan turns her around and make loves her backside doggy style. Aye, Papi, just like that. Que rico!Que rico means how rich or how lovely in Spanish, which is a fitting way to end this scene. Juan unleashes a lovely, rich torrent of cumshot into Bedeli\'s mouth. Que rico, indeed.See More of Bedeli B. at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Fuck bound Make love Bound Nikki\'s holding up a sign that says Miami, but she might as well be holding up a sign that says, make love me, please. She wants to get it on more than she actually wants to make it to the Magic City and we think the latter slogan would be very effective getting her what she wants. But truthfully, if you\'ve got a tight, tempting body like Nikki does, you don\'t even need a sign. You could be standing on the side of the road with rags on and guys would still hit on you. It almost makes you wonder, are these guys picking up Nikki, or is Nikki picking up these guys It doesn\'t matter, because she wants to fuck, and they want to fuck, and that\'s what they do. And that\'s all that matters.See More of Nikki Vee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Hooters in a hammock Hooters in a Hammock Hooters, big hooters, lounging on a hammock in paradise. Doesn\'t that sound lovely Imagine being on vacation in the tropics with our favorite busty slut, Christy. You know that she would be topless in a heartbeat and enjoying the rays of the sun on her breasts. She would probably require some sunblock lotion on those mams of hers. That\'s where you come in, champ, with your able hands and horny, er, helpful disposition. Imagine creaming up those cannons and pinching those nipples right out in the open. Sounds good, right Her supple, lubed up breasts in your hands, and you know that it would only be a matter of time before she was moaning and raising her hips, beautiful you to stuff her pussy full of your dick. She\'d probably take you into the water and make love you in the surf. Ah, Christy...your breasts in our tropical fantasy are oh, so good! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Hypnosis for sex Hypnosis For SexWe see a man in an office reading a book called Hypnosis For Sex. Then we see who he wants to put under a hypnotic trance and bang. His stacked office anusistant looks a lot like Sheridan Love. No wonder he wants to pump her. His voluminous-titted secretary shows no signs of attraction to him so after exhausting all techniques, he spots an ad for this book. It promises a lot, namely a lot of hot chicks and the surefire way to have a lot of sex with them. So he orders it. It\'s only money. This is a snarky way to get a foxy piece of anus but he\'s desperate to lay the wood to this beauty.Calling her into his office, he tells her to take some dictation and repeats the words straight out of the book. As she listens and writes them down, it puts her in a relaxed and open state of mind. She enters a trance and becomes receptive to his direction and his penish for the first time.orgasm around her, he puts his hands on her voluminous hot tits. She responds the way the author claimed and she doesn\'t smack his hands away. The book works. He takes off her curve-hugging tank dress to reveal her incredibly shapely body in all its glory. She kneels and opens her mouth wide for his tool. Pumping her drooling mouth, he plans out the rest of the afternoon--turning his office into a private make love palace with a girl he\'s dreamed of for months.This is one book that backed up its wild claims. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Sex in the stacks Sex In The Stacks XL Girls occasionally gets emails and comments about what it\'s like to work at TSG. You people have the best jobs in the world, What\'s it really like thereand I wish I could work at XL Girls are just a few examples. We used to give a guided tour of the building now and then (and the studio if the timing was right) when a very motivated reader either contacted us or simply showed up at the door. Guys have even brought their wives or girlfriends along to see how it\'s all done.This video is a typical day at the office. Our content Archivist, a very important employee, shows a new hire around the building and her department. You\'ll recognize our Archivist as none other than Charlotte Angel, who\'s a model herself, and her new assistanr is Peter, a guy you also know as a hired penish-man. Charlotte shows Peter his desk and computer, then takes him into the stacks, a series of shelving that contains the older slide content before digital took over. (Some of this material is still used now and then for the print version of XL Girls, such as the December 2014 15th Anniversary issue.) The aisles are a tight squeeze for two people, especially for a girl whose own stacks extend approximately one foot from her chest. She can\'t help but press them against Peter as she shows him this part of the Archive. Those soft, warm, thick pillows, perfect for sliding your penish between, make Peter lose it and he starts to play with them. Since they\'re now technically on a lunch break and their time is their own for an hour, they decide to cement their new working relationship with a hot fuck and suck. The management is actually okay with this but would prefer it if they were alerted first so the cameraman could run over and film them. After all, these days you\'ve got to maximize content production and revenue streams. