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Naked & oiled Naked & Oiled This Samantha Sanders show reverses course and begins with Sam completely nude. She oils her big, meaty Brit tits. They shine and practically glow as she rubs them. Moving south, Sam\'s fingers travel to her golden muff so she can rub her swollen clit. She ends her show by putting on a wrap, the kind she\'d wear at one of the beaches she visits on her holidays.Treat me charming and give me lovely oral sex, laughs Sam when she\'s asked how a guy should treat her. Sex on a first date is possible. It all depends. You never know. I\'m single and I\'m looking.What does Samantha like to do on a rare quiet nightSometimes I watch one of my DVDS or videos and have a play.See More of Samantha Sanders at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Redhaired & busty in kentucky Redhaired & busty In Kentucky When girls come to SCORELAND, they usually don\'t pack light. That\'s true for Stephanie Stalls. Her suitcases are loaded with horny outfits, bras, panties and shoes. She\'s a salesgirl\'s dream customer. Stephanie also packs away a few ladies\' kitty and butt toys. She removes the batteries during her travels so they don\'t accidentally start vibrating when they\'re packed away.Stephanie first came to SCORE as a blonde. Then she went brunette. Stephanie\'s now a redhead with hair so bright that sunglasses are recommended. She says the new color is more eye-catching. Her large 40-inch tits on a diminutive 5\'2 frame are still the number-one attention-grabbers.In this video, we get to see Stephanie try on some of those hot, skimpy clothes. Her busty little body stretches out her tops to the maximum. Pulling her panties aside, Stephanie licks her fingers and rubs her kitty. She needs more so she reaches into her suitcase and takes out one of her little friends. She runs a tongue over it and slides it deep inside her wet, pink hole. See More of Stephanie Stalls at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Ejaculate pose Cumshot Pose A yoga class might not be your cup of tea, but it\'s where all the cuties like Hailey hang out. This little teen has a fresh face, perky breasts and a small waist. She likes to expand to stay limber, and in this video she shows us her yoga routine. It\'s fun to watch her get into bendy positions, especially once her yoga pants and panties come off. She spreads her legs, but the only thing getting a workout now is her pussy. She massages her clam and buries her finger deep in her tunnel. She\'s breathing deep now, tensing up, feeling herself climax...then relaxing. We don\'t know what you call that pose, but it sure looks like fun. See More of Hailey Little at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tube station tart Tube Station Tart Some girls are worth blowing the rent and food money on and nice Jasmine Black is one of them. She waits in a tunnel for a passerby with cash and a boner. Someone will cum along.Sure enough, Mr. Lang is on his way to catch his train home to his wife. When Jasmine pops out her boobs like a sidewalk fruit vendor showing a customer her melons, he\'s eager to buy some. Wife What wife Once the details of the transaction are done, Jasmine takes him to a place where he can penish her up and down. Mr. Lang is more than interested in fuck Jasmine\'s voluminous boobs and her tight asshole. See More of Jasmine Black at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Monet! monet! monet! Monet! Monet! Monet! I like to have sex as often as possible, and there are so many new things I want to try, said Oksana Monet, a 44-year-old wife and mom. This was one of the things she wanted to try...doing porn, that is. She enjoyed it so much the first time that she came back for a second go-round. I haven\'t done a lot of the wild things that others may have, but I\'m more than willing to try, she said. I would love to have sex with women and younger men.Joe, the guy she\'s blowjob and have sexual intercourse here, is 27 years old. That\'s a 17-year age difference, which is appealing sizeable. The thing is, Oksana is so hot, her anatomy is so mint, she can put most 20somethings to shame.Can you believe I don\'t have any dildos or vibrators at home Oksana said. I usually use my fingers when I want to masturbate.Oksana was born in the Czech Republic and lives in Virginia. Her sexual fantasy is two guys trying to make me ejaculate many times. We could arrange that! She\'s a real-estate agent. She enjoys gymnastics, swimming, running and working out. She gives Joe a lovely workout in this scene, and he finishes the workout by ejaculateming on her beautiful face. Oksana rubs his ejaculate into her face and lovely tits. She looks right into the camera while she does so, looks right at you.We\'d say she\'s a natural at this. See More of Oksana Monet at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Waking up with sarah rae I\'m a professional voluminous-booby bouncer, said Sarah Rae. I don\'t do it much when I\'m walking, but sometimes when I\'m sitting in a restaurant I do find myself doing it. It\'s like second nature to me now. We hated to wake up Sarah from a charming slumber. When she awakens, her hands stray to her voluminous, famous tits and bushy pussy. There\'s a lot to love. A charming shower and some wet play time while we watch will get Sarah going and when she\'s dried off, she bounces into a tank top and denim shorts.What Sarah puts on is what she usually wears. She\'s a super-casual girl, one of the things that many guys love about her.I always wear low-cut shirts when I go out. My tits pretty much draw attention to themselves because they\'re so voluminous. I get tons of attention and I love that. Having voluminous tits is awesome. I feel unique and special. I wear a bra when I go out. Around the house I am always braless and topless too. I\'m proud and very conceited about them. I\'m always showing them off and talking about them. I just think they\'re extremely amazing, and I\'m always trying to show them off and always talking highly about them. My tits make me happy. And that\'s the way it should be. See More of Sarah Rae at XLGIRLS.COM!. Anus rubdown Hi, Honey. When we last saw you in the June \'09 issue you told us that you love booty and that you were built to take it in the ass. And here I am to prove it, baby! Laughs. When I first came to BootyLicious mag, you guys asked me what my interests were and to tell you all of my sexiest fantasies. Well, I did and one of them was this locker room fantasy that I\'ve had since I was in high school. I\'d have sexual intercourse-off and imagine that I was playing with my cunt in the locker room after a game and that I\'d got caught.And who exactly was it that you were fantasizing about catching you doing all sorts of nasty things to your cunt and asshole, Honey It was always a different guy every time I fantasized. Sometimes I would imagine that it was my coach and that he would tell me how I was doing it wrong and then he would show me how to play with my cunt and make me ejaculate. Sometimes I would imagine that it was a whole bunch of basketball players and that they would take turns have sex me in the showers. And sometimes I would imagine that it was a scout from some college and that he\'d have sexual intercourse me right there on the bench and then ejaculate all over my asshole.So we set up your fantasy have sexual intercourse and you got down in a locker room. Was it everything that you had imagined Did it satisfy your kinky desires All I can say is that I was hornier than I have ever been in my life. Before Colton even touched my cunt, I was already wet and throbbing. And I loved have sex on this bench because I could straddle it and get his penish even further in my cunt. I recommend have sex on benches! It makes the sex so much better. I straddled him and rode him until I was ejaculate all over him. And while I was on top, he licked his fingers and slipped them into my asshole. That\'s when I really went crazy!Did you ejaculate from the booty, too, Honey Yes because booty always makes me ejaculate harder than a penish in my cunt does. Once his penish was in my ass, I started grinding on it and playing with my clit. Before I knew it, I was