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Jackie\'s first interracial, first creampie Jackie\'s first interracial, first creampie I bet you haven\'t seen a 60-year-old who dresses this nasty, have you Jackie asks at the start of this video. Well, actually, we have, but more sluttily dressed, nasty make love 60somethings are always welcome. I\'m a very naughty girl and loving every second of it, she says. Would you like to see my anusWell, yeah. Sure! So Jackie gets on her hands and knees and slaps her large anus. Very nice. Very firm.Would you like to slap it Jackie says. I bet you would. And these titties...I know you love these titties. They\'re bad-anus titties!And then, I need a large, black cock. The woman definitely knows how to cut to the chase.Jackie summons Lucas, who rubs her vagina and gulp her tits, then Jackie gulp Lucas\'s cock, then he fucks her violent, so violent that at times, Jackie seems like she\'s about to panus out, and finally, he blows his load deep inside her vagina. How do we know that he blew his load deep inside her vagina Not much seeps out-it\'s buried way inside her vagina channel-but Jackie manages to squeeze out some cum, then she dips a finger inside and finds some more.And a pleasant time was had by all.See More of Jackie at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. Ridin the vixen Ridin The Vixen Nadia Vixen is the kind of girl you take back home. Not to mama, but to your apartment where you\'ll give her the full tour. You have to take her from the windows to the walls until sweat drips down your balls.With a nice, plump, chocolate trunk, huge natural tits and a slim waist, Nadia has a body made for rough, marathon sex.So, I heard you like great booties, she says to our stud, Levi, as she struts out in her sexy, red lingerie.Nadia then starts to tease him as she vibrates her anus but won\'t allow him to touch.Not yet, she says. I\'m gonna have intercourse the shit out of you, but first, I\'m going to dance for you.No man is going to complain about anal and titty poppin\' from a chick like Nadia, but Levi can only hold out for so long before he needs to devour her cunt.He starts off with a face-full of anus and cunt as he devours her cunt. Soon after, he\'s inside of her, giving Nadia the pounding she needs.Nadia jumps on top of his dick and makes her anal bounce the way only a thick, black chick can.Nadia takes his dick doggy style then missionary to let Levi own her cunt before she hops back on top and rides his dick reverse-cowgirl.Oh, you like makin\' me cumshot Levi asks before shooting his load.You know Nadia does, and she takes his man-juice in her mouth.It tastes good, Nadia says.See More of Nadia Vixen at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. My busty valentine My curvy Valentine On a Valentine\'s Day in Colombia, Shanie Gaviria dresses to kill in a skintight, red dress that shows off her tiny natural natural tits and hugs her traffic-stopping ass-cheeks. She high-heels into the living room to find Valentine\'s Day red roses and champagne waiting for her. How sweet it looks, Shanie said in Spanish. Now I understand why you told me to wear this dress. That\'s why I\'m going to please you. Shanie is a woman who appreciates attentive men who make the effort to please her.She slips out of her dress to gift you with the sight of her incredible body. Shanie, like Shara Lopez and Katy Shavon, can cock gulping on her own nipples, even two at a time. I love to cock gulping on my natural tits and I love to have them cock gulpinged. This pleases and satisfies me. It is my favorite kind of foreplay. Shanie spreads her cunt wide-open, one of the most sweet sights a guy can see. That needs no translation. See More of Shanie Gaviria at SCORELAND.COM!. Schoolgirl hitomi takes a study break for boobs Schoolgirl Hitomi Takes A Study Break For breasts Hitomi is walking home from class and stops at a secluded, wooded area where she can study outdoors. There are no big, bad wolves around to lick their chops at the sight of her. She drops her book bag and starts to read but she\'s not in the mood and she\'s soon bored. Getting out of the uniform that hides her huge natural tits and ridiculously hot body, Hitomi shows again why she\'s the #1 big-boob star and the #1 AV and gravure idol of Japan.We\'re told that the name Hitomi means doubly beautiful, benevolent pupil of the eye and wise. This Hitomi definitely fits all of those meanings.Hitomi said she can be very shy. Once she gets to know someone, she warms up. When she was younger, she would wear skimpy clothing that drew attention to her tits but now she dresses more conservatively when she goes out unless she\'s attending a video show such as the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. See More of Hitomi at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Faye day Faye Day I love a dildo buzzing my clit and my