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Curvy & wet Tina, a middle-aged woman living in Berlin, could have easily fit into the 1980s and 1990s era of nude posing, with her bush and her thick vagina lips. Tina could have shaved her vagina bald for this shoot but we didn\'t want her to.Being a model fulfills her personal dreams. Sexually, that\'s another story. You have to watch out for these quiet office workers. Tina is a swinger who goes to swing and swap clubs on a regular basis. I had sex with 20 people watching me. That was a very kinky and memorable night for me, Tina remembers. And when she\'s not at swingers clubs, she takes things into her own hands. When I masturbate, I think about a hot man have sex me. But I don\'t dream about sex. I just do it. I will telephone a man and tell him to come over and come to bed with me. If he cannot, I will call another man. I am assertive. At work, I just work. But away from work, I am another woman. See More of busty Tina at SCORELAND.COM!. Luna shaves Luna Shaves Lives: Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Occupation: Blackjack dealer; Age: 20; Born: May 26; Ht: 5\'9; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Usually none; Anal: I want to try; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: I do it a lot.I picked Luna as an alias because of the Japanese Manga comic book series Sailor Moon. My favorite character is Sailor Luna.I\'ve been experimenting with anusplugs and eating ass. I haven\'t taken a dick in my anus yet because I\'m still a bit too tight, but I\'m working on it! I love how taboo arse is. It\'s the final frontier in sex.I decided to shave my pits because I got bored of having hair there. I\'m not doing it because guys don\'t like it. That would be a lame reason for a girl to do anything.See More of Sailor Luna at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Cowgirl in the sun Cowgirl In The Sun It\'s a nice, sunny day for cowgirl Lucy Lenore to get outdoors and invite you to tag along. Once Lucy gets bare-ass, she covers her plush bod with milk that drips down her breasts and legs. Lucy plays with her voluminous breasts and bushy cunt outside for a spell but since there might be some cowpokes loitering around, she goes indoors for a private happy ending. I get a lot of attention because of my breasts but by now I\'m used to it. I live in Ohio so it\'s cold a lot but even my sweaters are low-cut. I used to get a lot of attention from older guys when I was young because of my breasts. It drove my dad crazy!I jerk-off at least three times a day. Even on days I am on webcam. I\'m good much always titillating myself all over. At this point in my life, I would like to have more sex outside. I\'d love it if I could find people for sex parties with my more odd fetishes like puppy play and daddy dom-little girl. See More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - girl show Girl Show Merilyn and her good friend feast on each other\'s nipples and cootchies and share deep French kisses. They share two great cock-toys, sucks on them like they were real dicks before using them to diddle their horny wet cunts. They dreamt of spending the afternoon like this, and now it\'s a reality.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Star quality Star Quality This girl is amazing, our photographer said about Erin Star, and that\'s the truth. The camera loves her. Her great sister is just as amazing. Our photographer shot both sisters and cunt appealing plus our friend and XL Girl Mia Sweetheart during a Bucharest, Romania road trip. Most SCORELAND guys know by now that Romania has given us Joana Bliss, Arianna Sinn, erotic Jane, Lana Ivans, Estelle Taylor, Roxanne Miller and more. Romania is still virgin territory but starting to finally open up a little more.Erin began to develop when she was 15. This was her first photo modeling and she said that it\'s the most-fun thing she\'s ever done. Erin looks forward to more in the future and that\'s great because she\'s a natural at it.What kind of dates does Erin like to go on I like to go on romantic dates with a attracting dinner, said Erin. Well, she\'s in Romania, land of romance, and Dracula. But one time a guy asked me to go out on a romantic date and he took me to McDonald\'s. See More of Erin Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Wife, mother, grandmotherfirst make love video! Wife, mother, grandmother...first make love video! Judging by the sounds of things, 56-year-old Ruby O\'Connor really enjoys her first make love video. When 31-year-old Tyler, who\'s easily young enough to be her son, is banging her from behind (with Ruby grabbing her booty cheeks for that extra stretch), her orgasmic moans fill the room. Tyler make loves her so violent, it looks like his ejaculateshot is going to fill her cunt, but she wants him to ejaculateshot in her mouth, and that\'s what he does.At this age, to be so attractive to so many young guys is surprising but cool, said Ruby, who has a husband, children and grandchildren. I like it. It\'s a bit of a turn-on.Ruby is more than a bit of a turn-on. She\'s a total knockout with her red hair, lustful body and knowing, mature look, the kind of look that says, I\'m going to make sure you have a sweet time, and I\'m going to have a sweet time doing it.Ruby has been married for 15 years.He likes to watch. It\'s a great turn-on for him.Ruby likes going for walks, hiking, swimming, reading and going to the gym. She enjoys watching basketball but doesn\'t have a favorite team. Her eyes are blue. She measures 34C-25-36. She says she wears thong panties most of the time but sometimes none. As for sex with other women, she said, I have had a little bit of contact with other women. A woman ate my cunt on a sex swing at a party. But I love violent cock!Recently at a swingers party, Ruby rode a Sybian--a make love machine--for the first time.A Sybian is like riding a bull, but you have a cock on it that\'s remote-controlled, she said. That was quite an experience! A girl just led me over to it, and I started riding and was very turned on. I didn\'t notice at first that everybody was watching, but it was an excited adventure. That\'s why I think I\'m going to enjoy this: I like to be watched while having sex.Win-win: By watching, you\'ll make Ruby happy and you\'ll definitely make yourself very happy. Enjoy! See More of Ruby O\'Connor at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. On your back stroke On Your Back Stroke We told Chrissie that she was going to fuck a much-older man on-camera. She told us that wouldn\'t be a problem. We told her that she was going to have to sucking his cock down to the base and she would probably gag on it. That didn\'t bother her. We explained that all of this would take place in a pool. That was an issue for her.We didn\'t know that Chrissie can\'t swim. Luckily, her stud in this scene is an old-hand at swim instructions. He held her in the water and taught her a few strokes.Then she gave him a few strokes. We all learned something today. Chrissie learned how to swim, and we learned that Chrissie is a world-class fuck. See More of Chrissie Summers at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Two