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Tit-fucking traffic stopper Tit-fucking Traffic Stopper Katarina Dubrova put on a strappy bikini and high heels and went out in search of a massive dick. That face. Those boobs. That ass. Those legs. She quickly found a drooling driver who brakes and honks for considerable boobs. I don\'t always want to have sex, Katarina said. I just like to see how fast my boobs can make you ejaculate. I want to see how much ejaculate you can shoot out of your dick just for me. Katarina got very inventive. After playing with his dick in the car, Katarina got him to follow her to an empty house to boob-bang and jerk him dry over her trembling boobs.See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND.COM!. Go braless, get boned! Go Braless, Get Boned! What\'s the best way for a girl to get a ride if she\'s stranded Wear a white, see-through shirt with no bra. It\'s also a really lovely way to get laid, too. Maybe that\'s what Remi had in mind when she decided to go braless for the day. She looks like the lascivious type who likes it when guys stare at her perky, little tits through her shirt. And she\'s more than happy to strip the shirt off and show her bare titties to the guy who gives her a ride home. It is a hot day, after all. The less clothes, the better, right Although all the fuck Remi ends up doing just makes things hotter. She drips all over the place-sweat from her pores and cream from her pussy. You can tell by the way she squeals and hyperventilates that she\'s never been porked like this before. So what lesson should teen girls take home from this video clip For lovely dick, leave the bra at home.See More of Remi Lee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Nude discovery audee Nude Discovery Audee Audee is from Brno, Czech Republic, where Barbara Angel and other big-boobed girls live and work. She has innocent, neighbor-next-door looks, but take it from us, Audee can be a very bad young girl.Young guys and older men like my boobs, Audee said. No kidding! I always wear a bra when I go out. When I am home, not so much. I like to wear push-up bras under a low-cut top that shows much decolletage and skinny jeans.Audee claims to not have any fetishes. She gets off fine on regular sex and, when she\'s single, nightly masturbation.I like to have sex twice a week, she said during a chat between the photo set and the video of this scene. I like a lot of foreplay. The best foreplay is massage. I love massaging of my boobs and bottom. My favorite position is cowgirl and I enjoy butt. My girlfriends say they don\'t like butt but I do.See More of Audee at SCORELAND2.COM!. Merilyn sakova - girl show Girl Show Merilyn and her good friend feast on each other\'s nipples and cootchies and share deep French kisses. They share two great cock-toys, sucks on them like they were real dicks before using them to diddle their horny wet cunts. They dreamt of spending the afternoon like this, and now it\'s a reality.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Hello, jamie! Hello, Jamie! Jamie Foster, a 48-year-old hottie and webcam model who was born in Florida and now lives in California, makes her worldwide suc and have sexual intercourse on-camera debut by taking on Carlos Rios\' voluminous cock. It\'s an impressive first time for a lovely woman with a tight little anatomy and nice, firm tits. If you prefer MILFs with the woman-next-door look, you\'re going to love Jamie. And Jamie clearly loves Carlos\' cum. She eats it and swallows it.I run around town doing errands in yoga pants, but otherwise I am a jeans and open-toe heels kind of chick with a tight top and some silver jewelry, especially rings, Jamie said. I like fitted clothes that show off my anatomy and I wear more dresses than most.She looks especially hot here in a tight dress. Carlos is her driver. At least she thinks he his. He\'s actually driving her to our shooting location, where he\'s going to be her fucker, too.A friend in the UK who promotes adult websites suggested I contact you, Jamie said. I don\'t think the people who know me would be surprised to see me here. I do have an innocent look, but I run my own program.And here, that program includes having sex for all the world to see.Jamie has been a cocktail waitress. She used to teach adults how to speak English. She\'s not a swinger or a nudist.I\'m too into fashion to be a nudist, she said.I have sex with much younger men constantly and it\'s a major turn on, she said. Younger guys checking me out is sexy.She must get checked out all the time. See More of Jamie Foster at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Meet lady s she used to be mrs s Meet Lady S. She used to be Mrs. S. Back in her teaching days, she might have been known as Mrs. S.Now, she\'s known as Lady S. The S stands for sextasy, and, yes, she\'s a former teacher. Today, we get to find out more about her before we set our sights on her first XXX scene at find out how she stays in such large shape.We find out why red is her favorite color.We find out how she became a XXX model.We find where she most wants to have sex. And we find out about her favorite position.She\'s married. She has a large body. She\'s beautiful. She\'s 63 years old, which is lovely unbelievable when you look at her. But it\'s true.Gentlemen, prepare to meet a spectacular 60Plus MILF.See More of Lady S at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Some t l c for your cock! We know that none of you ever had a nurse like Desirae and that\'s because not a lot of nurses come equipped with tits as huge and great hers. Desirae told us that playing a nurse was always one of her fantasies. I have always wanted to play the part of the naughty nurse. I like the idea of cupping a man\'s package and telling him to turn his head and cough. I had so much fun with this photo shoot; I dreamt I was a nurse sitting on a patient\'s tongue depressor! I woke up so wet that I took the dildo (the same one that\'s in the pictures) out of my drawer. I licked it until it was all slippery like, and rubbed my clit with it. Then I pushed that black thing in and out of my pink pussy until I had the creamiest orgasm I\'d had in days. My legs were shaking so massive my leg muscles got cramps!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. On the rocks On The Rocks In this upgraded scene, a SCORE crew hit the beach with Lillian Faye for some extreme bikini time and then some. Those considerable boulders provided a sweet cover from any potential birdwatchers. Lillian\'s from the other side of the USA, on the Pacific northwest coast where it\'s a lot cloudier and cooler. She didn\'t say if she wears teeny bikinis there but she\'s got the bod for them, for sure. Lillian could be a poster girl for a beach resort. Leaning back against the rocks, Lillian creamed her natural tits with SPF#50 to protect her sensitive, lily-white skin from burning in the surfside sun. A girl like her can never be over-moisturized. She\'s really a total girl-next-door in every way. As far as we know, Lilian is still a web-cam girl.See More of Lillian Faye at SCORELAND.COM!. Oksana rose: first xxx Oksana Rose: First XXX The anticipation of her first XXX at XL Girls was building up for Oksana Rose, a young cutie with big 34G-cups and a spankable tush. She waited and chatted on-camera with the director until JMac arrived. He greeted her with his customary palming of the natural tits, a greeting extended to busty babes upon first meeting them.Oksana\'s natural tits are man-magnets. Guys can\'t help