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Annellise croft - milf of the month 2 MILF of the Month 2 Annellise Croft is so hot, she\'s back in a second MILF of the Month show at SCORELAND. She met JMac and his pussy-pleaser two years ago so it seemed appropriate that Annellise should feel his cock thrusting in her bottom for the first time. Hopefully, JMac didn\'t ruin Annellise for other men after he gives her a balls-deep good time for the second time.I think about sex a lot these days, says Annellise (SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 2). Watching porn, getting my nipples sucked, the list goes on. Annellise has a pair of the longest nipples you could find anywhere. They really are titillating. I\'ve done my share of experimenting. I think my most unusual experience was a threesome with a couple in a hot tub. I love sex in hot tubs. I\'m definitely an exhibitionist who absolutely loves to pose in front of a camera but I had never done anything like this until I was introduced to SCORE.See More of Annellise Croft at SCORELAND.COM!. Casey deluxe - oiled breasts & bump Oiled natural tits & Bump Writes Nick about Casey Deluxe, It is not that I am at a loss for words, it is just that I cannot speak when I am drooling. Well that and this thing that is so large in my groinal area that seems to be taking all my blood... Others must feel the same way since Casey\'s been getting a lot of fan mail.The funniest thing someone ever said to me was, \'Are your tits real\' Of course, during my pregnancy, no one asked me this when I was out of my house. Casey oils up her large tits and large belly bump and spends some quality time rubbing her pussy. Her sexual urges were off the charts and she good much knocked out her baby daddy with her need for a lot of sex. Insatiable, said Casey.Lonly 69 writes, Oh, Casey, you are so inviting and so red hot screaming exotic lascivious with that baby bump and those magnificent, amazing milk sacks that you make my penish so rock solid cruel that I just dream about that I could insert my penish all the way up in that sweet, wet, slick pussy and deposit my burning hot man seed load where it has been deposited before. Thank you so much for doing this hot video while carrying the new arrival which is so lascivious. I truly hope you will continue to do more hot videos like this one and cum back real soon and often.See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!. Sheridan love - the doctor is in The Doctor Is In Congratulations to Sheridan Love for winning SCORE\'s Hardcore Performer of the Year 2015 and what better way to announce her win than in this violentcore scene with Carlos Rios as Sheridan\'s lustful doctor losing both his medical ethics and his pants. Who could blame him with this hot babe in for a check-upSCORE: Sheridan, have you ever actually fantasized about having sex with a doctorSheridan: I always wondered when I had to get naked for the doctor, what he was thinking Was he looking at my huge tits, my round backside The thought totally turned me on.SCORE: Did you like having sex on a medical exam table Have you ever done that beforeSheridan: Never done that before. It was kind of violent being the table isn\'t very wide. But still fun!SCORE: You squirted...Sheridan: I squirted all over! It got super slippery.SCORE: Would you have sex with a real doctor if you had the opportunitySheridan: Definitely. Wonder if he makes house calls SCORE: Would you like to try a nurse-patient scene in the futureSheridan: I would love to! I promise to take lovely care of my patient. I think I would look appealing hot in a nurse\'s outfit!SCORE: Absolutely! What do you think about your DVD All The Way In How has the response been What did you think of the coverSheridan: Well, I was at the AVN awards when some of the awesome guys from SCORE surprised me with the DVD. I sold out of every copy that weekend! I have more fans asking for them. I love the cover being the wedding scene! Perfect for my all-me DVD.SCORE: Congratulations, Sheridan.See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Micky bells - bells are swinging Bells Are Swinging Last we saw adorable Micky Bells, she was using her large and huge bells as serving plates for whipped cream and licking it off, a sight that got the Micky flagpoles raised at SCORELAND. Here Micky showers off and gets breastfully clean all over.Micky thinks she measures 36L. (SCORELAND editors suspect she\'s an M-cup.) I have 38KK cup bras and they don\'t fit me too well anymore. Now I have to go online and find bras because the shops I go to don\'t do bras that big. I get them from the UK most of the time.I was an E-cup in my first year of high school and I used to cover them up. But even if I tried to hide them, you can\'t miss them. I was very shy then. But now, I\'m not shy anymore. Doing this has made me very confident about myself.Micky thinks each breast weighs more than 2 kilos (4 pounds) but she hasn\'t had them weighed. The one thing she can\'t do easily now cock suckings her nipples. In the past I used to cock sucking both nipples at the same time but now I can\'t, Micky laments...with a smile. See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Sandra star - rock star of large breasts Rock Star of large tits Reader J.L. wrote about Sandra Star, covergirl of the April 2016 edition of SCORE. Sandra is gorgeous. She might be the most-beautiful girl to ever appear in SCORE. If you saw her on the street, you might even think she is unapproachable, but then you see her and she has such a beautiful, elegant smile while she\'s suc cock, make love and taking it up the ass. She even smiles while suc cock. I didn\'t think that was possible! I was actually jealous of the guys who got to make love her. She is one of the greatest models to pose for SCORE. We call Sandra a Rock Star of large tits. She\'s only gotten better and hotter since her original shoots when she was Germany\'s Miss Hot SCORE. At that time, Sandra said, I was very nervous but very excited. At first I thought, \'I think it will be very interesting for me,\' but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I have a lot of sex in my private life, but I didn\'t know what it would be like to have sex on-camera. I love it! And cumshotshot and getting loads of cumshot makes Sandra smile. Sandra takes excellent care of her body, eats right and keeps herself fit and trim. She has a boobs-to waist-ratio that\'s seen more in big-tit fantasy art than in real life. That makes her tits look even bigger.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Victoria lane - g is for g-cups G Is For G-Cups Victoria Lane is a sex education teacher but don\'t screw with her. She catches her students doodling during class. Dirty doodles! Miss Lane won\'t tolerate that so she throws them out of the room. With the place empty, Victoria can now take a well-deserved break and treat herself to an afternoon orgasm. Her desk will do nicely. This is a true after-school special.A married woman and a nurse by profession, Victoria Lane was curious about modeling and found her way to The SCORE Group by spotting She was a perfect match since her favorite hobbies are sex and masturbating (in addition to reading and shopping). I like to do new things, said Victoria. And this was one of the things I had on my list.Victoria\'s only stop on that list was SCORELAND. She never modeled for any other big-boob studio.See More of Victoria Lane at SCORELAND.COM!. Shione cooper - shione & the man from s e x Shione & The Man From S.E.X. There have been many large, curvy porn stars based out of the Czech Republic since 1998 and angelic-looking Shione Cooper is right up there with Zuzanna, Veronika, Marketa, Iva, Krystal Swift and Bozena and many more voluminous boobed Czech favorites. The baby-faced brunette can easily move between an amateur look and a very glam look. In her SCORE scenes, she goes for a glam appearance. Shione said she prefers older men with voluminous dicks as bed mates and she\'s into girls as well. She\'s large at tit-fucking and penish blowjobing, can blowjob her own nipples and is a very energetic, sensuous sex partner as this scene proves again. Shione\'s natural boobs are pliable and squeezable and she likes them licked and blowjobed hard.See More of Shione Cooper at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxi red - a league of her own A League Of Her Own Writes Jack Purcell, So glad to see Roxi Red back with her superhumanly-large tits! Seriously, how does a woman with her proportions exist Her tit-to-waist ratio is insane! That\'s why Roxi is in The 20 Club. They are fantasy girls with chest measurements that exceed their waist measurements by 20 inches or higher. Other 20 Club members include Minka, Elizabeth Starr, Kayla Kleevage and Miosotis. Not too many girls get in. Roxi likes to dine out, shop, have a lot of sex and clean her house. Sounds appealing domesticated. Is Roxi looking for a husband She never says but any candidate would have to be able to lift and carry her large hangers without getting a hernia. And that\'s just for starters.Roxi looks so unbelievable in a tight cardigan and tight skirt that it almost seems a shame she gets naked. Almost!See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Maggie green - have sexual intercourse around on the