ejaculate and he was yelling that he was going to bust all over my fat ass.See More of Honey Monroe at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Alexis love: librarian 5\'2 and 112 lbs., and looking even bustier because of her diminutive size, Alexis told SCORE\'s editor in the March, 1994 issue, Contemplating whether to model nude or not was extremely difficult because of the potential exposure. That was both a negative and a positive. On the bad side, I have a straight life, and modeling isn\'t part of it. Positively speaking, and I don\'t know quite how to say it, because it sounds so strange...I felt I looked so lovely for my age and I felt I could do something classy. horny pictures, sort of pin-up style with a lot of class. I don\'t pose for a living, and I thought that if I could find the right magazine, perhaps I could do something classy.Her layouts led to a lot of fan mail.Most of my fan mail is so charming and romantic, Alexis explained. I\'ve received really charming letters from men who obviously are extremely well-educated and successful, men with a heavy deal of substance. That\'s a turn-on, that a man is complete in all aspects. It\'s also very flattering because, and you probably know this, I\'m basically very shy. My posing was what I like to refer to as more of a pin-up said it was \'risque but not sleazy.\' I think men prefer that kind of modeling, as opposed to where everything is bared, and I really am very shy. In fact, I think it\'s easier when I work with one photographer, like I did for SCORE. If I had to go out in front of a lot of people and pose or dance in front of total strangers, I would probably faint.Author of the glamour girl book, Va Va Voom, historian Steve Sullivan met Alexis Love at a Glamourcon fan show in Los Angeles. He took a liking to her, and began writing about her. Commenting about her relationship with SCORE magazine, she told Sullivan, They tell people the truth...that I\'m against casual sex. I\'m for one-to-one relationships. So you get the message across that there are women who are intelligent, well-read and have morals who work in these magazines. You don\'t have to be a bimbette or nymphomaniac. By looking lovely at my age, I can say, \'look, I take care of myself, I don\'t do drugs, I don\'t show pink, I don\'t strip or do porno, and I can still be one of the most-popular models, even though I\'m twice the age of these girls.\' See More of Alexis Love at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Alice gets a lesson Today, any guy with a digital camera can call himself a photographer, hire models and throw up a website. In the 1990s and earlier, the photographers were craftsmen, shooting on transparency film, a technically difficult media. They needed to know lighting, exposures and how to properly direct and pose a girl according to her best assets. They had to wait a day to see their work before they sent it out to magazine publishers. There was no internet, no $7-a-minute web-cams, no social media sites, no selfies, no camera phones and girls had to actually leave their apartments for photo shoots. Guys bought magazines and video cassettes, went to adult shops or newsstands to buy them or bought by mail order through the phone or through ads in the magazines. Some of the videos at SCORE Classics have toy play while most of the photo sets do not. That\'s because in most countries, the magazines sold at newsstands didn\'t publish toying or hardcore photos. Even today in the UK, there are restrictions over what can be published in magazines.Models were found by word of mouth, agents, referrals from other photographers and by ads placed in newspapers. Sometimes a girl would cold-visit a studio in person and apply for an assignment but that was rare. Sometimes a photographer would spot a girl in public and make his move before she disappeared from sight.England, particularly London, was a huge center of professional photographers. The men\'s magazine industry was flourishing and the tabloid newspapers like The Sun always needed nice girls with great breasts and a lusty body willing to bare it on-camera.Many girls like Alice had no interest in a professional career. They posed for the experience and the opportunity to make some immediate cash. They were students, shop girls and office workers. A quiet, nice blonde, Alice only posed a few times and then disappeared, like so many before and after her. And that\'s the way it was.Like many girls with great breasts in England, Alice was natural and curvy. Silicone had not yet invaded the UK. Today, the situation has oddly reversed. British girls are getting boob jobs like never before. See More of Alice at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Breasts & tugs (& tongue)! When she first posed at XL Girls, newcomer Alaura Grey said, I just thought I\'d give modeling a try. Do something new. The pictures. Being naked on-camera. And I don\'t get dressed up that often, so doing that is fun. It makes me feel charming. I like getting my hair done and my makeup put on, especially when I don\'t have to do it.For the past two years, ever since Alaura Grey\'s last XL Girls\' posting in February of 2015, questions about her return continued to come in. Several times a week without failure, someone would email or comment pleading to see Alaura again. The truth was, we had no definite answer for them. While we might reply no for the time being, we tend to believe in never say never. We just didn\'t know if Alaura would ever model again. And then...the great news.Alaura wanted to shoot again. And this time, she would use a toy. And even better, she would also use a real penish as a toy in another scene!When 4\'11 Alaura guides the guy\'s hands over her tits and lowers her top, the sheer sight of her 36M tits wobbling in her bra cups (yes, they\'re greatger now) is astounding. She takes them out of the bra cups herself and places her hands over his, guiding him as he feels the weight and firmness. Alaura instructs him, telling him to squeeze them and letting him know how it feels. Her great nipples get violent and she tells him it tickles when his finger rub them. Alaura invites him to lie down so she can straddle him while his hands squeeze and knead her tits. While he\'s massaging and rubbing her natural marvels, Alaura reaches for his junk and pulls his penish out to give blow and then engulf inside her deep cleavage. She rocks back and forth, squeezing her tits with his penish between them, taking it out to give blow again and then making it vanish in her cleavage again. They change positions and she lies back so we can look at her charming face as he fucks her tits faster and faster...the ultimate tit-fuck dream. See More of Alaura Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!. A day with via paxton SCORE CEO John Fox said about Via Paxton\'s great boobs, The best-proportioned, best-looking breasts I\'ve ever seen! From someone with John\'s background of twenty years in great-bust magazine production, starting with Gent magazine, this quote was equivalent to Neil Armstrong\'s That\'s one small step for a man.... So taken was John that Via became the covergirl for both September 1999 SCORE and Voluptuous, and a video titled A Day With Via Paxton was produced. It was a breast-seller on VHS, then the most-popular format of home video.Via\'s discovery was a case of incredible luck. She wasn\'t looking to model in men\'s magazines. A reader spotted Via in a Chicago bookstore and chatted her up. Most guys would check out a girl like this and resume their browsing. Via paid attention to his suggestion about modeling and believed him instead of calling store security. Via\'s photographer said a year after her debut. Via\'s a fast learner. She didn\'t know much about modeling when she first started in 1999, but at this point, she was very accomplished and knew how to pose to make herself look her best. Over time, she became very good at tit play and spreading her \'girl,\' as I sometimes call the vagina lips when I\'m posing a model. See More of Via Paxton at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Power play Age: 20; Born: April 2; Ht 5\'6; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: G-strings; Anal: Just