but stick to them with hands and lips. Squeezing and sucks Oksana\'s tits, their boob play moves to one of Oksana\'s favorite hobbies to do with a guy, namely sucks and tit-wanking his boner.I love it when my natural tits are played with, Oksana said with a smile. My favorite thing is when my nipples are twisted and pulled. It literally makes me gush like a waterfall.The first have sex for Oksana is in cowgirl. Her astounding young backside is slap with each thrust of his dick into her pussy. Then they move on to more pulsating pole positions.My favorite position is doggie-style. I can get a really pretty pounding. Oksana\'s pro-dick is happy to give her that and a cruel pounding in lots of other positions, too. Girls should always ejaculate first. See More of Oksana Rose at XLGIRLS.COM!. Xl girls classics We\'ve met few ladies who took such an intense interest in--and derived so much delighting from--modeling for XL Girls as Donna did. For some girls, it\'s a job, a livelihood, a career. There\'s nothing wrong with that, of course. But not for Donna. Proud to be included with busty girls that ranged from one-shot wonders to the superstars, when she first started modeling, Donna began to regularly email us dirty jokes and stories she had conjured out of her sexual imagination. She enjoyed writing titillating fiction. She wrote one story about a Super Bowl party at her place that was really dirty.I came out wearing a skimpy bikini that only covered my nipples. This got the guys so excited that they started stroking themselves. I wanted to really get them hot and ready to shoot all that hot cumshotshot out on me, so I sat down on the floor and started pulling and stroking my long kitty lips and getting myself really wet. My rock-hard nipples were throbbing from the thought of all these guys getting turned on by me. I did that for about ten minutes when the first few guys came up and shot several loads in my mouth and on my tits. It felt and tasted so elegant that I begged them to give me more. It didn\'t take long after that and the rest of them lined up on either side of me and were giving me what I wanted. At times, I had two guys shooting loads of hot, gooey cumshotshot into my mouth. When that cumshotshot squirted out and splattered all over my face and tits, my kitty had its own eruptions without me even titillating it. After it was all over, I was literally covered in cumshotshot, from my face to my knees and they wouldn\'t let me wipe it off.See More of Donna at XLGIRLS.COM!. Blushing rose Blushing Rose Margarita Rose is a spicy, tiny Latina (She is only 5\' tall!) who sports a size six and loves bondage play. Here we see this caramel kink-queen in lace-up, red sandals and bare legs. I love sandals that lace up the calf because I like the pressure of the laces on my legs. I usually tie them extra-tight so that the laces mark my legs up. It stings a little, but pain is pleasure for me. I am looking for a man who understands that and can squeeze my feet together and hold them tightly while he fucks them with his stiff cock. Watch as this little siren in scarlet lingerie masturbates while playing with her feet. You will be glad that you did. See More of Margarita Rose at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sexin\' kandi kobain Sexin\' Kandi Kobain I love to ride a man and take control, Kandi Kobain said. I just know how to hit it so it feels the best to me and him. See how Kandi does it in this fresh video when she has an office quickie with an XL stunt-dick right on the conference table...proving that deals can be sealed with a great bang, not just a handshake and a signature. I\'m great at titty-fucking. How can I not be with tits like these The interviewer slowly gets Kandi to strip her clothes off as she constantly plays with her boobs. She\'s very compliant. He asks her to walk around the room seductively and she obeys. He asks her to bend over the table so he can inspect her analy and she does. She lies on the table so he can finger her slit and squeeze her tits. Kandi\'s blow style is from the man-pleaser school of eating cock...she must have graduated at the top of her clanaly. She knows exactly how to use her hand, lips and tongue to stiffen her interviewer before he fucks her. She\'s a screamer and a total sex bunny. See More of Kandi Kobain at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sweater girl Sweater Girl On a trip to visit her friends at SCORE, super-sex bomb Daylene Rio has just returned from sweater shopping at the mall (where every eye was on her swiveling ass and large bouncing tits) and meets her scene have sexual intercourse-partner Rocky inside the studio.Everything is ready for Daylene\'s SCOREVideos special scene. Rocky is eager to get started with Daylene and get hands-on and cock-in. Not so fast for Daylene! Normally Daylene is not a tease and denial girl. This time she tells her porn-cock partner that she wants to try on her purchases first on-camera. He can have sexual intercourse her in a different position for every sweater she tries on.Daylene tries on a green number. She looks killer. Then a tight, white sweater. An orange cardigan is next. Caressing her bountiful anal and burying his face in her bodaciously large boobs, Rocky is about as interested in Daylene\'s sweaters as the Pope would be in reading the latest edition of SCORE magazine.Now that Daylene has tried on her purchases, she opens Rocky\'s pants to see what he has for her. She puts her mouth on his underwear-covered cock and leaves his briefs wet with her saliva, then pulls out his cockasaurus and, staring at him with her outstretched tongue eager to give him the famed Daylene Rio give suck job, give suck it all the way. He got paid for this Daylene takes turns tit-banging him and blow him like a vacuum pump.Now Daylene wants her California Latina vagina filled. She wants to get her have sexual intercourse on. She sits on his pole, facing him and bounces up and down massive and fast. That\'s how Daylene wants her sex. Fast, massive, wild and strong.Daylene\'s passionate screams fill the room as they swap out to different positions; doggie, missionary and more.Where does Daylene want his nut On what part of the royal rack should Rocky release If we know Daylene, it\'s gonna be on her lovely face or on her mountainous mams. No matter where, just watching whatever Daylene Rio does produces an erection reaction. Trying on tight sweaters. Sexing. Taking showers. Just walking.Props to this large SCORE Girl.