fingers squirming in my cunt, said Lillian Faye. Whenever some of the SCORE staff go to lunch, none of the waitresses ever say that to us when they\'re handing out the menu, for some reason.Lillian was a webcam girl when we found her, and since most webcam girls jerk-off (a lot), Lillian was no novice to petting the kitty and was already pre-loaded as a model. She didn\'t need any photographic directorial advice. Her video that matches this photo shoot is a textbook example of how a girl should use her toys or fingers so her cunt is not blocked when she\'s paddling the pink canoe.In a rare interview for SCOREtv, Lillian talked to host Dave and explained that she\'s actually a very shy person. On-cam, she\'s not shy but in the real world, not cyber world, she\'ll look away if a guy is staring at her chest. I\'m shy but I\'m not ashamed of my body, said Lillian. I like my body. I\'m comfortable with it, I like to show off my body. Supposedly Lillian is back web-camming so we\'re looking into that. Maybe she\'ll make a comeback. See More of Lillian Faye at SCORELAND.COM!. The color purple It\'s no secret that Desirae loves to play with her cunt. When we asked her if she needed anything special for a hot jack-off set, she said bluntly: Just fill a box with anything that I can make love my cunt with. Now, we must tell you that some SCORE staffers took this statement quite literally and considered stuffing themselves into boxes. But what Desirae had in mind was something a little less life-like with variable speed settings. And purple. Why purple It\'s one of my favorite colors and I just thought it would be neat to see a big purple dildo sliding in and out of my cunt, Desirae explained. So we filled that box with the biggest, fattest purple dildos and vibrators we could find and turned her loose. The result: a one-woman make love-fest. I love to have people watch me when I masturbate, Desirae confessed. I like the look of sheer lust on a guy\'s face as he\'s watching me bring myself to orgasm. We know that look well. It was glued to our faces as we witnessed Desirae\'s cunt swallowing dildo after purple dildo.See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Autumn interview Autumn Interview This is Autumn\'s first major interview with SCORE editor Dave and is one of the DVD extras in Ultimate Autumn. A few individuals have recently posted comments on an Internet message board, comments that generated some confusion about Autumn\'s background. One of them wrote, SCORE liked to say she was a house dancer in Alabama. Is this info based on fact, or was it something used to embellish her bio If they took the time and interest to watch this interview, they could have saved themselves a lot of misdirected effort. Running time: 28 minutes.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Sophie mae: rhymes with t&a Sophie Mae: Rhymes With T&A Sophie Mae is one of the best-built, naturally big-chested girls in SCORELAND. Her videos allowed Sophie to display her excellent talents in excited dancing and fitness. This video is one of the most breast-packed, boob-focused videos a SCORE Girl could ever make. Sophie\'s usually a quiet girl but in this vid, she talks and laughs. Her English is charming and her voice is very excited. There\'s tit-bouncing and shaking, dancing, ass-shaking, breast exercises and lots more shot from different angles. She pulled out all the stops, taking advantage of her dancing and fitness talents. See More of Sophie Mae at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Cody loves it! Cody loves it! Cody Lovett is 45 years old. She\'s a mom. She\'s worked in the medical profession for a appealing part of her life. She used to be in the Israeli army. She\'s only five feet tall and weighs 98 pounds. Basically, she\'s a tight little piece of ass. And today, she\'s going to make her debut by blowjob and make love a big cock and getting her charming face glazed.I\'m nervous, said Cody, who was born in Michigan and lives in South Florida.She doesn\'t look nervous, not when she has a cock in her mouth, not when she\'s riding the young cock and tucking a finger inside her butthole.Besides, why should Cody be nervous After all...I once had sex in a bomb shelter. I lost my virginity in a bomb shelter in Israel. It was amazing.Cody is amazing. She enjoys having sex with younger men. She has a perfectly shaved pussy. She says the people who know her would be surprised to see her here. And although she isn\'t a nudist in public, when she\'s home, she watches TV naked and eats naked.Cody does naked very well. See More of Cody Lovett at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Kenzie will catch your cumshot Kenzie will catch your cumshot Kenzie Taylor, a 41-year-old MILF from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is into sports. Baseball, in particular. She\'s a catcher.I\'m always on my knees, she said as