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Milly makes it violent Milly Makes It heavy A couple of years ago, I was told that if you\'re going to have intercourse someone, you have to give it your all and be the best have intercourse they\'ve ever had, said Milly Marks. I guess it kind of stuck with me. That advice definitely did stick.Here\'s the super-voluminous boob-bomb show with Milly and JMac that many have been waiting for and emailing about since they saw JMac drop by an interview Milly was having with SCORE editor Dave. It was the perfect sex match-up. A computer couldn\'t have done better. Milly said she likes to be have intercourseed hard. My favorite position is doggy because that\'s usually when I find it to be the roughest. Milly tries the piledriver and getting picked-up for the first time after a kind of dry run during the interview. Milly said that most of the time, she gets the cumshot on her voluminous tits. If not, she gets a facial. She said she doesn\'t know why her beautiful, young face is creamed which is where JMac nuts after their very hot, loud, power pounding. At 18, I would\'ve believed I would be trying porn two years later because I\'m kinda out there and do my own thing. I\'ve never been a conservative person, but I never thought I would do it. But I wouldn\'t have been surprised if someone told me I was going to do it. It was never in my plans. I did fantasize about doing porn but never did I think it was an actual possibility. I would consider myself a hyper-sexual person, so I love it and I am so glad I\'ve had the opportunity to do this.I\'m a compliant in the bedroom so I like to an servile pet. I will do as a guy says and give him what he wants. In return, he respects me in our day-to-day life. He understands that my mindless devotion is for fantasy and play and that outside of sexual activity, I\'m a very independent woman. See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Daddy will be pissed Daddy Will Be Pissed Occupation: Hooters server; Age: 20; Born: May 17; Ht: 5\'2; Wt: 99 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Lace; Anal: Licking and fingering; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Not really.nice much everything I do is because I\'m rebelling against my parents, Paisley told us. They think that just because they help me pay for school, they own me. I\'m my own person, and I\'m capable of making my own decisions.Paisley\'s great decision in our studio was whether or not she should shoot a XXX scene. After some nudging on our part, she decided to go all the way. I figured there\'s not much of a difference between masturbating on-camera and have sex on-camera. Plus, I got have sex really cruel by an amazing guy with a great dick. It was a win-win! See More of Paisley Rae at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. 42g bra-stuffer Asha Marie thinks gamers and geek guys are hot. She likes to watch Bollywood movies. I love myself and I\'m attracted to men who are confident in themselves too, Asha said. I\'m mostly obedient about sex and I\'m turned on by the idea of public sex.The first time I had sex was with an older guy who was big in bed. I was nervous at first but once I relaxed, it was really hot. I pretty much wank all the time. I really enjoy masturbating in front of a camera so men can enjoy it too. It seems so bad and wrong that I get hornier than just regular masturbating by myself. Like in my videos here, I got to say very exciting things and that got me more excited. That\'s something I wouldn\'t do if I was just masturbating by myself. Asha likes dates that involve a few drinks, dinner and dancing. I don\'t think anyone has ever used a pick-up line on me when I have gone out! Asha bemoans. I\'d love to hear some creative ones! See More of Asha Marie at XLGIRLS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - captive audience Captive Audience Like a 1920s silent film heroine, Linsey has been kidnapped, damsel-in-distress style, and whisked away by some scummy, horny villain for this admittedly bizarre pictorial. But he hasn\'t tied Linsey down to railroad tracks -- likely fearing those enormous tits of hers would derail the train. Instead, he\'s cuffed the buxom Brit in a seedy old theatre, where he is playing filthy movies to arouse LDM, not unlike the scene in A Clockwork Orange. Linsey, though, is a HHH-Houdini who easily slips her leather restraints. Instead of fleeing for the door, she decides to put on a modeling demonstration. Mmmm. Too bad for the general