job Make love Around On The Job Maggie Green is the hot office chick. She feels exciting and tingly and logs-on to SCORELAND. Now in the member\'s area, Maggie watches a Czech model named Jana in the video Maid For Sex. As Maggie gets an eyeful, she starts to rub her pussy. This is definitely not your office. But it is SCORE\'s office!Just when this blonde natural starts to get going, the office manager interrupts Maggie\'s party in her panties. What a downer. He lectures Maggie (actually he lectures her tits, snug in her low-cut top) and tells her that people can see her watching porn and masturbating. This dude clearly has a problem.It takes only a few seconds for Maggie\'s large breasts and fuck-me face to give this guy a boner. Forgetting the corporate rules, he reaches out to feel her soft hooters. Since she can\'t finish the video now, she puts her hand on his bulge and rubs. He pulls his wood out for Maggie to wrap her lips around. Maggie is gagging for an office break and goes all the way down. He sticks his cock between her warm breasts, then takes her over to the couch and lays her out for an afternoon boning. Maggie\'s got him boob drunk so he doesn\'t realize that everyone in the office can see them fuck. No matter. She is worth every thrust.See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!. Demmy blaze - busty as blazes Curvy As Blazes I like to show my breasts and I like to play with my breasts. And Demmy Blaze has a lot of breasts to play with. Demmy is a camgirl with an all-natural 42-28-38 figure and a pretty face. She\'s the smiling girl-next-door if you happen to live in Ukraine. Bra shopping is a challenge for Demmy so she gets them from Britain. (So does Micky Bells. The Brits seem to be the leaders in large bra design.) At the gym, I wear bras that are soft so I can jump and bounce with comfort. When I go out with my friends to a nightclub or a cafe, I like to wear bras that push my breasts up. It\'s lascivious.Demmy says she will never approach a guy she might be interested in. She\'ll just wait and see what happens. Sha Rizel said the same thing in an interview. I always wear tight clothing, always tight. I like to show my figure. I have a small waist and large breasts and I think it is beautiful. I have a lot of lascivious clothes.It took over a year to arrange but Demmy Blaze is finally here! We see large things ahead for her! See More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!. Katie thornton - tits & bubbles Natural tits & Bubbles The votes have been tabulated and the results are published in June 2016 SCORE magazine. Katie Thornton is 2015\'s Newcomer of the Year. It was a tight contest and no one was running away with it. Until the very end of the tabulation, no definitive winner could be predicted. The breakdown of the top three according to SCORE editor Dave is 19.8% of the vote for Katie, Liza Biggs at 18.2% and Shelby Gibson at 14.3%. Congratulations to Katie and to all of the candidates in this contest.Reader comments included:I loved the look of Katie Thornton. I hate to give away my age, but she reminded me of an updated version of my younger days porn crush Trinity Loren. I hope Katie takes that as a compliment.-J.B.An absolutely petite face, body and magnificent tits to compare with any girl anywhere. I can only manage about three minutes before I explode with the thought of her beauty, but I\'m working cruel at it.-L.S.See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Sierra skye - reach for the skye Reach For The Skye Sierra Skye is a Florida girl-next-door. I\'m an exhibitionist. I\'m into a lot of things but nothing too crazy. I\'m just a normal, exciting girl who likes to spend all day on the beach. Sierra starts off this video with a short chat with Seth before he jumps her busty bod. And that\'s the story. He holds up a copy of V-mag so he can show Sierra some of the things he wants her to do, like blowjob his nutbag.I like being a cock tease so I like to wear short skirts with no panties and tight tops just to make guys drool, Sierra says. If only more girls had Sierra\'s attitude. What a wonderful world this would be. See More of Sierra Skye at SCORELAND.COM!. Whitney stevens - pick-up on hooker street Pick-Up On floozy Street Whitney Stevens looks too pretty and innocent to play a hooker. But because she is so pretty and innocent, she\'s perfect for the part. When a guy pulls over to check Whitney out, she hops into the front seat and off they go. Where to Some fancy hotel His house Las Vegas No way. A nearby public men\'s room is cozy enough for this quickie and has all the amenities they need. If you\'ve seen lovely Woman, well... this is nothing like that Hollywood movie. This is better!See More of Whitney Stevens at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarah sunshine - this is a bust This Is A Bust Sticky & Crotch are two bad-ass undercover cops in the beat-up part of town trying to keep a lid on the mean streets. They do this by spending most of their time banging hookers and hanging out at topless bars. When they come across Sarah Sunshine trying to ply her trade by the tracks, they do their best to straighten this bad girl out with intensive counseling sessions at a local no-tell motel. This is indeed a bust by two cops under the covers. A great bust. Too bad Juggy Bare, Huggy Bear\'s sister, couldn\'t make it a threesome.See More of Sarah Sunshine at SCORELAND.COM!. Alexya - mona lisa smile Mona Lisa Smile Writes Bigdog, After purchasing SCORE & curvy mags starting in \'94, it\'s amazing to think just when I think there\'ll be no more hot, tiny women to come...BAM! Here comes Alexya! True girl-next-door beauty!For someone to be a fan for over twenty years and write this is the highest praise, considering all of the super-sexy and big-boobed girls showcased in SCORE and V-mag.Alexya opts for a more glam and less girl-next-door look but the net effect is the same. It\'s a delight to survey, linger and appreciate every inch of her in her photos and videos. She is totally all-natural. No tattoos or piercings anywhere except for her ears. This is unusual today.What would Alexya like to do that she\'s never done before She replied I\'d like to jump out of a plane with a parachute. We don\'t think Alexya has tried skydiving since her last chat. This is the number-one activity that nearly every model says she wants to do but rarely ever does. It sounds like it would be very excited to fly in the air, and scary too. I watch videos on Youtube of this.See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Danni lynne - 36eee porn store salesgirl 36EEE Porn Store Salesgirl Danni Lynne is a salesgirl in a porn store when who walks in but JMac. His girlfriend is going away and he\'s looking around for a device to provide male relief. Effervescent Danni shows him The Fleshlight. There\'s a cunt one and a anus one. She shows him rubber feet. He asks about a substitute for great boobs since he\'s a boob-man. Danni doesn\'t sell that but since they\'re talking fake boobs, she invites him to touch he considerable great real boobs. Who would refuse that offerAfter feeling up Danni\'s 36EEE-cups, JMac and Danni forget about the merchandise and go for some hot relief of their own right in the shop. Danni\'s boobs are chest perfect to slide his cock between and into her lustful mouth. A porn store fantasy comes true. If you know a porn shop clerk in your neighborhood with a rack like Danni\'s, contact us immediately. We pay finders\' fees.Danni is new at this. So far, it\'s part-time. Does she like being watched while she\'s naked or doing the wild thing What about shooting photos and videos To some degree. It depends on who\'s watching and what kind of mood I\'m in. I like the idea of all the guys out there seeing my pictures. I could be a nudist. There are times when I don\'t want to wear clothes. If Eve never would\'ve bitten that apple, we would\'ve been naked anyway. That\'s how I see it. We should all never wear clothes.Danni talked about her longest sexual experience.We started at ten at night and finished at six in the morning. I think he cheated and took Viagra, but I wasn\'t going to say anything. I definitely wasn\'t complaining. It was fine. It was around three hours of being in my mouth or cunt. I couldn\'t believe he didn\'t ejaculate until six in the morning. I said, \'There\'s no way I\'ve ejaculate three, four times and you haven\'t ejaculate once.