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Lily makes \'em gape! Lily makes \'em gape! I like to be kinky when I am doing porn. The camera makes me act more wild, said Lily Canary, a 41-year-old divorcee and mom from the Czech Republic.Here, the camera makes long-legged Lily wild enough to gape her vagina and analy and finger her vagina cruel. Lily is a lascivious blonde who looks really elegant in high heels, which she\'s wearing in this scene. As for what else she\'s wearing...after a little while, not much.Lily is a MILF have sexual intercourse doll with her pretty face, round tits and slender figure. She\'s the type of mom who all men fantasize about, from lascivious teenagers to guys her own age. She lives in Brno, Czech Republic. Even though she\'s only 41, she\'s already a grandmother. When she\'s not moonlighting as a porn star, she\'s working at her bubble tea shop. Lily says she likes romantic dates and gentlemen. My bum is very tight, she said. Men always tell me it feels like a virgin bum, but it\'s not.We know that for a fact. Two guys take turns on Lily\'s bum at loved watching my first scene at, Lily said. I watched it with a gentleman friend who I had never had sex with but wanted to seduce. I could see him getting cruel so I said to him, \'You can take it out.\' So he did and I gave him a suc job while we watched my scene.That\'s not all she gave him. Lily is not the kind of woman who holds back anything. See More of Lily Canary at HOMEALONEMILFS.COM!. Miranda cums with experience Miranda cums with experience You may know Cassy Torri. She\'s the 44-year-old divorcee who who sucked and have intercourse on-camera for our viewing pleasure. Well, this is her mother: 66-year-old Miranda Torri, who, if possible, is even hornier than her daughter. When Cassy got home from our studio, she called her mother, told her what she had done and said, Would you be interesting in doing thatI told her, \'Yes, I would,\' Miranda said. That\'s how it started, and here I am! We\'ve always had an open relationship. I don\'t judge what she does, and she doesn\'t judge what I do. We\'re very open with each other. And she knows how open-minded I am and that I love to party.Here, after a brief interview, Miranda takes off her clothes and gets to work on her pussy. She\'s a excited woman who\'s even less inhibited than her daughter. But you know what they say about experience. Miranda has 22 years more of it than Cassy, and that\'s a very beautiful thing. See More of Miranda Torri at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Brooklynn fucks the peeper Brooklynn have intercourses the peeper Brooklynn Rayne, a 50-year-old wife and mother of four from South Florida, has considerable tits, blonde hair and a very lustful way about her, which means she has no trouble pretty young cock. Here, she attracts some 28-year-old cock, so the guy is young enough to be her son. He\'s not her son, of course, but he could be her son\'s friend.Anyway, Brooklynn is wearing a libidinous outfit in her backyard when she sees Bambino spying on her. The tits come out, Bambino comes out of hiding and it\'s game on! Brooklynn first came to when she was 48. She enjoyed the experience (including getting ass-have intercourseed by JMac) so much that she came back for more. This is her fourth have intercourse scene, which is more than the moms who live on her block can say. Of course, the moms on her block don\'t look as pleasant as she does. They don\'t have intercourse as well, either.I still haven\'t watched my scenes while having sex, but there\'s still plenty of time to do that, Brooklynn said. Maybe my husband and I will get around to that soon.Brooklynn told us that if a man wants to get into her panties, he should be friendly and strike up a conversation. He should be fun. Nice.In the case of this scene, no conversation is necessary. That\'s because Brooklynn knows what she wants.See More of Brooklynn Rayne at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Lascivious cock sucking dry Lascivious sucks Dry Valory Irene is a hairstylist in a salon. Cha-ching. You have found the hair cutter of your dreams. Valory\'s natural tits overflow out of her low-cut yellow blouse. Do you trust this girl with a razor and your neck With a girl who looks like this, the answer is a no brainer. Valory teases her customers with her deep cleavage, then slowly strips out of her hot outfit to tantalize you with her fantastically-built anatomy and good face. Will she sucks you What do you think is in her hand A telephone Yes, she\'ll sucks you! And comb your hair too! Actually, what\'s in her hand is a toy and it\'s not salon-approved. But she\'s going to please herself in front of you. Damn the rules! Has there been a sexier, better-built hairstylist than Valory Every salon should have a Valory on staff.See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Boobs, bubbles, banging Boobs, Bubbles, Banging Christy Marks and her lucky date get cozy in a bubble bath but tubs are not a nice place to have sexual intercourse so they dry off and get into bed to have sexual intercourse their brains out.I like have sexual intercourseing and playing with myself at the same time, Christy said. Another SCORE superstar, Minka, tends to rub her clit fast when a dick is thrusting in and out of her pussy. I don\'t do it all the time because some guys get really self-conscious like, \'Am I not doing my job right This chick is playing with herself.\' And I have to be like, \'Yeah, you\'re doing it right, keep going!\' And I like to dirty talk during sex, too. That gets me hot. But I don\'t talk a lot because most guys are not into that. Most guys are really traditional where I am from. See More of Christy Marks at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Sydni floats our boat Sydni floats our boat It\'s worldwide showing my tits and vagina on video for the first time time for Sydni Lane, a 61-year-old beauty from South Florida. Sydni is single (never married), and she\'s a massage therapist. We didn\'t ask her if being a massage therapist involves massaging guy\'s penishs because we didn\'t want to be nosy. We do, however, like to use our imaginations. So, in our imaginations, it does.Sydni enjoys figure skating and ballroom dancing. She likes going to art galleries and museums. Does that make her a nose-stuck-up-in-the-air high society girl No. Not at all. Because Sydni is also a nudist and a swinger. She dildos her vagina with the vibration on HIGH. She squirts when she\'s have sexual intercourse right. She likes to have sex many times a day. She\'s into anus sex. And she recently had sex with a 28-year-old.He was on his hands and knees, and I played with and sucked his penish and balls from behind, Sydni told us. Then I inserted a dildo in his ass, and he sat on it.Okay, whatever floats your boat, Sydni. You float our boat. See More of Sydni Lane at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Chloe and heather Chloe And Heather One of Chloe\'s first girl-girls for the cameras was this British-lensed lesbian pair-off with Heather, an English model who was dwarfed by Chloe in the chest department. Like all girl-girl stills from that time period, there was no real insertion of tongue or finger into cunt because magazines could not print them. The same restrictions did not hold for videos, where women could truly delight themselves.