licking and fingering; BJs: Usually swallow; Masturbate: I love my vibrator.Most of my fantasies have some sort of power play thing going on, Madison told us. I\'m usually submissive, so I like being tied up and I have a regular fantasy about me being kidnapped by a lusty stranger. But sometimes I like to have the a dominatrix. I really liked make love your stud because I felt like he was dominating me. He kept grabbing my legs and moving them so the camera could get really close to my pussy. He knew what he was doing. Confidence like that is what I find lusty.I found out that I can deepthroat with my first boyfriend in high school. I didn\'t know that it was a rare skill. I let him have sexual intercourse my mouth and throat because that\'s what I thought was normal. Then I was talking to my girlfriends about blowjobs and they were like, \'Wait, you take it all the way in your mouth Don\'t you gag\' And I was like, \'Why would I gag on a dick\'See More of Madison Reese at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Pleasant neighbor oksana monet In her return to, 44-year-old Oksana Monet is the hot MILF who lives next door. In reality, Oksana is the hot MILF who lives next door. Next door used to be in the Czech Republic. Now it\'s in rural Virginia.Oksana gets the attention of 27-year-old lovely neighbor Joe. And how does she get his attention By charming him to her house and wearing her best fuck-me gear, which includes high-heeled boots and a patent leather outfit that barely covers her breasts and kitty and doesn\'t cover her booty at all. Wow! Joe says. Yeah, wow!Oksana takes control of the situation, which is totally fine by Joe, and she suc his cock and fucks his meat. Finally, Joe can\'t hold back any longer and cums in Oksana\'s eager, open mouth. She loves his cum.Oksana is blonde and pretty and has a very hot body. She\'s a wife and mom who says, I like to have sex as often as possible, and there are so many new things I want to try. This was one of them.Before orgasm to, Oksana\'s kinkiest sexual encounter was in a station wagon parked in the woods. Car sex to porn is a big jump, but she enjoys being adventurous.I haven\'t done a lot of the wild things that others may have, but I\'m more than willing to try. I would love to have sex with women and younger men.Joe is younger, so you can check that one off her list. See More of Oksana Monet at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Alyssa alps\' rare video Alyssa Alps was vivacious, bubbly, energetic, dynamic and bodacious. She was a young feature dancer from Wisconsin with an old-school style. Alyssa was a true show girl with many costumes and she knew literally everyone in the strip club industry. No porn, no toys, and in fact, she posed for very few pictorials and almost never did video. The video at SCORE Classics is rare and raw.Whenever she featured at Treasure Island, a club in Hialeah not far from the SCORE offices, she would try to visit. One year some staff members went to see her lunch time show and managed to persuade her to shoot for a day. No videos but two pictorials were lovely enough for us.We would see Alyssa at the AVN Expo and the Exotic Dancer Expo in Las Vegas. As always, she was very dynamic, usually emceeing an evening show.Alyssa joined the last Boob Cruise in 2000 as the writer of the ship\'s log. She didn\'t want to model and was firm about it. Several passengers put together a betting pool on when Alyssa Alps would give in and model. She held out until May 5, the last day, when she and a photographer hit the beach. Fittingly, Alyssa\'s pictorial closed the 164-page Boob Cruise double issue (Holiday \'00), an all-time best-selling edition.Going into Boob Cruise 2000, I had heard so many superlatives about it but I had some skepticism, Alyssa wrote. \'How could anything be that lovely\' I used to think. Now I know. And I realize that all of the comments I had heard about SCORE\'s Boob Cruise did not do it justice. It truly is the experience of a lifetime. See More of Alyssa Alps at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. British bon bons Amanda White did hot hardcore scenes including several for curvy magazine, one with Marino, a mainstay of Brit porn in the \'90s and \'00s, and Lee Henshaw, another Vmag and SCORE regular. Amanda, a Brit of Jamaican ancestry, appeared in the tabloids after she said she had a threesome with rapper Puff Daddy (aka Sean Puffy Combs). Amanda told reporters that she and a girlfriend went back to Diddy\'s hotel room and took turns giving him a blowjob. Amanda also said she sucked off a well-known TV host and other Brit celebs.Amanda measured a whopping 48-30-38 with a bra size of 40FF. She said she likes traveling and posing. Her dislikes: mustard and cold weather. For her occupation, she listed the ubiquitous office worker. We once got a letter from one of our readers, one Gypsy Boris, who swore on a stack of curvy magazines that he once worked in an office with a Vmag model named Star so maybe there was something to this office worker stuff after all. Some claim that Amanda now lives in New York City. We don\'t know if this is true or the usual erroneous internet claim. See More of Amanda White at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Angelique: brazilian goddess A young Brazilian girl met a German photographer who was working in Brazil. He convinced her to try modeling in Germany. Angelique accepted the offer as modeling opportunities in Brazil for her were limited. She and the photographer sent a letter to the SCORE office in Miami. One look was enough. Angelique was sent plane tickets and that was the beginning of her fame. Angelique would sail on two Boob Cruises and become one of the iconic SCORE Girls of the 1990s. Her seductive charms put a spell on everyone. She used her SCORE money to help her family in Brazil.All of Angelique\'s SCORE shoots were redone and collected for the website which also has an extensive bio. Despite her minimal English (Angelique mostly communicated in Portuguese and some German), Angelique never had language issues on the set or on the Cruises. She was a fast learner. Angelique made a final, surprise visit to the SCORE offices in Miami in March, 2002 and did a few solo shoots, her hardcore days behind her. She returned to Germany where she still resides. See More of Angelique at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Large scot Bonnie Banks was discovered by SCORE\'s British chief of photography John Graham. As her name indicated, she was indeed a Scot and a voluminous one. After Bonnie\'s first shoots in London, she traveled with the photo staff and a few other models to Grand Exuma Cay, The Bahamas.Bonnie appeared in five pictorials in curvy mag (June 1995, August 1995, March 1996, March 1997 and October 1998) and one layout in SCORE (September 1996). curvy mag readers considered Bonnie the classic embodiment of a V-Girl with her flaring hips, slim waist, creamy skin, bubble anal and hanging, natural tits. See More of Bonnie Banks at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Large tit programming Busty BriAnna (note the capital A) started dancing and modeling in 1994, then debuted at SCORE in 1996. One of the most supple and athletic of the mega-boobed girls, BriAnna could really get her body into some super-flexible positions that served her well on the set and on strip club stages. Before she called herself BriAnna, she billed herself as Titsianna.BriAnna once said she was a flirt and she enjoyed men looking at her body. She didn\'t plan on becoming a dancer. What she found common among the girls who became feature dancers was that they were all proud of their bodies and wanted to be looked at. BriAnna was also voluminous at breast handling. She could self-suck her pliable natural tits and pull her natural tits by the nipples, something many girls can\'t do. Her facial expressions were libidinous and her big, pale ivory-white breasts and bikini anal zone made a pleasant contrast to the rest of her tanned body, similar to another popular girl, busty Brittany (now Brittany O\'Neil). BriAnna studied veterinary science and works with rescue centers. She started escorting in New York City after her dancing career ended.See More