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. Totally worth it Totally Worth It Lives: Ottawa, Canada; Occupation: Graphic arts student; Age: 20; Born: July 25; Ht: 5\'4; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Finger or tongue, that\'s it; BJs: Usually spit; Diddle: Before I go to sleep.I was really into make love for the camera and being on and in the magazine, said Kalie. I tried to get my boyfriend to go with me to make love me, but he got performance anxiety just sitting on his couch, so he told me to go do a pro. He said he wouldn\'t be at all jealous and looked forward to seeing me in action. Then, the day before I was to leave for Miami, he dumped me. But I did it and had the most awesome sex I think I\'ll ever have. Yes, it was worth losing a boyfriend to experience it. Check out the video as well. See More of Kalie Cruise at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Cilla\'s full-body massage Cilla\'s full-body manusage Cilla has been working all day, and now she needs a manusage, so she calls over Max. Cilla, who\'s 47 and comes from North Wales, enjoys the manusage so much that she decides to blow his cock. And what comes next She pulls out her large, floppy breasts. Max blows and tit-fucks them. Then he eats her pussy. She returns the favor by letting him plunder her pussy.Now, you\'d think Max would want to ejaculate all over Cilla\'s large breasts, but he doesn\'t. He can\'t. Why can\'t he Because it\'s a long way from a woman\'s anus to her breasts when you\'re have intercourse her from behind. He ejaculates on her anus because he can\'t help himself. His balls are ready to explode. But that\'s okay with Cilla. She\'s already ejaculate a few times.Cilla is a MILF. Her large naturals are F-cups. She usually doesn\'t wear panties. Dinner and sex are her favorite kind of dates. She\'s married, but get this: She\'s an escort, and she loves her work. There\'s just something super raunchy about a 47-year-old woman who works as an escort. And fucks on-camera. That, too. See More of Cilla at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. A work of art A Work Of Art The girl isn\'t just a cute face and a voluminous set of tits. She\'s got talent! I study art history in college, Karina said. I love all kinds of art and I love music. I draw and paint, too, but I don\'t have much time for that. Here, Karina starts painting and gets messy. Before she knows it, she\'s got more paint on her body than she does on the canvas. We always knew that Karina is a work of art, but this time, she\'s literally a work of art. She looks lovely in red, yellow and green. Purple, too. That\'s the color of the oversized dildo she uses to have sexual intercourse her pussy. I had the most fun doing this because I got to be playful, Karina said. Usually, I only get to be sexy. Well, here, Karina is playful and sexy. The girl can\'t help it. We think she should be on display in the Louvre. Put her next to Mona Lisa and see where all of the male eyes go. Right to her tits! Guaranteed.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. South of the border South of the Border When Selena is eating this taco, you\'ll want to have sexual intercourse her pink taco and cover it with your cream. It\'s the tightest, warmest, softest tortilla you\'ll ever have the delight of sticking your meat into. And when she have sexual intercourses, this Latina is hot like salsa. Her full butt jiggles with every heavy thrust into her slit and her big, full funbags flop everywhere as she bounces up and down. Let her eat your burrito and you\'ll see that Selena was born to serve.See More of Selena Castro at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Arianna\'s got some company Arianna\'s Got Some Company I think I like having sex on camera more than being by myself, Arianna told us recently. When I am by myself, I am the center of attention and I have to think about what to do next. But when I am having sex with a man, I know what to do next!First of all, at this website, Arianna is always the center of attention.Second of all, judging by what we\'ve seen, Arianna knows exactly what she\'s doing in her solo photos and videos.Third, she sure as heck knows what she\'s doing when she\'s fucking, too. In these photos (and the uporgasm video), Arianna has that good-girl-gone-bad look, which is one of our favorite looks for Arianna. She looks like she\'s dressed for Sunday brunch at a classy restaurant, but before we know it, her boobs are orgasm out, and Arianna\'s having full sex on camera.It feels so natural, Arianna said. At first, I was doing it for my fans, but now, I am having as much fun as they are.Doubtful. But we\'re happy to hear it.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Minka returns Minka Returns It\'s been a few years since Minka\'s visited SCORE and in all that time, the emails and letters have come in from fans asking when the mega-boob star would be back. That time is now. Minka\'s finally returned for all-new solos and hardcore action.Back home in Las Vegas, Minka keeps busy playing tennis (she\'s incredibly fit from hours on the court every day) and traveling for tournaments, raising her vegetable garden, caring for her many dogs, working on her website and in general enjoying life. She\'s still an eating machine and the Vegas casino buffet managers tremble when she walks in, yet she never gains a pound.Every woman has a pussy, but they don\'t have these tits, Minka said in what could be the understatement of the century. Other women don\'t have nipples like mine. I have huge nipples, so men love it. Most guys really just want to have sex my titties. They want to feel them, sucjob them, and then they want to have sex them. Any girl can give them a suc job.See More of Minka at SCORELAND.COM!. Chloe and julia Chloe And Julia The perfect team-up of Chloe and Julia Miles was originally published in July 2001 SCORE Magazine to coincide with the international release of the video Julia Miles: A Date With Seduction. (Seduction is played by...Chloe.) Over the summer of 2001, the video became a top seller. Seeing Julia and Chloe do each other drove both Chloe and Julia Men wild. The few fascinating seconds of them speaking German to each other was too brief! What would be the result of the two of them taking on one man, as in Ultimate Chloe The idea is mindboggling -- but the odds seem long.