pussies for one penish Two Pussies for One penish Emilee and Angelina\'s favorite summer day activity is eating ice cream off of each other\'s bodies. You can tell by the way they expertly lick each other\'s nipples that it\'s something they do often. They live together and share the same bed and have spent many nights burying their tongues deep in each other\'s twats. And while they enjoy getting each other off, they\'re flexible with their sex lives and don\'t mind adding a penish to the equation. When that happens, Emilee and Angelina give the guy a show as they both lick his penish at the same time before they take turns make love him. See how they get down with each other and another guy in this hot scene. And let this serve as a lesson to always carry a video camera with you, because you never know when two hot sluts will make love you in a threeway. See More of Angelina Korrs at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Have your kitty and eat it, too Have Your vagina and Eat It, Too We\'ve been best friends forever and we do everything together. Everything, said excited blonde Robyn of her equally hot buddy, Carmella. That includes going home with guys they meet in the park and putting on a hot lezzie show with plenty of tongue action and vagina licking. Carmella gets the ball rolling and starts suc Robyn\'s ample titty, which gets the blonde in the mood to tongue the cream out of Carmella\'s twat. These friends like to do things for each other and they also like to share things, especially cocks! chirps in Carmella. Well, it\'s this guy\'s lucky day, because after Robyn and Carmella show him their girl-on-girl moves, they both lap up his cock like ice cream on a hot summer day. But the real treat comes when they take turns riding his pole. There is nothing more awesome than getting have sexual intercourse from behind while licking your best friend\'s vagina, said Robyn. It\'s like having my cake and eating it, too! See More of Carmella Diamond at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Boned for breakfast Boned for Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It energizes you and refuels you after eight hours of fasting. The same can be said about morning sex. It\'s arguably the best time of day to fuck. That\'s why Glory orders room service. She wants to get her waffles, eggs and penish all at once so she can have the best day possible. I need good, tasty things to fill my stomach and my vagina when I wake up so that I\'m prepared for the rest of the day. And the room service at this hotel was excellent. They really catered to my every desire.See More of Glory Foxxx at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. An american busty teen in england An American busty Teen In England We usually wait for reader input about a SCORE amateur model before going all the way with a full-length pictorial but with 18-year-old Winona Lind, we said \'what the fuck.\' wrote the editor of SCORE in the May 1995 issue.Winona\'s at-home photos appeared in the April 1995 issue in a feature called Homebodies. We called Winona and asked her if she had ever seen London Bridge and would she want toI couldn\'t believe it, Winona replied. I sent in the photos because I could have used the $100. Now I\'m going to be a model. This is so cool!Another reason why she was asked so quickly is because girls, especially teens, have a tendency to either lose weight or gain weight very fast. Having a model show up at the studio with smaller breasts or a thick waistline is not desirable.Winona graduated high school at 17 and was going to attend college. She returned to model again before entering college, and once she got wrapped up in her studies, her interest shifted completely to the books and she no longer kept in touch. We knew this would happen. It happens now and it will happen in the future. The girls change but the cycle stays the same. See More of Winona Lind at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Savannah jane - frisky cunt Frisky cuntSome hookers are out on the avenue because they need the dough. Some hookers are out on the corner because they have some pimp at home they are supporting. And some hookers, like frisky cunt dealer Savannah Jane, pound that pavement because they just like the cock. Is it that violent to believe that there are some women who are so charming at sex and enjoy smokin\' pole so much that they are willing to make a living selling sex It shouldn\'t be. One look at this stacked honey, in her leopard getup\' and you know...this slut loves cock. She may not say much, but her actions speak louder than words. One jiggle of her pleasant booty and one moan as she gets slammed and it\'s clear...Savannah was born to work the cock for cash. So, takin\' this guy\'s cock and load is practically her destiny. See More of Savannah Jane at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. Dawn phoenix - scoring with dawn Scoring With Dawn If you were a big-boob magazine reader or video viewer going back to at least 1996, then you know Dawn Phoenix. People still write about her on Internet forums and groups to this day. Because Dawn\'s 18th birthday was in July of 1978, she beat Linsey Dawn McKenzie into curvy magazine by just one month (November, 1996 V-mag). They never posed together, unfortunately. Dawn\'s modeling career was way too short considering her many assets. She was built like a have sexual intercourse brick shithouse and if you like big cunt lips, giant areolae and bonus-sized clits (as well you should), few can rival Dawn in that department. For some reason, she never became the superstar she should have become. Maybe it was being overshadowed by Linsey in the big-bust world at that time.Dawn started doing XXX way before Linsey did, here with American porn star Michael J. Cox. He picked her up after spotting her--the old photographer routine--and had a big time have sexual intercourse Dawn\'s great jugs before giving her the plunger. See More of Dawn Phoenix at SCORELAND.COM!. Introducing super-kinky wife dee williams Introducing super-kinky wife Dee Williams I would love for you to watch me masturbate, says Dee Williams, a 40-year-old, big-titted, blonde and very horny wife. In her first photos for, we get to watch Dee play with her pretty, pink pussy and stuff a anal plug up her tight booty.Mostly I\'m just a clit girl, Dee said. I love putting things in my booty. One of those things I learned in my 30s is how sensitive my booty is and how nice it feels to have some sensation in there, even if it\'s just a plug.But don\'t worry, guys: Soon it\'s going to be a cock, a real one, that\'s drilling Dee\'s booty. We\'re doing this a bit differently this week, first showing you Dee in solo action. And in just a few days, you\'ll see her give suck and make love a big, black cock.The more sex I have, the more I want to have sex, said Dee, who was born in Dallas, Texas and lives in Las Vegas. Any time I\'m alone and I\'m sure nobody\'s going to walk in on me with my pants off, I take my pants off. I love masturbating.Dee is heavily into bondage, particularly submission.One of my greatest fantasies is being watched, so my husband often indulges me and takes me to the sex club and