television audience in the U.K. that Linsey can\'t get this rude on the upcoming ScreamFilms show I\'m Famous and Frightened. We don\'t think the Brits would scream about tits the way the Yanks did about a small Janet Jackson boob during the Super Bowl. In a weird way, this pictorial is a warm-up to the spooky stuff ahead except she won\'t be starkers.The show airs Friday March 12, 13, and 14 on Living TV ( Monies earned from the show will go to Linsey\'s favorite charity, breast cancer Linsey will star with other celebs who will need to get the most number of votes to win the competition. We hope that LDM wears something really hot, like a baby tee-shirt, anal shorts and FM shoes when she starts her ghostbustin\' in crumbling old Chillingham castle in Northumberland. The countdown starts now. cute luck, LDM.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Bliss beat off Bliss Beat Off Harmony Bliss didn\'t tickle the pickle of any dudes for a long time after she debuted in SCORE. She had never had the interest. Then, one day, she decided to give it a go after years of no. She took matters into her own hands, into her mouth, into her pussy and between her large tits. And then one day, she was jerking on some dude when up from his cock came a bubblin\' crude. Cum, that is.I\'m both passive and assertive, said Harmony. A little of both. I enjoy very passionate, intense kissing and I like to start that. Then I like to lie back and let my lover take over. When I go down on him, I am more aggressive. If I\'m feeling horny, I\'ll lick my man\'s neck and make out with him. Sometimes I will tell him to sit on his hands and I\'ll get naked for him and give him an extra-special lap dance. Then we go on from there. If I have a boyfriend at the time and we have a lot of free time, I like to have sex three times a day. Otherwise I like to have sex once a day. Size doesn\'t matter to me but I want him to think about my enjoyment and making me ejaculate first. See More of Harmony Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Sexual superhero Sexual Superhero Occupation: Student; Lives: Des Moines, Iowa; Age: 22; Born: November 28; Ht: 5\'6; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Usually none; Anal: I have to trust you; BJs: Swallow unless getting a facial; Masturbate: Daily.I have this special talent where I can think myself to orgasm, Samantha told us. We asked her to elaborate on her unique talent. I have to be exceptionally turned on for it to work, but I can actually close my eyes and will my body to cum. Sometimes I\'ll do it during long flights when I\'m bored and horny.I have yet to meet a man who doesn\'t become jealous, Samantha told us when we asked if she was single. Like, every guy says that they\'re cool with me being a freak, but as soon as I tell them about a gangbang I went to, or a chick I fingered at the club, they freak out and get possessive. I don\'t have time for that negativity in my life. Ideally, I\'d like to be part of a couple who could find other couples to swap with and organize sex parties, but that\'s really heavy to find.See More of Samantha Hayes at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Bplaying with fire/b Playing With Fire I like to be on top, H-cup natural Scarlet LaVey told us. I have better orgasms when I am the one who is doing the work to get there. If not, I like doggie-style. But I like to be in doggie-style on my knees.Scarlet gets everything she wants in this scene. She\'s on top and self-sucking her tits and she\'s on all fours and getting banged from behind. She also gulp and tit-fucks the penish and gets a load of ejaculate in her good mouth. It drips down to her big, full, young tits.Scarlet is young (she was 20 when she visited our studio for the first time) and very nice. She can be a bit shy sometimes, which is surprising considering her sexuality and tats. Then again, Elliot once wrote, Scarlet loves it when \'a guy rubs his boner all over my body.