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Juicy fruits Juicy Fruits Here\'s someone who should have her own foodie TV show, one of the world\'s greatest naturals, Joana Bliss. She wouldn\'t need to prepare any meals. Just play with fruit. Squeeze oranges so that the juice runs down her buxom body, past her busty breasts and down to her pussy. blowjob and lick bananas. Tickle her nipples with watermelon slices. It would be pure kitchen magic.Super-seductive Joana watches her videos as they appear on SCORELAND. Sometimes she watches them alone, sometimes with a friend. She doesn\'t get it on when she watches but she does find them libidinous to watch and she likes to critique her moves and how she looks. I hope everyone likes my photos and videos as much as I enjoyed making them. Sometimes I cannot believe I have been doing this so long. Many girls model for a few years and then it\'s over. You never see them again. So I am lucky to have loyal fans who want to keep seeing me. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Asian hipster Asian Hipster I\'m not into the things that other girls in my class are into. I like to watch foreign and independent films and listen to underground bands. On the weekend you can find me at a local show or checking out a new exhibit at the museum. I don\'t like the same kinds of guys that other girls like either. I like guys who are into the same things as me, smart guys. But I guess the one thing I do have in common with most other girls is that I want a guy who will make the first move and be a little aggressive.I think when it comes to sex I\'m not like, super-kinky, but I\'m not totally boring either. The most extreme things I\'m into are like, spanking and violent sex. I think the kinkiest thing I\'ve ever done is have sex in some random person\'s car on the street. We were super lascivious and had nowhere else to go, so we just make love in there. Just goes to show you, you should always lock your doors! Girls give the best head, and they taste so good, too. One day I want to have a threesome with two girls. My fantasy is to be make love doggie-style by a girl wearing a strap-on while I eat another girl\'s pussy. I want them to make me their little sex toy and tie me up and do all kinds of naughty things to me. Come to think of it, I wouldn\'t mind if two guys did that to me either.See More of Fey Knight at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. My cunt is getting so wet from playing with your tool My pussy Is Getting So Wet From Playing With Your cock Erin, who\'s 27 and from Georgia, is a Massage Therapist. So you know she\'s very beautiful with her hands. She also has an interesting mind. I once had a dream that I was having sex with a robot, she said. It had a perfectly chiseled body, and I could command it to do whatever I wanted it to do. When I woke up, my pussy was wet and throbbing. Erin always has sex on her mind. I like to get a little rough and talk dirty, she said. Most guys love a girl who talks dirty, even if they won\'t admit it. One time I was jacking a guy off, and I said, \'My cunt is getting so wet from playing with your cock.\' The second I said cunt, he popped. Who can blame him We would have, too.See More of Erin Marxxx at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Give it to me pleasant and hard! Give it to me nice and rough! Many of you wonder what it would be like to make love Christy and how rough you could get her off if you had the chance, right Well, we are going to give you some tips and advice on how to get Ms. Marks off, in case you ever get the chance to bone this busty beauty and need to rise to the occasion, so to speak. Christy loves having her tits squeezed and her nipples sucked on. She also likes it when a man takes charge and make loves her like it\'s his last day on earth. If a guy wants to get me off, he needs to give it to me nice and rough, she says with a wink. And what gets her off the best Cum. Yours, of course. The bigger the load I can get out of a man, the hornier I get and the rougher I cum. Hear that, gentlemen You gotta shoot geysers of the sticky stuff on Christy. She lives for the cum, man. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Have sexual intercourse her way to the top Have intercourse Her Way to the Top Amai is not going to win an award any time soon. She can\'t act for shit, but she has plenty of other redeeming talents. For a skinny Asian flattie with braces, she sure can make love. When she sees that her audition is not going quite as planned, she takes off her clothes and lets the auditioner know that she\'s willing to make love her way to the top. But the highest this gorgeous chick will get is to the top of his cock. She can\'t act, so we know she\'s not faking it when she cums. Who needs talent to become an actress anyway As long as you screw the director you\'ll at least get a minor role. There may not be a acting award in Amai\'s future, but a pleasant load of jizz all over her chin will do for now.See More of Amai Liu at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Blue bikini Blue Bikini In this photo shoot, Ines had to be very careful doing the water shots to avoid ruining her carefully applied make-up and her hair. These poses are the epitome of glamour. There are only a handful of what some would call explicit poses and there is no penetration into her cute cunt and asshole.