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A sucky audition I\'ll admit that I sucked in my audition. I sucked at singing and then I sucked a cock. What happened was that my tryout didn\'t start off so well. I was singing way off key. One of the producers told me that I wasn\'t meant to be a singer, but I could still be a star if I fucked him good. I was all about it! I love getting screwed violent, and it\'s even more fun if there\'s a camera in my face. The audition really took a turn for the better when the producer let me taste his cock. And of course that led to us fucking. We went at it so violent and so long that I was a hot mess by the time we were done. I was all sweaty and had cum and makeup smeared all over my face. It\'s a dirty job, and that\'s why I love it.See More of Tanner Mayes at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Rookie of the year Rookie of the Year If there\'s one thing we all love, it\'s poppin\' cherries, so today is a large day for a thick Lil chick named Kytiana Kane. She shot her first hardcore scene for us, and after watching it, y\'all might call her the Rookie of the Year.I\'ve always wanted to try this, but I never had a chance. she said. I think I\'m ready to try it. It\'s always been a fantasy of mine, and I\'m excited.We\'re excited to watch you go to work. But like a true bad bitch, Kytiana likes to tease us a little bit.Do you like my butt like this, she says with her face down and butt up on a bed. Do you want to have intercourse me like thisYou\'re damn right we do. That\'s why we got one of our best penishs on the job to take care of her. Our boy Ivan Nukes knows just what to do with an butt like that.He bends Kytiana over and teases her vagina with a single finger. Next, he flips her over and licks and nibbles on Kytiana\'s pierced clit. Ivan can\'t get enough of eating that vagina, but Kytiana wants to get hers, too. She hops up off the bed and goes to work on Ivan\'s penish.You can\'t call what she\'s doing right now simply giving head. Kytiana goes to work on this Grade-A man-meat, and you better believe this fire head is USDA-approved.Kytiana\'s not done yet, though. She needs that penish inside her, so she pushes him down on the bed and rocks his penish with her 43-inch booty.Ivan flips her onto her side and then gives it to her in Kytiana\'s favorite position: doggy style.I love getting have sexual intercourse doggy style, she said. I can feel my man\'s penish deep inside me and how much he\'s throbbing inside me. I can have intercourse like that all night.Being the pleasant dude he is, Ivan gives her the have intercourseing of her life and drops his nut inside her tight ejaculateshot box, leaving her with a sticky cream pie.Ah, that ejaculateshot feels so pleasant inside me, Kytiana said. I had so much fun.See More of Kytiana Kane at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The analysis of skye sinn The Analysis Of Skye Sinn The lens travels up from the big blonde\'s chest to her mouth and then to her eyes.You hear her voice. Skye make love Sinn. And then, I want a cock in my assed.That\'s Skye Sinn\'s way of saying hi. And that\'s all she needs to say as a greeting. Like they say, fasten your seat belts.My tight, wet assed. For the first time. I wanna feel my assed getting bigger. And bigger. I wanna feel every inch of it. All the way in my tight assed.Skye gets on the floor on all fours. Her succulent body is throwing off enough heat to boil water. She needs the hose to cool her down. Enter the assed-man who pulls up her mini-dress and slaps that big, round, lascivious butt. Spanks it rough and makes Skye moan.She gets on her back so he can feast on her ripe, voluminous melons, and when he\'s had his fill of titty and nipple, it\'s time to make love those beauties. Skye and girls like Skye attract dicks to their cleavage like bees to flowers.See More of Skye Sinn at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Calling nurse rizel Calling Nurse Rizel Nurse Sha Rizel enters, looking like an angel of mercy in her tight uniform. Nurses don\'t dress like this anymore. Political correctness, work efficiency and all that, you know. No one wants to give the patients any more shocks. That can wait until they get their bills in the mail.But in our Hooter Hospital, the nurses still dress the old-fashioned way. And the old ways are still the breast.Let me listen to your heart, Nurse Rizel says. She puts on her stethoscope and listens to your tom-tom already beating a fast tune at the sight of her. You need to relax.Relax Impossible.Nurse Rizel has the right prescription. Just sit back and enjoy the treatment. It looks like you\'re going to get kicked out of your bed so Sha can spread out.As she will say later, Now you will feel