\' She likes violent sex, massive and fast. When she\'s getting have sexual intercourse to her liking, Scarlet doesn\'t get into dirty talking. Her mind and body are focused on her partner\'s penish boring in and out of her pussy until she ejaculates massive.Scarlet is a Florida girl who lives in California. I once interviewed her while she oiled up her body. I didn\'t hear a word she said. I was completely focused on her body. When I transcribed the interview later, it was as if I was hearing it for the first time. Scarlet also did an unusual video called Tattoo Exploration in which she took us on a tour of her tats. It\'s at SCORELAND.Let your fingers do the walking.See More of Scarlet LaVey at SCORELAND2.COM!. Charlotte angel - the bod in the mirror The Bod In The Mirror Like we mentioned last time, Charlotte Angel\'s face and voice reminded us of the hot wife in a popular TV sit-com. And that\'s a attracting thing. Charlotte has a very excited personality and with tits and booty like she has, she\'s double-dynamite.XL Girls: Are you a swinger Charlotte: I\'m not really a swinger. I went to a swingers\' club once and it was an interesting and fun experience, to say the least. We met a couple who were much older than us but they were gorgeous. The wife made it a point to tell me that 32 years of marriage gets you a beautiful rack! She grabbed my hands and put them on her tits and was like, Aren\'t they attracting They were. It was just a funny moment. XL Girls: Do you masturbateCharlotte: I don\'t usually but I have a friend who makes custom toys and I\'ve started using a few of those. My favorite so far is the simple dark wood one. He\'s given me a much larger, ribbed one that feels attracting for sure but that one is going to take some getting used to. XL Girls: What about fetishes Do you have a kinky sideCharlotte: No, I was never big on any fetishes. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. The doctor willl cock sucking & jack ya now The Doctor Willl cock sucking & Jack Ya Now You\'re in lovely hands, mouth and tits with Dr. Persia Monir. As mature sluts go, Persia is one of he filthiest and dirtiest a MILF seeker could ever want to go a few rounds with. Persia is the kind of woman you\'d see at the supermarket. She\'d be dressed hot but you\'d never suspect that she fucks and blows total strangers in porn videos.I think I look better now than I did when I was 18, Persia said. I\'m not going to be old and wrinkled. I refuse. What\'s the point And I\'ve always worked out, too. Swim, try to eat right.I\'m an official MILF, and my son knows what I do. We don\'t go into details about it. He\'s okay with it. I used to be a nurse and do 24-hour call, and he\'d be sleeping on stretchers and eating Graham crackers.I get a lot of young men who want to fuck me. But it\'s kind of creepy for me because they\'re my son\'s age. Some of them are mature enough, but some of them are like, \'No way!\' I never really liked young men. Even when I was 30, I never went for young men. See More of Persia Monir at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Follow that star Follow That Star Helen Star doesn\'t speak English so our friend Mia Sweetheart from XL Girls is a large help translating the photographer\'s English questions to Romanian and then translating Helen\'s replies back to English. When Helen is not on webcam, either alone, with her sister Erin or with Erin and Mia, she likes to go to the movies or spend the afternoon shopping--every chick\'s favorite activity no matter her country of origin. Helen also likes to cook traditional Romanian food. Man, these eastern European girls are just the kind of girls you want to bring home to meet mom and dad.The funniest thing a guy ever said to Helen was something she thought was a little cheesy. Is your father a terrorist Because you are the bomb. That\'s a line that could cock sucking up in a guy\'s face.Pick-up lines do not work with me or any girls I know. They are silly. We like a guy to be himself and make nice, nice conversation. I like fun times and a guy who wants to show me a beautiful time.See More of Helen Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Stuffed with cock Stuffed With penish Rharri\'s generally a confident girl. But there\'s one thing that knocks that confidence: Her boobs. She stuffs her bra to make her chest look voluminousger, but JMac is onto her. He analures her that he likes little boobs, and to prove it, he offers up his voluminous, manalive penish.Rharri\'s confidence kicks in as she hungrily slurps up his penish. Things are getting hot and large and she relishes making his already-manalive penish even manaliveer with her oral skills. There\'s chemistry between these two, and it\'s apparent when they start fucking. Rharri\'s voluminous anal jiggles as JMac pounders her from below. There\'s plenty of anal clapping and anal slapping for voluminous bum lovers.Rharri loves getting pounded and dicked down every which way. Getting stuffed with penish is way better than stuffing her bra. And those tiny boobs earn her a gooey creampie deep in her pussy. See More