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Two brits \'a boobin\' Two Brits \'A Boobin\' Michelle Bond and Leanne Crow. Now this is a match made in hooter heaven. They are both incredibly stacked and curvy. This is why largeamy should be legalized. Remember their Have a bounce trampoline jumping in Chapter 2 of Leanne\'s Stacked Summer That amazing tit-jiggling and mashing on the huge trampoline afterwards They are two of a bouncing pair. Why do girls like them always come from the United Kingdom We\'ve been asking that question for 20 years. I was a very late bloomer, said Leanne. I didn\'t develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight. It was crazy because I was flat-chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat chested and they all had tits. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn\'t go swimming because it would be like I had tits and then in a swimsuit, I didn\'t. And Michelle\'s tits really growth-spurted much later if you look at her early photos. As my body has kind of grown a bit, they\'ve grown with me. The only thing that\'s different between now and years ago is that I don\'t party as much. I used to be stick-thin, and my tits weren\'t that large because I partied a lot, but now, I don\'t know. I haven\'t done anything to them. They\'ve just grown. I used to be an F-cup. Now I\'m a 34H.See More of Michelle Bond at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. The titans The Titans Pronounced Tit-ans. What else could they possibly be called When you get Maxi Mounds, Casey James and Minka within six square feet of territory, you ask them for a line-up style of posing. Would Casey, Maxi and Minka say no to our pleading, pathetic, puppydog faces Fuck, no. Some models may ask why we want them to stand side-by-side and the answer is: every boob man loves to compare the anatomies of the heavy bust stars, especially the girls with the heavygest tits in the world. And it\'s more than just comparing breast size. This unique layout will let you study and ponder and breathe heavily over their hips, legs, butts, muffs, cuffs, and even their lil\' tootsies. The wonderful event took place on the island of St. Thomas at the start of Boob Cruise 2000, before we sailed off. The background will be familiar to the eagle-eyed---it is the terrace of the house where we shot the cover photo for the Holiday \'00 SCORE magazine, the best-selling issue of them all. Casey, Minka and Maxi, pushovers that they are, had no objections to the concept we wanted to realize. Damn, we even got to toss in that handy red tape measure in a few shots. This shoot was the genesis of the famous Mega-Boob Olympics. The seed was planted on St. Thomas. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Sending a message Sending a Message 18-year-old Lola is from Manchester in the UK. She\'s a bit of a rocker chick, so you know that she\'s got a wild streak.I\'m not exactly girlfriend material, she confided to us. I\'m the kind of girl you meet at a show and shag in the bathroom stall. I\'m the kind of girl you brag to your mates about banging and maybe bring them around the next time you see me. I\'m having a lot of fun, and I don\'t need a boyfriend holding me back.I decided to send these pictures in to you lot because I\'ve had loads of blokes ask me to send them naked selfies. I figured I would just have a friend snap these and the next time someone asks, I\'ll just forward them the link to your site. That should send the message that I\'m not interested in meeting their mum or going to the cinema for a quiet date. See More of Lola Rose at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Hot as hell Hot As Hell SCORE went to Europe to hook up with Shione Cooper, a lovely brunette with a porcelain doll face and petite body. Shione spoke with a SCORE staffer to talk about her life, her interests and her background. And then she jumped into a game of hide the Czech sausage. It turns out this titillating doll is actually very shy. But she\'s not shy about releasing her fiery sexuality and super-libido when the camera lights start popping. Shione is now a models\' agent herself.See More of Shione Cooper at SCORELAND.COM!. Blonde pussy for stone Blonde pussy For Stone Seeing as how Sienna loves big, ebony dicks and the guys who like to bury them in busty, white blondes, XL Girls hooked up Sienna with Lucas for a hot afternoon of fucked and sucking, just the way she likes it. I love my body and I\'m proud of it and I like to show it off, Sienna often tells us. Lucas gets to stuff his thick slab into Sienna\'s pussy and between her huge, fleshy jugs and Sienna gets the chocolate fuck-club she loves. That\'s a fair trade. I really love oral sex and I give a really pleasant cock sucking job. I love to give head and I love to have my pussy licked. Sienna is the only girl we ever met who owned her own newsstand in Little Rock, Arkansas. She sold TSG magazines and DVDs. See More of Sienna Hills at XLGIRLS.COM!. Angie\'s extreme bikini and extreme toys Angie\'s extreme bikini and extreme toys Angie Noir, 49, is wearing a bikini that most 21-year-olds wouldn\'t dare to wear. It\'s elegant and barely covers her nipples. The anus is a thong, meaning dental floss, meaning it covers her cunt and bottom and that\'s about all. But before long, Angie\'s bikini isn\'t covering her nipples, cunt or bottom. It all comes off, and we get to see it all.And what happens next lovely stuff. Yeah, Angie have sexual intercourses on-camera and takes it up the ass, but here, she\'s by herself. And her holes still get filled...but with giant dildos. See how Angie\'s mature cunt stretches itself around a big, black toy. Watch her stuff a rather big ass plug up her ass. Does Angie have a lovely time Yeah, she does, and so will you.Just to refresh your memory, dark-haired, excited Angie is from Eastern Europe. She\'s a mother of four. She has a husband who loves to watch her have sexual intercourse other men. He also loves when she puts on shows like this for him. She lives in South Florida. She says her creativity is one of her best features. Watch how creative she gets with her toys.See More of Angie Noir at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Artiste tawny Artiste Tawny Picasso has nothing on Tawny as revealed in this photo set. There\'s nothing abstract about Tawny, and impressionism doesn\'t quite cover her talents. The curves and angles are there, but she\'s no Art Deco figure. Perhaps after she finishes her painting, she\'ll do your portrait using your own paint brush.