\'See More of Danni Lynne at SCORELAND.COM!. Tiggle bitties - totally miami Totally Miami Any bikini looks itty-bitty on Tiggle Bitties (covergirl May 2016 Voluptuous). She\'s got the power--the boobs-and-bod power. Spend some time with bikini girl Tiggle and watch her go Totally Miami. Being a model tops everything I\'ve ever done, says Tig. Tig explains her bikini philosophy. More bounce to the ounce is right!If I go to a water park just for me, I\'ll wear a bikini that fits very well. I don\'t want to flash kids. If I\'m going to have fun, they might come out. The couple of times I\'ve tried jogging, they\'ve come out. It did not work. I am not a jogger.And what hobbies does Tiggle haveI used to ride horses but I\'m not really sportsy. I\'d love to travel overseas, especially to Europe and Asia. I love to dance. I have started dancing as a workout. I also love going outside to hike and backpack.Tiggle is a well-rounded girl. And that\'s a mouthful.See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxi red - roxi: the voluminous natural marvel Roxi: The big Natural MarvelDuring a SCORELAND meeting, a staffer said what everyone was probably thinking. In time, Roxi Red will be considered one of the, if not the, greatest naturals in big-bust history.This pinktorial started off as a lustful outfit modeling show but after a few minutes, a totally naked and barefooted Roxi falls into bed and puts on a completely different kind of show.I\'m definitely going to watch this later, said Roxi to our photographer when this shoot was over. It turns me on to see myself. I like to have sex with myself when I watch my own videos. What do you think about thatWe think that\'s lovely hot. What\'s your favorite Roxi scene, SCORELAND Guy See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Ingrid swenson - bring those hooters here Bring Those Hooters Here Frequent SCORE letter writer R.N. enjoys the trend of SCORE and V-mag reader wives showing their tits, spreading their cunt lips and often doing hardcore, such as Red Vixen. Wrote R.N. Although I enjoy jacking over all of your models, I get a special thrill from knowing that the model is married and that her husband encourages her to pose and/or have sex for your camera. It\'s as if the husband is aware that all of us SCORE readers are like a fraternity and that we all share the same appreciation for hot, elegant women with large tits. My thanks to their husbands who are my \'brothers\' in the SCORE fraternity. Thanks to Ingrid Swenson for sharing her tits and bod,.As SCORE editor Dave put it, Once upon a time in the land of men\'s magazines, if a model was married or had a boyfriend, the readers never found out about it. The idea was that the readers wanted to fantasize that the model could be their girlfriend or wife...that she wasn\'t taken...that she wasn\'t going home to some other guy. So, men\'s magazine editors weren\'t going to ruin the fantasy. It\'s something that\'s not supposed to be seen, that\'s supposed to be prurient and secret. But Ingrid is married to a SCORE Man who gave her permission to let other men make porn videos with her. My sexual fantasy was to be in a men\'s magazine and to make a video, Ingrid said. Fantasy fulfilled. See More of Ingrid Swenson at SCORELAND.COM!. Africa sexxx - the big-boobed cocktail server The Big-Boobed Cocktail Server Africa Sexxx is a horny server in a nightclub. The action is slow so Africa lets JR have sex her. She\'s not one to waste her time doing nothing.How does Africa Sexxx like her sex She told us how when we all first met her. I like my neck to be licked. Be very oral with me, all over my body, because I\'m gonna be very oral with you, all over your body. I love to have my pussy eaten and I love to blow a guy\'s cock. My boobs aren\'t really so sensitive, but the thing is, if you\'re there for a while and knead them really elegant in just a certain way, you can get me off. If he can get as much of my boobs into his hands as possible and just sort of massage them firmly. Or squeeze. I guess this is the only thing I like rough.Even with my pussy, whatever you\'re doing, with your hands or your tongue, you need to be down there for a while. I\'m not the kind of woman who gets off right away. I\'m definitely not a nympho or anything like that! I need a man to take his time. You can\'t just push a button and make me cum.JR pushed her buttons beautiful in this XXX scene.See More of Africa Sexxx at SCORELAND.COM!. Suzie sun - the girl in red shoes The Girl In Red Shoes 22-year-old DD hottie Suzie Sun comes from a small Czech city near the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A nice girl with petite features and very pliable boobs, Suzie has a appealing little bod. This is her first time at SCORELAND. Suzie was spotted by one of our photographers, the same shooter who discovered Jessie Simmons, Lola Hot and others. Europe is his beat and he knows a choice number when he sees one.Suzie checked out SCORELAND after he met her and she wanted to join in after seeing all of the Czech girls who\'ve posed, some names she\'s heard of. She had no shyness about baring her bod and natural tits on-camera, spreading the pink and fingering. Suzie decided to try hardcore after talking it over with our shooter and we\'ll be seeing her soon in a XXX scene.See More of Suzie Sun at SCORELAND.COM!. Sandra star - getting ready for a date Getting Ready For A Date Every girl has a different style of getting ready for a date or a night out. Let\'s check out how Sandra Star does it at the SCORE dressing room. Sandra\'s handy with that handheld shower head and just as handy with one of her large toys since she\'d like a little satisfaction now. Sandra\'s picked out her bra and panties, the dress and the heels she wants to wear. It\'s a sure bet all eyes will be on this horny superwoman in whatever club or restaurant she goes to. I like to wear tight clothing, always tight, says Sandra. I prefer large cleavage and naughty underwear. I was very interested in magazines like SCORE, and I like it very much. I love how cute the girls are, and I love that there are so many men who adore girls with large boobs. I love the way SCORE celebrates large boobs. It makes me feel special. I was very libidinous to see I was the covergirl of the magazine. April 2016 SCORE. I liked the photo they chose for the cover. Watch the Bonus video of Sandra. Because a guy can never get enough of her.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Anastasia lux - three on a sex spree Three On A Sex Spree Anastasia Lux gives this birthday boy a blowout party he\'ll remember for a long time. His bro isn\'t about to let him have all the fun with the supernaturally curvy brunette. Anastasia gives her luscious anatomy to both of them in her second randy three-way.SCORELAND: Do you like to talk dirty in bedAnastasia: Yes, sometimes, not always. It depends on the mood and if the person who I\'m with likes that, then I\'m game! Let\'s get this filthy mouth to work!SCORELAND: Do you have a favorite tit-fucking positionAnastasia: Yeah, laying down on my back so they can almost hit me in my face! SCORELAND: What makes your nipples very hardAnastasia: Playing with ice when I\'m really hot.SCORELAND: Do you like to have your nipples pinched or pulled Anastasia: Just slightly. Do you like to be bitten or have your balls pulled Laughs With moderation, yeah, I\'m up for it, but they are just very sensitive.SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex at homeAnastasia: Awhhhh, yeah! It\'s always a plus to have that and see it from another angle. As a matter of fact, I need to find me one of those motels with a mirror in the ceiling! How cool is that I might as well get a swing bed too!SCORELAND: Do you think that becoming a model and having sex on-camera has increased your personal sex driveAnastasia: Nope! I\'ve always had a voluminous sexual appetite anyway. I\'m always ready to get it on. SCORELAND: What\'s your favorite SCORELAND boy-girl videoAnastasia: I like my first video for SCORELAND. That was soooooooo amazing. I cherish that moment! Anastasia talks about this threesome in a Bonus video. Even her voice causes erectile stiffness.See More of Anastasia Lux at SCORELAND.COM!. Lila payne - babewatch Babewatch I like to be very dominant, said Lila Payne with a gleam in her eyes. I\'m a very bossy girl. I like using boys like have sex toys. I like having men on a collar and a leash and following my instructions about how I like to have my toes sucked and the backs of my legs kissed and the back of my neck kissed. I like to give orders, and I like boys who are charming at following instructions.SCORE wasn\'t near a beach but the desire to see Lila Payne is a swimsuit was strong so she and the team went off to the next best place in Prague, a spa with a pool where Lila could get naked after a while without any interruptions. Dripping wet from her skinny dip, Lila offered her considerable natural breasts and pretty kitty for the rest of the sequence. She brought along her considerable have sex toy and gave herself a considerable orgasm, sticking it in deep while her fingers danced along her throbbing clitoris. Her face flushed from a powerful cum, Lila smiled a satisfied smile. Her girlish, naughty grin and her statuesque body are an unbeatable combination.See More of Lila Payne at SCORELAND.COM!. Micky bells - maid for breast lovers Maid For Breast Lovers I think I am a 36L because I already have some 36K-cup bras, and they don\'t fit me too well, said Micky Bells about her incredible boobs and the amazing growth spurt she experienced during her pregnancy. Micky was always heavy in all of her stages from her curvy and XL Girls days to her SCORE Girl transformation and now...this. Now she\'s gone...beyond heavyness.Micky is on maid service detail. When she closes the door of the apartment she\'s cleaning, she reads the list of to-do chores. None of these chores involve getting completely naked and rubbing her large boobs and pink pussy. Micky\'s going to do this anyway after she vacuums and scrubs the floor. The sight of Micky doing these maidenly activities as her boobs plop out of her uniform could make a guy ejaculate in his pants. But we don\'t want to