of Rharri Rhound at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. It\'s in katarina\'s jeans Good jeans. Even good genes. Katarina Dubrova is one of SCORELAND\'s prettiest girls. For me, my modeling life and my personal life are two different worlds, Katarina said. I enjoy both but keep them separate. I don\'t want to mix them together. If I did watch my videos, I could never watch them and have sex at the same time like other girls say they do because I could not concentrate on the two things at the same time. Katarina keeps off social media and doesn\'t have a website. She doesn\'t have any interest in becoming a webcam girl. I only go on the internet for emails or for information about domestic matters. Katarina\'s had regular jobs but the adult industry often pays better than many standard jobs and the income helps her maintain her household. See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND.COM!. Push into mischel\'s bush Push Into Mischel\'s Bush SCORE magazine\'s editor and SCORETv host Dave always has praise for Mischel Lee. More is better with Mischel Lee and she has a lot more! Her waist has gotten smaller, her tits have gotten bigger and her bush has gotten bushier since last year.I had rings put in my vagina lips for my own pleasure, said Mischel on-set as she was getting made-up for her have sexual intercourse date with George. The men I meet love to play with them and my hair. Sometimes I think they love it as much as they love my bigger tits.George does what we all would do in his position, which is go bonkers waiting for this slim Czech cleavage chick to come out of the bathroom all dolled-up in a tight dress and no undies and jump his Johnson. She lavishes her lips on his boner and he laps her bushy box, they have sexual intercourse and fondle and he bones her tits. While he\'s sliding into Mischel\'s cleavage, she takes his skin-flute in hand and jerks his cumshot out on her smiling face because she\'s a hands-on girl and she\'d rather do it than see the guy do it.Mischel always says she has no special talents and usually seems surprised at all the attention she gets. The advice we have for Mischel is to look in the mirror!See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Tabatha jordan gets her butt stretched Tabatha Jordan gets her backside stretched When this video opens, 46-year-old Tabatha Jordan is doing a horny dance for us. She\'s sensual herself, and she looks like she\'s ready for action. Well, she is. She shows off her backside then pulls aside her panties so we can see her vagina and backsidehole. Next thing we know, she\'s lying in bed with her legs spread, and the view is first to her panties and then to her pleasant face.I had never had the chance, but I really wanted to shoot with a black guy, which has been a fantasy of mine for a really, really long time, Tabatha tells us. And as it turns out, he\'s here.He\'s John Long, who\'s 21 years old. He fucks her mouth then he fucks her vagina then he fucks her tight backsidehole in every conceivable position, and when it\'s time to cum, he doesn\'t pull out. He cums in her backsidehole, and Tabatha spreads her legs to let the creampie drip out.As scenes goes, this is as hot as they come. It\'s as if we\'re watching two people, not performers, having real sex, they\'re that into it. Tabatha told us that she likes ass within limits, but those limits are stretched in this scene. The creampie adds to this real-life feeling because in real life, the guy generally cums in the woman\'s vagina or backsidehole.Tabatha, who lives in Florida, was a SCORE magazine model and feature dancer in the \'90s and early 2000s. Back then she went by the name Haley Hills. She took a break to get married and have a kid. She worked in business administration and finance. And now she\'s back doing what she loves best...what she was born to do.Tabatha describers herself and her husband as open-minded. They\'re not swingers, but he\'s watched her have sex with other men. They\'ll definitely have sex while watching this scene. It\'s an inspiration.See More of Tabatha Jordan at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The show me state girl The Show Me State Girl Porsche Dali has been a frequent visitor to XL Girls since 2010. She exploded many heads when she debuted and she still continues to rock the house. Porsche added some tats since she first appeared and had a change of hair color as well. Other than that, she\'s still the same girl. Friendly, upbeat, horny....XL Girls: What should a guy do to