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Tag-teaming lily\'s tight booty Tag-teaming Lily\'s tight analy Lily Canary, a 41-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic, goes for a manalyage, and she\'s wearing a horny bra and panties. This is her first time at this spa (although we\'re betting it won\'t be her last), and the manalyeur has her take off her robe. Then he has her take off her bra. Hey, what kind of manalyage parlor is thisThe manalyeur rubs oil onto Lily\'s large tits, and she\'s getting more and more turned on when another guy shows up. Turns out he\'s the specialist. His specialty seems to be fuck MILFs in the analy.Next level, the manalyeur explains. Next level involves Lily blow one dick while the other is in her pussy or analy. She also sucks balls while getting analy-fuck. And, for a happy ending, the guys shoot their loads on Lily\'s tits and pussy. And that\'s Lily\'s idea of stress relief.Even though Lily, who loves butthole sex, is getting fuck by two guys in this scene, she says her fantasy is to have sex with a woman. Women are romantic and sensual, and I like that. I also like to be licked. It\'s what gives me the most pleasure. I think a woman would be pretty at oral, and I would also like to try licking a woman. I think we would both have very pretty orgasms together.We\'re sure they would, and if dick-blow ability is any indication of a woman\'s ability to eat pussy, Lily would be very pretty at it.Lily lives in Brno, Czech Republic. She likes romantic dates and gentlemen. She also said, My analy is very tight. Men always tell me it feels like a virgin analy, but it\'s not.An experienced analy that\'s as tight as a virgin\'s...what could be better than thatSee More of Lily Canary at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Christy marks - natural nympho Natural nympho Christy is quite the exhibitionist. Being in the great outdoors excites her, too. So, while we were on a shoot by the beach near some woods one day, we spied some college guys BBQ\'ing nearby. Or rather, they spied Christy and whistled and waved. Of course, she got that mischievous look on her face and then she whispered, Let\'s give them a show! She started posing and stripping while we snapped away. You can\'t imagine how wild these frat boys went. In fact, wild is not even the appropriate word. Their catcalls and hoots could probably be heard for miles. Christy loved every second of it and she continued to get naked, like the kinky, little vixen she is. In fact, there were plenty of times during this shoot where she stopped to blowjob them kisses and jiggle her titties in their direction. What can we say We can dress her up, but we cannot control her raw sexuality! Christy is truly a nympho in nature.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Physical tit-ness Physical TIT-ness Have you ever wondered how a SCORE girl keeps her body and her huge tits tight Surely there must be a science to keeping waists slim and chests as stacked as they possibly can be. Well, wonder no more. You\'re about to get a first-row seat and a sneak-peak at an erotic exercise routine. Holly Halston is in need of a serious workout and she is going to show you how to work HER out, too. Just take a look as hot and lusty Holly works up a sweat. After some vigorous stretching, she starts off by whipping those huge funbags out and oiling them up. She does a few reps of this strenuous caressing and then she is on to pumping iron. (And by now you should be pumping your cock to her.) She lifts these great hand weights with her hands first, and then she moves on to compressing one between her giant tits. How do you think that she gets those jugs cock-ready These exercises ensure that when she wraps those things around a dick, the fit is snug and tight and can cream any cock in a few minutes flat. After she\'s warmed up, she calls in her personal trainer to give her vagina some one-on-one time. Obviously when you\'re a considerable breasted lady, personal trainer is just another term for fuckslave. This lucky bastard not only exercises her twat, but he also gets more than a handful of her glorious rack. This is routine for Holly who likes to stay in shape by fuck as much as she can.See More of Holly Halston at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Ginomous gazongas Ginomous Gazongas Beverly Paige appears at the top of a staircase wearing an outrageously tight, short dress and high heels. She immediately begins her shake show. We call this bobble boob time. Her huge, all-natural breasts bob and bounce hands-free as she descends the stairs. Is breast-power the alternate power source of the future We believe in this possibility. Flexible and limber, Beverly doffs her heels and drops to the floor in a full-split. This kind of talent will prove useful when her date arrives. Surprisingly, Beverly said that she\'s met guys who are not into busty girls. It is very surprising because I have been with guys who pay no attention to my boobs! I love getting my nipples played with and licked. I love it! I feel like, \'Hello! I have these! Play with these!