of busty BriAnna at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. A slice of kiwi Lives: Auckland, New Zealand; Occupation: Grocery store cashier; Age: 23; Born: April 10; Ht: 5\'5; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Match my bra; Anal: On your birthday; BJs: Usually swallow; Masturbate: Constantly. It has been a while since we got a submission from a girl in the southern hemisphere. We started thinking they all forgot about us! Then we got a care package from Emerald. It contained these photos and a handwritten letter with some of the most girlish penmanship we\'ve ever seen. Even through all of the loops and curls, we got some pleasant info on her. I had my boyfriend take these shots of me just for fun, she wrote. I know that most of your girls will let their men take naked photos only when it\'s their birthday or anniversary or any such nonsense like that. We take pictures all of the time. It\'s not a special occasion thing for us. We like to look at them while we fuck.See More of Emerald at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Brit breast-star carol brown As a teenager, I very quickly became accustomed to blokes looking at my boobs, not my eyes when they spoke to me, said Carol Brown, an Englishwoman who began posing in 1995. It continued throughout my life. It doesn\'t bother me in the least. Like a lot of other women, when I look at a man, I look at the bulge in his pants. What\'s pretty for the goose, you know.During the 1990s, brunette Carol was always changing her hair color and style and surprising her fans. When she won busty Model of The Year for 1998, beating out some daunting competition, she returned for a pictorial with bright blonde hair.Carol is the kind of woman who is very approachable.Once I was dancing at a wedding party when my straps broke and my breasts nearly popped out in view of all! I had to run to the loo with a friend and make some quick alterations to my dress. It was not fun as I was very uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.In 2008, Carol made a comeback and posed once again. Her natural tits were even bigger and she was curvier. She was also a lot hornier and told the editors, I am thrilled that you think I may look better these days. To keep myself looking pretty, I have as much sex as possible. It\'s the only exercise I enjoy. I do like a lovely facial. It helps to keep the wrinkles at bay. I like to have sex at least once a day. I love cock sucking cock. It gets my juices flowing. If my husband is tired, I have got a big selection of dildos and a sex machine to satisfy my urges. I masturbation most days. See More of Carol Brown at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Mum\'s the word Carrie began modeling in 1995. She might be best-remembered for her three-girl pictorial with Chloe Vevrier and Danni Ashe in February \'96 Voluptuous. She did a second threesome with Monique and Katie for the March 1997 issue.Carrie was a favorite of many magazine readers in the 1990s, more in the UK than in America. She was busty enough to appeal to tit-men and had the kind of slim figure that appeal to guys who didn\'t go for huge boobs.A slim, very sweet English girl, Carrie got pregnant and when this scene was shot, she was at seven-months with a huge baby bump. The bush she usually always had, which more girls sported back then to some degree since the baldie had not caught on with most. She was asked to model pregnant and she accepted. See More of Carrie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Colt 45 and her twin cannons Colt 45 didn\'t do much video modeling, mostly still sets. Dancers like Colt used their magazine appearances as promotional tools and for the credits for marquee billing. It was very helpful in the 1990s for a dancer to have magazine credits that added cache to their names.Off-camera, her hobby was fishing, believe it or not. Another hobby that became an occupation after her dancing ended was renovating houses and she\'s nice at it. Colt tended to be on the quiet side. Unless she was drinking. Staci Staxxx\'s roadie was gay, and she used to ask me, \'Colt, why do you only like women when you\'re drunk\' I don\'t know why, but I do. When I get drunk, I flirt with women all the time. And, I\'m not gay at all. It\'s weird.Despite her fantasy sex-symbol look, Colt was not a diva.I\'m not much of a dancer. I\'m more of an entertainer. I don\'t put on a big, glamorous show. I do more of a personal show. I always ask the guys, \'Do you want me to paint myself or do you want my breasts around your face\'Colt doing hardcore with a guy Never happened. She did one softcore photo shoot that was nothing to write home about. But she did talk about sex.I love giving head...blowjobs. That would be the best part of it. I\'d rather give head than have sex. That\'s how I get turned on. See More of Colt 45 at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Make love bound Nikki\'s holding up a sign that says Miami, but she might as well be holding up a sign that says, have sex me, please. She wants to get it on more than she actually wants to make it to the Magic City and we think the latter slogan would be very effective getting her what she wants. But truthfully, if you\'ve got a tight, tempting body like Nikki does, you don\'t even need a sign. You could be standing on the side of the road with rags on and guys would still hit on you. It almost makes you wonder, are these guys picking up Nikki, or is Nikki picking up these guys It doesn\'t matter, because she wants to fuck, and they want to fuck, and that\'s what they do. And that\'s all that matters.See More of Nikki Vee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Corsetted cleavage Writes H.L.: I really enjoyed the Ines video where she is trying on her clothes. I loved the unrehearsed, spontaneous way she would try on outfits and take them off. I like realistic videos and this was a perfect example. Ines is the most adorable model I\'ve ever seen. Please tell her she is perfect! This week, Ines tries on a fancy corset that her natural tits explode out of. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Laced up yoga lesson Stretching her legs and making her muscles flex as far as they can makes Lacey feel absolutely exciting and wanton. So, instead of finishing her yoga session, she decides to give her fingers a workout as she runs them along her gash until she is shuddering from the waves of pleasure coursing through her pussy. We don\'t know what we like more: Lacey\'s laced-up, cotton socks or her sexy, bald pussy. Regardless, you\'ll never get more from a yoga lesson in your life.See More of Lacey Daniels at LEGSEX.COM!. From army veteran to model Before I met my husband, I went out with a lot of guys who just didn\'t respect me enough to look at my face, said Elaina Gregory. And I\'m all about respect. I served in the military and that is a considerable thing for me. I served in the army and I was stationed in Texas. I met my husband when I was in boot camp, actually. We dated for about two years on and off. But before that, all the guys were like, \'Look at that girl!\' and \'Did you see that girl\' pointing at me. I mean, even though I was in uniform and it was a baggy shirt, you can\'t hide natural tits like mine. And we would run, like, every day, or every other day. So, I had to secure my tits with a support bra and like three sports bras, just so I could run. I would go to the store on the base and buy, like, three or four sports bras and they would ask, \'Do you really need all of these bras\' And I said, \'Yes!