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Shower flower Shower Flower Hitomi stands only 5\'1 tall. That\'s graceful for a girl who\'s boasting J-cup tits! A true genetic rarity, since most Japanese women tend to be small-breasted and the bigger-chested ones tend to have plumperish bodies. Add to that the fact that Hitomi has a elegant face and a nice body overall and it truly makes her one in how many millions of girls One boob man sent his thoughts to Scorecard\'s letter section with this interesting observation: I spend a lot of time in the Honolulu area. Plenty of Japanese ladies to be seen there, be they AJA (American of Japanese Ancestry) or Nihongin tourists from Japan. Spend a day at Honolulu\'s Ala Moana Center and you\'ll see what I mean. Lots of mostly petite, female, Japanese eye candy to be seen there. One could spend a year looking at all of the Japanese cuties that arrive in Hawaii daily and you will not see one like Hitomi. In all the time I\'ve spent in Hawaii, I have yet to see any Japanese lady as well endowed as she is! In this photo set and video, Hitomi soaps and showers her excited bod and considerable tits. It\'s pretty to be a showerhead in this situation. But first, some teeny bikini action.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Summer cummin\' Summer Cummin\' Summer is almost over so I\'m soaking up the last of the Miami sun before I have to go back home to Virginia. It gets so cold and boring there; it\'s nothing like Miami! This was actually the first time I ever went skinny dipping or tanned nude, and I loved it. I even rubbed my vagina by the pool, and it was so cool to be able to ejaculate out in the open like that. There\'s nothing like feeling the sun on your bare tits and vagina. It\'s almost as inviting as feeling a guy ejaculate on your body. The next time I\'m down here I totally want to go to a nude beach. See More of Blaire Ivory at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Meet missy blewitt she make love amanda verhooks Meet Missy Blewitt. She have intercourse Amanda Verhooks. Missy Blewitt, a 50-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Detroit, Michigan, makes her debut by sneaking around behind her hubby\'s back and make love our man Jimmy. She\'s wearing excited lingerie and is ready for action. She cock sucking Jimmy\'s cock, fucks him every which way and takes his load in her mouth.Missy is a hard-bodied babe who might remind you of 50Plus MILF Amanda Verhooks. Well, it turns out that Amanda and Missy are friends.Missy is 5\'3 and weighs 138 pounds. She has D-cup tits. She was born in Windsor, Ontario, just across the lake from Detroit. She\'s a hair stylist. She\'s also been a maid and a waitress and worked for a dry cleaner. We think she finally found the place she belongs: in our studio.Some people I know would be surprised to see me here, Missy said. Some wouldn\'t.Amanda wouldn\'t.Her swinging friends wouldn\'t.How often does she have sexEvery single day!Guess we caught her at the right time.See More of Missy Blewitt at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Pool it, baby Pool It, BabyKey Largo No, Desirae is in tropicaliente Miami this time, blocked up to prevent a nasty sunburn on that fair, sensitive skin. That in itself is a sight to behold: seeing those huge tits being rubbed with white goo. Glorious. Who likes floating tits Anyone This photo set was taken on a beautiful, clear day during one of Desi\'s recent trips to SCORELAND. Sometimes, it\'s important to get out of the studio, although the preparation for outdoor shoots is far more intensive. Desirae enjoys pools and beaches, and had a blast in Key Largo, so the day here was a fun day for her. Do I look fat she asked with that self-conscious tone of voice and frowning expression, as she held a hand over her tummy. You guys know how girls are. Sensitive. No, you do not, the crew said. You look beautiful. During breaks, Desi laid back on a lounge chair in the shade, read her romance novel of the week and sipped on a few iced teas. She seemed content. She looks happy in the photos. It was a sweet day; as sweet as it gets. Everyone went home beat but felt productive. Here\'s the proof. See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Autumn\'s hot splash Autumn\'s Hot Splash It\'s another day in paradise, and that sun is hot, baby! So let\'s get cool in the pool with our favorite splash toy. We mean of course Miss Autumn-Jade, who\'s all greased up and ready to do a few laps with us. Of course, first she\'ll have to jump in with her shirt on, just so it can get all wet and clingy on those bountiful tits and cock-bending curves of hers. And then she\'ll have to flash us some booty before she strips down for a little well-oiled sun worshipping. We can\'t think of a better place to take a dip than Autumn\'s perpetually lubricated snatch, but we admit the water looks fine. Autumn thinks so too, and lets us know in no uncertain terms. Hey, handsome. Just don\'t stand there with your boner wavin\'. Come on in!See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Horny pussies like hot cream Lusty Pussies Like Hot Cream It took a while for Eva to warm up to the idea of boy-girl action with cameras rolling but once that did happen, she zoomed right to the top. All of her boy-girl scenes have been red-hot. Everyone has their favorites. Boob Science, Eva & Sarah\'s Notty Adventure, Bikini Busting Beauty and An Ocean View. And this scene might be your next favorite, lusty Pussies Like Hot Cream. We don\'t know if it\'s her favorite but she made sounds like it was. If the guy\'s ejaculateshotshot tastes good, I just might swallow it, Eva once told us when the subject of being nutted by her fuck partners came up. But usually they ejaculateshotshot on my boobs. That\'s where most guys want to come anyway, and I\'m happy to let them. My preference is that they ejaculateshotshot on my tits. Most guys have never been with a girl with tits as big as mine so they like to ejaculateshotshot all over them. I\'ll rub it in for you and you can watch if you want. This time the guy-gravy is served inside Eva and it\'s a humdinger of a ejaculateshotshotslinger. Show Eva some love and contribute your comment to the thread for all these wonderful things she does.