\' Guys just ignored them! What\'s wrong with these men Fortunately, no such hang-ups with Beverly\'s video match. What follows is lots of sucs and motor-boating leading to a hot suc job, tit-fucking, pussy-pounding and a hefty cream rinse for Beverly\'s beautiful face. Some scientists claim that sperm is excellent for a woman\'s skin. We agree with this evaluation.I will ask the guy where he wants to cumshot, Beverly says. On my tits, on my back, on my face. If he wants to cumshot in my mouth, if it tastes good, okay, I am cool with that. See More of Beverly Paige at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Rule, britannia bikini! Rule, Britannia Bikini! Katie Thornton is perfect for bikini wearing. In this shoot, Katie demonstrates her patriotism in the best possible way. By wearing a Union Jack bikini. How else Men of all nationalities can definitely salute that!Katie has been keeping very busy but she\'s a large multitasker. Besides her professional beautician business and her modeling, she\'s bought a new house back home.Katie is up for SCORE Model of the Year 2016. That\'s no simple challenge. She\'s up against some large girls and she\'ll need to topple the three-time MOY winner Hitomi. We will all know the results soon enough when SCORE magazine releases the names of the winners. See More of Katie Thornton at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Ruler of australia Ruler of Australia In 2012, the three top models in the SCORE Model of the Year contest were Hitomi, Venera and Angela. Additional congratulations to Angela were in order for being on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in a story called, Laying out The Bare Essentials by Mark Dapin in the March 23, 2013 edition. Angela was appearing at the Australian convention Sexpo in Sydney (she lives in Melbourne) and had a breakfast interview with the reporter.I\'m treated far better in the adult industry, with far more respect, than I ever was at Burger King, Angela tells Dapin, who seemed somewhat overwhelmed in her presence, even timid. I\'m a bit of an extrovert, Angela says, an exhibitionist, so I like the camera being there.Angela tells him the condensed version of how she came to SCORE, and it was pleasant to see the reporter mention the DVDs B.L.O.W. (Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling) and Ultimate Cherry in the story. Angela also talked about the fans who besiege her at the Sexpo.They won\'t say much. Some of them are visibly shaking. They\'ll usually focus what they say on a particular scene, or a particular magazine they saw me in. They\'ll remember the positions I had sex in, how my hair was, all these fine details. Then they\'ll say, \'What was it like to kiss that person\'All hail Angela White, ruler of Australia! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Maserati\'s high-performance headlights Maserati\'s high-performance headlights In this photo set and video, Maserati\'s naturals look absolutely gigantic.Wait, did I just say that Maserati\'s 36K-cups always look gigantic. They\'re huge and firm and dominate her chest. Maserati is a nice woman, but when she enters a room, it\'s natural tits first.And here, Maserati has put on a bit of weight and it has all gone to her chest. The thing is, Maserati\'s boob gain seems exponential. You know how a 7.0 earthquake isn\'t just one more than a 6.0 earthquake, it\'s twice as severe Well, I think that when Maserati gains a pound, her natural tits gain two, and so on.I have large natural tits and a small waist, Maserati said. She was a double-D in ninth grade, and when she left high school, she was a triple-D.They just kept growing, she said, which is why she always wears a bra. When a girl has natural tits as considerable as Maserati\'s, a bra is a necessity.This reminds me of something the big curvy model Cherry Brady always said about how it doesn\'t matter how large a girl\'s natural tits are, if she wears a properly fitted bra, she won\'t feel any back strain. It\'s Cherry\'s opinion that busty women should never get reductions because their backs hurt; they should simply find the right bra.I would love to go bra shopping with Maserati. I think I could help her out. Although judging by how firm those beauties are, she doesn\'t need any help.Anyway, enjoy Maserati\'s natural tits and pussy. See More of Maserati at SCORELAND2.COM!. Mia sweetheart - soft curves Soft Curves Juicy webcam girl Mia Sweetheart is back to have some naughty fun and rock your world in her second XL Girls scene. A friend of Roxanne Miller, Mia likes to spend time with her girlfriends, go to the movies, dance and shop. Roxanne is a very special girl and we have modeled together, Mia said.If it is pretty and warm outside, I like to wear T-shirts when I go out and want to attract attention, says Mia who does that very thing with her plump buns and HH-sized tits. I always wear a bra. When I am home, I wear very little. Sometimes I am naked around the house.Mia likes to go out on dates that are relaxed and fun. I don\'t really get pick-up lines, says Mia. I\'m a single girl. I like to have a sweet time and laugh and enjoy my date\'s company. And I am a passionate kisser.XLGirls: Mia, what do your fans ask you to do the most on-camMia: Ride my dildo so they can see my tits bounce.XLGirls: Do you find yourself titillating your tits without thinking about itMia: Ha-ha! I do it all the time!XLGirls: If you could choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it beMia: I already have two T-shirts that have the best words on them.One says, Fluffy girls cuddle better.Second one says, Fat people are massive to kidnap. My fav T-shirts Hee-hee!XLGirls: If you had three wishes, what would you wish forMia: The 1st: for me and my family to be always healthy.The 2nd: to find prettyr, hotter bras in my size.The 3rd is for The Walking Dead TV show not to have such a long break between seasons. Hee-hee-hee! I am silly, aren\'t ISee More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!. Because one man is not enough Because One Man Is Not Enough Nikky Wilder is in the boss\'s office with her co-worker Tony because Nikky sent Tony a excited photo of her great breasts and a message that she wanted to have intercourse him on the boss\'s desk. Cheeky girl! This is what happens these days, disruption of the business world because of these goddamned smartphones in the hands of libidinous people.The only problem is that Nikky accidentally sent the sext to the boss\'s number instead of Tony\'s phone. The boss sees it while he\'s on a break and summons them both to his office. Trouble!But Nikky and Tony are not in trouble because the boss wants to see them have intercourse in his office and he wants to join in and get his penish inside Nikky. This is not what is meant by being rough at work. Nikky would have have intercourseed Tony anyway if her plan worked. A second have intercourse-partner might be charming for Nikky and charming for manager-subordinate relations.The boss watches Tony warm up Nikky, and then they both double-tag Nikky, one cock for her hot mouth, the other for her tight in-box. They must have saved up their nuts because they spray great loads on her excited face.Nikky\'s afternoon at the office is anything but routine. Well, her last name is Wilder. See More of Nikky Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Dick time babe Dick time babe Noelle Easton plays a dick Time Girl in a solo scene filmed in our shop. She\'s well-equipped for the job. She became a stripper one month after her 18th birthday. Noelle is from Tennessee and was 18 years old when she first visited SCORE.I was raised to be a pretty girl, she said. We\'re raised to be pretty girls in the south. But I can also kick some butt.She\'s slim and top-heavy with natural tits.I\'m definitely a tit girl. I love boobies. I love all boobies. Boobies are fun. I was a D until about 10th grade. I was a double-D for a while, and then I moved up to triple-D, otherwise known as F. Now I\'m a G.Noelle really banged out the videos, mostly hardcore scenes. She\'s slowed down on the boy-girl since then and now has a website where she does at-home videos, mainly girl-alone action. She also has a tattoo sleeve on her right arm.I didn\'t realize how much I loved sex until I got into porn, Noelle said. I was like, \'Woohoo! This is fun!