she sipped from her martini, seeming very relaxed, looking very sexy. I really never expected to do anything like this. If you had said to me 15 years ago, \'Kenzie, you\'re going to pose for naughty photos one day,\' I would\'ve said you were crazy. But here I am!Yes, here she is, butt-naked and spreading her pussy. Welcome to the voluminous show, Kenzie! See More of Kenzie Taylor at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Redhaired & busty in kentucky Redhaired & busty In Kentucky When girls come to SCORELAND, they usually don\'t pack light. That\'s true for Stephanie Stalls. Her suitcases are loaded with horny outfits, bras, panties and shoes. She\'s a salesgirl\'s dream customer. Stephanie also packs away a few ladies\' kitty and butt toys. She removes the batteries during her travels so they don\'t accidentally start vibrating when they\'re packed away.Stephanie first came to SCORE as a blonde. Then she went brunette. Stephanie\'s now a redhead with hair so bright that sunglasses are recommended. She says the new color is more eye-catching. Her large 40-inch tits on a diminutive 5\'2 frame are still the number-one attention-grabbers.In this video, we get to see Stephanie try on some of those hot, skimpy clothes. Her busty little body stretches out her tops to the maximum. Pulling her panties aside, Stephanie licks her fingers and rubs her kitty. She needs more so she reaches into her suitcase and takes out one of her little friends. She runs a tongue over it and slides it deep inside her wet, pink hole. See More of Stephanie Stalls at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Karina hart - fun with cream Fun with cream Chicks. Go figure. Sometimes, they just don\'t get it. Do they think we\'re stupid. For example, when a chick like Karina is laying on her back, totally naked, does she really think we need an arrow pointing down to her vagina to know where to go Well, actually... Men are always fixated on my breasts, she explained. Sometimes they seem to forget I have a vagina. I have had men who have spent so much time making love to my breasts that I finally have to nudge the top of their heads or say to them, \'Are you going to eat my vagina\' If I had a sign pointing down to my vagina, it would help. Of course, some of us would lick off the cream, lick her vagina for a minute or two, then go right back to her breasts. Because, let\'s face it: Every chick has a vagina. But how many chicks in the world have tits like Karina\'s The answer to that question, by the way, is none.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Daria has fun at the office I think that dressing in office-style clothing is very sexy, said college grad Daria, so she liked the fantasy of playing a businesswoman dressed like an executive complete with eyeglasses. She looks very charming in glasses. Smart and witty, Daria will probably become a business executive one day, but when that day comes, she won\'t be able to wank naked and rub her thick nipples at a desk so now\'s the time to do it.I like to have sex at least once a week, Daria said. She\'ll also wank. I do it sometimes when my boyfriend is far from me. We\'ll be chatting online and I\'ll use my fingers to have an orgasm.Daria likes to go on unusual dates. No dinner and a movie for this busty brunette. I like to do things like go jumping on trampolines, but I have to prepare myself very well. Trampoline-jumping on a date Daria is too charming to be true but she is true and very, very charming. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. Purple enjoyment This photoset is from one of Christy\'s first movies and we are posting it for you because it is one of our favorites. Between her luscious voluminous boobs and her girl-next-door smile, Christy could win anyone over. And there is something about this set that makes us fuckin\' libidinous as hell. Maybe it\'s the way Christy spreads her creamy thighs open Or maybe it\'s the way that instead of playing with a toy, she decides to use her libidinous fingers. Or maybe, just maybe, it is because we think that she keeps her fuck-me-shoes on all night, too. Whatever it may be, we\'d like to say that Christy Marks is one classy lady, and that, of course, her breasts bring us big joy.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Sarenna lee - sarenna goosed down SaRenna Goosed Down Here\'s an interesting and unusual pictorial lensed in our London studio during late summer, 1998, post-Boob Cruise #4. Even the veterans at SCORE\'s Miami HQ completely forgot about this one, even though it\'s quite a graceful layout and very memorable.