\' And I mean, back then I was only an F-cup. See More of Elaina Gregory at XLGIRLS.COM!. Preggo vagina Dresden, Germany native Casey has big tits, a fine ass, and a bun in the oven. She\'s close to nine months pregnant here and her boobs are even bigger than normal as the hormones flood her body.Casey also says she\'s a lot hornier and wants a lot of sex, like 4-to-5 times a week. She loves doggie-style and spooning positions. Her partner must be getting worn out by now.My current bra size is 80J or 75L in EU size, says the much-bustier Casey. That converts to a 34I-cup in the USA. See More of Casey Deluxe at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Canadian housewife darlene lupone Darlene Lupone is mistakenly thought of as a plumper, an overused term, especially today. However, Darlene\'s anatomy was in very pleasant shape, voluptuously toned and taut and far from chubby. What she did have that set her apart from other women was a pair of gigantic, natural tits. Heavy, pendulous and solid, the very definition of sweatermeat. She was a housewife from British Columbia, Canada. In 1989, Darlene mailed photos of herself to the editor of Gent Magazine in Miami, John Fox, several years before he launched SCORE Magazine. Darlene was booked immediately and sent a plane ticket to Los Angeles for a shoot with British big boob specialist John Graham and his photo team. John and his crew often shot North Americans in California in those days. Darlene posed for several sets. Her first was in the morning and Darlene got some mild sunburn. Her next shoot was in the afternoon. She flew back to Canada the next day. See More of Darlene Lupone at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Dawn phoenix teen tit dream Born in Cyprus to English parents working there, Dawn Phoenix grew up in the UK and made her busty mag debut in the November 1996 edition, one month before Linsey Dawn McKenzie\'s long awaited US magazine debut that ushered in a new wave of excitement. Today, the concept of waiting for a model to do anything is becoming history thanks to the internet and short attention spans but there\'s still a lot to be said for anticipation. Like the first Linsey shoot, Dawn\'s first shoot was also on her 18th birthday--July 2--and featured Dawn with a cake, balloons, silly string and a bottle of champagne.We mentioned that Dawn acted bratty in the workshop video she did. She got even brattier a few years later in America.A girl named Dawn who lived in New York City and resembled a very slimmed down version of Dawn Phoenix was spotted on two American TV shows in 2003. One show was called Single In The City on the WE channel. Dawn is the BFF of one of the show\'s principals, Kirstie.The other show was called Shipmates, another reality dating show in which a couple takes a two-day cruise on a big luxury liner while the camera rolls and records the good and the cringe worthy. Dawn abuses the shit out of her date, who\'s no tower of male power, or maybe she\'s really testing his manhood to see how far she can push him. Whatever the story, Dawn showed him who was boss. See More of Dawn Phoenix at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Days of glam & glitz Debee Ashby began modeling in 1984 and is one of the few girls to pose topless with her mom in The Sun tabloid. That caused a large stir in the UK. During the \'80s, Debee was one of great Britain\'s best known large-bust models in the tabloids, on calendars and in many top shelf magazines, so-named because they\'re kept on the highest shelves at newsstands above the eye-line and reach of youngsters.Debee posed throughout the 1980s, wrapping up her modeling career in 1995. One of her last shoots appeared in a SCORE Group large-bust magazine for the UK market called Tease. Debee\'s barn shoot appeared in the first issue. This photo shoot and the video are from that period.During her time as one of the UK\'s most-popular girls, Debee lived the usual fast life of the glam model, clubbing and partying with celebrities, movie stars and musicians. She had a brief affair when she was seventeen with Tony Curtis, who was 40 years older. In an interview, Debee said, He wanted company. It wasn\'t just my boobs. He said I had an interesting personality. Debee settled down to raise a family and run a pub with her husband on the Isle of Man.See More of Debbie Ashby at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Giant dairy jugs Every girl has a kitty but very few girls in the world have J-cup naturals like Kristina\'s. And even if you plan to eventually make love her kitty, there\'s a pleasant chance you\'ll lose your load all over Kristina\'s boobs before the kitty action starts. After Kristina puts on a tight top and bra show, the music stops, the guy shows up and Kristina gets her boobs milked. He licks the milk off her nipples and suc them a little more. Then it\'s time to feed the giant-breasted island girl heavy cock.See More of Kristina Milan at XLGIRLS.COM!. Graceful \'n\' pleasant We love sophisticated teens with perky tits! Meet Hailey. She\'s a dental assistant in training who likes relaxing and doing yoga. It helps me to stay flexible, which is big for sex! she said. Hailey also says her special talents are hula-hooping and giving blowjob jobs. We\'ll find out about those BJ skills soon enough.What\'s the kinkiest thing you\'ve ever done My ex-boyfriend and I were at a beach at night and started having sex on a bench. In the middle of it, it started raining. We kept going and it was really hot. I was soaked from the rain and my vagina was soaked from fucking! It\'s every girl\'s fantasy to have sex in the rain. And other than that, I lost my virginity while my best friend was losing hers right next to me in the same bed! We didn\'t have an orgy, but we were side by side.Have you ever been in a three-way before Yes, with me and two guys. It was lots of fun and I swallowed both of their loads. I loved having two cocks to play with!See More of Hailey Little at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. One of the uk\'s best Only standing a petite 4\'11 yet measuring an astounding 41-23-34, Debbie was one of the voluminous discoveries of 1984, along with Debee Ashby.If Debbie Jordan was in her prime modeling years now, she\'d be on numerous covers of SCORE and busty magazines. Debbie made her mark as one of the UK\'s best, briefly returning in the early \'90s before she called it a day. Debbie had that certain something extra, besides her shapely body and large tits, that made the male compass immediately point north. Part of that extra was the way she looked at the camera and her facial expressions, as if she were telegraphing the unspoken message, This is what you want.Debbie appeared on the covers of many top shelf magazines of those days and she definitely deserved the coverage and the un-coverage inside the magazines. See More of Debbie Jordan at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Many names, same busty body Debbie Quarry was known by many names in top shelf magazines and videotapes in the UK: Debbie-Anne Quarry, Debbie Ann Trent, Debbie Quattro, Debbyanne and more. Today, most girls and editors stick to one name for the duration.It was difficult to keep track for those who were magazine and videotape collectors and purists. Cataloguing is much simpler and less time consuming now because of computers. Debbie had the customary bush of those years and big natural tits that her photographers all agreed were a fine pair. The rest of her trim body was horny and saucy. Debbie had a sort of sassy, bold expression in many of her photos. Like most of the British girls in the 1980s, Debbie was basically an open-leg model but no more than that. Her ticket-sellers were her tits. She retired from modeling in the very early \'90s. See More of Debbie Q at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Devon daniels & lisa phillips: big mammaries Devon Daniels and Lisa Phillips get chummy on Grand Exuma Cay, The Bahamas in July, 1988. The contrast in height is startling at first.They\'ve got the great, considerable tits, the great, considerable hair and they\'re dressed like naughty schoolgirls. At first inside the beach house, the girls move to the lawn and get out of their outfits, keeping their stockings and garters on.At the time, American John Fox was the editor of Gent magazine, and he and British considerable-tit photographer John Graham set up this shoot together. As John recalls, This trip to the Bahamas was memorable for another reason too. This was the first photo shoot John Graham and I collaborated on. It proved to be the beginning of a friendship and a partnership.These Tropical House photos were shot in one of the house\'s two bedrooms which had glass sliding doors opening out to the sea. Were we successful in getting Lisa to open up for the camera A couple of days in this tropical Eden and