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Snow princess Snow Princess Monica Love stands outside in the freshly-fallen snow. She\'s wearing a coat over her low-cut dress. Her big, delicate natural tits are popping out of it. Monica tweaks her nipples and pushes her pale natural tits together. This good girl has killer breasts. She takes some snow off the branches of a bush and rubs it on her love pillows. Fantastic. Her nipples harden from the cold. After a while, it\'s time to go inside and warm up. Monica\'s alone in the house so she gets cozy and masturbates with one of her favorite things. Monica is a lovely, wholesome girl who loves to cumshot whether it\'s with fingers, a toy, a wand or a guy. A delicate, cuddly girl like Monica is a perfect companion for chilly days and cold nights.J.G. tapped into Monica\'s gentle magic with this observation. Monica\'s face is appealing and she has a good smile. She looks like the kind of girl who if you walked up to her and said hello, she wouldn\'t look at you like you were a piece of shit. She\'d probably engage you in a lovely conversation, and even if she did eventually blowjob you off, she would do so in such a way that would still make you walk away smiling.Enjoy Monica now because she\'s the kind of horny chubette some guy marries and pulls out of the modeling world for domesticity and family.See More of Monica Love at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Park poundin\' Park Poundin\' Some people take long walks in the park. Some people go and play sports in the park. Some people even go to the park and just sit and enjoy the scenery and the weather. But not this guy. This guy goes to the park to fuck. And who can blame him When you get a chance at sinking your spear into a snatch as pleasant as Brandy\'s, how can you refuse Granted, this guy paid for this pussy, but who is keeping score Just the fact that he wants to forgo tiptoeing through the tulips and get straight to busting his nut on a park bench shows that this guy enjoyed his purchase and wanted to get as much use out of it as possible. We say, get your money\'s worth, kiddo. See More of Brandy Talore at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. Sammie, black centerfold Sammie, Black Centerfold Here we are in London with Sammie Black, a slim girl with gigantic, natural breasts. This is the first time this video has ever been seen in its raw, uncut form outside of the editing room. The opening bit is one that was used often back then: the girl looking at a magazine, getting stimulated and playing with her breasts and pussy. What\'s different is that Sammie is looking at her own centerfold in curvy magazine. This photographer tended to be on the curt side in his verbal direction. He knew exactly what he wanted to shoot and what he wanted the girl to do but he wasn\'t a mood setter. He\'s more like a high school physical education instructor. Sammie\'s smiling and bubbly personality and nature comes through in her dancing video compared to this scene.Sammie\'s busty anatomy was so tiny that even Linsey Dawn McKenzie was in awe of her. They were on the 4th Boob Cruise together in 1998. In 2001, Sammie was included in a list of the 20 Greatest Naturals of SCORE magazine. We\'d love to know where she is and what she\'s doing today but it\'s very rare for former models to touch base, especially after twenty-plus years.See More of Sammie Black at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Brassiere Brassiere Merilyn works in a clothing store as an assistant. Whoever works with her must find every single day, a day of pure joy. What breast-guy would not race to work to spend eight heavenly hours with this busty young angel The clothes, shoes and underwear that Merilyn models are all her own. She has very lascivious taste in outfits, and knows how to choose garments and shoes that accentuate her fantastic physique.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Sudsy slit Sudsy Slit I love to fuck-off in the shower and think about past encounters that I\'ve had. One of my favorite memories to ejaculate to was this awesome date I went on. The guy and I went to a fair and were having a blast playing the games and going on the rides. He even fingered me on a couple of the rides, and I was getting really worked up. So we snuck off to where the carnie trailers are, and he pinned me against one of them and we fucked right there. I was wearing a skirt so it was easy access. I remember being so turned on that my pussy juice was dripping down my leg, and since I didn\'t have a napkin he licked it off for me. I