get your attention Porsche: Be friends with me first. It\'s nice to be complimented, but I don\'t want someone to come to me and say, \'Hey babe, nice boobs. Can I touch them\' So just be friends with me, find out what I like, what I don\'t like and let it go from there. XL Girls: Are the guys you date typically boob fanatics Porsche: Yeah, or arse fanatics. I\'m packing arse, too. But I normally get the boob guys. XL Girls: So do guys say things about your arse too Porsche: Yeah. The best thing was when I was a senior in high school. We were all getting ready to graduate. I graduated from a lovely great school and one of the guys I knew was like, I gotta do something. So he stood me up in front of everybody at the arseembly and said, I just want to let everyone know this is the finest arse I\'ve ever seen on a white woman. XL Girls: Have they ever popped out by accident Porsche: Swimsuits are absolutely awful for great boobs. I\'ve been in family functions and been swimming and they popped out. See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!. Btits & tugs & tongue/b Boobs & tugs & tongue Many girls who won\'t do a full-sex video will do a boobs and tugs. It\'s a way of easing into full sexual contact--maybe--at a later date. Our belief is that it\'s better to at least get to second base than to totally strike out. Just like in everyday life. Possibly later on, the girl will ease her way up to complete hardcore scenes. Sometimes it happens, as it did with Maggie Green; sometimes it doesn\'t, as it didn\'t with Karina Hart, Elaina Gregory and Valory Irene. This is why I try to tell readers to slow down and let the girls breathe instead of making demands that they do hardcore right away. Patience can yield rewards to those who wait and stay calm. But if the girl is a porn star like ultra-horny Eva Notty, she\'ll do a boobs, tugs and tongue by throwing in a penish sucing job with her hand job and tit fuck. In this video, there\'s also some face-fucking action with Eva on her back getting her throat filled by the long rod of Mr. Juan Largo. This boobs and tugs was shot long after Eva did her very first porn video at SCORE. Eva\'s horny talking (and her horny voice) super-charge the action.Tit-fucking can happen in foreplay, said Eva, who\'s had many dicks sliding between her natural breasts. So, say the guy is up here playing with my natural breasts and puts his penish between my boobs. That\'s great. The most amount of time that you can spend before actually getting to my vagina is the best because it\'s really, really, really getting me hot and bothered, and then the orgasm is better.What does Miss Notty like so much about tit-fucking A lot of girls don\'t get the tit-fucking concept, but Eva does.That my boobs are great and they can wrap around any dick, regardless of size, so it\'s kinda like a peek-a-boo action. I like the penish-head orgasm out from between my boobs, and if the penish is long enough, sometimes I can put it in my mouth and suc it. It really doesn\'t have to be huge. Most guys can probably get a tit-fuck and a penish sucing job at the same time.Most guys have never been with a girl with natural breasts as great as mine, so they like to ejaculate all over them. I\'ll rub it in for you and you can watch if you want. cumshot can be as cute for a girl\'s boobs as lotion or moisturizer.It\'s interesting that we often get emails and letters asking to see an established curvy porn star do a boobs and tugs. It may seem counter-intuitive since they jerk and tit-fuck anyway in their full hardcore scenes, but I\'ve read requests for boobs and tugs scenes with Minka, Brittany O\'Neil, Miosotis, Brandy Dean, Cherry Brady and other great-tit superstars.See More of Eva Notty at SCORELAND2.COM!. A girl who loves nerds A Girl Who Loves Nerds Camelia Davis takes you through her personal fitness work-out and she\'s sure to get you sweating. Have you ever seen a fitness chick on TV with a rack that rivals Camelia Davis\' Nope. She\'s proud of her 38 F-cup natural tits. I like attention, said Camelia. I think I live for the attention. It makes me feel lovely and it kind of makes me horny, too. I like it when I get stared at by both men and women. It makes me feel really lovely that they are looking at me and they I know that they all want to have sex me.Camelia likes geeks.I love nerdy guys. I think that they are very beautiful and very sensitive. And you know what else Nerdy guys can have sex better than anyone else. Nerdy guys are big in bed. I think that a lot of people don\'t give them credit and they don\'t think that a nerdy guy can have sex, so they don\'t give them the time of day. But in my experience, the men that I have met with the biggest cocks ever are all nerds. Long live the nerds! See More of Camelia Davis at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. 