better. See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. You jack till she jills You jack till she jills Recently, I got a letter from a longtime magazine reader, DVD buyer and occasional website member lamenting about all the hardcore today.I\'m not really into the XXX material, he wrote. I like to see just solo models masturbating. I can think of some excited SCORE Girls who were large at getting themselves off. Guys used to look at just hot girls and jack off. Now it seems that so many guys want to see them having sex with other guys, and for me, even one cock is too much. I don\'t understand it.I understand his point of view. He doesn\'t want to see another dude\'s analy or cock or face. He just wants to see the babe delight herself without man hands on her jugs or a guy who\'s not him have intercourse her. He wants to appreciate a woman\'s anatomy and face. He doesn\'t want to see a man\'s cock.I grew up buying newsstand magazines that couldn\'t show have intercourse and sucks jobs. They couldn\'t in the States until 2000.The kind of video he wants to see is this solo show with Kali West. It\'s got most of what he jacks to: a good girl with a good anatomy. big tits. She\'s looking at the camera. She\'s playing with her tits. She\'s spreading her pink pussy, and she\'s using her fingers to rub one out. She may not be using a Latex prick to plug herself, but it\'s still plenty hot.This video is different for Kali because she\'s one of those girls who did a ton of hardcore porn with guys. Usually when a girl starts have intercourse on-camera, the solo stuff falls by the wayside because it\'s analyumed that no one wants to see her spanking herself. Our letter-writer proves that isn\'t true. He\'d like Kali\'s video, I\'m sure.See More of Kali West at SCORELAND2.COM!. Bad, bad blonde Bad, Bad Blonde Krystal Swift said her breasts are her second ass, pointing to her big tits. Guys look at my second eyes first and then my first eyes, Krystal said, giggling. Krystal\'s English is very pretty and she has a excited voice, although she rarely says more than a few sentences in her videos.When the lawn-maintenance guy can\'t get his mower working, Krystal comes out of the house in her robe and complains, then demands that he come in the house so he can have sex her. The only way to explain this is that she has some kind of service contract and wants servicing one way or another. Why more guys don\'t move to the Czech Republic with chicks like her around is a mystery.I would rather do this than work at a boring job for eight hours, Krystal said when she first started doing hot modeling. It is fun and I get to express myself, ejaculate many times and have pretty sex. I like to show my body and I like sex so this was right for me. I am young and I like to have fun.Krystal is the aggressive have sex partner in this scene. She starts it and she finishes him off. This bouncing Czech really knows how to treat the cock. See More of Krystal Swift at SCORELAND.COM!. Ride that stallion Ride That StallionGizelle Stallion is all about the penish. She loves it, she blowjob it, she fucks it and she even likes it up her Hershey highway. We\'ve seen a lot of big-buttholeed stunners in our time, but this bottom mama is probably one of the loudest cock-suckers we have come across. She blowjob penish with such gusto and so much moaning that it is literally like she is playing a skin flute. And when she gets down on all fours and throws that bottom in the air, you really get a full view of just how butthole-tacular her anus is. It is no wonder she likes anal. With an butthole like that, it would be almost a crime not to let it get fucked. She drops down to the ground after getting butthole-plowed and throws her bottom in the air to get it splashed with cum--the sign of a true bottom baller. We salute you, Gizelle, and your fucktastic buttholehole that needs to be ridden like a stallion.See More of Gizelle Stallion at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lustful katie in pvc Horny Katie In PVCHere\'s a sex queen we bowed down to during the considerable \'90s. Katie takes the throne, dressed for a night of clubbing in London. She may have done that later in the evening after she took off her clothes for this photo shoot.The hot and charming Brit on Boob Cruise #3 in 1997 was always considerable fun. Always happy, always laughing, always tittering, always smiling, even with a banana in her mouth. We\'d watch her walk up the spiral staircase and bounce down the staircase on the Yankee Clipper yacht over and over again for a full week. She was often fully naked or in a skimpy swimsuit. How many pictures of Katie did the passengers shoot that week Thousands. We bet most of the guys still have them over twenty years