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Angelique and friends Angelique and Friends Whoever said that three\'s a crowd never saw this photo set. And Jack Tripper never had roommates like Angelique and Gabi, a busty magazine model. When Angelique\'s bosom buddy drops by for a visit with a friend, well-known SCORE stickman Marino, it\'s share-and-share-alike! Soon breasts, lips, and a stiff dick are set into motion. Every imaginable combination is put in place, in a KAMA SUTRA of positions. It\'s hot and sweaty! A boob-bonanza of thrills which will give you spills. This is the mother-lode of photo sets, so if you miss it don\'t come whining to us!See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Vanilla thrilla Vanilla Thrilla We like our women in all flavors, but sometimes there\'s nothing like a vanilla vixen. Kelli Staxxx is the type of chick that gets our blood flowing to just one place. She\'s got a 46-inch bottom that we\'d love to cover in all types of fixings to top this badonkadonk sundae. You know, dropping some sprinkles and whipped cream with a cherry on top, before splitting her pink cherry non-stop.That\'s a whole lot of anus, Kelli says as she makes her anus bounce. You think you can you handle itWe probably couldn\'t, but we know just the dude who can. Our boy Lucas Stone has a anus craving he loves to satisfy, and a big, black penish to give Kelli the have sex of her life.Lucas starts by burying his face in Kelli\'s phat anus.Yeah, bury your face in that bottom, she says. Can you breatheMmhmm, he mumbles with his face plunged into her bottom.Lucas has 46 reasons not to come up for air, and we can\'t blame him. Though, when he finally does come up, it\'s only for a second. Kelli jumps on top into a 69 and gags on Lucas\' penish, while he buries his face in her vagina again.make love this vagina. That\'s what Kelli says when she finally unlatches her excited mouth from Lucas\'s penish.Can you breathe she asks.With some pleasant bottom and vagina in front of him, we know our boy will find the second and third wind he needs to beat up Kelli\'s cunt.She hops on top of Lucas and works his man meat like she\'s riding a mechanical bull. Then, Lucas flips her over and beasts on her vagina missionary.Oh yeah, right there, Kelli says. That\'s it. make love that vagina.Lucas is still only taking samples of this vanilla vixen right now, though. He turns her around and beats up Kelli\'s vagina in doggy style; then she rides Lucas reverse-cowgirl. Finally, Lucas lays her down for a sideways have sex.We mentioned dropping some whipped cream on Kelli\'s phat bottom earlier. We\'d definitely like a taste of that, but with a vanilla vixen like her, dropping a thick load of man-cream on her bottom works just as well. Lucas drops a ton on her bottom. What more could a thick hottie like Kelli want Ahh...he came all over this big, juicy bottom, she says gasping for breath. See More of Kelli Staxxx at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Living doll of japan Living doll of Japan Do you like oil massage Hitomi says to us in English at the start of this video. Come play with me.The living doll of Japan oils her large naturals, saturating her skin. Her boobs shine as she continues to grab handfuls of them. The lens zooms in for extreme close-ups of her nipples as they slip in and out of her oily palms.Hitomi\'s boobs are works of art. How else can I put itIn the adult pleasure world of magazines, videos and websites, Hitomi is a huge star in Tokyo and the rest of Japan. She\'s almost too pleasant to be true, always taking selfie cell-phone pictures or shots of her little dog Cha Cha (hot chicks always have little dogs) or making that V sign with her fingers. She\'s good and perky, like a cartoon fantasy Manga girl come to life. She\'s also a three-time SCORE Model of the Year, which is something no girl has ever achieved.Most Japanese girls with huge, natural boobs are plumpers or heavy-set. Slim Hitomi is a natural phenomenon of nature, not unlike Merilyn Sakova and Venera. In Japan she\'s one of a kind.Hitomi\'s pendulous boobs and physique most closely resemble Sharday\'s, especially in tit-shape and slope, although Hitomi\'s torso is even slimmer than Sharday\'s, making her look bustier. Hitomi has hanger-style breasts. I can\'t even imagine how great it must be to suc and fuck her boobs let alone pump her.Westerners have a stereotyped image of Japanese women being small-breasted or flat-chested. This is wrong because there are lots of Japanese women with large boobs. The West has not been exposed to them and vice versa. Most of them do not model, naked or otherwise. Thankfully, things are changing somewhat.Except for Sakura Sena in 1999, I can\'t think of any Japanese girls who applied to model for SCORE prior to Hitomi. Sakura had a boob job. So we went over 10 years without a Japanese model. However, the miracle of Hitomi more than compensates for those years. Now we have P-Chan, too. Thanks, Hitomi!See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!. Dirty mouth Dirty Mouth This tool tasted so nice. It was all considerable and throbbing. When the precum came out of his toolhole while I was sucks him it made my pussy throb and drip. So when it was time to screw I was already lovely and juicy and he had no trouble slipping his penish inside me. Even though his penish was huge, I took it like a trooper. It felt so nice I creamed all over him. I can\'t wait to do it again. See More of Christine Michaels at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Never enough renee so here\'s two Never Enough Renee. So Here\'s Two Renee Ross shops at Lane Bryant for bras. Here, she tries on different bras and the sectioned mirror adds a special dimension to the shoot. That store Lane Bryant always has what I need, online, said Renee who made a comeback in 2015 when she found enough time from her nursing job. They make everything. Every now and again, I will find something in the store but it is really time-consuming to look through the shelves and try and find something. I used to wear underwire and then I switched to the ones that were all cloth and now, I am back to wearing underwire again. I switched back. I just like it cause it gives me more back support and that\'s important. I mean, sometimes underwire hurts, but I will take back support over that. Renee\'s beautiful chest precedes her. My boobs call a lot of attention to me, but I just ignore it. Men are more shocked by my boobs than anything else. That usually means that they stare, but they never come up and say something to me.See More of Renee Ross at XLGIRLS.COM!. Butting in Butting In Ariel thinks she\'s ready for it all, but can she really handle getting have sexual intercourse cruel by an older man She\'s about to find out! This little, puffy-nipped teen starts off by getting a mouthful of cock. She makes give suck and gurgling noises and drools all over it. That was a challenge, but she managed it. Now it\'s time for her fuzzy cunt to get have sexual intercourse. Her teen juices collect around the guy\'s shaft as he drills her hole. Once her cream has dripped down her asscrack, she\'s ready to take it to the next level. Anal. It\'s a tight fit, but Ariel takes it. She moans. She lets him take control. And then she gladly accepts his load all over her face. See More of Ariel McQwire at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sara jay - hotel ho-down Hotel Ho-Down How come everybody always wants to dress me up like a street girl Sara Jay said, giggling the last time she visited us. Because you look like a street girl, Sara, with your large tits, huge analy and bitch face. Because you talk like a whore and blowjob penish like the street street girl of our dreams. And look at how big Sara looks in fishnets, the official uniform of streets bitchs everywhere. I love the idea of picking up strange men and blowjobing their cocks, Sara Jay said. It\'s even better when you add the idea of them paying for it. It makes me feel like such a bitch. Sara Jay, you feel like a bitch because you are a bitch. You do such a nice job of playing the part of street street girl because the fantasy isn\'t very far from the truth. Sara, you were born for the role. See More of Sara Jay at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. Diamond in a dowdy dress Diamond In A Dowdy Dress Sabina has a pleasant face, but that dowdy outfit isn\'t doing her any favors. sweet thing she takes it off! She has a tight, firm, perky body hiding under that khaki dress. Her tits and backside are teen perfection, both round and high, and her nipples protrude, begging to be sucked.Sabina fingers her slit and says she wishes it was you. That means your penish in her kitty. If she\'s this hot and lustful just fingering herself, imagine what it\'s like to have sexual intercourse her. You can tell that she\'s a playful kitten as she giggles, talks dirty and give suck her kitty juices off her fingers. Who would\'ve guessed all that was hiding under her ugly uniformSee More of Sabina at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Flower power You\'d have to be a bloomin\' idiot not to get off as Kelly gets her flowered halter dress off to reveal a raging red thong, then revealing a lot of pink. Pink nipples, pink pussy, Kelly reveals it all. You know, Kelly\'s favorite color is pink. And after these pictures, it bacme ours, too.