ties me up right there on stage so everyone can watch what happens to me.Are you imagining what happens to her You\'re probably right.See More of Dee Williams at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Dungeon of hooters Dungeon of Hooters Vanessa Y. likes to role play. Nurses, teachers, hookers, military officers. Now dwelling in a Halloween dungeon where she\'ll straighten any man\'s arse out quickly, Vanessa looks like she\'s really enjoying herself cracking the riding crop and demanding obedience. Better be a charming boy or else...because she looks eager to rumble. It\'s a real turnabout for Vanessa who\'s always as appealing as sugar when she\'s Vanessa and not a kinky fetish mistress, We\'ve seen girls playing curvy dominatrixes before. Tiggle Bitties, Annina, Dolly Fox, Tigerr Benson, Juliana Simms, Slone Ryder and others. Now Vanessa joins the group of booted and curvy whip snappers. Do as she says. See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!. Milf needs cock, aisle four! MILF needs cock, aisle four! Ah, so it\'s the ol\' MILF picks up the bag boy at the supermarket and takes him home and fucks him trick! Ladies, if you\'re not at least half as hot as Kayla Anne, don\'t try this at your local store. You see, a woman has to have confidence (and a body, and the skills) to pull this one off, and as you\'ll be able to tell from the video, Kayla Anne seems to have a lot of practice at it.She knows how to approach the situation. Short skirt Check. Cleavage-revealing top Check. Of course, once Kayla Anne gets the guy back to her place, she can\'t disappoint him, and she doesn\'t. Her sucks job skills are excellent. Her pussy is tight but can take a deep pounding. And she\'s completely shameless. She doesn\'t care that the next time she visits that supermarket, everyone who works there is going to say, Oh, there\'s that woman who fucks our bag boys.Kayla Anne is proud of that distinction. You see, working as a bag boy in a supermarket is not a lot of fun. The pay sucks. The benefits aren\'t too good, either. The hours are long and boring. Bag boys kinda have a kinship with pizza delivery boys: The only benefit to the job is pussy. Kayla knows that, and she wants to help out.Ah, that\'s bullshit! Kayla just likes to get laid, and she knows supermarket bag boys are easy marks.See More of Kayla Ann at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. The considerable boob theory The great Boob Theory After-hours in the chem lab, Codi Vore works overtime on her personal project. Her formula for success is about sex and creating the most powerful pheromone in the world. Codi decides on her test subject: she picks herself to be the first to drink her potion. It works all too well. It\'s not only a pheromone that turns other people on, it\'s an horny that makes the user so horny, they can\'t control themselves. One swallow and Codi enters a zone of pure sexual enjoyment and forgets everything but the need to cum. Quickly tossing off her clothes, Codi gets busy, sinking her charming fingers into her big, soft breasts. Her nipples harden and her breathing deepens. Finding an ottoman to use as her altar of lust, Codi spanks her clit and fingers her bushy vagina more than once. Codi better patent her formula before big pharma finds out about this.See More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND.COM!. Claudia\'s first timeand she does anal! Claudia\'s first time...and she does booty! Yes, Claudia Fox, the woman you\'re seeing here, is 51 years old. Since we can\'t show you her driver\'s license, you\'re just gonna have to take our word for it. She looks no more than 40, but she\'s 50. The guy she fucks in this scene, her first on-camera fuck, couldn\'t believe it, either. But it\'s true.She also takes a voluminous porn dick up her anus in this scene. You don\'t have to take our word for that. You can see it in the pictures and, next, in the video. Claudia gets an booty creampie, too.Claudia is married and has two kids. She was born in Mexico City and lives in Southern California. She\'s only five-feet tall and weighs 95 pounds.Swinging led to this, Claudia said. Plus, I love watching porn and playing with myself. I do it at least once a day. I have even done it publicly where there was a chance I could get caught.We asked Claudia if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, Yes and no. I think most people would end up being not too surprised other than that I actually did it.Meaning, they\'d expect this from her...they just wouldn\'t have thought she\'d actually go through with it. Which she did, and she loved it.Claudia enjoys watching baseball and ice hockey. The St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues are her teams. She\'s into Zumba. And, she said, I like to be looked at wherever I go. I wear tight jeans or short skirts. I like to show off my breasts, too.They\'re nice. Very nice. Just like the rest of her.See More of Claudia Fox at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. As busty as they cumshot As curvy As They cumshot Victoria Lane wears a bra when she goes out and at work as a nurse, but at home she\'s often naked. She\'s a horny woman and knows exactly what is horny to her.lusty means a lot of different things to me, said Victoria. It is horny to be kinky. I like rough sex. Having dinner and then untamed sex after with the person you love. Usually I wait for the guy to make the first move, so I guess you could say I\'m sexually passive or submissive. Tattoos are very horny to me. I think wank is horny. I love to use a dildo and a vibrating dildo at the same time on myself while I watch porn. See More of Victoria Lane at SCORELAND.COM!. With a cherry on it With A Cherry On It Renee Ross is the pride of every ice cream and whipped cream manufacturer, not to mention every banana grower and importer from here to South America. The way she eats a banana can drive a guy nuts and she knows it.Renee is always lusty and creamy. She turns herself into the most busty sundae ever made, looking good enough to lick until she cums. It makes a guy want to eat those cherries right off her juicy, plump body. Renee is a true man-pleaser and she admits it. I love to please men, says Renee. I mean, I don\'t mind being pleased, but for me, it is all about their pleasure. I think that is what gets me off the most about being with someone.See More of Renee Ross at XLGIRLS.COM!. Christy marks - phone sex fuckin\' Phone Sex Fuckin\' Christy loves making new friends and if that means that she has to call up a stranger and get to know him, so be it. And by get to know him, we mean, wank in his ear until she cums, of course. You see, Christy loves phone sex. She likes to randomly dial numbers and say nasty, dirty, depraved things to the people who pick up. Sometimes they hang up the phone and that\'s that. But sometimes she dials a guy who loves to phonefuck as much as she does and that\'s when the fun starts because the more they talk, the nastier the fantasies become and soon Christy is contorted into a fuck-pretzel and fingering and dildoing her cunt furiously. So remember, do not ask for whom the phone rings...just answer it and jack, man. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Miami lovely Miami cute Several of the pictures in this pictorial of Holly Wood on-location could be ads for a south Florida tourist board promoting a Come to Miami campaign.California girl Holly talked about her afternoon by the water.SCORELAND: Tell us your thoughts about this shoot. Was this what you envisioned in sunny FloridaHolly: The champagne shoot had to be my favorite of all the scenes that I\'ve done! It really was Me and so real! Pool, champagne, nice scenery, and having fun! Can it get any better SCORELAND: When you had some free time, what did you do in South BeachHolly: I went to Ocean Drive, of course! My hangout spot is The Palace. It was so much fun to watch the live show, say hi to friends I made on my first trip and then walk across the street at sunset to play in the ocean and take in the amazing views!SCORELAND: You went to the nude beach Haulover. You must have gotten really checked out.Holly: Jax Slayher took me to Haulover beach right before I had to head to Miami International Airport to go home. I actually had no idea a nude beach was so close! If I had known, I would have gone every night! I love being naked and I love the ocean. It was a perfect combo! People probably thought I was crazy because I basically stripped down as I ran and jumped into the water. Hilarious! See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. Take 2 Lives: Jacksonville, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 20; Born: July 7; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 97 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Hipsters; Anal: Enjoy it; BJs: Totally swallow; Diddle: A lot.We posted a different picture set of Chloe yesterday. She brought her boyfriend in for a tryout. Well, we thought they were pleasant, but we couldn\'t make up our minds about whether or not they were ready for the voluminous time. We asked them to come back and to take our directions more seriously. Take a close look at both of the sets and see if you can notice the difference. We think that Chloe gives sexier looks in this set, and she seems to be less nervous, which is always a pleasant thing when you\'re have sexual intercourse on-camera.See More of Chloe Foster at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Cosmic cosmia Cosmic Cosmia Cosmia did her first XL Girls massivecore scene and was as hot as fuck. She got a massive pounding that seemed to invigorate her, not knock her out. When her penish man jerked off in her mouth, she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out for his nut.Cosmia gave her fuck-buddy the sloppy BJ she previously talked about with the photographer. I had a lot of fun. gulp jobs are a must for me. Swallowing is fun. I also love to spit it out and have it all over my face and tits.Cosmia\'s had loads of sex and experimented with different kinds of sex, including group sex. I\'ve enjoyed threesomes with two guys and with two girls. All spontaneous and in the heat of the moment. The first one started off as a two guys-two girls shindig but the other female tapped out and I wasn\'t about to stop! See More of Cosmia at XLGIRLS.COM!. Make love bound Have sex Bound Nikki\'s holding up a sign that says Miami, but she might as well be holding up a sign that says, have sex me, please. She wants to get it on more than she actually wants to make it to the Magic City and we think the latter slogan would be very effective getting her what she wants. But truthfully, if you\'ve got a tight, tempting anatomy like Nikki does, you don\'t even need a sign. You could be standing on the side of the road with rags on and guys would still hit on you. It almost makes you wonder, are these guys picking up Nikki, or is Nikki picking up these guys It doesn\'t matter, because she wants to fuck, and they want to fuck, and that\'s what they do. And that\'s all that matters.See More of Nikki Vee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Xl girl worships black cock XL Girl Worships Black dick Holly Jayde from California receives a healthy serving of interracial cream-pie courtesy of Mr. Asante Stone who appears to have doubled up on the Muscle Milk before making his way to XL Girls\' headquarters, judging by the heavy volume of ball batter he ends up injecting into Holly\'s pussy. Holly and Stone are stuck together so tightly from the very beginning of this scene that you couldn\'t pass a playing card between them. They seem glued to each other. Maybe XL Girls should go into the matchmaking business on the side. For a girl who loves fucking, this merger must have hit all the right G-Spots for Holly. I would have sex three times a day if I could, Holly had written on her model\'s bio sheet. Although she says she is the sexually passive type that turns control over to the man, Holly plays Stone\'s skinflute like a member of a symphonic orchestra, pumping it to rock-hardness. She then mounts it in cowgirl for her first ride before she\'s polished in side-saddle, doggie and missionary and then shellacked inside her pink pussy-hole. When Stone has finished his spasms inside Holly, he steps out of the picture so the cam can capture an unblocked view of Holly squeezing the nut-cream out of her ravished pie.See More of Holly Jayde at XLGIRLS.COM!. Pervy pupil Pervy Pupil Ava needs to get her grades up. But the only thing she gets up is the tutor\'s dick. He tries to get her to care about her schoolwork, but this pervy pupil just wants to gulp and fuck.He plays with her cunt. She drools all over his dick and deep throats it down to the balls. Ava loves to gulp dick and it shows. And she also loves to get her little cunt pounded. Ava leans over the desk for a ball-slapping fuck, her booty clapping back against her tutor\'s pelvis as he drills her. She\'s into it, and so are we.Ava\'s moans turn up a notch once she\'s in reverse cowgirl, and even more so when she\'s on her back, so you might want to turn down the volume just in case. It\'d be a shame if someone came knocking on the door right when Ava gets her fabulous, gooey facial. See More of Ava Parker at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Work that boss\'s ass! Work that boss\'s ass! Jamie is a hard-driving, bitchy boss, and she\'s making a lot of demands. This poor guy has a lot of work to do and not much time to do it, but he\'s distracted by Jamie. You see, she\'s sitting in the office in a very unprofessional manner. Her legs are crossed, and this poor shlub can see the top of her stockings and her thighs, and Jamie\'s talking about work, and all he wants her to do is work his penish.Are you paying attention to me Jamie asks. Have you written down anything that I saidShe takes his notepad to see what he\'s been writing, and she\'s shocked.Wow, \'I wanna pound that ass\' That\'s what you wrote Jamie says, aghast. \'Do you deep throat I want your ass\' That\'s what you\'ve been taking notes about the whole timeNow emboldened, the guy says, I also wrote, \'I want you to sucks my penish right now.