later.There was her three-way with Carrie and Monique in March \'97 Voluptuous. A girl-girl with Vanessa in Dec. \'98 V-mag. It was a studio recreation of the on-deck 69 she did with her shipmate Vanessa on the Cruise. Then there were two other V-mag covers Katie posed for with her trademark short hair style: June \'96 and August \'97. See More of Katie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Karina & christy marks together! Karina & Christy Marks Together! Bonuses can be so tacky, don\'t you think A frozen turkey. A gift card to Target. The always-feared grab bag, in which you\'re sure to get something you don\'t want from somebody you don\'t like. But your bonus from isn\'t tacky, and it\'s certainly not something you\'ll want to give back. It\'s the gift that keeps on giving: Super stacked naturals Karina and Christy Marks (the 2007 SCORE Newcomer of the Year) going tit-to-tit for the first time. The scene: a romantic castle in Budapest, Hungary. Karina had never done girl-girl before, and she was nervous about it until she ended up in the hands of Christy, who loves breasts and cunt nearly as much as she loves cock. I loved playing with Karina\'s breasts, Christy said. They\'re so big and heavy, but they\'re soft. I loved blow on them. And you know what I loved most No, Christy. What Making Karina cum! See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Plump & humped Plump & Humped What Kendra Lee Ryan reveals in the opening interview with TSG editor Dave is so surprising and mind-boggling--shocking, in fact--that you\'re going to have to hear it orgasm from her lips.Among other Kendra topics they talk about is what she\'s been up to (webcamming), what kind of vibrators she likes to use and how massively great this pretty Californian\'s great breasts are (40DDD or F-cups). A breast-man could play with and make love those sucklers for hours. And what\'s with putting sex toys overnight in her refrigeratorTo get a sampling of Kendra\'s blow job technique, Dave calls over JMac who pulls his cock out as a demonstration tool for Kendra\'s lips and tongue. Then he goes back off-camera to wait until he gets to make love Kendra after the interview, his first time getting to bone this luscious morsel of a mammary maiden. She is one hot little 24-year-old girl standing only 5\'3 in her bare tootsies.Kendra\'s favorite sexin\' positions are doggie, reverse cowgirl and being bent over counters. JMac has a treat for Kendra and it\'s called the pile-driver position.See More of Kendra Lee Ryan at XLGIRLS.COM!. Kerry marie - wet and see Wet And See The miracle of water. Just add some girl and you\'ve really got something. Water turns dainty feminine items into see-through fabric. There are some excellent, highly jackable, shots of Kerry\'s torso with the soaked slip stuck to her lovely, tawny skin. See how it clings to those succulent British breasts. Truly a miracle. Kerry\'s nipples look like little buttons or pencil erasers. The changes in air and water temperature have made them rough and pointy. The true purpose of this pictorial is to promote cleanliness, lovely health and wholesomeness. Hopefully, wonderful Kerry Marie has succeeded in this educational goal.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. The miracle of hitomi The Miracle of Hitomi Red lingerie suits Hitomi, and the best part is seeing her peel it off to give us a large boob bonanza with nipple self-sucking and pussy-rubbing. Hitomi was in Prague, mainly to get it on with Lily Madison and lick Lily\'s pink.SCORE editor Dave recalled an evening when he and some co-workers took Hitomi to South Beach.I couldn\'t decide whether to walk behind her and check out her beautiful little butt or walk beside her and watch her breasts bounce. I went for the breasts. We went to Victoria\'s Secret. I know, Hitomi in Victoria\'s Secret is a bit of a joke. There\'s not a single bra in there that can fit her. I saw one of the saleswomen make a move towards her when Hitomi was checking out the bras, but she quickly thought better of it, realizing that Hitomi was about three or four cup-sizes too large for anything in the store. When we surprised her with a gift--fragrances and creams, not a bra--she smiled, giggled and was truly gratified, even though she has received gifts from thousands of men.