make another mess for Micky to clean up.See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Barbie kelley - a score wilf is hot A SCORE WILF Is Hot I\'ve always been very open sexually, said Barbie Kelley, WILF of a SCORE reader. SCORE gave me an opportunity to broaden that horizon. I love the entire hot housewife fantasy. Picking up strangers for no-strings sex, threesomes with two men, getting all dolled up in tight shorts and heels. The idea of making porn videos at SCORE with hung men...well, you have no idea how lustful that made me.I love to catch a complete stranger checking me out and flirting with me. We love going to the Caribbean to places like Hedonism II and meeting like-minded people. We have been many times and have had memorable experiences every time we go but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be our Sarah Palin fantasy.We met a couple there whose wife was an uncanny twin to Sarah. Immediately, hubby was mesmerized. We invited them to dinner and specifically requested that she wear her hair up and wear her glasses. The night was amazing. My BFF is also our girlfriend and we take her with us on trips occasionally. Hubby loves walking in with two lovely women on his arm. We took her with us to Vegas once and shared a room. We were all exhausted by the end of the weekend.See More of Barbie Kelley at SCORELAND.COM!. Jolie rain - sex in the office Sex In The Office When his computer is not working, an executive angrily calls the IT office for a tech to fix it. When Jolie Rain shows up in his office, he doubts her and gives her a rough time. This sexist pig of an executive thinks that stacked redheads with heavy tits can\'t possibly be qualified to be IT experts. Jolie has met chauvinists like this before. She not only solves the problem, which was his fault, she shows him her charming naked body, then takes it a step further and fries his circuits. She hopes he\'s learned a heavy lesson. lovely girls with heavy boobs can do anything a dude can do, even a corporate douchebag.See More of Jolie Rain at SCORELAND.COM!. Dylan ryder - sex in the office Sex In The Office Human Resources director Dylan Ryder escorts you into her office so you can fill out a job application. She\'s a pleasant brunette in a tight, low-cut dress so you can\'t help but stare at her boobs when she leans over the desk to show you how to fill out the application. Because you were staring at her cleavage, Miss Ryder is impressed by your attention to detail. So she\'s going to reward you. Not with the job but by letting you bone her large boobs, her mouth and her shaved cunt on her desk. It\'s a very good thing Miss Ryder\'s office is soundproofed. Not that it\'s important. The employees are used to hearing Miss Ryder\'s screams during job interviews. See More of Dylan Ryder at SCORELAND.COM!. Mischel lee - miss lee\'s bush garden Miss Lee\'s Bush Garden When Mischel Lee debuted at SCORELAND two years ago, she got an above-average number of comments from members. The majority of these comments were about Mischel\'s thick va-jay-jay toupee, a dark patch of dense bush. In the land of the baldies, Mischel stood out for letting her hair down.More SCORELAND models should keep their cunts hairy. Mischel\'s looks absolutely succulent.-(Jyakenpyon)Beautiful! The bush just makes her more beautiful.-(JDWCobra)Two years later, Mischel is back with a few revisions. The triangle of cunt hair is the same. She\'s added two thick rings to her labia, one on each side. This photo set has a bunch of photos of Mischel pulling her thick lips apart by the rings to show her pink. Mischel\'s boobs are also largeger than when she first started modeling. She\'s very slim so her largeger large \'uns look even largeger. She\'s also added a tattoo on her right inner forearm (she has a tat on each upper arm).As follicle fans would expect, there\'s more hair-raising cunt play than breast play in her return video and photo set. Bush supporters can also look forward to more Mischel in XXX scenes.See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Maggie green - busting into politics Busting Into Politics Vote for Maggie Green! She\'ll make all of your dreams come true.Sadly enough, Maggie may not be planning to run for political office. Here\'s someone we\'d support. We don\'t know much about hanging chads but we know about hangers. So Maggie may not be the next President of the USA, the next senator, congresswoman, governor or even mayor. Where does Maggie stand on the following issuesBreast-sex:I\'m built for tit-make loveing. I like to do it. It\'s one of those things that at first, I was like, \'What the hell\' I like the noise it makes. It makes a hot noise.Losing American sucksjob jobs to China:I don\'t know about that. Personally, I\'ve been told I\'m really charming at sucksjob cock, and I love to do it, so I think if you really enjoy something and do it a lot, you\'re probably really charming at it. That\'s my theory.Maggie\'s position about sucksjob jobs:It\'s better on my knees because if I bend over for too long, it hurts my back. Sometimes it\'s hot if he can stand over me and make love my face.There\'s always write-in votes. Remember, your vote will float Maggie\'s boat. With your help, we can make this election a bust!See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxi red - tale of the tape Tale of the Tape We didn\'t need to twist Tarzan\'s arm to get him to measure Roxi Red\'s super-big breasts. He\'s not an experienced bra fitter but he doesn\'t have to be. A member of the 20 Club, Roxi\'s been measured a lot when she goes out to buy bras and she helps him with his tape. Roxi\'s a legend with the local bra fitters and tailors. She\'s already a living legend at SCORELAND. Her breasts weigh approximately 15 total...because it\'s a package deal. We can\'t split up a set.After she\'s measured on-camera, Roxi is not done with the shocked sizer. She\'s not wearing any underwear and after slipping off her dress, she lies on her back and waits for him to straddle her chest and make love her breasts. That waiting process takes about two seconds. A suc job and boning is next, ending in a happy ending all over Roxi\'s mighty marvels. This might motivate him to join the bra fitter\'s union. although this is not one of the usual side benefits of the job.She is incredible. I have to say I am honored to see such natural wonderful breasts that are so amazing. Wow. She is incredible. Please, bring her back a lot SCORE!- RagtopSee More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Danniella levy - bikini babe bash Bikini Babe Bash With that insane bikini body, huge tits, piercing eyes and her libidinous look, England\'s Danniella Levy (June 2016 SCORE covergirl) could own Miami and its beaches where it\'s appealing much swimsuit weather most of the time. That hot mouth of hers comes up with the horniest comments ever heard on SCORELAND. She\'s got a black belt in non-stop, randy, nasty sex talk. She says more in five minutes than many models say in ten photo shoots. And those boning positions she gets into while she\'s showing off her sleek bod and chatting away are off the heat charts.And then there\'s the homebody Danni.I can\'t cook, but I can make a appealing cup of English tea. I\'m a appealing girlfriend because I\'m loyal. I am trustworthy. Even though I don\'t cook, I can look after my man in different ways. Washing and ironing, but apart from all that, I can do a lovely Tantric massage when he gets home from work. Run a lovely bubble bath for him. Put some candles on, and I\'ll keep him very, very happy. They say in England, \'Wife in the kitchen, whore in the bedroom.\'See More of Danniella Levy at SCORELAND.COM!. Casey deluxe - oiled & showered Oiled & Showered Casey Deluxe oils up and rubs her baby bump in the bathroom and then showers off in the final segment of SCORELAND\'s pregnant Casey series. SCORELAND: Casey, do you have any favorite big-bust models who have inspired youCasey: I like Micky Bells and Milena Velba.SCORELAND: Do you admire any big-boob models past or presentCasey: I like Chloe Vevrier. She is so lusty and has very huge tits.SCORELAND: Do you communicate with any big-boob modelsCasey: Yes, I communicate often with Micky Bells.SCORELAND: Which models would you like to meet face-to-faceCasey: I would like to meet Chloe Vevrier.SCORELAND: Do you ever store things in your cleavage Casey: Yes, from time to time some money or keys.SCORELAND: What is this activity about fans sending you pictures of their cocks cumshot on your pictures Tell us about this.Casey: Many fans jerk to my pictures and want to show me how lusty they are for me with these pictures. I see it as a compliment and I\'m happy about it when they show me their photos and videos.SCORELAND: Thank you, Casey Deluxe. See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!. Alysha - it took two to handle naughty alysha It took two to handle Naughty Alysha Naughty Alysha actually started out in Naughty Neighbors in the January 2003 issue. Over time, Alysha Morgan got more and more into the adult scene and has made a name for herself as a totally wild Florida MILF specializing in public nudity, ridiculously huge toys, super-flexible fucking, swinging, gang bangs, cream pies, black penish worship and gaping pussy exposure. She\'s not your average soccer mom. Originally, Alysha did it all for fun as a dirty, nasty, amateur hobby. Then it became a homegrown career as her cult popularity grew. There\'s one thing that married-with-children Alysha doesn\'t do. Ass-fucking...with one exception. She will let her second husband--the one she make love for the Naughty cameras--dick her anus. Other than that, it\'s definitely true that Alysha is a totally sexually liberated woman. See More of Alysha at SCORELAND.COM!. Sabrina linn - sexxx superstar SeXXX Superstar Neck kissing and other forms of cable TV candy-ass sex are a total waste to watch compared to watching super-MILF Sabrina Linn do the real deal. She is a real MILF, not a fake Hollywood MILF. The harder Sabrina\'s fucked, the nastier the position, the better she seems to enjoy it. Treat Sabrina well and be a gentleman but bang her like a slut so the adrenaline can spike and her pussy can get wet. I am a really appealing girl, but then people put everything together and go, \'Whoa! There\'s a different side to her.