returned the favor by swallowing every drop of his ejaculate.See More of Riley Star at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. A big, thick dick for payton\'s first time A voluminous, thick penish for Payton\'s first time First-timer Payton Parker, who\'s 46 years old, is lonely. She steps outside and watches the handyman water the lawn. She touches herself then walks up to him. She tells him she likes the way he\'s watering. Yeah, he\'s a voluminous waterer. She takes him inside and asks him to take a look at the sink.I\'m very lonely, she says, then she takes him to the bedroom and sucks his penish. She\'s not lonely anymore, especially when his voluminous, thick penish is filling her MILF cunt and cumshot in her mouth. Gotta give Payton credit: She took on a voluminous one for her first XXX scene and handled every inch.Payton, who\'s from Washington and has two adult children, says she likes her men young and hot. The guy she\'s have sexual intercourse in this scene is in his 20s. She describes herself as nice wild, and she used to be a stripper, so she\'s used to showing off her hot body. Her fantasy is to have two men at once, one in each hole. She means her cunt and her asshole, although we\'d be in favor of adding a third for her mouth. Payton would be fine with that, too.Her wildest sexual experience was nice wild, even by the standards of most of our MILFs.It was in a sex store with a friend, and a stranger came into the booth with us while another guy put his penis through a hole in the wall, she said. The two guys in the booth have intercourse me while I sucked the other penish.Next up for Payton: anal! See More of Payton Parker at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Libidinous selfies Exciting Selfies It\'s horny selfies time for XL Girl Nila Mason. The charming brunette wants to take some smartphone shots of herself in that low-cut pink dress. We know smartphones come with a wide-angle camera lens. Nila doesn\'t need that. Our standard 50mm lens camera shows just how considerable her natural tits actually are in reality. She doesn\'t need a smartphone\'s wide-angle lens that average-sized girls use to exaggerate the size of their natural tits on the web.The shape and size of Nila\'s natural tits is emphasized when she holds them in her hands. Her hands can only hold a small portion of her natural tits. It\'s not an easy job finding bras that can comfortably support her great knockers.When Nila is finished with her selfie session, she can put the stick away and treat us to another look at her charming and erotic body. I often get as many compliments about my face as I do about my natural tits, Nila said. That\'s not surprising at all. See More of Nila Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!. Dancing at the great girl strip club Stripper Alix Lakehust has a sex-crazed admirer. He\'s a customer at the big Girl Strip Club where Alix dances. He\'s been watching the well-cushioned cutie for a while and is going berserk over her shaking tits, thick body and bouncing anal. After her show, Alix talks him into a private couch dance in the VIP lounge, also known as the Boom Boom Room. Alix grinds her plump anal against his bone, giving him a lap dance that he\'ll want to try again and again. Alix is too good, however, and he\'s got a woodie that is killing him. As is often the case in these clubs, the private dance gets carried away. He begins dry-humping Alix and squeezing her big, fat tits, rubbing her nipples and enjoying the feel of her so-soft breastflesh. She reciprocates by blowing his stiff meat, suc his ball-bag, jerking him and squeezing her jiggling jugs together so he can slide his penish through the valley surrounded by her hills. Someone\'s going to drop a hefty load, thanks to ultra-sexy Alix Lakehurst. She\'s a fine lap dancer, too.See More of Alix Lakehurst at XLGIRLS.COM!. What mid-western housewives do for fun What mid-western housewives do for fun What does Ruthie Hays, a 47-year-old housewife from Des Moines, Iowa, do when she\'s alone We get a nice idea in the opening minutes of this video as Ruthie, dressed in red bra, panties a garter and sheer stockings, shows off her anatomy then spreads and fingers her vagina.But Ruthie isn\'t alone too often. Almost never. Because to some people, three\'s a crowd. Ruthie\'s just getting started with three. She\'s the woman who told us, I would love to have a gangbang bukkake with 20 or more guys. The woman who gave gulping jobs to 20 men lined up outside a video preview booth. The woman who gulping off guys at truck stops.The woman whose