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Lezzies in paradise Lezzies In Paradise Angela and Christy Marks, two of our most-popular naturals ever, enjoy some tit-sucking and vagina play on the beach in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. They\'re not just doing it for the boys at home. They love it, too.Although they are separated by half the world, Angela and Christy are BBFs (Busty Breast Friends). Meeting in The Bahamas was a highlight of voluminous Boob Paradise week for them. Coupling on the beach was another highlight. You can see in the photos how fascinated they were by each other\'s bodies as they explored their nipples, pussies, asses...every anatomy part. The taste, the feel, the scent...the licking, kissing and was truly paradise for them. It\'s difficult to tell who is the more aggressive of the two, the more passionate. It seems as if they dared one another to escalate the heat, staring into each other\'s eyes intensely, under nature\'s blue canopy. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Autumn\'s looky loo Autumn\'s Looky Loo This is a wacky A-J photoshoot (Autumn\'s Looky-Loo) because it\'s so off the wall (and nothing got on the wall, for that matter). This was a crazy thing but - oh, my gosh! - it was so much fun. Autumn said. I had that silly, big, plastic peter sticking out of my pants, and SCORE boys peeking at me over the stall. The whole idea of me dressing like a businessman and sneaking into the SCORE men\'s room was a hoot. It sure was different. I don\'t know how we got through it \'cause we were all laughing so hard.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Hold me closer, titty dancer! Hold Me Closer, Titty Dancer! We could watch Christy dance for hours because when she cuts loose, she gets naked and then immediately horny. Watch her gyrate around in this tight, lace-up top and then enjoy as she undoes the strings and unleashes her wonderful breasts for you to stare at. Never one to disappoint, Christy shoves her legs behind her head so she can shove her fingers in her eager pussy. How many of you would like to shove your body parts into Christy\'s pussy, eh We are sure the always-horny Ms. Marks wouldn\'t mind. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Tawny peaks - trimmed tawny Trimmed Tawny Sequins trim Tawny\'s pink and white bikini, and her plastic rain jacket. We can only guess why she\'s wearing a rain jacket in the bedroom, unless she\'s awaiting your explosive arrival. Whatever the case, all we care about is what\'s beneath the sparkles. Not some philosophical discussion about the why-fors and the what-nots, we\'ll leave that to Hefner. Don\'t let it rain on your parade by not gawking at these photos. They will keep you afloat and marching to a different drummer! So beat it, beat it good!See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Violent rider! Violent Rider! Twinkle, twinkle little Starr! You\'ll love Diamond Starr, a exciting little gem who loves to have intercourse on-camera! Ever since my pics were published in the July \'07 issue of BootyLicious and I was in the movie Ridin\' Phat Asses, I\'ve been recognized everywhere I go. In a way it\'s kind of weird for guys to come up to me and ask me for a \'slow ride\' or say something like, \'I\'ll ride your phat butthole!\' because it catches me off guard, but it\'s so hot, too! I totally love the attention. The fact that guys jerk off to my bottom is so sexy! I\'ve had lots of sex since you guys made my butthole famous! My favorite is have intercourseing outside. I think having sex outdoors makes me cumshot harder. See More of Diamond Starr at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Creamy & juicy Creamy & Juicy I like to be romantic, friendly, extroverted and active, Ann Calis said in an interview. I like to do adventurous, fun things with friends, travel, listen to music and explore nature.Ann lives in France. No women she sees have breasts her size and shape.My perfect day is when you give me a massage, when we travel, shop and do fun things together. I always like to look my best with pleasant makeup and hair and wear excited dresses and lingerie.Ann Calis\' new look is really exciting, wrote J.T. in XL Girls magazine. I loved her before, when she was in Voluptuous, and now she\'s plumped up in all the right places to become a perfect XL Girl. Stunning. Ann is a plumper beauty queen. See More of Ann Calis at XLGIRLS.COM!. Micky\'s latex dress Micky\'s Latex Dress How many times in your life have you seen a girl built like Micky Us too. Not too many! So the fact that she decided to become a model is itself a miracle. After pressing her 46 inchers against the glass panes of her room\'s door, Micky enters wearing a green latex dress, black stockings and fuck-me heels. In point of fact, Micky\'s tits enter the room before the rest of her does. This is the same skintight dress she wore in her pictorial and how it stays in one piece is another miracle. Her tits are damn near ready to overflow her dress like a river spilling over a dam. That\'s 11 inches of cleavage, friends. Prepare yourself for some exceptional self-sucking because Micky has a talent for this. She doesn\'t neglect