\' Because I don\'t want to be like everybody else. I come from a small country town where all the girls are the same, and I wanted to be different. And I didn\'t want to be like them, so I had to do something to set myself apart from every other Texas girl.Sabrina can cause a stir just by walking. When men look at her pass by, their wives get extremely jealous! See More of Sabrina Linn at SCORELAND.COM!. Danni lynne - peeper in the ladies room Peeper In The Ladies Room Don\'t try this at home. That\'s what SCORELAND is for. Spying on the dangerous curves of Danni Lynne as she primps in the ladies room was sure to be short lived. It was only a matter of time before she turned around and spotted us. Danni fills out that body-hugging tank dress like nobody\'s business. She knows we want more. Who can resist her lure Her dress comes off easily so she can play. In solos or hardcore scenes, Danni\'s a major hottie. Why the sprinkler system didn\'t go off is a mystery. The fastest a dude ever came when he was lucky enough to get it on with herAs soon as he went in! He was in and had to pull out. He had a condom on, but he went in and said, \'I\'m done.\' I said, \'What What about me\' I gave him a pass. He was a foreigner. Sometimes their English is a little choppy. I knew what he meant, that he came. I wasn\'t expecting it. I was mad. I was upset. I was horny. He was a gentleman, but the other part was really funny. Now I\'m expecting some angry emails from him. \'How dare you\' But I didn\'t identify him, so we\'re okay.See More of Danni Lynne at SCORELAND.COM!. Sandra star - three the cruel way Three The heavy Way Sandra Star goes home with Dellon after their late date. She\'s dressed to show her amazing rack and turn guys into mad men. They\'re both excited and Dellon is boob drunk over good Sandra\'s great boobs as well as over every inch of her excited body and her dick-sucking lips. In a case of Who\'s been sleeping in my bed (hint: it\'s not Goldilocks bare), Dellon sees his bro Denis pbacksideed out on his sheets. A fine hello to get at the start of a hot after-date bang. This doesn\'t make Sandra run out the door or Sandra and Dellon head off to a hotel for privacy. They get on the bed and start to get it on with this comatose dude next to them. Dellon goes crazy on Sandra\'s knockers and then heads south to eat her cunt out. Then Denis wakes up. Sandra makes it clear to Denis that he can join his buddy and make it a creepy threeway. The two bros pull out their cocks and go wild on Sandra, driving their skin trains into her shaved cunt, backside, mouth and through her tittie-tunnel. As Sandra says, My body and my three holes are made for your pleasure. My cunt is tight and my backside even tighter. See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Dolly fox - get your fox fix Get Your Fox Fix One of our longtime readers B.S. who\'s been mailing lengthy letters regularly for close to 15 years wrote his opinion about Dolly Fox.Tremendous. Exquisite. Beautiful. All of these describe Dolly Fox. While she enjoys playing with herself, SCORE Men will enjoy ourselves even more jerking off to Dolly. Her face is captivating. I may be able to cumshot just staring into her eyes that so sweetly look into the camera. Miss Fox has excellent eye contact that will make jerking off at her all the more fun. Toss in her elegant smile. Her completely tanned body adds to the fun.SCORELAND: Dolly, who makes the best brand of bra for your very great boobsDolly: Didn\'t find one yet! If somebody can help me with that, let me know.SCORELAND: What do you wear when you go to sleepDolly: Nothing! SCORELAND: What clothing do you think you look sexiest inDolly: I like dresses with a lovely pair of high heels. Dresses are excited and still classy. And the high heels complete the look.SCORELAND: Do you wear skimpy bikinis when you go on holidayDolly: Yes, of course. I\'m proud of my boobs, so I\'m not going to hide them.See Dolly\'s Bonus video scene. She brought over some of her favorite dresses and a dental floss bikini. It\'s like being in a shop\'s dressing room with her.See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Alexya - the alexya effect The Alexya Effect The voting tabulations are over, July 2016 busty magazine is completed and the Newcomer of the Year award goes to Alexya of Romania. Juliana Simms came in second and Larissa Linn was third. We know it was a difficult decision on the part of the voters considering the seven large girls in this contest.This time, we have Alexya looking lascivious in a swimsuit at a spa\'s swimming pool but that suit doesn\'t stay on very long. She always looks lascivious. Alexya could wear a paper bag as a dress and still look fantastic.In her interview videos, Alexya is quiet and seems almost shy. She\'s soft-spoken when she speaks and she\'s usually silent in her actual scenes. She giggles a lot after a question is asked and sometimes we get the impression in these candid chats that she doesn\'t see why she gets guys excited. She\'s a mix of glamour babe, mystery girl and hottie-next-door and that combination is irresistible. See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Sophia capri - iscore/i classics SCORE Classics After blonde dancer and model Cat Tailer went brunette and changed her name to Sophia Capri, she sailed on Boob Cruise 2. The staff didn\'t recognize her at first when everyone got together before setting sail.That cruise was something else. I made some big friends on the boat. I\'ve even hung out with some of the guys after the cruise and they were just as much fun off the boat as they were on it. It was a big time. Sophia didn\'t plan on becoming a dancer and a model. What happened was I walked into a club for a job as a bartender and the manager told me that the owner was going to want me to dance. I told him, \'Oh, I could never take my clothes off!\' They hired me anyway and, unbeknownst to me, my first night there was Amateur Night. They dragged me into the office and asked me to dance. I told them to give me some time to think about it. One customer kept upping the ante to get me to dance and, after a while, he hit the right number. That was rent! I was a starving student. Then it was like, \'Okay, I\'m not that shy!\' I got up and just did what all of the other girls did.After two trips to the SCORE studio in England and the Boob Cruise, Sophia changed direction and left modeling and videos to return to college.See More of Sophia Capri at SCORELAND.COM!. Barbara angel - an angel in the bedroom An Angel In The Bedroom Barbara Angel wants to go out. Richy wants to fuck. He massages her big tits from behind and that turns her on. Her nipples are sensitive and titillating them sends a tingle down her body. She enjoys nipple play by her own hands and by her guys. Richy will take her out but first he needs her body under him. Europeans such as Barbara, Krystal Swift, Sharon Pink, Vicky Soleil, Sirale and Lola Hot have a naturalistic attitude about sex and the camera can capture it. Becoming an adult model didn\'t make her any hornier than she already was. I always enjoy sex to the fullest. I thought about doing this for a long time and then when I spoke to SCORE I took the opportunity to fulfill my dream, Barbara said.Sex is no different to me in private or making a video. The only difference is that there is another person with a camera recording us. I like to look at the camera because I know many guys who will see me will be masturbating. Thinking that men will be lascivious over me makes me feel hot.See More of Barbara Angel at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxi red - roxi through glass Roxi Through Glass Roxi Red, all 5\'9 of her without the six-inch heels, tries out SCORE\'s glass table and the views are spectacular when she climbs onto it and squishes her massive mams. It\'s Roxi\'s first time and she\'s the biggest-chested girl to have ever been filmed on it. Roxi was a cheerleader in high school. Can you picture that We can. It would be a ridiculous question to ask her if she was the bustiest girl in school. She loves the attention she gets modeling at SCORELAND and the attention she gets when she\'s running around Saint Paul, Minnesota shopping or at a restaurant. Roxi hasn\'t said if anyone has recognized her and introduced himself. She\'d be difficult to forget once you\'re seen her.I\'m passive with men. Getting oral is what gives me the best orgasms. I like to have sex at least twice a week and my favorite position is from behind. I don\'t care for anal sex but I like being gently fingered there. I had sex in a classroom at college and didn\'t get caught. I was with another girl once. It was okay. I was delightingd, I didn\'t delighting her back. I did have a threesome with another girl and a guy. It was great. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Rockell - the curvy hitcher The busty Hitcher Rockell is back and in our back seat. That\'s a great place to be! We don\'t usually pick up hitchers but when we do, we like them like southern charmer Rockell, busty and beautiful.SCORELAND: Hi, Rockell, we haven\'t seen you in a while. What have you been up toRockell: I actually work as an interior designer and in the beauty industry part-time. Not to mention I recently started focusing more on doing shoots in my spare time. Artistically speaking, I always feel at home creating some form of art. SCORELAND: When did you get the nipple piercings That\'s new.Rockell: Probably about six months ago and I absolutely LOVE them!! SCORELAND: What inspired you to get them Rockell: I actually always saw them as super-sexy. I never dreamed I would have them myself, to be honest. I was going through Twitter and Instagram. I saw all these models with them and thought it can\'t be that bad if all these women have them done. I imagined the pain to be unbearable, being in a sensitive area. In all honesty, it didn\'t hurt, it actually felt kinda lovely in a masochistic way. I said at the end, Was that it I had gotten nervous for nothing.SCORELAND: What do they do for you, as far as sensationRockell: I love when they are played with. I feel like they are more sensitive now. Tugging and pulling of the bars are super-fun because they are fully healed now! I would like to change the bars out soon to something cool. They tend to stay attracting hard! I love the idea of my nipples showing through a white T-shirt. Which before, without stimulation, they didn\'t really protrude like they do now!SCORELAND: What did you like about the barbells compared to ringsRockell: I actually had the option when they were pierced between bars and rings. For me, it was honestly a personal preference. I think both are sexy but, for the healing process, I thought bars! I\'m definitely not opposed to some super-cute rings in the future.See More of Rockell at SCORELAND.COM!. Suzie sun - suzie gets the business Suzie Gets The Business Suzie Sun is young, perky, fresh and built for fun. While Steve is talking business on his phone, Suzie kneels by him and gives him that look. She wants to go shopping and can\'t get his attention. Her solution is to unzip his pants and sucks his cock. That gets his attention real fast. She takes the phone, tells his business partner Steve is busy and resumes her hot cock sucking job. Suzie eye-bangs him with a excited gaze as she tongues his cock. She\'s intense at cock sucksing. Steve hauls his butt in gear, getting off the bed and moving Suzie\'s panties aside so he can shove his cock into her cunt from behind. Too excited to get undressed, they make love fully clothed at first. It\'s Suzie\'s first hardcore scene and she\'s the kind of little hottie you\'d want to introduce to mom and dad but not to your uncle. I am not into any fetishes or things like that, Suzie says. I prefer normal sex. I try to have it every day. I don\'t wank if I do not have to, unless I am alone for the night. I prefer a guy. I want to try sex with a woman and see what that is like. Maybe a threesome. But I think I will still like men better. See More of Suzie Sun at SCORELAND.COM!. May west - may is bustin\' out May Is Bustin\' Out May West was looking to do adult modeling. One of our studio staffers spotted her and contacted her. I was definitely the bustiest girl in school, May said. People would identify me as \'The girl with large boobs.\' Also, when other students accused me of stuffing my bra, I would reply, \'I could flash you right now but I just don\'t want to.\'I was a dancer in college and I still drop into classes from time to time. I enjoy hiking and cross-country running. I am more of an artistic girl than anything. I watch soccer and rugby. But I haven\'t played on a sports team since middle school.May is into the fetish scene. Living in New Orleans is one of the cities for that. I enjoy a lot of BDSM activities. Some of my top favorites are spanking, dominating and role-playing. I\'m a large advocate of masturbation. I consider all my firsts to be with myself. First vaginal penetration, clitoral orgasm, and female ejaculation all happened with me, myself and I. I generally like to be in a relaxed place and stimulate my clit and finger myself while I fantasize and then eventually climax.Stacked with a natural bush. Let\'s hear it for May West.See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. Lily madison - mad for madison Mad For Madison Lily Madison likes to change it up and this time she\'s back with a new look. I like to dress up, says Lily, a popular webcammer back home in England. Lingerie, bikinis...I like to wear costumes and get into character. That makes me feel sexy.I like a guy who makes me laugh, who\'s different than the rest, someone who\'s pleasant and knows how to treat a girl. I\'m not afraid to make the first move. I\'ll hold his hand. Try to kiss him. If I like a guy, I\'ll let him know it. No sense waiting around.When I\'m on holiday I try to tan my whole body so I\'ll go off somewhere and hide and get sun all over so I don\'t get tan-lines...until someone walks over. Then I\'ll cover my boobs. I like to go to nude beaches. It\'s been awhile since Lily Madison visited SCORELAND and we\'re glad to have her back. She\'ll be with Hitomi on May 28th. Be here.See More of Lily Madison at SCORELAND.COM!. Meggie gold - golden girl Golden Girl Meggie Gold says her fantasy is to have sex while skydiving. We considered the complexities, logistics and liabilities of filming this fantasy and said Okay, next idea. have sex on a nice, bouncy bed or a couch is much more stable than trying to make love (and film) as one heads towards fairly violent soil at an average speed of 160 miles per hour. And don\'t even think about what kind of ejaculate shot it would be. No, Meggie\'s Lara Croft fantasy will have to wait. Why does she have sex on-film I like excitement, Meggie reveals. I watch porn and I like it. There are more girls into watching porn than people realize. My sex life got kinda boring and routine, and I wasn\'t getting that much, anyway. I thought it would be fun to make love guys who make love professionally...guys with porn cocks. Guys like that are not shy and reserved with sexually assertive girls like me. She has natural talent. See More of Meggie Gold at SCORELAND.COM!. Alexis fawx - mature hottie of the month Mature Hottie of the Month Alexis Fawx gets dolled up to watch the housepainter (JMac). She comes on strong and work is suspended temporarily so he can pound her and shoot the white stuff down her throat. Once Alexis gets her have sexual intercourse fix, he can get back to work! It blow that these women take advantage of working men. A 23-inch waist and 32DDD boobs is very persuasive.A college grad and Air Force vet, Alexis got into porn in 2010 after seeing an ad. Porn dude and agent Tony Rubino introduced Alexis to the SCORE Group studio. She\'s also a licensed massage therapist and keeps in shape with boxing and yoga. I usually wear yoga pants when I\'m out doing errands, said Alexis. I never wear underwear. That must be an interesting sight at the supermarket.Porn is the most-fun thing I\'ve ever done. I love to get have sexual intercourseed by guys with big cocks who know how to use them.JMac rams into Alexis in positions straight out of an advanced sex manual. At 110 pounds and 5\'4, Alexis is a living have sexual intercourse doll made for lifting and boning.See More of Alexis Fawx at SCORELAND.COM!. Kate marie - nude model & artists at work Nude Model & Artists At Work Kate Marie is the nude model of the day at SCORE\'s art class and work shop. Here, students try to improve their drawing and sketching skills with the assistance of a real female model with lots of luscious curves. That\'s a lot more fun than sketching a bowl of fruit.Some students are excellent. Others should not quit their day jobs. All of them are motivated and eager. Who would not be with Kate Marie as their muse Michelangelo would pay the class fee just to sketch this busty young beauty.After the students leave for the day, Kate is in no hurry to put on her robe and prepare to go home. All that attention and the admiring eyes of the students has warmed her up. So instead of leaving right away, Kate plays with her voluminous natural tits and sensitive pussy. Finger play makes me very horny, Kate said. Seeing Kate slap one out standing on the stage of the art class is the proof. Too bad the students aren\'t around to sketch her.See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Katie thornton - busty british bikini babe Busty British Bikini Babe Katie Thornton is built for speed and she\'d rule Miami if she ever moved here from Manchester. This