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Angelique - bedding down with angelique Bedding Down with Angelique Don\'t let the bedspread make you green with envy, because in this photo set you get the Full Monty and then some! This is no walk in the park, but the doggy-style might cause you to bark. And you\'ll howl as Angelique\'s hooters are fucked! These photos will gulp you in and suc your load, er, mind. Back in the \'90s, the big-tit mags couldn\'t publish full make love because of newsstand and distributor restrictions, so the studio had to settle for softcore posing with cocks an inch or so away from hungry cunts and mouths. It was an effort for Angelique to hold still and not start gulping for real, she loves penish so much.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Girl next door sucker Girl Next Door Sucker Doesn\'t Lara look cute She\'s an everyday beauty, the kind of girl you\'d see behind a cash register, walking her dog or eating a burger in a restaurant. But despite her wholesome looks, Laura is actually very naughty. I love blowjob cock, she proudly admitted to us. When I hear the word blowjob, my vagina goes crazy. And whenever I meet a guy or just pass by one in public, I look directly at his crotch to see what he\'s packing. I guess it\'s kind of like how guys check out a girl\'s breasts and ass. I\'m totally checking out their packages! And my mouth will literally water if he\'s got a heavy bulge!See More of Lara Brooks at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Head office Head Office It\'s trouser dropping time with a point-of-view private session in this upgraded-to-HD scene starring oral-expert Sara Jay. Sara Jay\'s boss is making things heavy for her. She wants to keep her job so she makes things heavy for him. Really heavy. This is an employee who wants to get ahead. Correction. She wants to give head.Sara Jay\'s said it before. I just get really turned on by blowjobs. It makes me want to fuck real bad. I have different positions when I sucks. I like to curl up in a sort of doggie pose, my head between a guy\'s legs with my bum in the air and sucks cock. 69 is okay but I really like to focus on the cock. Blowjobs are power. It\'s like, \'I just made you heavy.\' That\'s the power. Not only that, but, when you have an orgasm, well, I made you cum. Her boss applies the right corrective and disciplinary measures so it looks like things are going to be straightened out. Really straightened out.See More of Sara Jay at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Andi james cums and makes fantasies come true Andi James cums and makes fantasies come true Andi James, a 52-year-old redhead with voluminous tits, returns to When this scene opens, she\'s wearing sexy, sheer lingerie that shows off her voluminous tits and rough nipples. She pulls aside the crotch portion of the little number she has on so she can get to her pussy. Then she tells us about her fantasy. She wants a guy in his 20s, her son\'s age.Maybe he\'d like to get a piece of this, Andi says and she spreads her legs and fingers her hairy snatch. As Andi gets hotter and the sex talk heats up, she takes off her lingerie so she\'s totally naked and proudly shows off her hot body, including her lovely little ass.Why a solo scene So you can fully appreciate Andi. But don\'t worry: More roughcore is orgasm in just a few days.Andi celebrated her 52nd birthday the day before this scene was shot. She have sex on-camera for the first time.I\'m going to do it again, and I can\'t wait, she said.Andi, who\'s divorced, says she had never thought about doing porn because of my age. It absolutely surprises me. I thought the audiences want to see younger women.Nope. We want to see Andi.See More of Andi James at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lost and lewd Lost and Lewd Nothing is free in this world, but lost little Emy Diaz doesn\'t need to carry cash with her. She\'s got her own special payment method, and it\'s better than a credit card. That\'s because Emy\'s wet mouth and tight kitty are accepted everywhere and all you have to do is swipe them with your cock and the transaction is complete. Fortunately Emy brings her mouth and kitty everywhere she goes, and showing her gratitude for a ride home is as easy as unbuttoning her driver\'s pants. She gives him a sloppy, lip-smacking, throat-tickling sucks job and takes him inside to screw his brains out. Whether on top or bottom, Emy loves to get drilled hard. She squeals and moans like the Latina bitch she is and begs him on to have sexual intercourse her harder. And like anyone who receives excellent service, Emy tips her ride by letting him cum all over face.See More of Emy Diaz at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Fawn miller beats off Basically an amateur with a handful of credits, Fawn Miller was a true exhibitionist with a huge appetite for sex. She was a dancer and a wife when she and her husband made their way to California for a while so Fawn could make love in porn videos. In a way, Fawn was the Diane Poppos of her time except that Diane only make loveed her husband in her videos.I\'ve never been critical of women who have implants, Fawn said in 1993, a year that saw a tidal wave of women with giant breast implants becoming dancers. If people have the opportunity to improve themselves and make their lives happier, they should go for it. I was lucky to have developed voluminous breasts naturally and I thank God every day for them.Fawn didn\'t care for women on a sexual level and declined opportunities to have sex with them on- or off-camera. I\'m not bisexual and I have no interest in experimenting with women. I\'m happy with men. I like a man who is addicted to sex. See More of Fawn Miller at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Jo encouragment by kelly christiansen JO Encouragment By Kelly Christiansen SCORE Girl contest winner Kelly Christiansen got a 10 out of 10 for originality and enthusiasm in her jack talk video. She\'s also a 10 in face and body. Kelly finds excited activities to do with her sweater-stretching tits and excited kitty while she talks dirty, her nice mouth urging a hot load of cumshot from us. Kelly is a woman who enjoys showing off her curves. She became more and more of an exhibitionist as she got into being seen and talked about. She even said that nothing gives her greater personal pleasure than knowing that guys were erupting man-cream because of her powers of persuasion and her tiny body and face. We wish now she had made more JO encouragement videos.See More of Kelly Christiansen at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sheridan love - large wet hooters Large Wet Hooters Hardcore Performer of the Year winner 2015 (June \'16 SCORE) Sheridan