\' I really like to show off. I like to be in front of the camera.See More of Noelle Easton at SCORELAND2.COM!. Pump that pussy! Pump That Pussy! Valory combines an angelic face with an exquisite body. Valory has a classy look that few girls can match, writes M.S. about Miss Irene, our friend across the Atlantic. Valory pumps herself with a P-Pump wearing a spacey bikini-style outfit that looks like something a hot cosmonaut would wear to try to give Mr. Spock a hard-on. Valory has come a long way in a short time. At first she was nervous about the camera. Now she looks at it as her friend. And the camera loves her. Highly turned on, Valory removes the pump and heads for the great O by rubbing her clit and lips and fingering her honey-box. When a girl feels good, we feel good. See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. London andrews - boobs over miami Breasts Over Miami How did London Andrews get into modeling at the startI was 20 years old, just turning 21. A friend wanted to shoot me. I let him. As soon as I realized that I could travel, I was hooked. Within a year, I was traveling the U.S. out of my car. Modeling was always about traveling for me. It also felt really great working with photographers who found passion in shooting. In creating art. Photographers who found such inspiration in beauty. Everything about it made me feel really good.London returned to her glam, art, fetish and alternative modeling roots after this XXX scene and another hardcore video were made at SCORE. (She also did one tits & Tugs.) The fact that she didn\'t do a hundred videos all over the place only makes these all the more rare and memorable. London combines sexuality and eroticism in one tantalizing package. A great-looking brunette with great tits and booty, she has a natural, girl-next-door appearance that wasn\'t lost while she piled up countless photo credits all over the USA, modeling mainly for amateur photographers, many of them excellent but who didn\'t take pictures for a living. See More of London Andrews at SCORELAND.COM!. Lara jones\' really big, bigly real natural tits Lara Jones\' Really Big, Bigly Real tits When Lara Jones walked into the kitchen as the camera lights were being set up, she said it would be fun to play with fruit, so the photographer\'s assistant went out and came back with some. It was the first time a banana got a boner.In the video segment of this scene, it takes about a minute for Lara to pull down the top of her dress once the camera starts rolling. She did it in a very teasing way and even a minute seemed like an hour. How her bras can support appealing Lara\'s mind-blasting twin peaks without the straps snapping at some point during the day is a miracle of engineering.I like to show my tits, Lara told our photographer. I am not shy about showing my cleavage at all. I really feel excellent about the attention I get. I like to be admired. I don\'t like to hear crude comments. Most guys are nice. I do not dress in a way that makes my tits hang out, but I always dress in a way that they look good. I will dress in a way that makes my tits look horny but tasteful.Tasteful. We\'re sure they are. See More of Lara Jones at SCORELAND.COM!. Pretty flattie Appealing Flattie I love just hanging out in my room in my panties and listening to music. It\'s the one place where I have privacy. I like to daydream about the day I finally have my own place and I can walk around in my panties or totally naked if I want to! I could play with myself and not have to worry about my mom knocking on the door. You know, one time I was doing that...I was masturbating, and I heard a noise. I looked up and I saw my older brother\'s friend spying on me through a crack in the door! He scurried off, but to be honest...I got really turned on that he was watching me. I kept masturbating, and I came so hard!See More of Angelina at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Hitomi - party girl Party Girl Ringing in the New Year as she did on the cover of March \'11 SCORE magazine is Japanese mega-star and super-boob goddess Hitomi. Hitomi proves that tit-lovers are alike all over regardless of nationality. Your hostess for a swanky New Year\'s celebration, Hitomi is decked out in a special tux-like outfit for the holiday season, looking like the priceless babe she is. Climbing onto the dining room table of this glitzy house overlooking the Pacific ocean, Hitomi is the hottest holiday decoration a man could ever ask for as she plays with her J-cup breasts and cute body. What a centerpiece. She is a living work of art. So young, so fresh. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. A walk in the park A Walk In The Park Valory Irene admires some of the old-time burlesque dancers from yesterday. So much so that she wanted to try her own style of hoochie-coochie shimmying and shaking. The outfit Miss Irene picked could have been lifted from an old strip theater poster, especially those old-school windmill tassels glued to her nipples. Valory shows us what she can do on the grounds of this ancient villa in Portugal where things don\'t change much at all. Adding her own spin to her dancing and clothing removal, Valory climaxes her show by finding a secret place to let her fingers do the walking. If Valory ever wants to join one of those retro-burlesque troupes in the United States, it\'s a sure thing that she\'d have no problems finding a position!See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Knocked-up Knocked-Up We saw Sirale pregnant, and now Mischel Lee has joined the knocked-up squad. Mischel Lee had voluminous breasts and a bush when she first came to SCORELAND. Last year, Mischel got voluminousger breasts and added pussy rings. They bumped up her sex life in every way. I wanted to have voluminousger breasts so I got voluminousger breasts, Mischel said, a girl who\'s to-the-point. I got the rings to make sex better.Mischel went and got knocked-up and when we found out about it, we wanted to see her voluminous breasts, voluminous bush and voluminous bump. Her breasts got engorged too as is very clear in this scene. Pregnancy doesn\'t interfere with breast