bikini shedding scene is presented as evidence in our claim. Katie has two magazine covers, the cover of the 3-disc DVD SCORE\'s Top Guns and is the winner of the Newcomer of the Year contest for 2015.Katie first got into modeling when she was 18 years old and her first pro shoots were in Italy and Majorca, Spain, two days after her 18th birthday. I was a little nervous because I was with other girls a bit older than me. But soon I knew this was for me. Katie also owns a beauty salon and her goal is to open a few more. So you\'re looking at a future business dynamo with a strong entrepreneurial side to her. A lot of my friends in my hometown have big natural tits. We all go out and get a lot of attention. Friends great natural tits We need to check out some of Katie\'s friends. There\'s always room at SCORE for more.See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Maggie green - maggie\'s double boning Maggie\'s Double Boning Who\'s had an instructor in school who looked like Maggie Green and had large natural tits like this stacked blonde does Not your deprived SCORE editors. Miss Green is the lead teacher in this adult education class and it\'s true adult education, not dull courses in business management. Her students walk out of class with happy smiles even though it\'s difficult to sit for 45 minutes with a hard-on.Miss Green\'s latest adult education class is sparse. Only two smartass students have signed up. They look like they\'ve been left back by a nice few years. Little do they know that this fantasy teacher takes that extra step to make sure her students know the curriculum. She takes pride in her teaching skills.Miss Green has her two students examine her pussy and breasts, both visually and by touch. She realizes that they really need proper hands-on instruction so she has them get naked and sit while she kneels to jerk and slurp their boners. Miss Green gets naked too and all three go to a couch so the guys can take turns fucked Miss Green\'s mouth and pussy. They pass her test with flying...nut-juice. What a large teacher and what a large community college this is. This is the real meaning of adult education.See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!. Hitomi - bowled over by hitomi Bowled Over By Hitomi Hitomi\'s back at SCORELAND which is always major and she\'s right on time because she\'s won the Model of the Year contest (June 2016 SCORE). This win makes Hitomi a three-time winner and that\'s never been done before since the contest began. Hitomi\'s really a four-time winner if her 2012 Newcomer of the Year win is included.Wrote editor and SCOREtv host Dave in the awards issue, Hitomi won with 15.9% of the votes, narrowly edging out Valory Irene among magazine voters and Maserati among the SCORELAND voters. Congratulations, Hitomi.This time, the ever-adorable Hitomi is in Prague to shoot more scenes and to meet British babe Lily Madison so she can lick Lily\'s nipples and pussy. The people who operate the bowling alley and kindly allowed us to photograph Hitomi for a few hours were knocked over like pins when they saw her. We feel the same way every time Hitomi travels from Tokyo for a shoot. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!. Juliana simms - gym for juliana simms Gym For Juliana Simms Juliana Simms is back at SCORELAND and it\'s large to see her again. She\'s looking fantastic and her large natural natural tits look as brain-freezing as ever. For her first scene, we visit Juliana at the gym and watch her workout while we sit in our happy seats.SCORELAND: Hello Juliana. We are glad you\'re back. Tell us, do you like the process of modeling Juliana: Yes, I like it very much. Frankly, at first I didn\'t want to start doing it but now I like it.SCORELAND: Now you are back for The SCORE Group in Prague. Did you explore Prague Juliana: I was in Prague only one evening so there was no time. The last time we were near Prague. But I like Prague very much and I hope that I can come back soon.SCORELAND: Are there any models that you would like to meet one dayJuliana: I would like to meet Samantha Lily and Maya Milano.SCORELAND: What kind of things do your fans ask you on the InternetJuliana: If I\'ll go marry them or not. (Laughs)SCORELAND: Do you have any messages for your fans who will be seeing your new scenesJuliana: Dear fans, thank you very much for your support and your kind words. I read all your comments and, when possible, answer you. I hope you enjoy my new shoots at SCORE and I look forward to your feedback. Kisses. Always yours, Juliana Simms.See More of Juliana Simms at SCORELAND.COM!. Nadia night - into the night Into The Night Nadia gives off a dirty, slutty vibe in this scene that feels like old-school porn. This is not for those seeking neck-kissing, foo-foo erotica videos. This is raw raunch for red-blooded men. Nadia is 6\'1 in what she calls her naughty make love shoes. She is a girl who likes to taste her own vagina juices. She says it tastes yummy. Yummy is a word Nadia uses a lot besides naughty. That\'s a topic you don\'t see much about: girls who like to taste their own pussies. How many are there out there We should blog about that. The highest compliment a man can pay Nadia is to drop his nut all over her boobs or face or jack off at the sight of her. I like yummy cock, says the nasty lovely girl. See More of Nadia Night at SCORELAND.COM!. Harmony white - harmony white does it right Harmony White Does It Right Harmony White first came (and came hard) to SCORE in 2013. A cam girl, Harmony was living in Miami and moved away after her first visit. But she recently contacted us, ready for more. SCORELAND: Do you ever go to strip clubs Have you ever been a dancerHarmony White: I love strip clubs! I love having a nice pair of tits in my face. I did dance for about a week in Miami but it wasn\'t my thing.SCORELAND: Have your tits ever fallen out of your top in publicHarmony White: A few times, yes. It depends on what kind of top I have on and what I\'m doing when one or both of my natural tits pop out.SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or nakedHarmony White: Usually when I\'m in a hurry, I\'m running around cleaning naked. I\'m a voluminous multi-tasker. SCORELAND: Do you find yourself titillating your natural tits without thinking about itHarmony White: All the time.SCORELAND: What have been your top three sexual experiencesHarmony White: I seriously can\'t cut it down to three. Usually my best ones are drunk ones!SCORELAND: What kind of adult videos do you watchHarmony White: I think I\'m a closet Lesbian. Watching girl-girl porn makes me charming horny.See More of Harmony White at SCORELAND.COM!. Demmy blaze - blazin\' boobs Blazin\' boobs Demmy Blaze also models lingerie back home. Now here\'s a perfect bra model for catalogs. She enjoys going to the gym and dancing. Demmy mentioned in a chat that she likes to twerk. We\'d like to see that in the future, strictly for research purposes. She\'s excellent at nipple self-blowjob, a rare talent. All of my tops are tight, says Demmy. They have to be tight. That is all I buy. I have a lot of lustful wear at home that I put on when I go out or when I am on cam.Watching Demmy\'s huge, natural tits hang and swing like clappers and seeing her enjoy playing with them and blowjob on them is hooter heaven for the true breast-man. Demmy appreciates her super-naturals and the attention she gets, making her even more of a busty dream babe. She\'s found her calling.See More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!. Mischel lee - large breasts large bush Big tits big Bush When Mischel Lee came back to SCORELAND after a year with bigger tits, be-ringed cunt lips and the same thick thatch as last time, the hair club for men emerged to lay down some comments. bdog1323 noted The allure of a hairy cunt! I remember it was like finding gold when u saw hair sticking out of a girl\'s panties, bathing suit, sweats, etc. So miss the \'80s! Bald is in right now and, as another member noted, even the once-popular trimmed landing-strip is missing in action for the time being.Mischel likes to have intercourse on-camera and the dude who\'s boning her this time is definitely a bush supporter, spending time fingering and tonguing and otherwise delighting her fuzzy triangle. He doesn\'t neglect those jumbo jugs atop Miss Lee\'s trim torso but her follicle forest gets a lot more action. He even pops his nuts on Mischel\'s wooly wig after have intercourseing her. I attract a lot of men because of my tits, said Mischel via our translator. When they see me naked, they sometimes spend more time on my cunt. She just needs to find a happy medium with her suitors. Mischel wants to visit the USA one day. She doesn\'t like sports, doesn\'t work out at home or go to a gym (and still keeps nicely slim) and doesn\'t dress to show off her bod when she goes out for everyday errands or for fun.She rarely masturbates. I use guys for oral sex when I\'m in the mood, says Mischel. She must get a lot of volunteers.See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Rachel raxxx - the new girl The New Girl There are racks and there are racks and then there\'s the rack of Rachel Raxxx. She has few equals. elegant barely comes close to describing Rachel\'s rack. And then there\'s that pleasant factor. She\'s super-pleasant