Love is one of the few SCORE Girls who attends all the major adult expos in the States. She\'s a cam girl and the majority of cam girls never leave their house but Sheridan\'s also really into meeting the fans face to face (or face to boobs.) If we still did the Boob Cruise, she\'d be on it. Sheridan sent us a photo of her autographed bra and panty winner, G.T., taken at the AVN Adult Entertainer Expo in Las Vegas. This contest ran in the February \'16 issue. Bra winners have sent us photos before but this is the first time since the contests began almost ten years ago that a bra winner and a SCORE Girl have actually taken a photo together with the bra. He\'s a super fan and brought the bra with him to AVN so he can get a picture with me and it, Sheridan said. I try to go to the conventions that Sheridan\'s attending, G.T. told us. Sheridan is the perfect height for me (4\'11), exceptionally well-endowed and a perfect waist-to-hips ratio! The perfect wife! My plans for her bra are to place it inside my pillowcase so that I can have her wonderful orbs of joy near my head so I can dream about her nightly. I also want to have it wrapped around my manhood when I jerk off watching her video.Now that\'s loyalty that money can\'t buy.SCORELAND: Sheridan, how was the most recent adult expo for you Sheridan: I just got back from the Exxxotica convention in Chicago. It was so much fun! There was an anime convention going on at the same time. So many people were dressing in awesome costumes! I joined in the fun and dress-up too! The first day I was Princess Jasmine. On the second day, for the first half, I was libidinous Velma from Scooby Doo and then I dressed as libidinous Meg Griffin from Family Guy. On the last day I was a naughty cunt whose tail kept her skirt raised just enough to see some cheeks! Laughs I love playing dress-up so this was by far one of my favorite shows! See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Jordan fuk doll Jordan Fuk Doll I want to be the girl in your wank bank, Jordan Pryce said. Here\'s a girl who is proud of being a fucked doll, as her Twitter handle Jordan Fuk Doll reads. Jordan doesn\'t go for subtlety. She\'s an out and out bimbo slut with big, fake tits and a doll-like voice, always moaning and purring. She has a heart-shaped tattoo over her cunt, so she does appreciate romance.I will spit ejaculate on my tits, but I will swallow the ejaculate, too. I also love when a man ejaculates on my tits. I will rub it in, and sometimes I will take the ejaculate from my tits to my mouth and swallow it.Jordan lives in London and does her thing for SCORE in the Czech Republic. I love sexy, tight, little clothes and outfits that show off my big tits to the maximum. I always dress to show off my tits. I wear little skirts to show off my legs and high heels, too, but everywhere I go, the men and women look at my tits. The women point at them, and the men always look at my tits, not at my face.Not the kind of girl you bring home to Mom. The kind you keep away from Dad. See More of Jordan Pryce at SCORELAND2.COM!. Natural tits & tats Tits & Tats To be terse, Claire Dames is a freak. Just read what she said to us before shooting this scene. We weren\'t quite sure how to respond, but we thought you might like it. My big ol\' tits turn me on. Do they turn you on I hope so, \'cause I\'m really fuck libidinous and I\'m tired of stuffing my twat with this stupid dildo. I\'m tired of putting my clit under the water faucet to cum. And my fingers don\'t even do shit for me anymore. No, I need a real cock, right now, in my cunt. I want to be have sex so heavy that I don\'t even remember my name anymore. You know what it\'s like to be have sex like that, right Like when your balls are slapping against the girl\'s assed and her cunt whites are smeared all around the base of your cock \'cause she\'s so wet and libidinous. Yeah, I like that nasty stuff. I get all creamy right before I cum. That\'s how you know you\'ve satisfied me. And if the guy have sex me the way I like, I let him squirt all over my face and tits. Man, I wouldn\'t mind getting sprayed right now. Amen! See More of Claire Dames at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Soleil\'s slam dance Soleil\'s Slam Dance Soleil Hughes is not on the wrong side of the tracks. She\'s on the right side. She needs to drum up some action. Draining men of cumshot is her job and she\'s dedicated to it. She tries to flag down a guy who wants to party with her.Flaunting her busty body in a low-cut dress, her large tits almost pouring out, Soleil is picked up by a excited stud looking for some hot pussy and driven to an apartment. Her trick lies on the bed and watches as Soleil gets to work on his penish and balls, jacking his penish and sucks his nuts, pulling on them with her lips as she stares at the camera. Soleil rides penish, taking it deep in her pussy, giving her man of the hour a nasty fucking. He mercilessly rams Soleil\'s tight kitty in missionary, both on-top positions and from behind. She didn\'t expect this hook-up to be so pounding and it shows on her face which gets blasted by nut-milk when he\'s done with her.See More of Soleil Hughes at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. 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It makes you...lucky to be with Lucky.Lucky is not a first-timer. She\'s a porn star who decided to get into porn after she was laid off from her job as a waitress.I didn\'t know what to do with myself, and I was with fiance No. 4, and one day, a light bulb went off over my head, because he and I watched porn all the time, and I was like, \'I\'m already in L.A. Why don\'t I give it a shot\'So she did, and she won some awards, and now she\'s good well-known. She fucks in porn scenes. She works as an extra in mainstream movies. She told us, I went into porn because I enjoy it.As you\'re about to see, when Lucky enjoys doing something, nothing can hold her back.See More of Lucky Starr at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Wet angel Wet Angel Angel Sin is a very lascivious girl. Her favorite way of masturbating is by rubbing her clit very quickly with her hands and that\'s what she does in the tub in this XLGirls video. Angel likes to talk hot and dirty with a teasing glint in her eyes. She talks about guys\' massive cocks rubbing her nipples and breasts, and shooting their loads all over her body. Angel slaps her breasts together and, with direct eye-contact, she talks about guys make love her breasts while she slaps them together. Angel prefers make love on top so she can smother guys\' faces with her giant knockers. There\'s a whole lotta woman to fuck when you\'re pounding Angel. Stock up on the zinc and lecithin pills \'cause you\'d need \'em! She truly is an angel of sin...and salvation! See More of Angel Sin at XLGIRLS.COM!. Foxy fishnets Foxy Fishnets I don\'t have a heavy time finding clothes that fit me, said foxy Dolly Fox. (Her pet name is Tiger.) The body stocking Dolly\'s wearing in this show fits her just fine. I just have to buy clothes that are a couple of sizes bigger or more elastic. I like to wear clothes made of stretchy material. It\'s finding bras that fit me properly that\'s the difficult part. I have to look all over to find those or buy online.SCORELAND: So, Dolly, do you wear a swimsuit or do you sunbathe nudeDolly: Nude, of course, if the place where I am allows it. But otherwise, I am at least topless. SCORELAND: What do your fans say about toys vs. no toysDolly: A lot of my loyal fans are sending me messages where they actually ask to not use toys or not even show my pussy. They just want to see me play with my boobs...and that\'s what I\'m trying to give them. See More of Dolly Fox at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lisa marie proves there\'s a first time for everything Lisa Marie proves there\'s a first time for everything Lisa Marie Heart, a divorcee, mother and grandmother from Phoenix, Arizona, has done a lot of excited things in her 60plus years.She was a topless dancer for 15 of them. 