hobby is collecting salt and pepper shakers. And cum.In this video, Ruthie enjoys her favorite sexual pastime-having her vagina licked and fingered-while boldly looking right into the camera. She spreads her legs as wide as she can then tells our stud, I want to gulp your cock. It\'s something she does very well, stuffing her mouth with cock-meat, gagging, looking right into the camera.The sluttier I can be, the better, Ruthie said.Her shaved pussy gets absolutely hammered, then she takes the finishing load all over her flat chest and rubs it in while, again, looking right at the camera. She knows she\'s not alone this time. She has all of us.See More of Ruthie Hays at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Midnight dream girl Midnight Dream Girl The kind of girl who sets your brain ablaze, Demmy Blaze is a midnight dream girl in her lacey negligee. The winner of busty magazine\'s Model of the Year contest, Demmy combines a perfectly proportioned showgirl figure and huge breasts with a gorgeous face. She was a large fit for the North Coast vacation trip to the Caribbean.Meeting two of her own favorite models in person and collaborating with them was a dream come true for Demmy. I\'m very serious about my life as a model and sometimes I am very critical of myself. Of course, I look to work with other models when this is possible. I admire the most successful models like Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Alexya. Meeting Sha and Alexya and modeling with them and the other delightful girls, was a wonderful experience.See More of Demmy Blaze at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. A big-boob superstar named hitomi A great-boob superstar named HitomiWhen Hitomi debuted on SCORELAND2, I wrote that her arrival at SCORELAND and in SCORE magazine were among the greatgest great-boob events ever. Then Elliot wrote, In the adult delight world of magazines, videos and websites, Hitomi is a huge star in Tokyo and the rest of Japan. She\'s almost too pretty to be true. She\'s inviting and perky, like a cartoon fantasy Manga girl come to life.So let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I had the delight of going out for the night with Hitomi and several members of our staff. And there I was, walking down Lincoln Road in Miami\'s South Beach with one of the greatest great-boob stars of all-time, and you never would have known she was a celebrity. Definitely, you would have known she was something special just by looking at her, even though she was wearing a black, loose-fitting sweater and regular jeans (tight jeans, but nothing that screamed to the world, Look at me!).Nonetheless, any boob hound, me included, could tell that she was stacked (although I\'m not sure even a guy with the best boob radar would have guessed that there were J-cup naturals under her sweater). A lot of guys were checking her out, but Hitomi wasn\'t acting like she was a celebrity or a superstar or anything special. She was just behaving like what she really is: a regular girl.My evening with Hitomi started at an upscale burger joint (Hitomi is a great meat-eater and devoured a steak while ignoring her salad) and ended with Hitomi and the other three people in our group inhaling a huge carrot cake that Hitomi had marveled at when it arrived at our table.The waiters doted on her. The store clerks in Victoria\'s Secret decided against approaching her when they realized they didn\'t have a single bra in the store that could come close to fitting her. Hitomi picked up on the beat whenever we passed a club or a bar that was placing dance music. She asked questions of the other people in our group (and I even caught her checking out one of them, a woman).That\'s Hitomi. The video you\'re about to see is Hitomi. She really is your dream girl. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!. Why are female realtors so fuckin\' lascivious Why are female realtors so fuckin\' exciting Get ready to know Kayla Ann, a 43-year-old divorcee from San Antonio, Texas. Kayla Ann is a realtor, which once again makes us wonder, Why are so many female realtors so fuckin\' fuckable Will a man really plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house just because his realtor has sweet boobs and a tight cuntI\'ve seen it happen, Kayla Ann said. Really. I\'ve showed the same house to men who have been shown it before by a different realtor, and they buy it from me. I don\'t think it\'s because of my selling skills.No, it\'s because at work, Kayla always dresses to show off her body.Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, she said, smiling.We gotta jack to Kayla Ann, that\'s what we gotta do.See More of Kayla Ann at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Joclyn fucks her son\'s best friend Joclyn fucks her son\'s best friend This video opens with some dude sitting in Joclyn Stone\'s kitchen, getting served breakfast (or something). The guy eats like a slob, he drops crumbs all over the place, but somehow, that turns Joclyn on. Hey, what can we say EVERYTHING turns Joclyn on.Of course, the voluminous question is, What\'s this guy doing here in the first place Apparently, he\'s a friend of Joclyn\'s son, which reminds us of one of our cardinal rules: NEVER LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS ALONE WITH YOUR HOT MOM! Hear that, guys If you do, before you know it, he\'ll be slapping his voluminous wiener against her voluminous, fat anus, and then all hell is gonna break loose.Okay. Forget about your mother for a second. Forget about your friends. Just watch Joclyn and jack it. Her orders, not ours.I\'ve never met a man who can resist my anus, Joclyn said. You wouldn\'t believe how many times I\'ve heard guys say to me, \'Oh, her anus is too voluminous,\' but when I offer it up to them, they\'re always takers.Joclyn has gotten the same reaction to her hairy pussy.Guys say they\'re into shaved these days, but don\'t believe it. Guys are into pussy, and I\'ve never had a guy say to me, \'Oh, Joclyn, I\'d fuck you if only you\'d shave your pussy.\' No way. Shaved or unshaved, they want it.Thanks for clearing that up, Joclyn. See More of Joclyn Stone at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Happy valentine\'s day, merilyn Happy Valentine\'s Day, Merilyn Happy Valentine\'s Day to our dear Merilyn. She must certainly feel loved and appreciated, knowing that so many men around the world have an intense interest in everything she does. What she wears. What she eats. What she does in the shower. How she sleeps. What she does to amuse herself. What she does to cum. To quote the poet John Masefield, I have heard the song of the blossoms and the old chant of the sea, and seen strange lands from under the arched white sails of ships; But the loveliest things of beauty God ever has showed to me are her voice, and her hair, and eyes, and the dear red curve of her lips. And, may we add, her considerable gazongas. And may we say what a nice V-Day ensemble she\'s bought for the holiday.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Sha rizel - bound for glory Bound For Glory This is an unusual photo set for Sha Rizel. She\'s bound and gagged and left helpless on a bed to wait until she\'s freed. Once she\'s untied, Sha shows off her beautiful, slim-and-stacked body.Sha doesn\'t have any fetishes like this one. She\'s more of an outdoors kind of girl.I like to go on long walks, Sha says. I like yoga. I like to relax. I am always busy, so I don\'t have a lot of chances to relax and go to the spa. I like to cook.Here, she\'s really cookin\'!See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Naturally sweet Naturally good Karina positively beams when she poses, no matter what type of photograph or video she is making. She radiates joy and happiness and the camera captures that. Karina always smiles, naturally. She\'s not trying to be someone she\'s not. Many models try to act all serious and sultry but Karina is just herself, a happy person. Her smiles are very inviting. Karina instinctively knows that looking serious, looking poker-faced at the camera, the Top Model television school of haughty body language, is not her and not what her fans like. The comments that the guys send in are highly supportive. D.B. emails: I just wanted to say that Karina Hart is one of the most nice models I\'ve ever seen, and I have been buying SCORE since 1997. Also, my wife is very turned on by Karina\'s pictures too. Please pass on my comments to Karina. I\'m sure she knows she\'s nice, but reinforcement never hurts. And K.M. writes Karina is just fantastic. graceful face, good dark hair, slim waist, womanly hips, thick, shapely legs and huge perfect breasts. She\'s nailed that smoldering come-hither look down to a T...definitely a natural in front of the camera. She\'s hot and she damn well knows it. And so do we!