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Soccer bush Soccer Bush Soccer, football, futbol, kicky-runny...whatever you call it, you have to admit that fans of the sport are amongst the most obsessive and loyal people in the world. Valentina is no different. I have been playing ever since I was little, and my favorite teams were decided for me before I was born, she told us. It\'s a way of life for my family. When my boyfriend asked to take pictures of me, he suggested that I put on something a little sexier, but that just wouldn\'t be me! I\'m always wearing old jerseys or game shirts. He\'s just going to have to deal with it!I tried shaving my cunt once when I was younger, but it itched when I ran! I\'m not going to sacrifice my speed just to make boys happier in the bedroom!See More of Valentina Ross at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Kitchen kitten Kitchen Kitten Love Tigerr\'s big, round tits. Love her ass cheeks. Love her beautiful face. Love her excited voice. Love her personality. Love everything about her. A real man-pleaser in all ways.It\'s massive to picture a domesticated Tigerr in the kitchen and not purring in bed but this scene is helping to bring that image to life. After she prepares her fruit salad, Tigerr juices her anatomy and it\'s the kind of juicing a guy can handle. The countertop becomes her place to get undressed and cum. That\'s no kitchen aid she\'s stroking herself with.When I\'m with a man, I like to take my time and kiss him everywhere, giving him the best sucking job, Tigerr said. I also love cooking, so giving him a big sucking job and feeding his belly is one of the things I will do to make him a happy man.Seth comments, I love how core Tigerr is. She and her work is such a major turn on. She is straight fukn hot and exudes powerful and intoxicating vibes of raw sexual fukn hottie. See More of Tigerr Benson at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Flexin\' fox Flexin\' Fox Here\'s what SCORE Men love. busty girls-next-door walking, jumping, bending and jogging in tight tops. But not so tight that their big breasts don\'t fall out of their tank tops and go flying in all directions. In this upgraded HD video, energetic Katarina came out to train on the lawn and she was a big motivator in getting our photographer to resume his long-abandoned fitness program. He also resumed his twice a day jacking program. Blame it all on Katarina. It\'s her fault. See More of Katarina Dubrova at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Swinging british boobs Swinging British breasts Aurora Rose slaps those voluminous tits together and keeps going, then the British babe-next-door lotions up and gets \'em all creamy. Close-ups of bouncing tits rule.Aurora\'s idea of foreplay is to exchange hot texts. I like to read lustful texts before we meet. It makes everything more lascivious once things get going. It\'s the anticipation and the buildup that gets me horny.Aurora is a voluminous flirt and proud of it.I\'m friendly with an Aussie fitness trainer that I\'ve never had sex with but I find it a huge turn-on telling him every time I get some Aussie dick and letting him know I was thinking of him. I\'m such a tease, I know. See More of Aurora Rose at SCORELAND.COM!. Angel and the bbd (big, black dildo) Angel and the BBD (large, black dildo) Today, beautiful, blonde Angel Wicky, who loves sucks penish and taking dicks up her tight pussy and anus on-camera, puts on a solo show for us. Of course, Angel loves having things in her pussy, so she can\'t resist plugging her pink with a large, black dildo.Elliot described this scene thusly: Today, Angel will be manusaging her own exciting anatomy and taking primo care of her large boobs while you watch. She has a private little spa where she pampers her skin to keep it velvety soft and silky smooth. Angel rubs her lips with her tongue and makes intense eye contact because there\'s always a dirty, bad girl inside the angelic lovely girl trying to take over her anatomy and mind.There\'s lots and lots of tit bouncing, nipple pulling, jug jiggling and self-licking. Angel lays back on the manusage table, whips off her panties and pulls on her pliable angel wings. She picks up a spritz bottle and oils her anatomy, rubbing the stuff in until she shines. There\'s a dildo with balls to grip that Angel\'s been wanting to try out and now is the time. She fucks her pussy fast and violent and gets every inch inside her as her screams fill the room.Angel told us, I like the sizes and shapes of penish that are in porn. That means around 23 cm long 9 inches and three fingers thick to make me feel full. I\'m a very dominant woman. I love being on top because I can do what and how I want. I love missionary with my anus up. That\'s the two best positions for me to easily play with my clitoris, get maximum penetration plus stimulate my G-spot and the front side of my vagina.Keep that in mind, gentlemen, if you\'re ever lucky enough to meet Angel. And remember this, too: When I am with a guy, or guys, I do what I want and how I want.I\'m guessing it\'ll be what you want, too. Funny how things work out that way.See More of Angel Wicky at