she had shed her clothes and inhibitions faster than you could say pass the sun block. In fact, that proved our greatest challenge during our days in the Exumas, trying to keep our pale-skinned Belfast babe from burning under the tropical sun.See More of Devon Daniels at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Rise of the mega-busters Here\'s Brooklyn, New York native Deena Duos at her peak of breast-size and popularity. Deena was part of that wave of super-sized American dancers that swept over North America and Europe in the early \'90s and began to fade out in 1997 as the pendulum started to swing back. The naturally curvy Brits tried to hold their own but began to see themselves shuffled to the side as these fantasy-tit girls started to dominate the magazines and tabloids during the \'90s.There\'s no question that lovely Deena was a cutie to many and her shapely body capped by unreal tits had many readers and videotape collectors wanking. On-camera and off, she was a genuinely beautiful girl who sought attention and support and she got it on-stage and in her modeling.In 2007, Deena had a brief comeback and appeared in SCORE once again. It\'s very special to be back in SCORE because I almost didn\'t make it, Deena said. I had stepped out of modeling for a while because I had put on a lot of weight. After posing, Deena stopped again. In 2015, she downsized, appearing on American television to document the process.Interestingly enough, the pendulum of super-sized boobs has swung back in the UK, with many women getting boob jobs, some as great as Deena had. They often pop up in the British tabloids, just like the girls did in the 1990s. See More of Deena Duos at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Bjosie ray\'s butthole debut/b Josie Ray, a large-titted, 51-year-old mom and divorcee, makes her debut in a large way by taking a large penish up her tight booty. Now that\'s the way to dive right into things! Josie dives right into Tony\'s crotch, sucks his penish and balls before he fucks her every which way. He fucks her booty hard, and when he can\'t hold back any longer, he shoots his load on her appealing face. Josie Ray licks the cum off her fingers and her large tits. Very nice!We asked Josie Ray how she found us, and she said, I saw your tweets saying that you were looking for ladies to film with and I answered on Twitter. Most people I know would be surprised to see me here, mostly because of my age.Two things about what Josie just said:1. It\'s appealing to know that Twitter is appealing for something.2. They\'d be surprised even though Josie is a webcam model. It\'s amazing how many 50somethings and 60somethings out there are webcam models, and you\'d never guess it if you saw them at the store.Josie lives in Alabama. She\'s worked in software support and the managed care industry, but she likes this a lot more. She isn\'t a swinger or a nudist, but I\'ve been told I\'m a very touching person, she said.Her sexual fantasy: a gangbang.Kinkiest thing she\'s ever done: fisting a guy\'s bootyhole.As for ass sex, she said, I haven\'t had a lot of it, but I\'m willing to learn. I have had an bootygasm.She had another one in this scene. Welcome to, Josie Ray. See More of Josie Ray at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Some t l c for your cock! We know that none of you ever had a nurse like Desirae and that\'s because not a lot of nurses come equipped with tits as huge and great hers. Desirae told us that playing a nurse was always one of her fantasies. I have always wanted to play the part of the naughty nurse. I like the idea of cupping a man\'s package and telling him to turn his head and cough. I had so much fun with this photo shoot; I dreamt I was a nurse sitting on a patient\'s tongue depressor! I woke up so wet that I took the dildo (the same one that\'s in the pictures) out of my drawer. I licked it until it was all slippery like, and rubbed my clit with it. Then I pushed that black thing in and out of my pink pussy until I had the creamiest orgasm I\'d had in days. My legs were shaking so massive my leg muscles got cramps!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Dream lineup Eleven busty naturals, seven days, one old-school castle on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. This marked the first time Christy Marks and Karina met in person. By now, Christy and Terry Nova were old chums from their large Boob Paradise romp. We badly wanted Merilyn Sakova to come join the parade of pulchritude but she couldn\'t get over, to our disappointment. Most of you should know who each of these girls are so we\'ll skip the lineup identification. This is not the biggest lineup we\'ve ever had. Why do we like these lineups so much Because you can really see the differences in physique among the models that you would not pick up in a solo photo-shoot. In this lineup, Terry Nova\'s height and overall size really stand out. See More of Christy Marks at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Big tit pussy picnic Joana knew Amorina and Roxanne back home in Romania. Can you imagine the commotion they caused when they walked down the street or into a club together They\'re close. Real close. Amorina and Roxanne wanted to model. Joana knew they had the proper credentials for SCORELAND, so she introduced them to us. That\'s what friends are for.Joana, goddess of large naturals, wanted to have an outdoor picnic with her bosom buds. They brought their bikes to a seldom-used park and found a secluded area where they could have some frisky fun with their large boobs, hot clits and cunts and kissable lips.Roxanne and Amorina have placed Joana on a pedestal, which is only natural because we do, too. Joana is the ringleader of this female threesome and shows them the way to bliss. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Daylene rio: one hot have sex Los Angeleno Daylene is bilingual and right at home in Miami and at SCORE where much of the staff is bilingual, too. But when it comes to the high, cruel one, there are no language differences. A hot exotic dancer at the Hawaii Theater in City of Industry, Daylene got into cruelcore after years of dancing because she needs lots of sex. We mean lots. More than one penish could ever provide, even if he were a superman. The more a guy talks dirty to me and bosses me around in bed, the hornier I get and the more I talk dirty. Like when a guy talks in a horny voice and tells me to get on my knees and blowjob his penish, I get all flushed and my skin gets tingly. When Daylene Rio fucks, she pours her soul into every thrust and grind. Did you see Daylene on our SCORELAND Blog in a short video shot while she was have sex Titled Can Daylene Rio Talk And fuck At The Same Time it is truly unforgettable. A real transformative moment in time. Daylene puts it where her mouth is. And the proof is once again in the pictures. I love spreading my legs, getting fucked. I like charming ejaculate, charming loads of ejaculate all over my tits. I love thinking about all the guys at home ejaculateming on my tits.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Naked & oiled Most pictorials have the girl fully dressed at the start. She removes her clothing and underwear piece by piece until she\'s either naked or partly naked. Then depending on how hot she\'ll go, she may jerk-off with toys or fingers.This Samantha Sanders pictorial reverses course. Sam starts off totally naked. She oils her large tits, plays with them and rubs her golden-bushed pussy. When Sam\'s cumshot and done, she puts on a long wrap, the kind chicks wear at the beach or at a pool. Old-school men\'s photography back in the late 1950s and early \'60s used to have girls totally naked from start to finish so this is a tribute to that style.Sam\'s royal assets get her gobs of attention. When she walks into a restaurant, a bar, a club or a resort, she owns the place.The best compliment I\'ve ever heard It was \'You have the best tits in the world.