\'This kind of stuff can get a guy fired...if his boss is somebody other than Jamie.You know what I think Jamie tells him. I think you\'re a very dirty boy. I like dirty boys.Jamie found out about us from a friend she knows online. She has a long list of fetishes and is a very kinky woman. No one really knows how wild her private sex life is.I like sex multiple times a day, Jamie said. I can be servile or bossy depending on my partner of the moment. I\'m kind of an exhibitionist. I like men or women getting sexually aroused by watching me. In a video, I can get thousands of people hot.She definitely does that. See More of Jamie Foy at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Penish time girl Dick Time Girl One of the greatest curvy babes in the past fifty years, Karina Hart set the bar very high. Beautiful, perfectly proportioned (with amazing ass-cheeks also) and extremely photogenic, Karina takes over a workshop in this photoset and accompanying video. At the end of the shoot, she picks up a welder\'s helmet for a couple of blooper shots. A Slovakian girl-next-door, she was in her third year of university studying art when she posed for her first photos. She immediately became a sensation. From that point on it was magic time.Sometimes when I am modeling, the sets are so elaborate, Karina said to one of the editors. I feel like I am on a movie set and I am a movie star.One time, I said to the photographer when we were shooting in a bedroom \'Is this it Just a bed and a chest of drawers What is so exciting about that\' He looked at me and said, \'You.\'See More of Karina Hart at SCORELAND.COM!. Doorway to heaven Doorway to heaven When this video opens, 43-year-old Bella Marino is standing in a doorway, naked except for the towel wrapped around her anus. There\'s a guy sitting in bed, stroking his penish, which is what most of us would do.Are you ready for me Bella asks. Have you started stroking that penish like I asked you toBella walks in and shoves her appealing boobs into his face. Then she gets into bed and says, I\'m going to turn the light on. I want you to see my pussy. This is something most women wouldn\'t have the guts to do (most of them want to turn the lights off during sex, although we\'re not sure if it\'s because they don\'t want us to see them or they don\'t want to see us), and Bella demands that he eat her pussy.Bella, who was born in Germany and lives in South Florida, takes a serious pounding. The guy\'s big penish pummels her in all positions, our favorite being when she rides him cowgirl. The camera moves underneath the action and we get a large view of the penish anusaulting her pussy. Her butt puckers, her anus cheeks beg to be grabbed. Bella is a mature woman, so she can take a heavy fucking. And love it. See More of Bella Marino at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Sex it to me! Sex It To Me! In 2004, tall and erotic Eva Notty (pronounced Ehv-a) posed for a Naughty Neighbors photo shoot, and that was the last we heard from her until 2009 when Eva was encouraged to send her pictures to by a friend and the rest you know: her specials on SCORELAND, her interviews, her first boobs & Tugs, her first full-sex vid and all of her other delights. In the SCOREtv Holiday Edition, appealing Eva Notty even thawed Santa\'s frozen north pole. Because she can do anything. In this POV Hardcore Special Sex It To Me! Eva shows up at your place in a mesh anatomy suit, her spectacular anatomy ready for pleasing. Eva rubs her hands and large tits all over you touching all the right spots. Her soft, big hooters breast-massage your pole into nirvana. Eva makes love to your dick and balls with her tongue and lips. When she sees it\'s time to fuck, Eva does one of those nasty, behind-closed-doors tricks that can drive a guy crazy. 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Jenny\'s back! Jenny\'s Back! Age: 22; Born: Apr. 12; Ht: 5\'4; Wt: 105 lbs.; Bras: 32D; Panties: Lace; Anal: Not a fan; BJs: Swallow; Lives: York, England; Occupation: Fashion model.Jenny\'s back and this time she brought her razor with her! Watch as this naturally busty and haired knockout trims her pubes in a wash basin. Don\'t worry, she\'s leaving a little patch of curly hair for you to taste and sniff. We\'re fond of the final photos in this set. In our minds, Jenny\'s body is perfect and seeing it soaking wet and shiny is something special. What do you thinkSee More of Jenny Smith at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. New discovery New Discovery Say hello to Laddie Lynn, our second June newcomer. Whoever told Laddie (pronounced Lady) to apply to XL Girls did the right thing. She took his advice and now she\'s here to show you her goodies. I generally spend my free time watching local bands play, doing yoga, and playing board games with my sisters and parents, said Laddie. I really would like to travel more. Australia and the Dominican Republic are at the top of my list. I\'ve been to Florida before but it\'s my first time in Miami.Laddie has great assets starting with her KK-cup boobs. I dress conservatively when I go out. I hate for people around me to be uncomfortable or give me extra attention. I don\'t think I get a lot of attention because of my chest. Nobody ever believes me when I say that. Trust us, Laddie. We\'re never uncomfortable around great natural tits and we always pay attention at all times. See More of Laddie Lynn at XLGIRLS.COM!. A girl from the show me state A Girl From The Show Me State Tera Cox is a stacked beauty from St. Louis, Missouri who only modeled for a short time but her impact lasts and lasts. She glowed with sex appeal and made a great curvy covergirl. 42-32-38 Tera wears bras of different cup sizes for different occasions. She\'s said that at a club party, she might stuff her wonderful hooters into a DD bra to obtain the great cleavage mounds.She\'s a reality TV show junkie and said her dream car is a classic Ford Mustang from the 1960s. Tera doesn\'t play sports. Not really. My tits are too great. I would probably get black eyes if I even tried to run! See More of Tera Cox at SCORELAND.COM!. Amaya may - 38g-cups & hot 38G-Cups & Hot Amaya May says her favorite position is doggie. With someone as stacked up-top as this brunette brickhouse is, that position is perfect for her huge hooters to dangle, bounce and swing while she\'s getting boned from behind.After introducing herself for the second time in this post-debut scene, her first XXX show for SCORELAND, Amaya invites us to watch her get dressed (in the video), stretching a tight tank dress over her major rack so she can astound us and Bam, who\'s been waiting to get his hands on those heavy, tan-lined boobs and pointy nipples.Amaya says she\'s a very sexual woman and likes to get it on every day. She\'s got no shortage of volunteers, no doubt, and probably all tit-men because you don\'t see someone with a top-shelf like this every day of the week.Amaya can make your penish disappear between her boobs as her bed-partner is about to find. When she rides on top, Amaya is an energetic bouncer. Her jugs bounce like crazy and she doesn\'t hold them down with her hands. 