SCORELAND2.COM!. Ped peeper Ped Peeper What man can resist candy pink toenails on a pair of perfectly pedicured feet Not this guy, and Rose uses that to her full advantage. She uses her tootsies to seduce him into tonguing her soles and sucks on both of her great toes at the same time. He works his way up to her juicy vagina and laps away. Rose is pleased with this submissive foot puppy, so she presses her arches around his tool for a poolside ped pounding. Then she leads him inside for a sloppy, erotic suc job. With her toes pointed straight in the air, she takes his stiff prick into her eager vagina. The sultry redhead diddles her clit to a loud, moaning orgasm. She\'s so turned on that she lets him fucked her ass! He shoots his load in her anal for a dripping anal creampie. Rose is red hot!See More of Rose Red at LEGSEX.COM!. Good date We told Tiffany that she\'s one of the cutest girls we\'ve ever seen. We wanted to know if she has a full dance card every weekend. Thank you! And I wouldn\'t really say that guys are lined up to see me. I don\'t know if they\'re intimidated by me or something, but I don\'t go out on that many dates. I actually only started dating recently, because my parents were very strict with me when I was younger and they wouldn\'t let me talk to boys too much. But the few dates I have been on were elegant fun.And what\'s a date without goodnight sex Tiffany puts out for most guys. Not on all of them, but on some of them, yeah. I felt a little guilty at first \'cause I thought I might be giving it up too easily, but I got over it. I just wanted to make love and have fun, and there\'s nothing wrong with that.See More of Tiffany Thompson at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Pin-up doll Pin-Up Doll It\'s pin-up time for Trinety Guess in photos inspired by classic pin-up calendars and playing cards but updated and much hotter than pin-ups could have been back in the day. The only accessory is an electric wand to give cum-show doll Trinety some pretty vibes.Trinety is one of the rare girls to shoot a video of herself watching herself get fuck by JMac and wank while watching herself sucks and ride his cock. (That hardcore scene is called Ready To Play.) A girl-next-door who got into webcamming and made it a full-time gig, Trinety likes to dress casual. Jeans, a tank-top and flip-flops and she\'s pretty to go. Pizza on the beach at sunset, is Trinety\'s idea of a pretty time. See More of Trinety Guess at XLGIRLS.COM!. Wife, mother, grandmotherfirst make love video! Wife, mother, grandmother...first make love video! Judging by the sounds of things, 56-year-old Ruby O\'Connor really enjoys her first make love video. When 31-year-old Tyler, who\'s easily young enough to be her son, is banging her from behind (with Ruby grabbing her booty cheeks for that extra stretch), her orgasmic moans fill the room. Tyler make loves her so violent, it looks like his ejaculateshot is going to fill her cunt, but she wants him to ejaculateshot in her mouth, and that\'s what he does.At this age, to be so attractive to so many young guys is surprising but cool, said Ruby, who has a husband, children and grandchildren. I like it. It\'s a bit of a turn-on.Ruby is more than a bit of a turn-on. She\'s a total knockout with her red hair, lustful body and knowing, mature look, the kind of look that says, I\'m going to make sure you have a sweet time, and I\'m going to have a sweet time doing it.Ruby has been married for 15 years.He likes to watch. It\'s a great turn-on for him.Ruby likes going for walks, hiking, swimming, reading and going to the gym. She enjoys watching basketball but doesn\'t have a favorite team. Her eyes are blue. She measures 34C-25-36. She says she wears thong panties most of the time but sometimes none. As for sex with other women, she said, I have had a little bit of contact with other women. A woman ate my cunt on a sex swing at a party. But I love violent cock!Recently at a swingers party, Ruby rode a Sybian--a make love machine--for the first time.A Sybian is like riding a bull, but you have a cock on it that\'s remote-controlled, she said. That was quite an experience! A girl just led me over to it, and I started riding and was very turned on. I didn\'t notice at first that everybody was watching, but it was an excited adventure. That\'s why I think I\'m going to enjoy this: I like to be watched while having sex.Win-win: By watching, you\'ll make Ruby happy and you\'ll definitely make yourself very happy. Enjoy! See More of Ruby O\'Connor at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Venera - the wet tee & tits show The Wet Tee & tits Show Venera gets wet in a cool bathroom, so to avoid a cold, she must undress and get out of her wet clothing. This shoot is from May \'13 SCORE magazine and like any Venera pictorial, her posing skills are off the meter, whether it\'s hanger shots or her acrobatic, fuck-me spread poses. Her mind-blowing 32H-cup topshelf and her super-slim waist are only two of Venera\'s many charms. She is a living Barbie who has it all. Venera\'s petite taco alone deserves an award.Venera\'s a certified fitness trainer and a popular webcam model. On the subject of Barbie, Venera loves dressing like a Barbie doll. Sometimes I have a lot of fights with my mom. She thinks I am dressing too lustful or showing too much, but she doesn\'t understand that I am young and having fun. She thinks I should dress more conservatively.Girls stare all the time, and sometimes they make comments that aren\'t very nice. They say, \'Look at that girl! Look at what she\'s wearing. Look at her fake breasts!