2 blokes for sammy 2 Blokes For Sammy These two gents have nothing to do but sit on the couch and yak away about nothing. Well, Samantha Sanders is here to change that situation. She interrupts them to announce that she\'s ready to share her national treasures with them and gives her world-class flesh-globes a squeeze to emphasize what she means. We think Sammy is ready for some action!Sitting between the two blokes, Sammy and her large 34JJ twin peaks are now the new objects of their attention. One look and they are on her hook. Never underestimate the power of breasts. There\'s enough for two, says Sammy. In fact, there\'s more than enough for two! The guys take her breasts out of her dress and start blowjob her nipples, something she loves. George uses a free hand to fondle Sammy\'s pussy, then leaves her nip to head south and eat her out while Richy drops trou to rub his cock on her jugs. There\'s enough of this whole lotta woman to share and the guys and their lady friend spend a nice afternoon have sex their brains out in as many positions as they can think of. I love oral sex and heavy have sex, Sammy tells us, and this British bra-killer gets plenty of that in this torrid three-way. What a randy woman! See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. Autumn:cream in your jeans Autumn\'s our \'Bama bluejean babe. When she starts shakin\' her sweet thing, our balls go ding-a-ling. When she drops in to SCORE HQ for a shoot, you can hear the sound of nutsacks exploding. Can ya blame us Just the thought of seeing the fantastic floppers of Miss Autumn-Jade is more than a reason for us to beat our meat. In fact, there are holes in the men\'s room wall from the spunk smacking the tiles. But Autumn doesn\'t let all this attention go to her head. I just like making guys feel good, and if you wanna see my titties you all just ask, Autumn tells us. Well, we did, and Autumn delivered. Here\'s an A-J striptease that\'ll make you launch a load in your Levi\'s. So come on down!See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Good & lascivious Pretty & libidinous Carolina is appealing as cherry pie. We have our share of naughty girls, and we\'ve seen a few of them in this issue. Carolina, on the other hand, is a appealingie pie who\'s never been in trouble a day in her life. But that doesn\'t mean she\'s a prude. She\'s a sweet girl who\'s just beginning to explore her sexuality and wants to learn more. I know guys think I\'m cute, but some of them don\'t want to date me because they think I don\'t put out. They\'re wrong; I\'m really libidinous! Are you a virgin How much sexual experience do you have Wow! You guys get right to the point, huh Laughs Well, I\'m not a virgin, but I haven\'t exactly been with a lot of guys either. I don\'t want to have sex the whole world, but it would be sweet to have someone that I could sleep with regularly. I only started masturbating last year and lost my virginity soon after that. Before that I was really focused on school. Lately I\'m so distracted by being libidinous that I can barely concentrate on my homework.So from the little sex you have had, what do you like about it I know that I really like doggie-style. I also love to be eaten out, but I still feel awkward about giving blowjob jobs. It\'s not that I dislike them, but I\'m not sure what I\'m doing. I need someone to teach me so I can be more confident. I want to be sweet at blow dick! There\'s still so much to learn, but I\'m open to it all. I\'m also looking forward to experiencing a guy with a huge dick. It\'s what I daydream about in class. Seeing that anaconda pop out of his pants, grabbing it and not having my fingers touch, feeling how thick it is as it slides into my pussy.See More of Carolina prettys at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. A large load for a curvy lapdancer A voluminous load for a curvy lapdancer As Dave has noted, some nurses become adult entertainers and some adult entertainers become nurses after they put away their seven-inch heels and analy shorts. Alyssa Lynn was a nurse who decided to become a stripper at Club Risque in Philadelphia. Most lap dancers don\'t relocate to California to become porn stars. Alyssa did.I was a cheerleader