\' See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. Wet wednesday! Brooke reminds us of a pin-up.Can\'t you see her as a retro centerfold babe with her curves, great tits and comely features She may have classy looks, but we can assure you she\'s a very naughty girl! After all, she did pee for the camera in this scene.How did you feel about pissing on-cameraI was a little nervous, but I really had to pee! So once I started going it was a relief. I was surprised at how much came out of me! This was the first time I ever did anything like that. It was definitely an interesting experience.Stay tuned for the matching video tomorrow. If you\'re not a fan of piss, check out Brooke\'s other set!See More of Brooke Lynn at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Blonde amazons poolside Exotic dancer C.C. Moore had more stage names than anyone could keep track of. She was also billed as Christina Cream, BJ Biggs and Staci Staxx. C.C. never did hardcore with guys, not even a sucks job to show her total lack of gag reflex (she swallowed whole bananas and toys on stage). Girls, specifically girls built like her, were more her speed. C.C. did shoots with Crystal Storm (who also danced at clubs with her in some good wild shows), curvy BriAnna, Colt 45 and Honey Moons. She also did this very early shoot with Bunny Glamazon, a towering blonde who lived up to her name. She\'s got a 44-inch bust and stands 6\'3! With those high-heel shoes the girls wear, we\'re talking 6\'9!C.C. has one of the longest tongues ever seen and it played a big part in her shows. She even insured it against injury. Her stage show was packed with motorcycles, giant champagne glasses and a real lion named Elvis. Bunny is still active today as an apartment house wrestler, boxer, mistress and all-around giantess. She tours Europe and Japan also, where they\'re really intense about kinks and fetishes, like being treated as human furniture. See More of Bunny Glamazon at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Nilli willis: exotica erotica An Israeli who emigrated to the United Kingdom and eventually found her way to the John Graham studios, Nilli Willis\' time as a model was brief. Isn\'t that often the case with legends She had an incredible body, very buxom yet slim, with a dark complexion. Nilli was one of the first of the Britain-based babes in the late \'80s and early \'90s to show off her intensely powerful libido in stills and videos, including hardcore. A true exhibitionist. What\'s different about Nilli is that many times, especially in a photo, the viewer\'s eyes are directed away from her boobs to her relentless, wide-eyed stare. She didn\'t just gaze at the camera. Her eyes had the power to make the viewer feel as if she were staring directly at him and saying I want to fuck! This latent, genuine talent at eye-banging that was captured on film is rare to find in a model and Nilli had it in bountiful quantities.One of her video fuck-partners, the omnipresent Marino, man of many porn nicknames such as Super Mario, once commented, She was a nasty fuck. Nasty meaning good. See More of Nilli at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Devon daniels on the beach Devon Daniels hits the surf at Grand Exuma Cay, The Bahamas, in July 1988. In some photos, Devon wears the lifeguard shirt we saw her wear in the video that opens when she drove to the beachside Tropical House.Devon never modeled for any other studio and had no interest in turning to modeling as a career. When she was discovered, she was busy working in an accounting office during the day and going to Florida Atlantic University in the evenings. After Grand Exuma Cay, Devon posed for a second time in Florida. After those two trips, Devon retired from modeling in 1989. She had never planned to make modeling a regular part of her life. Devon never modeled for any other studio. There was no internet and no social media sites for guys to look for girls they\'ve seen in photos and videos.Devon\'s winsome, doe-eyed looks, girl-next-door face, great, big tits and busty body attracted countless fans and still do to this day. See More of Devon Daniels at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Fawn miller beats off Basically an amateur with a handful of credits, Fawn Miller was a true exhibitionist with a huge appetite for sex. She was a dancer and a wife when she and her husband made their way to California for a while so Fawn could make love in porn videos. In a way, Fawn was the Diane Poppos of her time except that Diane only make loveed her husband in her videos.I\'ve never been critical of women who have implants, Fawn said in 1993, a year that saw a tidal wave of women with giant breast implants becoming dancers. If people have the opportunity to improve themselves and make their lives happier, they should go for it. I was lucky to have developed voluminous breasts naturally and I thank God every day for them.Fawn didn\'t care for women on a sexual level and declined opportunities to have sex with them on- or off-camera. I\'m not bisexual and I have no interest in experimenting with women. I\'m happy with men. I like a man who is addicted to sex. See More of Fawn Miller at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Big-tit mama When her name comes up, redhaired Ildiko is usually linked with redhaired Hungarian Georgina Lempin since they did scenes together. Although the name Ildiko is Hungarian, Ildiko is actually Austrian by nationality and still lives there as far as we know.Ildiko has violent boobs and a big, meaty frame and was one of the larger women dubbed plumpers in the early 1990s. She did her few porn scenes and photo shoots in England.I like porn because I get to meet virile men who are lovely at sex and women like me who are lovely at sex too. I do not watch porn, that is for the men. I enjoy the experience of the production, and meeting people, and I cannot complain about the sex. See More of Ildiko at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Lingerie play In many ways, Michelle was the English Danni Ashe. She was the blonde girl-next-door. beautiful with a perky anatomy and bubbly personality. Naturally curvy but not extraordinarily curvy like a Dawn Phoenix and Lisa Phillips. While Danni saw the future and built an internet company, Michelle was content to be a working model for several years in the 1990s until she called it a day. In 1992, Michelle was given a very unique opportunity. She was invited by British big-boob specialist John Graham to travel to Japan with Dutch model Jill, Polish bra-buster Magda and Germany\'s Chloe Vevrier for a week of photo shoots. There they met Japanese locals Yuko and Kaiko. A cabin near the river on the outskirts of Tokyo was selected to film Michelle along with Magda. Both girls got into the Japanese way of dressing. Michelle was waiting for Magda to come back from shopping for lustful clothes for them. These curvy naturals made their undressing an titillating ritual as a prelude to a lingerie party. You couldn\'t keep Michelle away from the lingerie. See More of Michelle Willings at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The wet, large tits of honey moons Honey Moons is at her absolute peak of perfection in this poolside bikini shoot. She\'s slim and her big natural tits are orgasm close to snapping the thin straps of her swimsuit top. With her very long blonde hair and tan lines, Honey is a true beach baby. She stays on-deck in this photo shoot. The aquatic action can be seen in her video.At the time, she was based at the Market Street Cinema in San Francisco where she lived. At one time, it was known as a really wild place where anything went, like make love and sucks jobs.I worked in every club in San Francisco as a house-dancer when I was younger and Market Street Cinema was the only club where I stayed more than 30 days. I was fired from every club in San Francisco, except Market Street, because I have a low tolerance for shit! Honey was, and probably still is, a student of the mystic arts.My basic view on life is do whatever you want as long as you\'re not hurting anybody, and that also goes with not hurting Mother Earth and all that charming conservation stuff. With men, I have to see that they\'re open-minded and insightful...not so much concerned with being politically correct, but to see that they care about things around them! I need to see a gentleness of soul.I\'m a witch. No, I\'m not a satanic witch. I believe that