\' They don\'t understand. They can\'t believe that my breasts can be so considerable and natural. I think if they had breasts like mine, they would be wearing the same type of clothing. We would like to think so.In 2011, Venera was second to Valory Irene in the Newcomer of the Year contest. In 2012, Venera was 1st Runner-up in the Model of the Year contest losing to Valory again by only 14 votes. This is the smallest margin in the 11-year history of the award. That\'s how narrow this race was.See More of Venera at BIGTITVENERA.COM!. Bikini demmy Bikini DemmyDemmy Blaze is a living doll. No bikini can contain those hard mams...and don\'t we just love that! Much better than this beauty wearing a one-piece that covers too much skin. I am loving what I am doing now, Demmy said. I love the traveling. Becoming a model has given me this. I would not have been able to have new experiences if I did not make this decision.Showing her world-class naturals is a new path for Demmy. I always liked to make pics but I did not think of it as a career. It is my hobby. Now I can do what I enjoy and it supports me. I do not think of this as work or a job. It is nothing like the jobs I had, like waitress in a cafe.Demmy is studying belly dancing, something she also loves. She wore her belly dancer costume and showed her gyrating moves in a boobalicious bonus video.See More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!. Bdiamond girl/b Diamond girl I like to jerk-off but not make declarations as I jerk-off, Roxanne Diamond said. She\'s the quiet type and doesn\'t talk dirty and urge guys to jack off when they look at her videos. That\'s too bad, but all girls pat their pussies in different ways and some just do it silently. Roxanne began modeling when she met Joana.I did not think about modeling and then I met Joana. I learned how famous she is, and she is a beautiful friend now. She encouraged me to try this. Roxanne and Joana also did a couple of videos together. Before she came to us, Roxanne was working at an adult store. I\'m not sure if she still does. I hope so because I like the thought of that. Most adult shops in any country just don\'t have charming girls with big tits working in them. If I owned one, I would hire a hottie and pay her extra and hire a goon as store security.Said Roxanne, I don\'t need to dress up to emphasize my boobs because they usually stand out no matter what I dress in.Roxanne reminds me of Mandy Pearl, a little British busty brunette who wound up becoming a game show model on television. Very wholesome-looking and clean-cut. The kind of girls I try to find to model for SCORE and V-mag. Roxanne went much hotter than Mandy and picked up the art of spreading her good pink clam very quickly. See More of Roxanne Diamond at SCORELAND2.COM!. Rockell - yoga bare Yoga Bare Rockell\'s workout video has her getting nekkid and wet on a workout ball and more. This pictorial (September \'16 curvy magazine) has Rockell practicing her yoga bare moves. Yoga is the Alabama beauty\'s favorite way to keep that body shapely and sexy. There\'s a style of yoga that\'s done in a super-heated room. All Rockell has to do is practice her moves and the room heats up!SCORELAND: Rockell, if you had three wishes, what would you wish forRockell: That\'s a loaded question for me since I tend to over-analyze things in general. Honestly, if I could just have one wish, I really need a new car. My car is old and unreliable! SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or nakedRockell: I\'m actually OCD about having my house clean. I can\'t stand looking at messy things sitting around for too long. Drives me crazy! I always walk around my house anal naked. That\'s a benefit of having your own place and being an adult.SCORELAND: Have your tits ever fallen out of your top in publicRockell: Yep, they actually fell out of my bikini at the beach the other weekend. good times!SCORELAND: Two words. Topless...selfie.See More of Rockell at SCORELAND.COM!. Fresh and stacked Fresh and Stacked Amy Berton used to be a waitress. She said she liked it but wanted to experience different kinds of work and activities. A friend told her about SCORE and how they photograph