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. F-cup cupcake F-Cup Cupcake Monique\'s lush rack is nice for more than just snuggling and fucking. It\'s a voluminous dish, too. As much as this curvy girl likes to eat, she wants her men to eat her breasts as well. Here, she turns a fleshy boobie into an F-cup cupcake. I was in the kitchen just having some munchies and well, that always makes me horny, said Monique. Something about tasting the food and the warm, full feeling in my belly. Anyway, my boyfriend walked in and I decided to have a little fun with the whip cream. I told him if he licked me, I\'d lick him back. And you know how it goes from there.See More of Monique L\'Amour at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Sarah sunshine - this is a bust This Is A Bust Sticky & Crotch are two bad-ass undercover cops in the beat-up part of town trying to keep a lid on the mean streets. They do this by spending most of their time banging hookers and hanging out at topless bars. When they come across Sarah Sunshine trying to ply her trade by the tracks, they do their best to straighten this bad girl out with intensive counseling sessions at a local no-tell motel. This is indeed a bust by two cops under the covers. A great bust. Too bad Juggy Bare, Huggy Bear\'s sister, couldn\'t make it a threesome.See More of Sarah Sunshine at SCORELAND.COM!. White & green get busy White & Green get busy When Angela White and Maggie Green were in St. Maarten, they got to know each other, exploring each other\'s lips, nipples, pussies and buttholes for the SCORE movie Leanne\'s Stacked Summer and then again for a three-way bedroom encounter. They also carried that interest further with this libidinous photo shoot done poolside. Here we see them show off their delicate bodies in petite bikinis. If they were on a public beach wearing those eye-patches, they would have drawn a crowd.Then comes the dropping of the skimpy tops so they can get their tongues and fingers busy with nipple pleasure. Angela is especially adept at blow female nipples, better than most guys, in fact. She doesn\'t just get the nipple in her mouth; she also blow in the surrounding areolae.When they have had their fill-up of breast stimulation, and the bottoms are peeled off, Angela and Maggie turn their attention to their pink, shaved pussies, fingering and tonguing their wet honeypots to a voluminous O. Oil immersion comes next as they coat their tits with the slick stuff and go body to body, their soft flesh heated by their sexual fire. It gets burning hot in paradise with girls like them around. A beautiful thing there was a pool next to their trysting space.Although they hated to leave each other\'s behinds, eventually it was time to return to their respective homelands, Australia for Miss White, America for Miss Green. But they can relive their big-tit overload through these pictures. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. 38g tank busters 38G Tank Busters I sent my pictures in to SCORELAND for the opportunity to get some modeling work and within a couple of hours I was throwing stuff in a bag and trying to catch a plane. I was, like, Oh my god! Made the plane. I thought I was going to miss that. I got picked up by a sweet gentleman when I landed and was driven to my hotel. I got a cute night\'s sleep and was driven to SCORE the next morning. Super exciting.That\'s new busty Girl Amaya May, a web cam model (as Giggles_4U) and a dance instructor in her own studio in Illinois. I like to dance, swim and in general do things that are fun and exciting, says Amaya. What I\'d like to do is move out of my small town and relocate to a bigger city.I love tight tops. Everything that emphasizes my tits. My tits started to grow when I was 13 and now I\'m a 38G. They get me tons of attention and I love it. I buy underwire bras. No padding! I order online or buy them off the rack. Amaya has no need for padding as you\'ll see when she whips \'em out and smacks them around.See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!. The big bouncing bodacious breasts of amaya may When I want something, I will go to extremes to get it, said Amaya May. Amaya is here to show off her flexible and spreadable abilities. She\'s a lifelong dance student and an instructor with her own studio.Physically, my giant breasts are my best features and they are massive to resist, aren\'t they Come on! Look at these things!Yes, they are massive to resist and we don\'t want to resist. Bra shopping must be a big experience for any guy who gets invited.How does Amaya feel about sex on the first dateIn my 20s, always! But now that I\'m older, no sex on a first date. If a girl has sex on a first date, it\'s massive for a man to respect her. I\'m definitely a challenge and that keeps men intrigued. See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!. Corsetted cleavage Writes H.L.: I really enjoyed the Ines video where she is trying on her clothes. I loved the unrehearsed, spontaneous way she would try on outfits and take them off. I like realistic videos and this was a perfect example. Ines is the most adorable model I\'ve ever seen. Please tell her she is perfect! This week, Ines tries on a fancy corset that her natural tits explode out of. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Leanne crow - shaken not stirred Shaken Not Stirred Breastfully clean is Leanne Crow\'s motto so before preparing a cocktail fit for James Bond, Leanne washes up by bending over the sink and running water over her massive British boobs. Jimbo may be licensed to kill with the number 007 but Leanne goes it better with her license to thrill number 44-28-36.Coming in at #9 in the 20 For 20 greatest SCORE models of the first 20 years contest, Leanne had certs in beauty therapy and was an up-and-coming model when SCORE flew her from England to St. Maarten for the DVD Leanne\'s Stacked Summer with a tit squad of busty stunners (Michelle Bond, Angela White, Charley Green and Maggie Green).Shaken not stirred is the best way to make a cocktail and Leanne takes the technique to greater heights. This is the best way to tend bar and more bartenders should follow Leanne\'s lead but few will come close to having her shaker set to practice with.See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. More than an eyeful! MORE THAN AN EYEFUL! If I went out in public wearing something like this, I think I would cause a lot of accidents, Karina rightly pointed out about her outfit in this pictorial. But it would be a lot of fun. I am sure a lot of heads would turn. Heads would turn, cocks would rise. There\'s an in-your-face aspect to what Karina\'s wearing here, and there\'s a subtle aspect, too (the bra is sexier because she\'s got something on over it; her belly button transfixes us because it\'s partially, but not quite, covered). There are some truly spectacular photos in this set, too. No. 20: Karina\'s naturals look huge and extra-pointy, as if they could poke your eyes out. No. 26: a memorable hanger shot...with her top still on. Her right tit wedges against her right knee. Yes, we said knee! No. 40: wine waterfalling off of Karina\'s twin towers. There are more. Pick your own memorable shot from this pictorial. It\'s one of Karina\'s best.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Tina tosh tutors assed have sexual intercourse Tina Tosh tutors analy make love J-Mac has a problem. He\'s trying to get tutored in science by Ms. Tosh, but he doesn\'t know what the heck she\'s talking about. What he does know is that Ms. Tosh is wearing a sheer, purple top and, as it turns out, no panties. He can\'t concentrate, and she wonders why.Look at what you\'re wearing, he says. You\'re not wearing any panties.I think you do know this stuff, Tina says, and I think you\'ve been orgasm here for other reasons. Maybe we can solve your distraction problem by handling your excited problem.In all honesty, we think Tina\'s been orgasm here for other reasons, too, like to show off her shaved pussy, sucks J-Mac\'s dick and get make love in her pussy and analy. When it comes to analy make love, J-Mac gets straight A\'s, especially when he turns Tina upside-down and piledrives her 48-year-old analy.excited problem Around Tina, excited is not a problem.See More of Tina Tosh at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Picked up for porkin\' Picked Up For Porkin\' There\'s no ifs, ands or buts about it. Whitney Stevens is a busty ho who loves to fuck. Do you see the look of unbridled lust in her eyes as that penish splits her slit This horny brunette just can\'t get have sexual intercourse enough. How do we know While getting ready for this shoot, she revealed a few salacious details to us. For one, Whitney has screwed a LOT of guys, and as a result she\'s become a professional fuckdoll who can make you cumshot in 60 seconds or less. How many is a lot We won\'t say exactly, but suffice it to say she\'s had a penish for every year of her life times three. But just because she has the ability to make you shoot your load before her panties have even hit the ground doesn\'t mean she rushes through sex. No. Whitney knows it\'s not about the destination, but the journey. She loves that penish ride just as much as you do. And she\'s not satisfied until she gets sprayed with cumshot. Now that\'s what we call a happy ending.See More of Whitney Stevens at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Flexin\' fox Flexin\' Fox Here\'s what SCORE Men love. busty girls-next-door walking, jumping, bending and jogging in