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Shy nipple girl Shy Nipple Girl The big Terry Nova goes glam with this mansion shoot complete with flower power. One of the most common words that SCORELAND guys use to describe Terry is sweet. That\'s very accurate. Terry doesn\'t speak English but she doesn\'t need to. She bonds very quickly and is very approachable. The SCORE models who were in the Caribbean for a week with her will vouch for that. No wonder then that she\'s considered girlfriend material. A V-mag editor is one of her fans. I love girls with inverted nipples. There is something about them that makes me want to sucks them right out into hardness. It\'s something about the peekaboo way they are shy that makes me wild. Terry\'s \'shy\' nipples are tops on my list, Maria wrote on the SCORELAND Blog. First of all, Terry Nova is a shy girl. Her demeanor is very quiet and she reminds me of that nerdy girl in high school...that girl from band camp who is really a freak in the sheets. You\'ve seen Terry on the sheets and in the hay with Christy so you know it to be true. Look out for those quiet ones! They\'ll drain your fuck cajones.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Tits of bliss Natural tits of Bliss The greatger the natural tits, the more love you have to give.That\'s the generous philosophy of the great Joana, a woman who has caused sudden swelling and stiff joints in those who fall under her spell.Joana is here to try on bras, see what fits her great boobs and take a elegant bath, keeping her hand-held shower head close by. Why the water didn\'t turn to steam is a question we can\'t answer.Joana keeps busy and fit with yoga, meditation and various holistic practices. She also enjoys dancing.I like to dance, but I have to be careful about what kind of dancing I do because my great natural tits bounce all over the place! she said. I like disco and going to clubs to dance.We\'d like to see Joana dance! It\'s got to be head-spinning to see those hooters swing. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Winter is hot Winter is HOT Occupation: Student; Lives: Indianapolis, Indiana; Age: 19; Born: April 17; Ht: 5\'5; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: I like lace; Anal: Nope; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Rarely.Every girl we put in our magazines and on our website loves dick, but every once in a while a girl comes along who is absolutely obsessed with cock. That\'s how Winter is. I don\'t even like masturbating that much, she told us. I like to watch porn to get me turned on, but then I need a fat cock to make me cum.I\'m a big sports fan. My favorite hockey teams are the Red Wings and the Blackhawks. My favorite football team is the Colts. If you want to get lucky on a date, take me to a game!I lost my virginity in a super embarrassing way. I snuck a boy from school into my house when my parents were sleeping. I didn\'t tell him that I was a virgin. I didn\'t know what I was doing. I let him eat me out, and I sucked his dick for almost an hour. His cock was enormous. It was seriously the size of my wrist. I couldn\'t help but scream when he shoved it inside me. I was biting a pillow, but it felt so good. I was practically yelling. My whole family heard me get my cherry popped.Winter is down in Florida for an extended vacation while taking some time off between semesters in college. I love going to the beach. I like to wear my bikini top, cowboy boots and hat along with a horny pair of jean shorts. I\'m kind of a country girl at heart, and it\'s such a fun and easy look. Plus, boys love it. The other day I picked up a couple of military guys who were down in Florida for leave. They were both hitting on me and not-so-discreetly arguing about who would get to have intercourse me. I took them back to a hotel and sucked one off while the other have intercourseed me doggie-style. See More of Winter at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Plump & pink Plump & Pink Close to a year after her debut at XL Girls, Amiee Roberts decided to take the plunge and try a boy-girl scene. Compared to everyday sex, Amiee found the experience, in her words, Much better, less drama attached. And I find it horny to have sex with a professional stud. I can just let everything go. Newcomers often share this same point of view, even if they have zero plans to ever become professional porn stars.XLGirls: So Amy, do you like to talk dirty in bed Amiee: At times I think role playing can be fun and arousing as well!XLGirls: What is the craziest thing you\'ve ever done in bed, either alone or with a boyfriend Amiee: I\'ve masturbated while a guy was having his cock sucked by another woman.XLGirls: What superpower would you like to have for one day Amiee: I want to fly.XLGirls: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be Amiee: Goddess.XLGirls: What do you consider the perks of having great natural tits Amiee: A lot of attention from guys, and girls sometimes.XLGirls: Have you ever dated a shorter