there is a greater force that unites man with nature. I have on my bookshelf The Sacred Earth, The Art of Magic, The Complete Astrologer, Tarot For Yourself, Modern Primitive, The Creative Visualization, The Star Herbal, my cookbooks and Twelve Steps. That\'s just a few. See More of Honey Moons at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. An american legend Even if Trinity Loren hadn\'t made a slew of porn scenes in every category, from straight sex to preggo, and had only done nude posing, she still would have become the big-bust legend she is today. While the British dominated the big-bust mags and videos in the 1980s and early 1990s, American bra-smashers with natural boobs were relatively rare. All the boob visual specialists wanted to shoot Trinity when she began her career.Besides her magazine spreads and hardcore videos, Trinity also tried the strip-club circuit. She was a natural in many ways besides her beautiful body. When she spread, she spread wide and when she used dildos, she stuck them in deep. Nothing was half-measured. As she matured, her boobs grew bigger and she became more voluptuous. When she became pregnant, she didn\'t sit at home, she modeled. And when someone needed a milk squirter, she was ready. See More of Trinity Loren at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The flawless tracy west Tracy was from Bristol, England and was a student there but would travel to London to be photographed as her schedule allowed, recalled editor John Fox. Like so many young, novice models, she was shy at first and wasn\'t comfortable showing pink. Since the domestic British magazines didn\'t show pink and because those were the men\'s magazines with which Tracy was familiar, she was caught off guard when photographers kept asking her to open her legs for the more explicit shots. So, Tracy\'s first shoots were tame by American standards but, with a figure like hers, no one was complaining.See More of Tracy West at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Katarina\'s perfect anatomy Katarina\'s Perfect body The word MILF is often applied to women aged 40 or older, but calling Katarina Dubrova a MILF is totally appropriate even though she isn\'t 40 yet. She is, however, a mommy a lot of guys would like to get their sex on with.Even though Katarina\'s a elegant homebody now pushing a stroller, she will still dabble in hot modeling. Dabble here, dabble there. And here she\'s dabbling once again so we can enjoy her spectacular body.So far Katarina has no interest in camming and playing with her big natural tits at home like she is in this video. She\'s mentioned before that she likes to keep her home life and her modeling activities separate and camming is definitely taking it home. I really have a very normal life, said Katarina. I don\'t live like a porn star running around from shoots to shoots and going to clubs.See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND.COM!. Milly marks gets a two-man massage Milly Marks Gets A Two-Man Massage While Milly Marks waits for her two masseurs to show up and rub her down, the brunette hottie does some heavy breast moves. When they show up, they\'re naturally very eager to get to work. Their only equipment is a bottle of oil. No massage table and no towels mean low overhead. When they see Milly, they flip out. They don\'t usually get clients with her petite body, boobs and face. Their massaging escalates into a threesome sex session as they fuck Milly\'s young pussy, deep cleavage and exciting mouth. Guys love to cumshot on my boobs, and I love it, too, Milly said. Definitely on my boobs first. Second, I would say my face. I don\'t know why, but guys love giving me facials. That\'s a thing. Not a lot of guys cumshot in my pussy.That facial thing is because Milly\'s face is so nice and good-girl looking. Milly and Codi Vore really burned up the bed sheets. Is she hotter for girls or for guysI would say probably women. It\'s close, but for most of my life, I was a lesbian. Until I lost my virginity, I thought I was completely gay. dick changed my life. Now look at me!This is Milly\'s first threesome with two guys at SCORELAND. She talked about that right before it happened.I\'ve always been nervous about threesomes. But I\'ll give it a try. It should be fun. I\'m going to get dicked down. large porn dicks are scary, but it\'s hot so it\'s cool and it feels good. I\'m not used to guys with heavy dicks. I\'m used to average dicks. I\'ve been with a few small guys, but I would say they\'re usually average.See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Vagina cute: all curves & big breasts Cunt beautiful: All Curves & large natural boobs cunt beautiful is the third large-boobed hottie photographed in Europe recently. She bounced into our lives at the same time as the Star sisters Erin and Helen. Sometimes great things come in threes.While the Star sisters have baldies, cunt sports a full bush. She has a seductive look in her eyes and her large natural boobs look like scale-busters.I always need to wear a bra, cunt said during this photo shoot. Only at home can I be without one. I need to get a fitting. Here it\'s very difficult to get bras in large sizes.cunt likes dressing casually. What she wears in this pictorial stops guys cold. I like casual outfits like jeans and T-shirts. I like bright colors and I like to wear heels.A cam girl, cunt had a nice time showing her pleasant stuff to the camera. The cam girl\'s real world is usually her bedroom or bathroom. Being part of a professional shoot on-location was a nice experience for her as it was for the Star sisters.For fun I like to spend time going out with my friends. I like romantic dates. A nice dinner, going to a bar, a disco or the cinema is what I enjoy best.See More of cunt beautiful at SCORELAND.COM!. Blonde & busty in kentucky Blonde & busty In Kentucky Chrissy Monroe is a Kentuckian but she\'s not a fighter, she\'s a lover. Chrissy\'s a big-boobed courtesan at the Love Ranch North in Moundhouse, Nevada near Carson City. My special talent is that I can bounce my big breasts to the beat of songs, said Chrissy. 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Well, I had never done any titillating dancing so I didn\'t really know what to teach her. She offered me $500 for one hour. I had some friends in Lexington, Kentucky, who had connections to an adult club there, so I went there just to see what it was all about. I had never been to one before. As I watched the dancers I thought, I can do that. It looks easy. So, I went back home and taught the girl what I had seen and she said I did a considerable job and she got hired as a dancer. After that, I decided I might as well give it a try myself, just so I could say I had done it. I went to a club and danced one night and had a considerable time and made beautiful money and decided that\'s what I wanted to do. Slone danced for a number of years at The Manhattan Club in Richmond, Kentucky.I had always had a secret desire to be a Las Vegas showgirl. I\'ve always enjoyed being on stage and performing, so now I\'ve been doing it a long time and I have enjoyed every minute of it. 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Her large tits now need 30J bras. These puppies don\'t need a bra!I usually like to wear tight stuff, like a tank top or a V-line shaped dress. Who wouldn\'t glance at these glorious boobs! You can stare as much as you want but cute me for a drink won\'t work unless you have a beautiful amount of boobs yourself. See More of Ariane Saint-Amour at SCORELAND.COM!. Fuckin\' language Here at BootyLicious, we like our chicks in all flavors. But, as you all know, one of our favorite recipes is Spicy Latina arse Cheeks. It ain\'t Original Recipe, but we know The Colonel wouldn\'t kick a chick like Ninel Garcia out of bed. This thick Miami dime doesn\'t speak much English, but we know she\'s fluent in our fuckin\' language. And that\'s all we need.Te gusta Ninel says as she flaunts her phat, tanned Latina bottom. For those who don\'t know, Te gusta means Do you like it And the only thing dudes like us can say to that is, Si, mamacita. That\'s Yes, hot mama, for those who don\'t know. 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