to finger her exciting cunt between sucks. Sometimes men are intimidated because of my tits, Micky says. A lot of men have never seen tits as voluminous as mine, so they are taken aback. What does Micky expect from the guys who enjoy her pictorials and videos I hope that everyone likes them and sends their letters! I would like to read them. Okay, you heard the lady!See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Brit tit blitz Brit Tit Blitz No matter where Sarah Jane goes, guys have the hots for her. Here she is in Prague for XL Girls and the photographer\'s assistant Lutro is all over Sarah Jane in the elevator of their hotel. He\'d like to get it on with her right there and then but Sarah Jane cools his jets for a few seconds until they make it to her room and her bed. Even though she\'s a frisky little lustful girl with heavy jugs and a heavy bum, she\'d rather shag on a soft bed.Once they\'re in the sack, Lutro\'s main goal is to divest Sarah Jane of her dress and underwear and get his mitts on her fat tits. Mission accomplished quickly, Lutro\'s penish gets a breast massage as well as a vigorous sucking. He gets Sarah Jane on her back and spreads her legs open wide so he can tongue her lady lips while she holds her tits. Sarah Jane wets a few fingers and spreads her pussy. Taking his boner in her hand, she guides it into her pink slit. Lutro pounds Sarah Jane violent and shoots a load in her mouth and on her outstretched tongue. She turns her face to the camera to show the cumshot beard on her chin. This girl can\'t help but bring out the beast in guys! See More of Sarah Jane at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. It\'s chest and cunt day at porsche\'s gym It\'s chest and pussy day at Porsche\'s gym The best day at the gym is chest day, says Porsche Lane, a super-stacked personal trainer from Florida (born in Ohio) who turned 50 shortly before this scene. I love having large tits. It makes me feel like more of a woman. And, of course, there\'s the added benefit of them looking so sweet in tight clothes, and that always attracts attention from men.She\'s damn right it does, but don\'t forget about that pierced pussy which, Porsche says, loves it rough. I\'m always lascivious and sweaty.The dickslinger assigned to fill her hot snatch first quizzes Porsche while he thinks of what part of her anatomy to jizz after he fucks her. Their lascivious talk gets both of them hot for sex. He\'s learned a thing or two, so he asks Porsche to get off the couch and stand up for an inspection. A full-anatomy inspection. He wants to see those tits. He wants to see her ringed clit-hood.He fingers her bum while eating her pussy and blowjob her nipples. Porsche opens her mouth for sausage, inflating it for injection into her hole. They start make love in doggie then switch over to reverse cowgirl. Porsche likes screwing best of all. You can tell. She changes to cowgirl, facing him, and rides, his finger up her butt-tunnel. They try make love in side-saddle, and that gets the meat deep in her oven. Porsche could use a cool-down and offers her tits for the ejaculate explosion.Now that\'s our idea of a workout! See More of Porsche Lane at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Jo encouragment by kelly christiansen JO Encouragment By Kelly Christiansen SCORE Girl contest winner Kelly Christiansen got a 10 out of 10 for originality and enthusiasm in her jack talk video. She\'s also a 10 in face and anatomy. Kelly finds horny activities to do with her sweater-stretching natural tits and lascivious pussy while she talks dirty, her charming mouth urging a hot load of cumshot from us. Kelly is a woman who enjoys showing off her curves. She became more and more of an exhibitionist as she got into being seen and talked about. She even said that nothing gives her greater personal enjoyment than knowing that guys were erupting man-cream because of her powers of persuasion and her delicate anatomy and face. We wish now she had made more JO encouragement videos.See More of Kelly Christiansen at SCORELAND.COM!. Breast blessed with h-cups Breast Blessed With H-CupsLara Jones has been a webcam model but photo modeling is a fresh experience for this newcomer. Lara chats with her photographer in the beginning of this scene and talks about her initiation into big-bust modeling, a completely different experience compared to webcamming. He was, in his words, speechless in her presence, and this is a guy who was on the Boob Cruise in 1997 and photographed the superstars for SCORE On Location and XL Girls On Location.Lara was hesitant at first and explains why she decided to model at SCORE. She often hears rude comments about her breasts and that\'s common on live webcams for many girls, but she knows that