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He\'s boob drunk and in no condition to drive.Nila sits on the couch next to him where he can keep his hands on her massive mammas, rubbing and jiggling them. Nila is definitely a woman to be worshiped. She\'s down to her pink panties very quickly and eager to take his violent dick in mouth. Two can play the worship ritual.Nila slowly licks and blowjob the bloated shaft, then builds up speed. She steals glances at the camera while her pink tongue flicks in and out. Nila will also look at the camera when they fuck. She repeats the speeding up and slowing down of her oral expertise, knowing when to ease up and when to gulp faster. Cupping her considerable hooters in her hands, she holds them up so he can tit-fuck her. Max pumps her soft, fat tits violent and fast. 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Some people feel that if you\'re over a certain weight, you shouldn\'t wear a thong, but I think that\'s bull. If I feel sexy in a thong, then I\'m going to wear one! I love lingerie, and I always wear matching bra-and-panties, even under sweat pants. I do that for me! I deserve it. I wear a lot of skirts, short tops. Not too many v-necks because I get stared at. There\'s that idea that if you have large breasts, you\'re trampy or looking for attention, but I\'ve had them all my life! See More of Devin Taylor at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sha rizel - bound for glory Bound For Glory This is an unusual photo set for Sha Rizel. She\'s bound and gagged and left helpless on a bed to wait until she\'s freed. Once she\'s untied, Sha shows off her beautiful, slim-and-stacked body.Sha doesn\'t have any fetishes like this one. She\'s more of an outdoors kind of girl.I like to go on long walks, Sha says. I like yoga. I like to relax. I am always busy, so I don\'t have a lot of chances to relax and go to the spa. I like to cook.Here, she\'s really cookin\'!See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Fun in the sun Fun In The Sun Wearing a bikini, Tabatha Towers walks and jogs on the beach on a windy day. She boldly moves her bikini top aside at one point and her huge tits bounce wildly. The people behind her don\'t see that. Tabatha goes into the wild surf where her bikini top opens again. She cavorts in the water for a while.There\'s a section of wooded private property where a few of the early SCORE Girls posed. There\'s a swing, a tree house and a bench in this secluded spot. Tabatha plays on the swing, goes into the tree house and spends the rest of the video oiling her large tits and suc her nipples. The redhead had a talent for oral boob play.Tabatha never did much video during her dancing career, especially compared to the girls who did hardcore such as Wendy Whoppers. Back then, filming super-busty feature dancers took precise booking because they could spend up to 40 weeks a year performing on the road and didn\'t have a lot of leeway for photo shoots. See More of Tabatha Towers at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Good date We told Tiffany that she\'s one of the cutest girls we\'ve ever seen. We wanted to know if she has a full dance card every weekend. Thank you! And I wouldn\'t really say that guys are lined up to see me. I don\'t know if they\'re intimidated by me or something, but I don\'t go out on that many dates. I actually only started dating recently, because my parents were very strict with me when I was younger and they wouldn\'t let me talk to boys too much. But the few dates I have been on were elegant fun.And what\'s a date without goodnight sex Tiffany puts out for most guys. Not on all of them, but on some of them, yeah. I felt a little guilty at first \'cause I thought I might be giving it up too easily, but I got over it. I just wanted to make love and have fun, and there\'s nothing wrong with that.See More of Tiffany Thompson at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Cock-milking mammary massage by miosotis Cock-Milking Mammary Massage By MiosotisMiosotis is one of the most-slim-n-stacked naturals in the universe...perhaps you\'ve heard of her. Well, you\'re in luck. In this upgraded video scene, we\'ve scheduled you for an afternoon of massage with Mio. She\'ll be using her giant, soft hooters as her instruments of dermal pleasure at this all-expenses-paid luxurious beach side resort. Mio rubs Largo the right way and before long, the skin-to-skin rubbing and the weight and heft of her ginormous juggs lead to an open air sucking and fuck. This is one massage that will not be forgotten soon. Mio opens her hungry mouth for his paste payload instead of offering her 36KKK-cups for basting. See More of Miosotis at SCORELAND.COM!. Deep sleep Deep Sleep When Alayah falls asleep waiting for her man to come home and penish her down, she has a bunch of wet dreams about him. And when he comes home and rouses her from her slumber by sliding his penish inside her, she wakes up with a smile on her face. This sleeping beauty backs that thing up and gets plowed and then she dick sucking her man\'s dick and gets it nice and lubed up for some more drilling. He ends up make love her butt cleavage until he nuts. We are sure that it was the best wake-up call Alayah has ever received. See More of Alayah Sashu at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Christy marks - helping hands for hooters Helping Hands for Hooters When we sent five of the bustiest ladies around (Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Gianna Rossi, Angela White and Terry Nova) to the Bahamas to film the feature heavy Boob Paradise, we hoped that the girls would get along. What we didn\'t expect was that they would get along as well as they did. In fact, we couldn\'t get them to keep their hands off one another. If we attempted to do a solo shoot, one or two girls would wander over and then all of a sudden, it was a lezzie Lickapalooza. We finally decided if we couldn\'t beat \'em, we could beat off to them. So we invited all the girls to shoot together and what happened was a moment in large tit history. Watch as the girls oil up Christy\'s tits and knead and squeeze them. If that doesn\'t get you pumping your dick, then you\'re dead from the waist down! There is nothing like many helping hands on a pair of exciting hooters like Christy\'s. There\'s a reason this was heavy Boob Paradise!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Relax and pamper Relax and Pamper I love to relax and pamper myself, says Tiffany Smokes as she strips off her robe to reveal thick, naked legs. Nothing feels better than a nice, hot bath and massaging my feet with some slick lotion. It turns me on when I can feel the warm water streaming over my legs and thighs. And after my erotic bath, I use my fingers to apply luxuriant lotion and rub in-between my toes, stretching them wide. The wider the gap between my toes, the hornier I become. I start thinking about a cock stretching them apart and it makes me touch myself almost immediately. Well there\'s nothing wrong with that!See More of Tiffany Smokes at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tit-fucker\'s dream girl The fastest a guy has ever ejaculate with Danni Lynne...As soon as he went in! said Danni. He was in and had to pull out. He had a condom on, but he went in and said, \'I\'m done.