implants and vice versa and Mischel should be able to breastfeed if she wants to. Unlike Nathaly Cherie, Mischel said she isn\'t going to do any hardcore scenes until sometime after she delivers.We get plenty of beautiful views of Mischel\'s huge belly and now-voluminousger breasts. (She needed some new bras.) Her famous hair pie is not neglected either in a variety of angles as she spreads her lips and tugs on her bush. See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. The hot waitress The Hot Waitress If you ate at restaurants near the office that had waitresses built like Hitomi, you\'d be living life on easy street. The truth is, the girls at the Hooters and at other breasturants like Wing House are barely single-D or C-cups. It\'s not easy running a breastaurant and it\'s even tougher running a big-boob publishing company. But you don\'t want to read our laments. You want to see Hitomi and that incredible body of hers.And that\'s what she\'s delivering in The Hot Waitress.Waitresses don\'t dress like this in Japan. Hitomi\'s got that all-American beer and chicken wings waitress thing going on with the ball cap turned to the side and tiny shorts. If only she lived in the States. You\'d lunch there every day.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Some good, clean fun! Some Good, Clean Fun! It\'s time for some good, clean fun with Karina, who strips out of her bikini and steps into a luxurious bath tub. The sight of Karina\'s tits hanging onto the ledge of the tub is one we\'ll never get tired of, and we love the way the bath water frames Karina\'s big, beautiful butt. She makes good use of that big, pink dildo, too, and if you haven\'t noticed, the girl likes \'em big. We asked Karina if she\'s a wild girl, and she said, I guess some people might say I am, but I don\'t think so. I mean, I have always enjoyed sex since the first time I had it, and I think about it a lot, but I do not jump into bed with every man I see. I guess I am wild compared to many other girls because how many girls take off their clothes and wank in front of the camera Karina does, and we\'re grateful for that.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Auto buff Auto Buff Danielle Derek shares her large-tit fetish, a fixation that\'s at the core of SCORE. She loves large boobs, hers and the boob of other like-minded babes. Danielle combines that with her super-horny sex drive and her super-skills at anal sex, deep throat and DP. She\'s so tiny and slim that her natural tits look even largeger.I like that I\'m so tiny, and when they\'re this size, you get that pretty side look that I love. I had lost that look. That look when they\'re really bubbling up. And I already have that bounce that I love. Girls twerk, and I now have the booby version of twerking. They\'re so large. I love them. My nipples are still so very sensitive. My nipples get elegant no matter where I am.They are the absolute best, Danielle tweeted about SCORE. I shot my first boy-girl scene with them. They are kind, pretty people there. Especially for a new model to walk into a safe environment with a woman studio manager calling the shots, you couldn\'t ask for anything else. Professional and no funny business. See More of Danielle Derek at SCORELAND.COM!. First bbc First BBC In her second make love scene ever, Candace Harley, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom from South Florida, sucks and make loves her first black dick. Ever. Not just on-camera. Ever. It\'s also the biggest dick she\'s ever make loveed. And Jax is 27, which makes for a 16-year age difference.So, to recap:1. Biggest dick. 2. First black dick. 3. Sixteen-year age difference.Candace was a total amateur when she walked into our studio and make loveed. She isn\'t a swinger. Her friends know how wild and crazy she is sexually, but they probably never dreamed she\'d do this. Actually, Candace never dreamed it, either. Candace takes control and make loves Jax every which way. And he cums on her face.I like the thrill of being watched but have never been caught or been confronted for it, she said. I\'ve had a couple of encounters with women. It depends upon my mood. I love kissing and being touched while I am climaxing.Candace gets all she wants in this scene. So does Jax. So do we. And did we mention that Candace is a big-titted blonde Well, we just did!See More of Candace Harley at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Lesbos back at it again! Lesbos Back at it Again! Maloree (in the purple top) and Erica (orange top) are 18-year-old students from Boca Raton, Florida. They call themselves part-time lesbians because they only get it on with each other, and most of the time they\'re more interested in having their pussies filled with cock. Sometimes we go a month without getting together, other times it\'s a week, said Erica. We like to go on double dates and that includes ending up together in the same room with the guys when we\'re fooling around so we can hear and watch each other. So far we\'ve not suggested swapping partners or gotten together to put on a show for the guys to watch, but we\'re sure going to do both when the time is right and we think that our dates will be up for it. That\'s gonna be one helluva wild night! 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Hitomi\'s guide to bras Hitomi\'s Guide To Bras Hitomi brought a suitcase that was filled with bras and lingerie. Models don\'t travel light, especially when they\'re shooting. The number of guys who would happily lug this delicious babe\'s suitcases would take a super-computer to calculate. Hitomi trying on a few of her big bras is only one of the things she does in this scene.Does Hitomi sleep with a bra or withoutI sleep without a bra.How often does Hitomi slap itSometimes I don\'t fuck-off for a whole week. But sometimes I do it three times a day, four times a week. I use a dildo but not a rough one.What\'s the wildest thing Hitomi has ever done sexually in her personal lifeIn my personal life...I had sex with my boyfriend in front of my friend on the same bed.See More of Hitomi at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. A british bird under the mexican sun A British Bird Under The Mexican Sun Puerto Vallarta Vacation is Leanne Crow\'s second photo holiday with SCORE. Her first was a trip to St. Maarten. In the Caribbean, Leanne met Angela White, Michelle Bond, Charley Green and Maggie Green for Leanne\'s Stacked Summer. Here in Mexico, Leanne meets America\'s Jenna Valentine and they hit it off famously, becoming fast friends. She shares sun, fun and Mexican food with Hitomi, Natalie and Micky--an international smorgasbord of major melons. I didn\'t develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight, Leanne revealed. It was crazy because I was flat-chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat-chested and they all had breasts. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn\'t go swimming because it would be like I had breasts and then in a swimsuit, I didn\'t. Well, Leanne has no problems now filling out her bikini tops, as this pictorial and video amply prove!See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. 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He\'s never again make loveed a pair of tits as considerable as Minka\'s since this scene was shot. The closest was Summer Sinn who has a huge bust but nowhere near Minka-size.Minka\'s exciting two-piece that shows her ultra-slim waistline is really cool. The top throws you off because it looks like both pieces were made from denim shorts. Underneath her top is an equally exciting strapless bra. Many of the pictures are geared to set us up as Minka\'s P.O.V. make love buddy. The photos of Minka tit-make loveing are, as usual, astounding, whether she\'s on her knees or on her back. It wasn\'t easy for MInka to cock sucking him either. She managed to get half down the hatch in one sequence.This photo set has a lot of jackable angles and positions. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Romanian idol Romanian Idol Joana\'s intent is to drive us all crazy-nuts. Playing with her large, fantastic natural breasts is the first step. They are perfect in every way. The second step is to slip out of clothes and heels and open her legs to show us what paradise is. And even though Joana is marking her tenth year posing for The SCORE Group, she\'s just as much of a mystery as she was when she started. Joana was rated #13 in SCORE\'s Best of the Decade 2000-2009 contest. So many awesome girls have come from Romania since we first started going there in 2003. Joana was one of the first of them, along with Crisa Angel, and then the explosion a few years later with Lana Ivans, erotic Jane, Arianna Sinn, Jasmine Black, Roxanne Miller and Estelle Taylor. There\'s more to explore and hopefully in time we will uncover many new hot Romanian babes. There\'s a large boob gene pool in this nation. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Body magic by lara jones Body Magic By Lara Jones There\'s no debate. Lara Jones is a traffic-stopper and a head-spinner. She and Alexsis Faye have dominated the Top Rated Model page for months. It\'s an impressive accomplishment considering all of the super-girls on that page. I like to show off, Lara said. I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I like to be watched. To be looked at and admired. I like it. It is pleasant to be noticed and be the kind of woman men think about. That\'s why I became a model and a cam girl. It is a pleasant way to earn an income, so that is why so many girls are doing it. We are seen all over the world. At first I was a little shy...I mean...I don\'t have any special talents.We have to disagree with that last comment. Lara is loaded with talent. See More of Lara Jones at SCORELAND.COM!. Tits over miami Breasts Over Miami How did London Andrews get into modeling at the startI was 20 years old, just turning 21. A friend wanted to shoot me. I let him. As soon as I realized that I could travel, I was hooked. Within a year, I was traveling the U.S. out of my car. Modeling was always about traveling for me. It also felt really large working with photographers who found passion in shooting. In creating art. Photographers who found such inspiration in beauty. Everything about it made me feel really good.London returned to her glam, art, fetish and alternative modeling roots after this XXX scene and another hardcore video were made at SCORE. (She also did one breasts & Tugs.) The fact that she didn\'t do a hundred videos all over the place only makes these all the more rare and memorable. London combines sexuality and eroticism in one tantalizing package. A large-looking brunette with heavy breasts and booty, she has a natural, girl-next-door appearance that wasn\'t lost while she piled up countless photo credits all over the USA, modeling mainly for amateur photographers, many of them excellent but who didn\'t take pictures for a living.See More of London Andrews at SCORELAND.COM!. 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Everything I am, is from my mother.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. The blue couch The Blue Couch In The Blue Couch, LDM enters with a toy that could serve double duty as a rolling pin for cookie making. She does manage to squeeze a few inches of the monster into her tight pussy, an unusual sight, to say the least. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Cala craves cock Cala craves dick I like to wear lascivious tops that show off my tits, libidinous divorcee Cala said. I also like fuck strangers. I\'m a beautiful wild swinger, and I have a really naughty fantasy. I want to do a gang bang with an NBA team, preferably the Lakers, on their home court and finish it bukkake style.Hmmm...that would keep Jack Nicholson glued to his courtside seat until the end of the game.I once did a small blow bang on the dance floor of a night club in San Diego. I was surrounded by hundreds of people, and I\'d guess most of them knew exactly what was happening!In this scene, the machine the door-to-door salesman is selling is called The Carpet Sucker. Cala\'s mouth is called The dick Sucker and her cunt is called The dick Fucker. At least that\'s what they should be called. Cala is a serious hottie, and she answers the door wearing a sheer, red top that her nipples are poking through. Her tits are big, and so are the salesman\'s eyes when he sees what Cala is wearing.Come on in, Sweetie, Cala says. Show me everything you\'ve got.Maybe we oughta quit our day jobs and take up door-to-door salesman. They seem to get all the perks. See More of Cala Craves at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Poolside princess Poolside Princess And now we come to a young lady who is truly a bikini buster, a attracting girl with a anatomy built for gorgeous swimsuits. A princess with a royal rack, the latest member of the 20 Club, Princess Pumpkins. She must be from Tennessee know the rest of that sentence.I\'m a little bit of a dom when I do my cam stuff, so Princess kind of fits for worship, and Pumpkins because my breasts are about the size of pumpkins, Princess said.SCORELAND: How great are your breastsPrincess: Thirty-two T, I believe. It\'s rough with USA sizes.SCORELAND: They don\'t make T-cup bras, do theyPrincess: No, they do not.SCORELAND: What\'s the greatgest bra size you\'ve ever seenPrincess: The greatgest bra I own is from Europe, and it\'s an 80-O.SCORELAND: That\'s 