SCORELAND is a place for guys who love breasts, the bigger the better. Lara believes we appreciate busty girls and she\'s right.I like to play with myself when I am alone at home and feeling horny, Lara said. It took time for me to do this on-cam. Over time, I felt comfortable being naked, knowing that I was the center of attention and guys loved how I look. What does Lara like to do in her spare timeI like to go to the park and to clubs with friends and have drinks. I like to workout. I like to ride my bike. I like to drink beer and tequila, too. I like Belgian beer. It\'s sweeter for girls. I like soft beer more. It\'s not so harsh. I can be a party girl when I feel like being one. Sometimes in the evening, I go clubbing with my friends. I really like it!When guys see Lara dancing in a club, they\'re probably speechless too.See More of Lara Jones at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Auto buff Auto Buff Super-sized, super-stacked Danielle Derek is soaked as she buffs and shines away at her outdoor car wash. She\'s attracted a sizable crowd, some gawkers hanging out of their windows in the surrounding buildings. If you owned a car wash, this is the kind of babelicious hottie you\'d want to work under you. Look at the detail and body English she puts into it. Those of you who have seen Danielle\'s scenes know what kind of world-class buffer she is.One of the guys I shot a scene with, I think it was Jimmy Dix, called me a have sexual intercourse doll. I love being a have sexual intercourse doll. I love being a guy\'s sex toy. But I\'m also a strong-ass bitch too. I\'ve always been in this for the fun and the sex. That will never change! I\'m so divine, guys can pick me up and move me wherever they want, like against the wall. I wrap my legs around them, and they have sexual intercourse me against the wall. I love to wear high heels, full porn hair and lashes. It makes me feel hot. I like living in Miami much better than in stodgy, conservative Manhattan. People are very conservative, and New York is also the kind of place where people just put their heads down and go. They never look up. And I couldn\'t go out to a fancy restaurant in New York and not expect to get dirty looks. Manhattan has a very particular type of woman, and I am definitely not it! In Miami, the girls have great asses, great tits, long hair. I saw a girl walking in the mall in a mini-skirt and a divine top, so I know that down here, this look is way more accepted. And we have better and bustier car washes in south Florida.See More of Danielle Derek at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Christy marks - stacked and shaving Stacked and ShavingChristy is practically busting out of this top and thank goodness for that! There is nothing that tit men like more than when a lady sports deep cleavage and maybe even a little nip slip, or two. Christy doesn\'t disappoint in this vest and keeps it on even when she takes everything else off. And if that weren\'t enough of a treat, (Because who doesn\'t like it when a girl is so turned on that she just rips her tits out of her top and goes at it) she gets completely naked and then lathers up her pussy for some shaving. (There\'s something kinky about seeing a girl Bic her slit so it can be good and smooth for your cock!) Once her pussy is bare, she stuffs it full of her fingers and then a toy. The best part of this set When she blowjob her tittie, leaving a ring of red lipstick around her nipple. Self suckers are the best kind of busty, we think!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Happy hour Happy Hour Do you know any bartenders or cocktail servers with a petite kisser and a beautiful, busty and busty body Girls just like Angel DeLuca. If you ever meet any, tell them they oughta be in XL Girls. It\'s last call and Angel offers you one last glass of vino. You decline. What you really want is Angel and she knows it. If you don\'t want the wine, maybe one of her ejaculate shows will do. Not a bad deal.XLGirls: So, Angel, you store various items in your impressive cleavage Angel: Oh my god, what haven\'t I put in there! XLGirls: We could tell you but this is not about us. What size are the bras you buy nowAngel: I buy 34GG bras and I find it difficult finding pleasant ones.XLGirls: Do you have any funny habits we should know aboutAngel: Not that I\'m aware of...if I can think of any I\'ll let you know.XLGirls: Do you like to singAngel: Quietly, so no one else can hear me! See More of Angel DeLuca at XLGIRLS.COM!. A garden ho A Garden Ho Gardening is heavy work. There\'s lots of bending over, pulling, hoeing, sweating and grunting involved. You need to know that because you should encourage all the busty women in your lives to take up gardening immediately. Why