tight tops. But not so tight that their big breasts don\'t fall out of their tank tops and go flying in all directions. In this upgraded HD video, energetic Katarina came out to train on the lawn and she was a big motivator in getting our photographer to resume his long-abandoned fitness program. He also resumed his twice a day jacking program. Blame it all on Katarina. It\'s her fault. See More of Katarina Dubrova at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. You want to shoot a nice, big load, don\'t you You Want To Shoot A Nice, large Load, Don\'t You Erin knows how to get us off. She starts off with a slow strip, licking her nipples. She\'s standing at a bar. Can I get you something to drink she asks. Maybe something sweet, fruity Maybe some cruel liquor. Would you like something on the rocks She rubs an ice cube against her nipples, then rubs it against her stomach. Then she starts getting creative. She pours herself a shot and says, Why don\'t you come here and do a anatomy shot She pours the shot down her cleavage, and the guy eagerly licks it off her anatomy. She licks some off her tits, too, then takes his tool out and starts jacking him. We get a large close-up of her shaved cunt as she slowly strokes his dick. She has her cunt up against his tool while she\'s jacking it, and this guy is as close as he can get to her cunt without actually make love it. You want to shoot a nice, big load, don\'t you she says. All over my titties. Wherever. We just want to shoot.See More of Erin Marxxx at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Milf sasha fucks the delivery boy MILF Sasha make loves the delivery boy Sasha Bell, who\'s now a second-timer since her first time was with us in December, does the ol\' horny-MILF-make loves-the- delivery-guy scenario. The way we see it, before a woman can call herself a porn star, she has to make love either some kind of delivery man (groceries or pizza) or some kind of service employee (electrician, plumber, cable guy, etc.). Then, and only then, can she call herself a porn star. So, congratulations, Sasha!The truth is, Sasha is not a porn star, nor does she want to be. She\'s a 42-year-old divorcee who lives in Arizona and goes to medical school. She\'s a mother of two. In school, she has done the MILF-make loves-the-younger-classmate scenario.Sasha is a soccer fan. She likes to crochet. She said, I like my alone time, but a wonderful day at the beach with drinks and someone I care about is the best thing. She also said, I like to dress in skirts and heels even when I\'m not at the office.Sasha enjoys being spoiled. We spoiled her when we photographed her. We always spoil our ladies. Do their hair and makeup. Take care of them. Give them porn studs to make love.I don\'t mind being naked in front of others, she said. I\'m proud of my body.She should be. It creates hard-ons.See More of Sasha Bell at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. The games codi plays The Games Codi Plays Is there anything you want from me Codi Vore asks. Now that\'s a question with a built-in answer. Covergirl Codi is on a balcony that leads into a bedroom. It\'s daytime but she\'s dressed in black lace lingerie meant for nighttime activities. Underneath it, Codi wears chain ring lingerie. She wants you to enjoy her curvy boobs and she runs her hands over them. Codi goes into the bedroom for the privacy she doesn\'t have on the balcony. There\'s something she wants to do inside. Be a nice girl for you.I like to find out what pushes people\'s buttons and what turns them on and seeing if there\'s something there for me, Codi said. Of course, it doesn\'t hurt to have big boobs, especially for fetish work and camming, when you want to get someone\'s attention, especially a guy\'s. Getting someone\'s attention is a snap for Codi Vore.See More of Codi Vore at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The large pillows of patty michova The voluminous Pillows Of Patty MichovaA stacked, nubile girl who knows how to dress to show off her slim, busty rack, Patty Michova rubs her big tits and spreads and spanks the pink. Whether it\'s a cock, two cocks or by her own hands, Patty enjoys a good, heavy cum. It\'s almost impossible not to be happy around Patty, said the photographer who often films her. She\'s such a doll.Patty\'s a sexual athlete. If a sex olympics existed, Patty would win a gold medal. Her videos are the proof. In private, away from the cameras, Patty said in her native language Slovakian, I like some foreplay, some kissing, but not a lot. 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