80 in centimetersPrincess: Yes. I think that brings it around to like 32 inches. It\'s supposed to be a full-coverage bra, but it stops halfway up my breasts. It\'s my greatgest bra and it\'s comfortable.SCORELAND: The last time you walked into Victoria\'s Secret was...Princess: Black Friday this past November, and I was asked if I was a triple-D or a G.SCORELAND: Did you laughPrincess: I said, Oh, no, I\'m not. I\'m a little bit greatger than that.SCORELAND: They don\'t have bras that fit you in Victoria\'s Secret, do theyPrincess: No, they don\'t! See More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!. Poolside PoolsideThis pictorial was filmed in the famed tourist area Costa del Sol, Spain for October 2005 SCORE. Joana is looking as hot as usual. I sleep naked. But I wear lascivious clothes to bed with a man, Joana said. I\'m very sensual. I like to be touched different ways at different moments. Sometimes soft, sometimes maybe with some more passion. It all depends on the situation and the mood. I like to take nature walks and hold hands. I like a lot of affectionate from my partners. Affection is beautiful. So when I am having my pictures taken, I like to show the camera affection too.See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Dominatrix of the mammaries Dominatrix of the Mammaries So here we are with Smiley Emma. You don\'t recognize this Canadian national treasure She has a way different look in this scene. She\'s not smiling. Hair slicked back, wearing an outfit perfect for a dungeon or a sequel to Mad Max. Emma flagellates her huge naturals and bush cunt with a lash and clips clamps on her nipples. She spreads her cunt wide and finger-bangs herself, then, off-camera, whips the photographer and his crew, making them cry for mercy. Okay, that last thing didn\'t happen.Fellow Canuck T.G. first saw Emma in the Spring 2017 issue of XL Girls magazine and was compelled to send a letter. Emma took my breath away from the first shot of her with her long legs and those beautiful boobs bulging out of her dress. It\'s not often that I get violent from the first shot in a pictorial, but this was an exception. She didn\'t disappoint when the clothes came off. lovely breasts and a hairy cunt. Perfection! She looked so alluring spreading her cunt and looking right into the camera as if to say, \'Fuck this!\' The cherry on top of the sundae is that she\'s Canadian. Judging by some of your girls, including Roxee Robinson, you guys should be spending a lot more time up here in the considerable White North! See More of Smiley Emma at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Ms g: sex ed instructor Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor You are invited to attend Ms. Trinety Guess\'s sex education class. Please take careful notes as there will be a pop quiz later. Ms. G\'s curriculum will cover many areas of sexology but will specialize in the considerable tits, considerable butts and sensitive pussies of hot XL Girls. This course is dynamic, meaning Ms. G will herself demonstrate everything with her own highly erogenous zones. No charts, graphs, photos or drawings will be used. By the time this class is over, there won\'t be a dry seat in the room so provide your own tissues. Masters & Johnson and the Kinsey Institute have nothing over Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor. She\'s a well-known figure, and has a well-known figure, nice a line of excited students who follow her as she walks across campus.I\'m open-minded and quick-witted, says Ms. G. And I have a erotic innocence to my look. Almost everything you wanted to know about sex and chubby charmers and what they enjoy will be covered in Ms. G\'s class. And please, no doodling or dirty drawings during her lectures.See More of Trinety Guess at XLGIRLS.COM!. Nilli\'s delight spot Nilli\'s pleasure Spot Nilli Willis liked to swing those large, soft knockers on-camera. A lot of models don\'t like to do that, at least to the extent she did. When it came to girls, Nilli was definitely a fan of the female body and all of its private parts. She got it on in the John Graham studio with Cathy Patrick, Kayla Kleevage, Jeannine Oldfield, Lisa Phillips, Dee, Justa Dream and LeeAnne Lovelace. If we\'ve left anyone out, we apologize. Hopefully, my best sexual experience will be the next one, Nilli said during her modeling days. I suppose my best feature would be my boobs. A lot of people also comment about my come-to-bed eyes. A girl who is self-aware, Nilli is right about that. She didn\'t need to say have intercourse me with that erotic gaze. It comes naturally. She didn\'t need to play it up.Now 40something, Nilli\'s a huge football (soccer) fan and has an ordinary job these days. The people who meet her have no idea how famous she was as a young star in the world of large tits.See More of Nilli Willis at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Hearty humping Hearty Humping See Daphne\'s large boobs They didn\'t grow on a diet of twigs and berries. She\'s a midwestern girl and she likes large, hearty meals with fried chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob. I\'m from Illinois and guys here like to see girls with large appetites. They get horny when they see us eat, and we get horny when they watch. They know a girl who likes to eat a lot, likes to make love a lot. That\'s certainly true for me. In fact, I even like to eat while I have sex. It gives me the energy to go as violent and as long as I like.See More of Daphne Carter at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. All-over tan, overall slut All-over tan, overall slut Well isn\'t this the oldest trick in the book Sasha, an English hottie with a exciting accent, is out by her hot tub, wearing a skimpy blue bikini (her big, fake tits are practically popping out of the damn thing!). But the hot tub doesn\'t work, so she phones her neighbor for some help. The handyman father isn\'t home, but the son says he\'ll give it a look. Damn right he will.Of course, sonny boy doesn\'t know what he\'s doing, but he does catch an eyeful of Sasha\'s body. And he is handy with his penish.I want to get an all-over tan, she said. 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I was trying to space out my career as much as possible. In the beginning I was doing bikini work, then I moved on to topless only and then I moved on to nude. We\'re talking about a year or so gap between all of these. So I went from topless to nude to girl/girl to boy/girl to boy/girl/girl. So I sort of, if you like, wound up the guys, teased them a lot and then...I popped my cherry.-Linsey Dawn.