\' I said, \'What What about me\' I gave him a pass. He was a foreigner. Sometimes their English is a little choppy. I knew what he meant, that he came. I wasn\'t expecting it. I was mad. I was upset. I was horny.No such problem at SCORELAND when Danni meets up with JMac again to try on a variety of hooter-holsters in a bra-vo bra show. 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He\'s outside right now, and he bears a striking resemblance to that guy she saw make love all the older women on What was his name JMac. That\'s right.Kandi has no trouble elegant JMac\'s attention, not in that tight, short dress she\'s wearing, and before long, he\'s cock suc her boobs and she\'s cock suc his cock and getting have intercourse every which way. Now, most women wouldn\'t want a complete stranger to cum in their pussies, but that\'s where JMac leaves his load, and Kandi is happy for it.Kandi is happily married and a swinger of sorts.I\'m not a traditional swinger. My husband allows me to play with others but he does not.Kandi\'s playtime has included many encounters with young men in the service.It\'s my way of supporting the troops, she said. And then there was that foursome...I had sex with three young men on vacation. They did shots off my naked body to start the evening, but they tapped out after an hour and many orgasms. I was still hungry for more. I have a voracious sexual appetite.Which is satisfied here...or is it Kandi is always hungry for more.See More of Kandi Jones at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. The handyman\'s penish The Handyman\'s penish Lucie has a crush on the handyman. She wants to know if he has the penish to match those big, strong muscles. She invites him in to cool down, which is code for take off your clothes.Lucie, who is 4\'11, looks like a tiny, little make lovedoll next to the 6\'3 handyman. Although petite, she has no trouble swallowing his big penish or taking it in her little pussy. beautiful thing no one else is home. Lucie is free to moan and make all the noise she wants. The handyman isn\'t just charming with his hands. Judging by Lucie\'s reaction, he\'s a appealing charming penishsmith too. He shoves her panties in her mouth so she has something to bite down on as he gives her the long stroke. Lucie ends their heated make love session by jacking the handyman\'s penish till he shoots all over her face. 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Karina\'s naughty stockings Karina\'s Naughty Stockings From the front, it looks like Karina is wearing a simple, very-low-cut top and a simple pair of tights. Nothing unusual, other than Karina\'s natural beauty and natural great boobs (which make any top she wears look extraordinary). But then, Karina stands up and turns around and whoa! That\'s not a pair of tights! It\'s a stocking! And Karina, it looks like you forgot something. Like your panties! I didn\'t forget, Karina said, giggling. I like it this way. We like it, too, and wouldn\'t you love to grab Karina\'s stockings and tear your way into her ass, bury your head in her ass crack, spank those cheeks, spread em wide and lick her butthole without even taking her stocking off That is the whole idea, isn\'t it Karina said. Not the whole idea, Karina. In your case, boobs must be part of the whole idea.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Preggo & wet Preggo & Wet It\'s shower power time for Roxanne Miller as her preggo series at XL Girls comes to an end with this fourth scene. All\'s well now post-pregnancy for Roxanne and her bundle of joy. She\'s found the entire experience an adventure and she was even able to model for XL Girls during this major time in her life.Always a positive, happy chick, Roxanne talked about her point-of-view of her bumpy experience as her anatomy changed.Since we are able to create a miracle--right--I think we girls deserve to be pampered, at least during our pregnancy, so we can feel charming while we are expanding. So I do go to the salons to cut my hair, make it curly or straight depending on my mood, take care of my nails and stuff like that because I need to feel feminine and girly. I use a lot of lotion on my anatomy and for my belly, I use a lot of oil because it feels good.During my pregnancy, a lot of friends, mostly guys, said to me that my boobs were going to get doubled. And a girl said to me, \'Oh. my god, you\'re so selfish, you already have so much boobage! You want more\' See More of Roxanne Miller at XLGIRLS.COM!. White hot summer White hot summer Actually, these photos were taken in St. Maarten, the Caribbean a few hours before Angela did her first boy-girl scene, and the anticipation shows all over her face.I was really horny, Angela said. I wanted to fuck, and then when you told me I was going to do a solo shoot first, I said, \'What a bunch of teases!\' You can tell that I really want the cock, can\'t youWe can, and although this isn\'t a XXX scene, Angela has never looked hotter than she does in that barely-there monokini. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Wet wednesday! Brooke reminds us of a pin-up.Can\'t you see her as a retro centerfold babe with her curves, great tits and comely features She may have classy looks, but we can assure you she\'s a very naughty girl! 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I\'ve had tits since third grade.Did doing hardcore scenes for the first time at SCORE change Rachel in any way Yes, it opened my eyes to the do\'s and don\'ts of the adult industry. It\'s been a big eye-opener.When Rachel first appeared at SCORE, she was nervous which is natural for a newbie. Those feelings faded quickly. As she said, This place is really authentic and professional. It blew my mind how real this place is. When I came in, everyanatomy was super elegant and nice. See More of Rachel Raxxx at SCORELAND.COM!. Milly marks: the breast a man can get Milly Marks: The Breast A Man Can Get While she\'s showing Alex the house, Milly Marks\' huge, natural boobs slowly fall out of her tight, red dress until her pair completely plop out. Alex makes his move. The heat is on. Milly can\'t get enough of his rough penish and Alex can\'t get enough of Milly and her pleasant body. They\'re high from their hot sexing and forget about everything else. Milly\'s cunt is sopping wet as they fuck. She happily milks his penish until it explodes all over her heavenly hooters.While curvy Model of the Year winner Milly has said she doesn\'t watch her own videos, she did say, I love watching people have sex. I want to watch everyone that I care about have sex in front of me. I love to watch a guy jerk off next to me, and I\'ll play with myself.V-mag editor Dave interviewed Milly in Miami the day he first met Milly and wrote, Milly is sensational. She has a pleasant sense of humor. She\'s young and beautiful. Her boobs have the firmness that only big, young boobs can. She\'s five-feet tall, so her huge hooters are a big part of her presence. See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Brit babe bares best boobs Samantha Sanders is a lawyer in Britain. Here at XL Girls, Sam shows her briefs and then takes them off to show you her spectacular anatomy and thick, large tits, tits she is very proud of. She should be. If