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It\'s a scientific fact that a man\'s neck is directly connected to his penish. Niki knows this.Then Niki says, I have a little surprise for you. Is it the pearls on her panties No. It\'s the cunt underneath her pearls.Niki is a 46-year-old divorcee from Texas, and within minutes, 24-year-old Rocky has his fingers up her wet, tight cunt. Shortly afterward, Niki has his penish in her mouth, and then her little body is getting fucked. Little body. big tits. DD-cups. And she weighs only 101 pounds.In addition to fuck young guys, Niki enjoys running, reading and spending time with her puppy (not to be confused with her DD-cup puppies). She says she considers herself a MILF due to a step-child from a previous marriage. She says she fantasizes about being a food model where you lay there and people take sushi off you while you\'re naked.That kind of food model Never heard of it.This kind of model That\'s more our speed.See More of Niki at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. A joystick for suzumi A Joystick For Suzumi Living doll Suzumi Wilder gives Bambino the grand tour of her plush chubbiness, large fleshy natural tits and pink slit and gets the penish in deep. Heaven for a guy\'s boner is lovely coed Suzumi wrapping her tongue, soft tits and tight pussy lips around it and blowing its load all over her when their ride ends.Says student, artist, animal lover, gamer girl, and porn star Suzumi, I like a man to give me lots of attention and pleasant compliments, not crude comments. I love it. I enjoy hearing that I have the kind of breasts a guy dreams of blow and feeling. My tits are a large part of my life and I dress to show them off at their best. It feels lovely when I walk into a restaurant and every guy checks me out, even if he\'s with a girl.Talented at video games, painting, tit-banging and deep throating, Suzumi pays careful attention when she dresses her creamy, pale jugaloos.I usually put them in lacey bras with a little bit of padding or anything that has a \'Gothy\' kind of look to them. I can buy bras right off the rack. Even if they\'re a bit small, I can still make them work.Suzumi makes it work for us too. See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. The adventures of super-minka The Adventures of Super-Minka In a boob science experiment, Jim compares fruit to Minka\'s mega-boobs. That\'s like comparing apples to oranges. He\'d need to find super-watermelons that come close to stacking up to slim and trim Minka\'s famous knockers.Minka\'s equally famous protruding nipples hypnotize him. That\'s why her nickname is Nipple #1. He blowjob and rubs her cruel pointers while Minka teases him and rubs his package. She\'d like to see his banana. It\'s only fair.They head to the couch so he can lick her neatly trimmed pie and she can blowjob on his banana. Minka\'s tight hole is his again for the taking, as it was in Minka\'s previous scene, Mega-Boobs Office, when he was her boss. Wedging his cruel shaft into Minka\'s squeeze-box and boning her in cowgirl, missionary and doggie makes him lose his make love load all over chest. This is always the ultimate outcome in a Minka encounter.Afterwards, Minka told the photographer, It was fun, but my body is very tired. It is always fun. Having sex with a large dick is like playing three sets of tennis! My pussy is numb! Minka prefers average cocks. My favorite kind of dick is five inches! Little dicks, I enjoy. It\'s more exciting. But with large dicks, I cannot move. I can fuck, but it\'s cruel. Little dicks are much better. I love them. How often do you see a porn star admit that See More of Minka at SCORELAND.COM!. Bwho\'s the ass-fucked boss/b Who\'s the anus-fucked boss Lauren Taylor is a 56-year-old mother of two. She has a son, and if you think it\'s easy growing up as the son of a hot mom, think again.He had to beat his friends up, and then he got kicked out of the group, Lauren recalled. A couple of them were very blatant. I had a pool, and I\'d catch a group of boys watching me swim and lay out. Or they\'d come into my bedroom. You know, they\'d walk towards that part of the house and just wander in. It was pleasant obvious.Lauren\'s son\'s friends were walking around with lumps in their pants and telling me when they were gonna turn 18. It was pleasant funny. And I\'d say, \'No, you\'re still my son\'s friends, so that\'s not going to happen.\'Lauren\'s son\'s friends never got any. But they\'re over 18 now, which means they can legally view And maybe they\'re sitting at their computers right now, watching the hot mom from their childhood getting anus-fucked on-camera.In this scene, Lauren is a boss who catches her employee, Tony, using a remote-controlled camera to shoot upskirt videos under her desk. But she doesn\'t fire him. She has him fuck her mouth, cunt and anus right there in the office.So, to recap: Lauren\'s son\'s friends got nothing. Her employees get it all. See More of Lauren Taylor at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Avi\'s have sexual intercourse face Avi\'s fucked Face Here are a few random observations we had about Avi. First, she has a cute, little bush that she\'s trying to grow out. Second, she makes these horny-looking faces when she\'s in front of the camera. A lot of girls do that, but hers look adorable. Third, she really knows how to make herself cum.I\'ve done a lot already, Avi told us when we asked her what she wants to do in life. But I suppose what I want to do most is to travel. I want to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I want to sit on a cliff in Ecuador. I want to have a fling with a handsome Italian man with lots of money and free time that he can spend on me.We asked her if there\'s anything she wants to try in the bedroom. I\'ve already had threesomes. I\'ve licked vagina. I\'ve done anal. I suppose I\'d like to try DP, but that totally depends on the guys involved. My vagina and ass are super tight, so they\'d have to have normal-sized dicks. I can barely take one cock over six inches!See More of Avi Love at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Little miss cums a lot Little Miss Cums A lot I\'m passive when it comes to sex. I like the guy to make the first move. But just because I\'m not super aggressive doesn\'t mean I\'m prude. I\'m excited and want sex all the time. I love to give blow jobs, and supposedly I\'m really pleasant at them. At least that\'s what the guys tell me. And I can ejaculateshot soooo much! One time I came so many times that I lost count and fell asleep 45 seconds after we stopped fucking. Sometimes I wish that guys could ejaculateshot as much as girls so I could enjoy more of their loads in my mouth.See More of Hailey Little at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Nerd tutor gets fantasy bra-buster Nerd tutor gets fantasy bra-buster When you read the news, there seems to be an epidemic of teachers and tutors having after-school specials with their willing students. Your XL Girls editors never experienced this phenomenon, having had hatchet-faced, sexless women over 50 as tutors and instructors. This dork tutor is trying to help Marilyn Mayson with her studies but his mind keeps drifting to the assets that even the shyest nerd can\'t stop thinking about...especially since Marilyn takes pride in her global achievements and likes to dress to attract.The material Tarzan is trying to teach Marilyn is of no interest to her. She\'s more interested