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Estonia cold fox Estonia Cold Fox Occupation: Bartender; Age: 20; Born: July 18; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Matching bra set; Anal: Licking; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Of course.A submission all the way from Estonia might just be a first for us. We had to look up where Estonia is before responding to Katya\'s email to us. Hello from Estonia, she wrote. I am Katya, and I want very much to be a model in your magazines. I have actually been approached by several photographers and agents here in Estonia, but they have a bad reputation of taking advantage of girls. I know you have been making magazines for 20 years, so I know you are safe to use my photographs.Guys, we\'re always thorough when it comes to checking girls\' IDs, but when we\'re receiving photos from former Soviet Union countries, we double and triple check. I have always looked young, Katya told us. In fact, I have a problem finding older men who will make the first move with me. When I go to university, it\'s always the first-year students who flirt with me. It\'s a large problem because I don\'t like young boys. I like older men in their 30s. They know their way around my body much better. See More of Katya at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Busty dusty - lingerie lover Lingerie Lover Dusty works the retro-glam look in this set lensed in the early 1990s. It\'s photos like these-smolderingly hot and sensuous-that make us realize that even if Dusty hadn\'t been a mega-buster, she still would have been a considerable men\'s magazine model. I prefer the more-glamorous, more-subtle type of modeling, Dusty once said. But I also know what the guys want, and I try to give it to them. Try She always succeeds!See More of curvy Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Is kelly the girl-next-door Is Kelly the girl-next-door Is Kelly Christiansen the girl-next-door This is a tough question.My friends always tell me I\'m very down-to-Earth and more like the girl-next-door. I don\'t know if they would expect this from me, Kelly said the first time we interviewed her on her first day here. When I met Kelly that day, her larger-than-life appearance knocked me over like a bowling pin. The old-school term va-va-voom came to mind.Kelly is not the average woman you pass in a mall or at the gas station and totally ignore. Girls like Kelly don\'t fall out of the tree when you shake it. This is a physical superwoman who turns everyone\'s head, a woman even women stare at. Of course, her natural sex appeal has nothing to do with her personality or her behavior, which is woman-next-door. So if Kelly is the woman-next-door, it\'s just her easygoing, friendly personality that makes her one, not her physical assets.Kelly is part of that unorganized SCORE wives movement, or WILFs (Wives I\'d Like To Fuck), that\'s picked up in recent years. Other WILFs include Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley, Ingrid Swenson and a few other busty dolls with a yen to spend some sexual energy. Did being a SCORE Girl change Kelly\'s lifeI\'m definitely not as shy as I used to be, she said. That\'s definitely a good thing for me. My husband likes watching me with other guys and he likes the idea that his wife is a star.Kelly Shy A woman who could rule the world if she wanted toI mean, now I can just walk up to anybody and talk to them about anything. Especially my boobs. I can definitely talk to anybody about my tits. If a guy came up to me and said, \'You have nice tits,\' I would just be like, \'Thank you, I guess.\' What do you say But now, I\'m like, \'Oh, yeah, you wanna see them\' Although not too many people recognize me, even now. See More of Kelly Christiansen at SCORELAND2.COM!. Prized possessions Prized Possessions This photo set was a prized one for SCORE magazine because it was published in the February 2001 issue, two years after Dusty retired from modeling. They were discovered in a stash of photos left in the photo inventory of a magazine that ceased publishing, and when we saw them, we scooped them up and got them into the mag. The pics were shot in San Diego, California by one of our contributing photographers. Note how different the lighting and make-up are from Dusty\'s SCORE-produced photo sets, providing us with a different view of this mega-boobed superstar.See More of busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. A jewel among women A Jewel among women It\'s lovely to know that 60something silver slut Jewel has an open-minded husband who doesn\'t mind that his beautiful, lustful wife went away for the week to get make love by a total stranger for our cameras. Would you mind if your wife or girlfriend did that How many of you would encourage her Just remember: If your wife is as libidinous as Jewel is, you get many of the benefits. And they\'re not merely fringe benefits. They\'re real, live, make love and blowjob benefits.Jewel was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her favorite team is the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League. She enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her granddaughters. Nobody in her family, other than her husband, knows that she does this, and that makes it even more special.In this scene, Jewel\'s guy is 27, which makes him young enough to be her son and almost young enough to be her grandson. Notice how much Jewel loves the cock. She doesn\'t just sucks it. She makes love to it to, getting her mouth and tongue around every inch and never forgetting the balls. Our favorite part of the video is when the stud asks Jewel, You want that ejaculate and Jewel replies, I do want that ejaculate! He says, You want that ejaculate all over your face and she says, Yeah, I do. Just cover my face with it.How often does Jewel have sex Several times a week, she said. I don\'t really count or keep a scorecard. I just fuck!See More of Jewel at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Bathroom, tits & beyond Bathroom, boobs & Beyond Roxee Robinson sleeps naked and usually showers naked, except now, because we asked the bountiful redhead to throw on a sheer dress over a swimsuit so we could see the fabric stick to her curves and see the outline of her rough nipples. After that, Roxee got down to the buff and soaped up her huge boobs and fingered her wet slit as the shower cascaded over her soft flesh.I love masturbating with my fingers and my toys, Roxee said. I\'ve showed you some of my toy collection in another video. Some of them are so big, I can\'t put it in my mouth. When I know I\'m being watched masturbating, it makes me hornier. I like it when the guys who watch me are stroking their cocks. I feel sexier being the woman they want to fuck. See More of Roxee Robinson at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!.