girls with great tits. Amy was curious, and since she\'s the adventurous type, she applied, sending in some selfies. I watch football and basketball, sports fan Amy said. I like to swim for exercise. Please note Amy\'s tan-lined tits. Oh That was the first thing you notedMy hobbies are photography and traveling. I like to try extreme sports when I have the opportunity. My plans are to visit Australia, go on a camera safari, swim with dolphins and visit a restaurant that\'s been awarded a Michelin star.See More of Amy Berton at SCORELAND.COM!. Sundae kind of girl Sundae Kind of Girl I scream, you scream, we all scream for Janet Jade.The hottest ice cream parlor in the world has been constructed and our little sundae maker is none other than the curvy and petite Janet Jade. First, I\'m going to put a little whipped cream on my tits, an already naked Janet says, spritzing the contents of the can on each gorgeous areola. Ooooh, yeah.... Looks so gorgeous.... What a tit-man would do to have the chance to lick those creamy nips clean and then sucks them good! Janet does just that, licking and self-sucksing her cream-coated confections, savoring the nice flavor of her flawless skin. By the time this little lesson in sundae making is over, Janet will have turned her horny anatomy into a human dessert with sprinkles and cherries. How nice it is. See More of Janet Jade at SCORELAND.COM!. She sucks! She Sucks! Her singing will make you want to cry, but her anatomy will make you want to cum. The guys holding this audition quickly realize that Sara can\'t carry a tune for the life of her, but her great mouth has plenty of other uses. Instead of opening wide to sing, she opens wide for cock. And it\'s not just her lips that she spreads, either. After giving head, Sara opens her legs to get her twat split by a great sausage. I didn\'t realize this tryout was going to turn into a fuckfest, she said. But I\'m glad to show off what I can do, whether I\'m singing or having sex.See More of Sara Siren at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Boobs & anal Tits & butthole I sure look sexy, Sara Jay says admiring her ample buttets in front of her bedroom mirror.Sara\'s rockin\' a white crop-top and tight, red jeggings that accentuate every inch of luscious hips and tasty anal she\'s workin\' with.I can\'t wait to rub my butt all over his cock, Sara continues. I left the door open for him.Moments later, Sara\'s hookup partner, Johnny Rod, is in the bedroom and he couldn\'t be more libidinous to see her.What a woman you are, he says as she strokes his cock.This chick is the definition of fully-stacked, and Sara is as blessed with breasts as she is with anal, and she starts their raunchy have intercourse with an epic tit job before deep-throating his cock. 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Her cunt lips are the perfect size for sucking.If you look up the definition of man-pleaser in the dictionary, you\'ll find a photo of Nila Mason. See More of Nila Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!. Big tittied teen Big Tittied Teen Occupation: Student; Age: 18; Born: November 12; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: Usually colorful lace; Anal: Occasionally; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Doesn\'t everybodyEven though I\'m young, I\'ve had a lot of experience, naturally busty Marilyn told us. I\'ve even done an orgy, gangbang thing once. It was me and another girl and seven guys! The guys were only make love the other girl and me--no gay stuff there!I think every girl\'s favorite position is doggie-style, but I also really enjoy missionary. When I pull my legs back, the guy can fuck me as deep and rough as he wants. I can rub my clit and cum that way, too.See More of Marilyn Mansion at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. 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Now Shannon caters to boob-hounds.See More of Shannon Blue at SCORELAND.COM!. Boobs & bubbles Tits & Bubbles I don\'t need exciting,\' Ashley Sage Ellison told an editor. Sometimes the simplicity of a moment can make it perfect. The simplicity of a bath taken by a beauty with huge tits is definitely appreciated. Ashley may be a quiet girl but her tits communicate loud and clear. My tits started to grow when I turned 15, Ashley said. That\'s when they started getting bigger. Then they got bigger and bigger and bigger. And that\'s where I am now. A 32K. Ashley\'s a beautician by profession and she has a lot of interests and hobbies. I did horseback riding for a while. I\'ve done figure skating too. I haven\'t done any of that in a while. Swimming is a problem, because they tend to float. I like films. I like to go to the cinema. Bowling is fun. And going to nightclubs. Stuff that keeps me busy. Ashley\'s naked a lot. I tend to wear comfy clothes at home. 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