in seeing what this clod can do to get her off. She steers the lesson over to her big breasts that he\'s been staring at and he reacts with a mix of reluctance and excitement. He can\'t believe what she\'s offering him. You\'re not going to jizz your pants, are you Marilyn teases. She enjoys this game. Taking her boobs out of her dress, she lets him touch her twin girls.I\'m just really in a lustful mood, otherwise this would not be happening, Marilyn tells him. I take pity on you. I\'ll teach you some new things, you teach me some new things. Pity sex is better than nothing. She reaches over to rub his junk. Now that he\'s been cleared for take-off, Tarzan drops trou and Marilyn pops his shaft in her mouth. He\'s about to get lesson number-one from this horny brunette. See More of Marilyn Mayson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Micky bells - bells are swinging Bells Are Swinging Last we saw adorable Micky Bells, she was using her large and huge bells as serving plates for whipped cream and licking it off, a sight that got the Micky flagpoles raised at SCORELAND. Here Micky showers off and gets breastfully clean all over.Micky thinks she measures 36L. (SCORELAND editors suspect she\'s an M-cup.) I have 38KK cup bras and they don\'t fit me too well anymore. Now I have to go online and find bras because the shops I go to don\'t do bras that big. I get them from the UK most of the time.I was an E-cup in my first year of high school and I used to cover them up. But even if I tried to hide them, you can\'t miss them. I was very shy then. But now, I\'m not shy anymore. Doing this has made me very confident about myself.Micky thinks each breast weighs more than 2 kilos (4 pounds) but she hasn\'t had them weighed. The one thing she can\'t do easily now cock suckings her nipples. In the past I used to cock sucking both nipples at the same time but now I can\'t, Micky laments...with a smile. See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Luxxx anatomy Jordynn LuXXX has found her life calling in masturbate shows and porn scenes. She got into the webcam scene in 2013 and debuted at XL Girls that same year after we contacted her. Jordynn watches porn herself, and regularly. I\'m a sex freak, a creepy slut, Jordynn says. We figured that out fast. I love gulp cumshot and lots of it. I never spit it out. I love everything about sex and what I do.Jordynn likes to watch her solo scenes with her husband, Daddy. She watches her make love scenes by herself. He\'s her boss man to her submissive personality and only he can make love her ass.I\'ve had sex several times in public and I love it. I\'m definitely into exhibition. One time while moving cross-country, my Daddy and I stopped at a truck stop and had sex in the wide open. See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Flashback to a girl named londa eve Flashback To A Girl Named Londa Eve Londa Eve emailed an editor her at-home photos with that classic question, Am I lovely enough to be in SCORE He didn\'t email back and ask how she knew about us. Maybe someone at the strip club in New Orleans where she danced talked about it. Maybe she saw the magazine at a newsstand. Maybe she went on the internet.His response was, With Londa, we didn\'t need to think about it. She\'s got big, jutting tits, a lovely face, a trim figure and lovely legs. She was amenable to spreading her cunt and using toys in her cunt and ass. Every time the senior photographer and I looked at this born-and-bred Texan\'s pictures, we kept saying, \'Man, she is so fuck adorable, elegant and sexy.\' See More of Londa Eve at SCORELAND.COM!. Sha rizel - the buxom bather The Buxom Bather It\'s bubble bath time with Sha, and it\'s a wonder that her hot, excited body doesn\'t turn that bathwater into steam while she\'s luxuriating in it. She stands up, and the suds cascade down her body. After Sha rinses off, she fondles her amazing body, rubbing her big boobs. She rinses off again then gets back into the tub once more to enjoy the feeling of immersion in the warm, soapy bathwater.Care to jump in with her See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Nurse heavy breasts Nurse voluminous breasts Roxee Robinson is the redheaded angel of mercy known as Nurse voluminous breasts or just Nurse Roxee. Her fame is widespread and well-spread. No patient will be left stiff.Dellon thinks he\'s hallucinating as his new visiting nurse strolls into his room, her great, great breasts exposed in her open uniform. Roxee asks him where it hurts. He begins plotting immediately, knowing that if he doesn\'t get to stretch this nurse\'s tight pussy and have her mouth dick sucksing him off, he\'ll wind up jacking thinking about her. He tells Roxee his arm and chest hurt. Roxee massages those areas. Then he\'s got some stiffness she should look at.Roxee\'s cure for that is to take out his stiffy and stick it down her throat, her saliva dripping down as her mouth engulfs it to sucks hard. Her prized hanging hooters help to alleviate the stiffness. Roxee\'s breasts serve as massagers, dick-buffers to help the circulation. She doesn\'t need mechanical massagers for her male patients. Her great tits do the trick.Roxee determines that this patient clearly needs some pussy. Tight, squeezing pussy that grips a dick like a clamp as it moves in and out. She gets on her back and opens her legs wide. The prognosis is excellent. Roxee knows that with her medical skills, this man will recover. To make sure, she will need a sperm sample. See More of Roxee Robinson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Mirror games Mirror games Cat Bangles plays with herself and uses a mirror to heighten her enjoyment by watching her fingers dip into her vagina. I\'d have liked to have seen her stand over the mirror naked and explore her holes like she did in the photo set of this video.If for some unfathomable reason Cat can\'t get a dude to take care of her needs, she\'ll do it herself.I like to wank on a daily basis, Cat said. I use toys and I like shower heads. I smack my vagina, too. It just wakes it up. I have my clit pierced, and it feels really lovely when I smack it a little. It\'s like getting my vagina ready for the dick. You just smack my vagina then you slide your dick right in.Cat loves her large tits. That\'s fortunate for us or she wouldn\'t be here. Consider yourself very lucky.I can\'t see my feet if I\'m standing straight up. I have to bend over. And I love to bend over. I was a late bloomer. I didn\'t get these bad girls until I was about 18. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had large tits and charming little bodies and bootys, and I still wasn\'t there yet. But when my tits came in, they just blew up. People would tell me that I had a good face and things like that, but my anatomy didn\'t really come in until later on. My tits grew in all at once and then my booty did, too. Now I just love being naked whenever I can.I\'ll tell you something else I like and especially respect about Cat. She didn\'t start at SCORE, pick up experience and then run off the first chance she got to shoot for everyone waving a check. So far, she\'s only shot for SCORELAND and now XL Girls. Sure, it\'s a free country and Cat can do whatever she wants. I just appreciate loyalty in a hottie. See More of Cat Bangles at SCORELAND2.COM!. Minka - minka\'s fashion-titas! Minka\'s Fashion-Titas! Minka tries on more titty-tops and leaves them stretched out, if not all of them ripped at the seams. When Minka came to the United States in the early 1990s, her tits were double-D. What was the progression to her current sizeThe first time, I put in 2,300 ccs, Minka said. Then they put in double implants. One was saline and one was silicone, 3,500 ccs, and I could not stand up. I had a neck problem, so right away I went to the doctor and I took them out, and then a new thing came out, silly string, and that\'s what I have now. But that\'s very heavy, too, so I have to exercise every morning. Every morning, I do crunches and stretches. I weigh 130 pounds. Before I got these tits I have now. I weighed maybe 90, 95 pounds.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Daniella grey in the voluminous girl strip club Daniella Grey in the big Girl Strip Club Daniella Grey is one of the most-popular girls at the big Girl Strip Club and this glimpse into the private Boom Boom Room explains why. Mr. X is a regular and enjoys the action little hottie Daniella gives him. She gives me a hard-on that will not go down, declares Mr. X, who raves about Daniella to every customer within earshot. This lap dance fan goes to BGSC once a week to savor Daniella\'s incredible dances, her balls-deep suc jobs, her huge boobs on a tiny, nice anatomy and her sweet, tight pussy. Her tight ass, oh, yeah.Every city should have a BGSC with thick strippers. Why do all the strip clubs we know about only have skinny strippers with very little tit-flesh who look like they all came out of the same factory Where are all the strip clubs with chubbies and plumpers Don\'t they hire any Do none of them apply for stripper jobs It\'s a shame. See More of Daniella Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!. Minka - considerable oil spill Considerable Oil Spill Minka\'s titanic boobs look amazing in a string bikini as she relaxes at poolside. How can that bikini top contain her enormous hooters Her boobs were made to be oiled in the Florida sun. She removes the top so every inch of succulent breast skin can absorb the slippery stuff. They glisten in the Miami sun, two objects of fantasy art. Minka remains an Otis Sweat painting come to life. Minka calls Tony (a SCORE dick-jock) over to finish the oiling job because it\'s always better when someone else does the work. A new guy, he\'s never met Minka before and has never felt such elegant boobs in his life. Make you lusty. So fuck lusty Minka asks, her usual teasing self. She tells Tony to strip so she can give him a rub too. The sight of Minka\'s oiled boobs is astounding. And Minka, who has a comedic flair to her personality, is astounded at Tony\'s tool. I didn\'t know you\'ve got a big dick, Minka tells him. She\'s impressed. It looks like he\'s going to have the privilege of tit-fuck Minka and more. In this photo set, Minka goes to town on the dick at poolside, while in the video version, they head into the house for the sex. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Busty dusty - the final photos The Final Photos This was the last official, new busty Dusty pictorial, published in the Holiday 1999 SCORE Magazine. Wish me luck, she said, although shortly after she retired, more photos of Dusty, taken before these set was lensed, surfaced and were published in SCORE and online. What\'s fascinating about this photo set is that even at the end of her modeling career, Dusty was in her prime, her anatomy as magnificent and tight as ever. Slim \'n\' stacked perfection. A true Hall of Famer from beginning to end.See More of busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Tropic of titties Tropic of Titties Nothing beats a cool, refreshing splash of coconut milk over a huge pair of swaying boobs and Terry Nova will agree with you. It\'s a lot better than freezing her boobs off in the cold back in Prague! Terry was really at home here. I would rather spend my time half naked on a beach in the tropics than have to go out during the fall and winter at home, Terry said through a translator. She was definitely born to be a busty island girl, romping through the surf and playing with her coconuts!Wrote SCORE editor Dave, who spent a lot of time with Terry in Eleuthera: Terry doesn\'t speak any English. But she gets this mischievous glint in her eyes at even the suggestion of sex. She\'s the one who can be seen checking out her own rack most often, as if she\'s fascinated by it. She\'s the one who wears tight butthole shorts that go right up the crack up her ass. She\'s the one who opens her mouth in just such a way that says, \'I want to have sexual intercourse you. I want your dick between my boobs.\' See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Bodacious schoolgirl Bodacious Schoolgirl My parents thought that sending me to an all-girls private school would keep me out of trouble. Boy, were they wrong! I was eating cunt all the time in the locker room. And the girls that I would hook up with would introduce me to boys and we\'d all have fun together. Like, just because it\'s an all-girls school doesn\'t mean that we don\'t know any boys! Private school girls are kinkier than public school girls, and I think that\'s the reason I\'ve had so many three-ways. The girls I know who went to public school haven\'t even tried three-ways yet. But at my school, you were an amateur if you\'d never been in a three-way.See More of Joseline Kelly at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. The glory hole fantasy The Glory Hole Fantasy As we know, Vanessa Y. loves her beer. And when out drinking beer at a local pub, ladies have to tinkle so Vanessa visits the girls\' room. This one is a real hole in the wall, literally. It\'s festooned with holes. Vanessa feels a need to relieve herself after she relieves herself so she decides to have a little rubdown before rejoining her girlfriends at the table.Meanwhile, on the other side of the walls, peeping pervs who work at the pub are spying on her. Two of them stick their cocks through the glory holes and wait to find out what Vanessa will do. And what Vanessa does is satisfying for all three of them as she blowjob and jacks them until they eject their cream all over her large tits! Vanessa Y. has some really excited fantasies to explore at SCORELAND.busty Model of the Year 2015 Vanessa is on the ballot for 2016. Will she take the title for the second time She\'s up against some very strong candidates but her popularity has exploded the past year. Vanessa gets higher ratings than many awesome girls who do the hottest hardcore. In fact, she was shocked that she won last time. The voters will be speaking again. Will they say what Vanessa hopes to hearSee More of Vanessa Y. at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. New & horny New & libidinous Being at XL Girls is a brand-new experience for me, said Charlotte Angel in her debut. I\'ve always wanted to do this. I was referred to you by another star of yours, Sheridan Love. 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