with a excited voice to match. Rachel was born 18 years ago, on November 15, 1997. Some of you have ties older than that. tits are fun, says Rachel who ran track and cross-country in high school (which was only a few months ago). My grandmother would take bandages and wrap them around my boobs after I put on a sports bra and then I\'d put on another sports bra and a very tight tank top.Only recently did Rachel decide to become a model and she went looking for an agency. The agency knows us so they recommended she contact SCORE where so many great big-boobed newcomers started and became the greatest names in the big-bust modeling world.Sometimes I feel like guys are undressing me with their eyes when I walk into a room but I got used to it, Rachel said. Part of me likes it. The sexual side of me. But there\'s a side of me that gets nervous and anxious. It\'s not the personal attention Rachel gets in everyday life that she\'s worried about. She\'s concerned about the adult industry from reading and hearing things about it. Stick with SCORE, Rachel, and you\'ll have nothing to worry about. See More of Rachel Raxxx at SCORELAND.COM!. Micky bells - bells rings our bells Bells Rings Our Bells I don\'t need to wear tops like this to attract any attention, Micky Bells explained. Which is pleasant because no one needs any street rioting by guys jostling each other to check out Micky\'s bells. Micky could wear a mu-mu and still attract eyeballs. Thankfully, she\'s not wearing one in this shoot. Now this is an outfit she\'d never wear unless she were going to a cocktail party. Usually I wear jeans, heels and a pretty shirt, Micky added. In my house, I don\'t wear a bra and when I sleep, I don\'t wear one. I don\'t play sports but I want to try bungee jumping. I do like to walk in places with pretty scenery. Micky did play sports once, with Gya Roberts and Terri Jane in Montego Babes, filmed in Jamaica. Their tits bounced like crazy in that team-up.Tittyman99 wrote. One of my all time faves. Just the mere sight of her sends me rushing to the bathroom hot and bothered.That\'s called The Micky Bells Syndrome. It\'s contagious.See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Claudia - in your face In Your Face Claudia\'s favorite actresses are Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson. That kind of throws you off because you wouldn\'t think a woman would appreciate those two. In fact, you\'d think most women would hate them. Her favorite sports team is the University of Arizona Wildcats baseball team based in Tucson, Claudia\'s town. In Tucson, You can fry bacon and eggs on your car hood in the summer and get lap dances year-round. Her hobbies are traveling, shopping and tanning. The only thing we\'re confused about is Claudia\'s fetish, which she says is neck-kissing. That goes against everything we believe in. See More of Claudia at SCORELAND.COM!. Janet jade - shower & spa Shower & Spa Janet Jade was topless dancing when another dancer told her about SCORE. The other dancer\'s husband was a SCORE fan. Janet looked at SCORELAND and emailed some photos. If not for that dancer\'s husband, no one would have ever seen Janet outside of the club she danced in. It\'s possible she might have found on her own but she wasn\'t looking for modeling work until her friend brought it up.Janet was cool with nude posing and pussy-spanking from the start. The girl-next-door wasn\'t shy about her body. I wank about ten or twelve times a month. All I need is some music and a vibrator. These days, Janet does webcam shows.See More of Janet Jade at SCORELAND.COM!. Janet jade - training day Training Day I was a cheerleader, and I was the girl with the great tits who could dance, said Janet Jade. We pay tribute to Janet with a double feature video and two photo sets loaded with outdoor exercising. I knew people were looking at me and reacting to me. There\'s no way you could see my tits in a cheerleader\'s outfit and not notice them. I really didn\'t start to like my tits until I started dancing when I was 19. Then I realized how much guys liked them, and the attention was good.Janet said she likes to eat but she stays lean with a lot of cardio and dancing. I\'ve never had somebody come up to me and say, \'lovely tits.\' Just \'nice eyes.\' lovely tits is what they were really thinking. See More of Janet Jade at SCORELAND.COM!. Terry nova - cellar dwellers Cellar Dwellers Terry Nova carefully makes her way down the brick stairs of an ancient wine cellar and turns the corner when she hears a noise. She spies on Carlos taking wine bottles off a shelf and wrapping them in a sheet. He turns to leave and walks right into Terry. She likes what she sees and hits on him right then and there. Carlos will play it cool and pound Terry against the bricks so she\'ll forget anything she might have seen. It\'s quiet in this dark catacomb. Terry drops to her knees and lowers her dress to allow her world-famous tits to dangle. She suc his tool and licks his scrotum, eager for a woody to ride. They make love against the brick wall, Carlos slamming her from behind. The pounding from behind continues as Terry kneels on the steps of the wine cellar. A big, busty girl, Terry sits on his tool and bounces vigorously, holding and squeezing her heavy, fleshy tits. Hanging around dank cellars can sometimes be productive.See More of Terry Nova at SCORELAND.COM!. Tiggle bitties - this pupil is an eye-opener This pupil is an eye-opener We\'ve all seen busty coeds before but Tiggle Bitties takes it to a much higher level. Tiggle Bitties is a name some classmates called her in school. That name she liked. Others, not so much.Playing with a banana doesn\'t really fall under agricultural science. Even so, Tiggle brought one along for her meeting with you, one of her professors. She needs a higher grade and aims to persuade you of her need. Only you can help Tiggle maintain her academic rating.Totally uninhibited, Tiggle enjoys attention but she breaks it down into two categories: the gawkers and the lookers.Occasionally the gawker will get a look from me. There\'s two different kinds of looks. I know my natural tits are crazy big, so looking is totally fine. Everybody should look. But gawking and staring is no good. I\'m going to print out little cards and say, \'Here\'s a free picture for you. It\'ll last longer.\' In the airport, some guy was staring into my eyes. Which is weird. They don\'t stare at my eyes very often. So I stared right back at him, and he didn\'t seem to notice I was looking right back at him. But he wasn\'t staring at my natural tits!That guy was a Jedi boob master, Tiggle. They know the art of breast-looking without looking.See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Rachel raxxx - first xxx First XXX If someone said to you that a teenaged, slim & stacked hottie with JJ-cups breasts wanted to do nude modeling and XXX scenes for the first time, you\'d fall out of your chair too, like we have quite a few times at SCORE over the years when Sharday, Christy Marks and other amazing girls appeared. Rachel Raxxx seemed to have just appeared like magic but Rachel is no mirage. She\'s real, absolutely real!After introducing herself in her first solo video, Rachel\'s jumping right into boy-girl XXX scenes, and even though she said in her introductory video that she was a little nervous, that doesn\'t show at all. She\'s self-confident and eager. Jimmy is just as eager to gulp on Rachel\'s huge hooters and provide the encouragement and mentoring she deserves as well as provide the stunt-cock for her first on-camera boning and all that nice stuff. Just doing all kinds of fun things with Rachel\'s breasts could go on for hours.Rachel tells us that her favorite position is 69 and she has sex one-to-three times a week. She\'s done the nasty with a former-boyfriend in a movie theater and did a 69 with another girl and gulped on her breasts while a guy fucked the other girl. I can be passive or assertive depending on what is necessary at the time, said Rachel. If a guy I want to have sex with needs a girl to take the lead, I\'ll do it. Thank you, Rachel Raxxx! Please come back soon!See More of Rachel Raxxx at SCORELAND.COM!. Hitomi - east meets breast East Meets Breast This is a major first. Japan\'s Hitomi meeting England\'s Lily Madison in Prague for a girl-girl show. Both were winners of SCORE\'s Newcomer of the Year contest, Hitomi in 2012 and Lily in 2014. Both have similar bods--slender, shapely and busty. They come from completely different cultures but that\'s no barrier to them getting it on and enjoying each other on-camera together for the first time. They\'re both erotic and sensuous girls with sex appeal that\'s off the charts.Hitomi has traveled 5,600 miles or over 9,000 kilometers to get to Prague from Tokyo. Lily has flown almost 800 miles or 1,260 kilometers from London. SCORE has specialized in this kind of matchmaking since the beginning in 1992.Hitomi wants to taste the nipples and cunt of this English girl. They brought along some party favors, a bottle of lotion and a thick toy. They\'ll be going nipple-to-nipple first and then Hitomi will travel her way down to Lily\'s hot box to lick it and stick it in a big-boobed love-in. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!.
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