guy whose face was level with your breasts Amiee: No, I haven\'t.XLGirls: Hey, you\'re missing out. Thanks, Amiee. See More of Amiee Roberts at XLGIRLS.COM!. The wild one The Wild One Bambi Blacks from Sheffield, England is a human tornado of voluminous boobs and porn-sex. She went to high school in Chicago, eventually moving back to England. Today, she\'s known as the Creampie Queen in the UK, after getting into the porn scene in 2013. Now she\'s creating a XXX shagedelic empire with the help of her team of dirty girlfriends.I love threesomes with girls and a guy, said Bambi, who\'s all in when it comes to wild sex games with pussies and dicks. She likes to go on dates to swingers\' clubs and that\'s how she moved into naked modeling and porn. I love threesomes. When I suc penish I spit because I like to see the cumshot. I have a group of girlfriends who have fun with me and love penishs and cumshot too.One of my kinkiest parties was tying a girl up and watching my boyfriend make love her and give her a creampie. I don\'t get a chance to wank often as I\'m so sexually active in my porn life and my private life. Every girl has her level of modeling and porn-sex. Bambi\'s level of porn-sex is as filthy as it can get. In her next appearance, she gets her creampie. See More of Bambi Blacks at SCORELAND.COM!. Have your pussy and eat it, too Have Your pussy and Eat It, Too We\'ve been best friends forever and we do everything together. Everything, said exciting blonde Robyn of her equally hot buddy, Carmella. That includes going home with guys they meet in the park and putting on a hot lezzie show with plenty of tongue action and pussy licking. Carmella gets the ball rolling and starts suc Robyn\'s ample titty, which gets the blonde in the mood to tongue the cream out of Carmella\'s twat. These friends like to do things for each other and they also like to share things, especially penishs! chirps in Carmella. Well, it\'s this guy\'s lucky day, because after Robyn and Carmella show him their girl-on-girl moves, they both lap up his penish like ice cream on a hot summer day. But the real treat comes when they take turns riding his pole. There is nothing more awesome than getting make love from behind while licking your best friend\'s pussy, said Robyn. It\'s like having my cake and eating it, too! See More of Carmella Diamond at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Balcony bust out Balcony Bust Out It\'s a pleasure to see Venera model her personal style of barely-there excited clothes, lingerie and swimsuits: tight, skimpy, very feminine, low-cut and short. She is blessed. She reveals every inch of her traffic-stopping body, shaking and swinging her 32H-cup natural tits like bell clappers and sticking her natural tits and analy into the lens for your enjoyment. Venera studies business administration. She\'s got a desk waiting for her at SCORE if she ever relocates to the US. Venera thinks her breasts are still growing. That would be a happy event for everyone if they are. Venera starts off on a terrace wearing a tight halter top, red heels and tight white pants that look sprayed onto her legs. Her breasts overflow this top along the sides to a degree rarely ever seen at SCORE. You have to see this bulging breast flesh to believe it. Venera slips off her pants. Underneath, she has tight, high-riding denim shorts that expose her long, silky stems. We\'ve asked this question before. We\'ll ask it again. How can anyone so slim and trim be so naturally busty Venera is a work of art.See More of Venera at BIGTITVENERA.COM!. The girl can\'t help it The Girl Can\'t Help It The voting for curvy Model of the Year 2015 was intense with Hitomi, a previous winner, going head-to-head with Liza Biggs and Vanessa Y. Ultimately, Vanessa hauled in the most votes. B.B. echoed others with his comment about Vanessa, What a Polish beauty she is, and she won Model of the Year. I love to gaze upon those great pleasant boobs and that sweet, hairy pussy. Vanessa was surprised at her win. She met Hitomi in the Dominican Republic and thinks she\'s gorgeous.Vanessa likes older men. They\'re interesting to her. They have more understanding because of their experiences in life, said Vanessa. She\'s turned off by muscle-types after a bad experience. I like every position in bed. I like doggie the best, I think. And I like when men bite me, lightly.I\'ve tried having sex in public, once at a pub in one of the party rooms. It was small but sweet and for sex, it was enough. No one saw us.Vanessa likes to drive guys crazy, says her photographer. Got that right.See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!. The power of maserati The Power of Maserati Maserati lays waste to her monokini in this shoot under the Miami sky, her first TSG shoot outdoors since her debut in 2011. She\'s never ceased to drive guys insane since she decided to become a nude model and porn star, one of the best and bustiest. She has the Super-Wow factor, a rarity out of millions of girls, and we\'re not the first to state this.Maserati always had largeger tits than most girls. Girls hated me, Maserati said. My nipples are always hard. She sported double-D cups in ninth grade and by the time she left high school she was a triple-D. They just kept growing.Most guys like to get pounded in their face by my tits, Maserati said. When I\'m make love them on top, sometimes I need them to support my tits with their hands.In a candid chat, Maserati talked about the difficulty of balancing her life as a celebrity and a regular girl.I want a guy who\'s okay with me being a lady and a freak at all times. No separation of streets and sheets. I love that you jerk your cocks to me. I\'m glad that you guys aren\'t tired of my large tits. See More of Maserati at XLGIRLS.COM!. Karina & christy marks together! Karina & Christy Marks Together! Bonuses