she ever dropped those jugs on your head, should you be that lucky, you\'d be knocked-out cold.I might have sex on the first date. It depends on the guy and the circumstances. If it\'s spur of the moment lust, then yes. I give fantastic tit wanks and blow jobs. We\'ve seen Sam do those things and more.Sometimes I will put on horny lingerie, watch one of my DVDs and have a play. My tits always make me feel horny. I\'ve had a shag once watching one of my videos with a guy. I have much more confidence now and my scenes are much better now than they were 15 years ago! See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. The lap dancer The Lap Dancer One of the all-time superstars, Merilyn Sakova rarely danced in her videos so this is a large look at her dance floor moves as well as what she would have looked like as a lap dancer. Merilyn was never a stripper or a lap dancer. At least not to our knowledge. She was too shy in that respect. But the fantasy is hot. Kiev has its share of strip clubs. Merilyn would have had them lining up around the block! See More of Merilyn Sakova at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Pleasant & tasty Beautiful & Tasty Covergirl of XL Girls magazine SP 299, Allie Pearson goes Hawaiian in Florida with a flower in her hair as she goes bare. Super-popular Allie has never left the Top 20-rated Models page since her debut. Is it Allie\'s large G-cup tits, her happy smile, her bright, wide eyes, her cheery personality or is it all of the aboveWhen I go out, I like to show off my body, says Allie who had never modeled before until she contacted XL Girls. It depends on my mood, just like everything else. I would say that I don\'t dress to show off my chest, but when I do, I enjoy all of the attention. I always wear a bra. I don\'t dress to show off regularly. When I do, I love it. I love being the center of attention. I love having my makeup and hair done at The SCORE Group. All those things. I\'ve always been such a girly-girl, but the opportunities that have presented themselves, and where I was at, it never became an option for me. I never thought that it would be something so professional and glamorous and comforting.Allie\'s never owned a sex toy so when she has a chance to jerk-off at home, she uses her fingers to rub her clit until she she\'s doing here. See More of Allie Pearson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Nicole peters - too lascivious for her bra Too libidinous For Her Bra The Nicole Peters phenomenon attracts new fans from around the world. Emails ask who the girl in the photos is from our twice-weekly BoobMail list. Nicole\'s name is mentioned on Internet message boards by posters debating her merits, asking if Nicole\'s better than other models. Other models praise and admire her. Australian V-Mag and SCORE model Angela White adores Nicole and would one day love to pose with her. Through it all, Nicole remains shy and sweet--the beautiful, super-busty girl-next-door. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Swinging british boobs Swinging British breasts Aurora Rose slaps those voluminous tits together and keeps going, then the British babe-next-door lotions up and gets \'em all creamy. Close-ups of bouncing tits rule.Aurora\'s idea of foreplay is to exchange hot texts. I like to read lustful texts before we meet. It makes everything more lascivious once things get going. It\'s the anticipation and the buildup that gets me horny.Aurora is a voluminous flirt and proud of it.I\'m friendly with an Aussie fitness trainer that I\'ve never had sex with but I find it a huge turn-on telling him every time I get some Aussie dick and letting him know I was thinking of him. I\'m such a tease, I know. See More of Aurora Rose at SCORELAND.COM!. Big-boob garage Big-boob garage I never met Selena Castro, but I know that when she came to SCORE, she was having car problems and dropped her car off at the SCORE garage. What I learned from this scene was that girls with exciting bodies and large boobs get their cars repaired faster than guys. Is this sexist or whatSelena was one of those SCORELAND Girls I\'d call girlfriend material, although when girls like her get a steady boyfriend, the guy usually stops them from doing porn. Selena was like the Latina version of Brandy Talore. Selena was in a bunch of magazines and DVDs, posed naked and masturbated, did a flurry of make love scenes in the Miami area and went back to the life she\'d had before adult modeling. Then again, never predict that a girl who is currently inactive in porn is totally finished with it. She may unexpectedly make a comeback or pop up on webcam sites, Skype, etc. I\'ve heard Selena was back and looking thicker.Selena was just 20 and a student when she started posing in 2009.I\'ve been with girls and they\'re fun, especially when they\'re built like me, and I\'ve had lots of guys, Selena said. I like to go on blind dates, and yes, I do make the first move. I like it when a guy undresses me with his eyes. If he\'s not looking at me when we talk, then I feel it\'s not going to work out later. I want the man to work over my boobs. I like a lot of blowjob and licking, nibbling and very gentle biting. If he wants to make love my boobs before we make love, we can do that.See More of Selena Castro at SCORELAND2.COM!. Oiled & stacked Oiled & Stacked Hot babe Shara Lopez scores another goal with her Colombian heat, modeling a string bikini at an indoor pool, rubbing and pulling on her big, pliable tits, spreading baby oil all over that lusty body and giving her kitty a finger party. Shara doesn\'t play sports but when it comes to breast games such as nipple self-sucking and extreme tugging, Shara is a gold medal winner. Colombia is known as a major destination for boob jobs (the USA, Spain and Germany rank higher) but Shara was blessed by nature and heredity. Her boobs began to develop at 16 while her shapely body remained trim and curvy with a 28-inch waist and 36-inch hips. Shara\'s bras and bikini tops are filled with natural and very beautifully-shaped 32G-cups.Shara picked her name because it was the name of a doll she owned. Now she\'s a grown-up, living doll who gets a ton of attention anywhere she goes, especially when she goes skating and wears elegant shorts and a tight top. Roller boobie time with Shara must be one of the wonders of the world. See More of Shara Lopez at SCORELAND.COM!. The power of maserati The Power of Maserati Maserati first made her way to TSG in the spring of 2011. Since then, she\'s become one of the world\'s best bust-stars, astonishing everyone with her huge naturals and her vigorous, exciting approach to her boy-girl scenes. Her cleavage can engulf the biggest dicks.Maserati\'s made annual visits since then, her tits having grown bigger every time. In 2012, after a fresh bust-line measuring, Maserati said, The only way to measure a bra is to stick your tits in it. I was wearing a double-H, but then after a while, it didn\'t fit and I was having back pain. So I said, \'Maybe I should try an I-cup,\' but that didn\'t fit, either. So now I\'m wearing a J-cup. The measuring tape might say I\'m an N-cup, but my boobs swim in a double-J, so I\'m very happy with what I\'m wearing. And since then, Maserati\'s hooters have become even more mindblowing. Seeing is believing.This is the first time Maserati\'s ever modeled outdoors at TSG. She\'s gone on-location but those shoots were indoors. She destroys this monokini under the Miami sun. See More of Maserati at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!.