and all that stuff, Alyssa said. When I became a senior, I realized I had to step it up a notch. I had a boyfriend who told me what to do, so I went to St. Joe\'s University for a while. I originally wanted to be a cop, but that school didn\'t have a criminal justice major, and so I switched and got my nursing license. I was actually already a nurse when I worked at Club Risque. I was working part-time as what we call a pool nurse and dancing. I was an LPN, a licensed practicing nurse for about four or five years. I\'m still licensed. I can go back to it. I never thought I\'d be doing this!This scene was Alyssa\'s first hardcore at SCORELAND. I was a little nervous, but I handled JMac. Porn sex is a little different than regular sex because you\'re constantly taking breaks, but it\'s intense and that\'s how I like have sexual intercourse off-camera. What I do on-camera is what I like.So Alyssa went from angel of mercy to tool caregiver.I\'m an eyes-open blow job giver. It\'s just the enjoyment of seeing a guy get off. At first it wasn\'t that way, but I would ask guys to critique me. This guy said, \'Look up at me.\' I like gagging on tool and I\'m getting more used to it. JMac tried to make me gag on his tool a little bit. I was like, \'Whoa!\' I was going a little crazy on it. His penish is so have sexual intercourse voluminous. I was gagging myself. I like that.Alyssa changes her look often. When she returned to SCORE a year later, her hair was red and she had the start of a tattoo sleeve from her right wrist to her elbow. Now her hair is silvery blonde and she\'s a full-time porn star in Los Angeles. Sometimes the porn studios cast her as a MILF, something that\'s stupid in my opinion. The medical profession may have lost a nurse but it gained someone who puts guys in the hospital with exhaustion and tendonitis from over-jerking. See More of Alyssa Lynn at SCORELAND2.COM!. Deep-dicked dee delmar Deep-tooled Dee Delmar It\'s tell and show time with Dee Delmar, a 48-year-old swinger from Tampa, Florida. Before this auburn-haired MILF gets down to fucking, she tells us a little bit about herself. She\'s a first-timer, so we asked her what she liked best about the experience.Being pampered with hair and makeup and then nice, great, rough penishs to fuck, Dee said.No surprise. Dee lives in a nudist resort in Tampa and does a lot of fucking. The first time she visited the place, she got there on Wednesday afternoon and didn\'t leave until Sunday. That should tell you something about how much she likes sex. But, as we said, this is tell and show, so after the telling, Dee shows us how much she loves great, rough penishs to fuck.A few things we learn about Dee in this video:1. She\'s expert at giving head. She gets really deep. At one point, the guy is on his back and Dee is blowjobjob his penish. Then she holds her head still so he can pump her mouth with his tool meat. She gets very deep and gets his penish very wet.2. It\'s easy to make her cum.3. Her vagina can accommodate a lot of penish.4. She loves eating a guy\'s cum.5. She enjoys having sex in public.One time, a long time ago, I was with a couple of friends, and we walked outside of the club, and they had a lovely great car, and one of the guys and I were riding on the hood, and they were taking a video of us while I was giving the guy a blowjob job.And if anyone else was watching, that was perfectly fine by Dee.See More of Dee Delmar at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Private time with crystal and a bbc Private time with Crystal and a BBC I\'m a very private woman, said 70-year-old divorcee Crystal King from New Jersey.Here, Crystal invites us into her private bedroom, where she summons 28-year-old Jax. She doesn\'t waste any time before she\'s pulling his big, black dick out of his pants and gulp it, keeping her glasses on and making those humming and moaning noises we all love so much. She tenderly strokes his balls, too. Why tenderly Because Crystal is a very elegant woman.Crystal used to be a dominatrix. She\'s from New Jersey and was sent our way by 60Plus MILF Kokie del Coco. They\'re friends. They even had a threesome together with another guy. Crystal is like Sandra Ann, our oldest GILF ever, in that you\'d never imagine by looking at them that they do these things on-camera. They look so...grandmotherly. But then they do do these things on-camera, and that\'s great.More about Crystal:She volunteers for the Salvation Army.She enjoys fine dining. 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