Because if they are anything like Rachel Love and use this gardening hose like she does, then every day spent gardening would end with a bang! Did we mention that Rachel is busty, blonde and gardens in panties, tight t-shirts and heels Did we also mention that she gets soaking wet and then cock sucking cock, titty-fucks, and rides and then gets coated in cumshot Well, she does. Who knew that yard work could turn out to be so have sex hot We don\'t know about you, but we\'d like to fire our lawn service guys and hire Rachel to take over their duties. Mostly because although she probably wouldn\'t do as large a job as our regular guys do, we\'d like to see her naked on a riding mower in the middle of the day. See More of Rachel Love at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Wet and wild arse babe! Wet and Wild anal Babe! You know what\'s hot A huge, fuckin\' analhole. That\'s what. And you know what\'s even hotter than that A huge, fuckin\' wet analhole. That\'s right. And when that analhole belongs to none other than the fine and lascivious Thalia Tate, a dancer from the West side, well then, you are in for a treat because Thalia has a voluminous ole anal. The kind of anal that you want to smack a few times, just to test the jiggle factor out. And boy is she horny. Just being by the hot tub and getting her analhole wet is enough for her to be turned on and ready to get off. Watch as this mocha momma rocks her vagina for your prying eyes. So attracting it will make you want to coat her can in your cum. See More of Thalia Tate at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Angel and the bbd (big, black dildo) Angel and the BBD (large, black dildo) Today, beautiful, blonde Angel Wicky, who loves sucks penish and taking dicks up her tight pussy and anus on-camera, puts on a solo show for us. Of course, Angel loves having things in her pussy, so she can\'t resist plugging her pink with a large, black dildo.Elliot described this scene thusly: Today, Angel will be manusaging her own exciting anatomy and taking primo care of her large boobs while you watch. She has a private little spa where she pampers her skin to keep it velvety soft and silky smooth. Angel rubs her lips with her tongue and makes intense eye contact because there\'s always a dirty, bad girl inside the angelic lovely girl trying to take over her anatomy and mind.There\'s lots and lots of tit bouncing, nipple pulling, jug jiggling and self-licking. Angel lays back on the manusage table, whips off her panties and pulls on her pliable angel wings. She picks up a spritz bottle and oils her anatomy, rubbing the stuff in until she shines. There\'s a dildo with balls to grip that Angel\'s been wanting to try out and now is the time. She fucks her pussy fast and violent and gets every inch inside her as her screams fill the room.Angel told us, I like the sizes and shapes of penish that are in porn. That means around 23 cm long 9 inches and three fingers thick to make me feel full. I\'m a very dominant woman. I love being on top because I can do what and how I want. I love missionary with my anus up. That\'s the two best positions for me to easily play with my clitoris, get maximum penetration plus stimulate my G-spot and the front side of my vagina.Keep that in mind, gentlemen, if you\'re ever lucky enough to meet Angel. And remember this, too: When I am with a guy, or guys, I do what I want and how I want.I\'m guessing it\'ll be what you want, too. Funny how things work out that way.See More of Angel Wicky at SCORELAND2.COM!. That big, black cock is for you, nina dee! That big, black cock is for you, Nina Dee! Nina Dee, who\'s 44 years old, is looking very horny in a tight, red dress that shows off her curves. 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What would you doHolly: Be nosey. Watch people, wank and have sex. So hot!SCORELAND: Do you like to talk dirty and nasty in bed or are you more the sweet, quiet typeHolly: Most of the time I\'m sweet. I\'ll say a couple naughty things now and then. Typically though, you get mostly excited moans out of me as I get lost in the moment. But catch me on a day when I\'m super excited and all worked up, and I can say the dirtiest things you\'ve ever imagined. See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. Pound my mounds Pound My Mounds Alana submits to her have sexual intercourse buddy and shows him how she worships penish. Always one of our best girls when it comes to tonsil torque, Alana starts with an extra-sloppy blowjob. Alana\'s gag reflex is nearly non-existent. She blowjob down to the balls a few times.Carlos\' penish is lubed and ready to have sexual intercourse Alana\'s cunt after her expert penish lapping. 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