can be so tacky, don\'t you think A frozen turkey. A gift card to Target. The always-feared grab bag, in which you\'re sure to get something you don\'t want from somebody you don\'t like. But your bonus from isn\'t tacky, and it\'s certainly not something you\'ll want to give back. It\'s the gift that keeps on giving: Super stacked naturals Karina and Christy Marks (the 2007 SCORE Newcomer of the Year) going tit-to-tit for the first time. The scene: a romantic castle in Budapest, Hungary. Karina had never done girl-girl before, and she was nervous about it until she ended up in the hands of Christy, who loves breasts and cunt nearly as much as she loves cock. I loved playing with Karina\'s breasts, Christy said. They\'re so big and heavy, but they\'re soft. I loved blow on them. And you know what I loved most No, Christy. What Making Karina cum! See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Defying the laws of tits Defying The Laws Of natural breasts Here at The SCORE Group, we know breasts. And one thing we know is that natural breasts look better when a woman is wearing a dress or shirt with straps. Straps lift and support and make breasts look considerableger, and rarely does even a busty girl look super-busty when she\'s going strapless.Well, today, Arianna proves that there\'s an exception to every rule. Because she\'s wearing a strapless dress, and yet her breasts look as considerable as ever. Of course, Arianna also lends her rack a helping hand. Check out photo #12, which is one of the most amazing cleavage shots we\'ve ever seen. How many times in your life have you gazed upon that much cleavage You should also check out photo #55, which is about as pleasant as it gets when it comes to considerable-tit/spread vagina shots. Her G-cup naturals are huge (looking even considerableger than a G). Her vagina glistens.By this time, Arianna\'s dress has come off. She\'s not wearing a stitch of clothing. She\'s spreading her bum cheeks and offering up her bumhole for your inspection. If you ask us, that\'s how Arianna looks best. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Sarenna busty in a bustier SaRenna curvy In A Bustier SaRenna makes every bustier bustier! Of course, we\'d rather be chomping on her spectacular mounds than see them restrained by rubber and lace. Hm. Or maybe not. In any case, the joy of SaRenna is that she looks phenomenal in, or out, of clothes. SaRenna never disappoints us. She knows what we\'ve come to see. What real man can resist her This pictorial takes you there as Miss Lee seduces you totally. Seduce our ass. She makes our ejaculate fly! BTW we\'re told after she shot this set, SaRenna went on a guided tour of London. We understand that a considerable number of fleshmissiles were launched that afternoon. They now call that date, Guy Fucks Day, complete with a fireworks show over the Thames. And what a blast you\'ll have with these shots...See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sex kitten in a catsuit Sex Kitten In A Catsuit There is something naughty about Valory\'s mesh catsuit. Clearly, she is wearing clothing, but because it is see-thviolent, it feels like she is just a little naked at the same time. And how erotic is it that her nipples are straining against the violent mesh, getting harder and more puckered every time she moves Valory knows that no naughty outfit is complete without some red, fuck-me heels, so she dons these five-inch stompers to seduce you with. And just when you thought that it couldn\'t get better, she opens her legs wide and shows us that this bodystocking is indeed, crotchless! See-thviolent, lascivious and provides easy access to horndogs like us We don\'t know about you, but we think that this kind of outfit needs to be worn all the time. lovely call, Valory!See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. It\'s a fact: this lady\'s stacked It\'s A Fact: This Lady\'s Stacked There\'s some good serious load losing going on because of busty, horny Amaya May. She is the definitive definition of the term brick house. Her heavy, giant, sun-kissed and tan-lined tits are super-natural. Wrote Johnny, Amaya\'s first hardcore didn\'t disappoint. Her body was built for sex and her beauty is amazing. Not to mention those tits. Wow! I\'m hoping there are many more scenes to come.Now here\'s Amaya\'s encore hardcore at SCORELAND. I\'m very flexible, Amaya said. And I like to get fucked. I\'m not very shy as you can tell. Amaya said she was a little nervous before her first boy-girl scene. She didn\'t seem nervous at all and she was considerable bouncing while she was getting boned. It was not her first time on-camera since she does webcam (as Giggle_4U on MyFreecams) but it was her first time for a pro studio.When I was young and growing up, I hated my boobs, Amaya said. Now it\'s like \'Holy Crap! Look at these.\' I love the attention and the compliments. Sometimes I just wake up and start playing with them! It\'s a no-brainer why all the guys who see Amaya want to get inside her deep cleavage and have a party. See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!. A joystick for suzumi A Joystick For Suzumi Gamer babe Suzumi Wilder swaps out a console\'s joystick for another kind of joystick when she meets and greets Bambino and plays a game of a different kind--his bride for the night. This cuddly, creamy coed with a big, fleshy anus and perky, thick ta-tas blows the man down, cleavage-crushes it and then opens wide for a heated ride down mammary lane.I like to get make love as often as possible when I have a partner, Suzumi says. One to three times a day is nice. Doggie is the best position and I like it deep and slow...sometimes...other times deep and massive.What about getting down outsideI\'ve had sex outside in a hot tub. 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