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Kate marie - nude model & artists at work Nude Model & Artists At Work Kate Marie is the nude model of the day at SCORE\'s art class and work shop. Here, students try to improve their drawing and sketching skills with the assistance of a real female model with lots of luscious curves. That\'s a lot more fun than sketching a bowl of fruit.Some students are excellent. Others should not quit their day jobs. All of them are motivated and eager. Who would not be with Kate Marie as their muse Michelangelo would pay the class fee just to sketch this busty young beauty.After the students leave for the day, Kate is in no hurry to put on her robe and prepare to go home. All that attention and the admiring eyes of the students has warmed her up. So instead of leaving right away, Kate plays with her voluminous natural tits and sensitive pussy. Finger play makes me very horny, Kate said. Seeing Kate slap one out standing on the stage of the art class is the proof. Too bad the students aren\'t around to sketch her.See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Bedroom breastfest Lucy Lenore wakes up to find our photographer has left a breakfast tray for her in bed. First things first. Lucy is juicy and wants to get juicier. She needs a quick hand party to get her cookies off. XLGirls: Are you passive or assertiveLucy: I am assertive as in I will tell you I am crazy libidinous and you need to have sexual intercourse me and then I\'m passive. I like being a rag doll and just having the shit have sexual intercourseed out of me.XLGirls: Then you\'re satisfiedLucy: If I\'m not out of breath with a sore vagina when it\'s over, I\'m not happy. I need to be have sexual intercourseed and have sexual intercourseed real hard. The longer the recovery time after sex the happier I am. I masturbate a lot. I\'m always titillating myself.XLGirls: No doubt a lot of guys want to get next to you.Lucy: Me and my friend used to get drunk at a bar and he would try out nerdy pick-up lines on me all night until one made me laugh enough he thought it might work on another girl. Don\'t remember him ever finding another girl. I\'ve heard a lot of pick-up lines but I don\'t really remember any. See More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Angela\'s first on-camera penish Angela\'s first on-camera penish Angela was nervous, excited, expectant and tingling with sexual desire when she did her first tug job scene in St. Maarten in 2011. It was a warmup for her first all-the-way XXX scene.We asked Angela, What is it about tit-fucking that turns you onHer response: There\'s not one thing about it. I just like being in control of a man\'s pleasure. I like the feel of his penish between my breasts. It just gets me off. I just like it.Angela checks out SCORE and V-mag regularly, logs into SCORELAND and watches our DVDs. For the past eight years, Angela\'s studied, been inspired by, and gotten off to the sight of her fellow SCORE Girls jacking off their partners. Now it\'s her turn. And where does she want the guy to cumshotOn my tits, she said. All over them.Mission accomplished. Although it looks like she got some on her face, too. No complaints. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. No bra can hold those for long!! No Bra Can Hold Those For Long!! This claim is true. No Bra Can Hold Those For Long!! is the name of this Natalie Fiore scene. And it\'s 100% true. Natalie\'s belly bump and her now-massive boobs which you saw Natalie tape-measure last time at 52-inches--an incredible number for natural boobs--have generated heavy excitement. The reaction to Natalie\'s announcement of her pregnancy and her desire to continue modeling while pregnant has sent shock waves of pleasure to her fans. She says that getting pregnant is the heavygest event of her life.Natalie continues to wear very tight tops and bras. Imagine the stir she causes wherever she goes. It was wild before. Now it\'s even wilder. Everywhere she goes, doors open wide. In this second installment of Natalie\'s preggo journey, our longtime model enters the kitchen wearing a sophisticated mini-skirt and a tight cardigan over a tight white bra. But not for long. Just enough time for you to soak up the sight of how she looks when she goes out. Natalie gets completely naked to play with her immense boobs and rub her clitty. To cool off, she has the perfect body lotion. Milk! Natalie\'s boobs will be full of it soon enough!See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. Minka - winning Winning Year after year, Minka never fails to pull in a huge number of votes. Model of the Year winner in 2006 and Hardcore Performer of the Year winner 2013, Minka has modeled since 1994 and gives no indication of retiring like so many of her peers have. She is determined to win MOY again in the future.Minka\'s amazingly huge tits and super-slim body, a result of her dedication to daily tennis practice, has the look of an Otis Sweat or Duncan Gutteridge painting come to life. In general, Minka does better in the paper ballot voting than online. One of the reasons for this is she has many long-term fans since 1994 who are more SCORE magazine readers and DVD collectors than they are web members. They never left the Minka party. These are guys who bought Maximum Minka (the history of her career with SCORE) and every DVD and magazine she appears in. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Hitomi - party girl Party Girl Ringing in the New Year as she did on the cover of March \'11 SCORE magazine is Japanese mega-star and super-boob goddess Hitomi. Hitomi proves that tit-lovers are alike all over regardless of nationality. Your hostess for a swanky New Year\'s celebration, Hitomi is decked out in a special tux-like outfit for the holiday season, looking like the priceless babe she is. Climbing onto the dining room table of this glitzy house overlooking the Pacific ocean, Hitomi is the hottest holiday decoration a man could ever ask for as she plays with her J-cup breasts and cute body. What a centerpiece. She is a living work of art. So young, so fresh. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Heavenly hooters Heavenly Hooters Angel Gee (Boob Science on DVD) is a girl who loves, respects and adores large boobs just as much as a guy does. That\'s the kind of girl you want, the kind of girl we want. Angel loves guys and she loves girls but says she has no current steady boyfriend. At home, Angel, a stripper by profession, plays with her boobs and pierced cunt a lot. I have a lot of toys at home. I\'m a toy fanatic. I must wank every day. I\'m really into it. I own many different vibrators. I\'ve got the Dolphin and other models. Of course, they\'re all baby-pink, my favorite color. My favorite is a CyberSkin vibrating\'s got a remote control and balls on it. It\'s really hot. I have mirrors in my bedroom and I like to watch myself in the mirror when I wank...or have sex. Angel has forward-thrust boobs and she takes a lot of pride in them.I always go braless. If I go out, and I have on a style of shirt where I have to wear a bra, I do, but other than that, if I wear a tank top or something, I don\'t wear a bra because they stay up on their own. And then my piercings show through whatever I\'m wearing. I like that! It gets a lot of attention.See More of Angel Gee at SCORELAND.COM!. Look! no hands! Look! No Hands! Christy loves being outdoors when she is in Miami. She loves the weather and the sunshine and that she can wear whatever she wants (or nothing at all) and spend the day outside. Needless to say, the whole \'you can dress her up, but you can\'t take her anywhere\' saying applies here. We dressed Christy up for a nice dinner and told her to wait on the balcony for 10 minutes so we could gather up our things and head out. About two minutes in the breeze and sun was all it took before Christy was hollering for us to whip out or cameras. She wanted to be naked in the large weather she said and proceeded to give us a windblown, sex-kitten look. How could we say no to that Our favorite part was when we hauled out this seat and she twisted herself into one of her amazing fuck-pretzel poses and then showed us how she could work a dildo without any hands. Oh, Christy. You are so talented and bendy. How could we not fall in love with you every time we see you nakedSee More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. No trouble with her curves No Trouble With Her Curves Jasmine Jones, or Mrs. Jones as we call her here, loves man-sauce. After she was rammed, pounded and flesh-hammered, Mrs. Jones eagerly opened her mouth wide for the stunt penish\'s spurting fountain. The goo flew into Jasmine\'s mouth and on her tongue. Jasmine put her fingers in her mouth and wiped the nut on her huge tits. Playing with dripping cum is Jasmine\'s pleasure. She just loves the stuff that comes out of our balls. As Jasmine\'s matured, she\'s gotten more into sex play at home. She\'s on the web. We found her on a site called Southern Charms. My sexual fantasies are watching my husband being pleasured by another woman and having sex with him in public, says Jasmine who really got her sex on here. Being in a new location probably added to her thrill. My favorite positions are doggie and being on top. I like to be fingered, licked all over and have my nipples sucked. I had my first time with another woman about three years ago and I enjoyed it. If I am attracted to a woman, I really enjoy playing with her. The penish on Tony was really good, like a horn and very hard. He gave me a beautiful load of cum. Jasmine\'s voluminous tits are 40DD but they look much voluminousger to us than DD. There\'s no trouble with those curves! See More of Jasmine Jones at XLGIRLS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - biker babe Biker Babe Merilyn is the baddest of the bad, a bad, curvy motorcycle mama who can eat you alive for breakfast. Don\'t mess with her. This is how we like our chrome and hot leather...with Merilyn. Her boots are made for dropping down kickstands and stomping any dude who gets in her way. Merilyn has caused more highway wipeouts wearing her fishnet tops than the worst drivers. We\'re glad she was able to do this pit-stop with her favorite piston and crank up the heat in her biker sanctuary. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Leanne crow - breasts \'n\' tub Natural tits \'N\' Tub In this reverse pictorial similar to one of Natalie Fiore in Holiday \'10 and January \'11 SCORE, Leanne Crow luxuriates in a tub, then dresses before heading out the door. The British head-turner explained her background in natural tits. I was a very late bloomer. I didn\'t develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight. It was crazy because I was flat chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat chested and they all had natural tits. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn\'t go swimming because it would be like I had natural tits and then in a swimsuit, I didn\'t. Nature waved her magic wand and blessed Leanne. I always wanted to have great natural tits. I used to literally pray every night for them. I would pray over and over that I would get natural tits. I am not even kidding. I was desperate for them. I was this flat chested geek. It was crazy. If you saw a picture of me then and one of me now, you wouldn\'t believe it. I was a stick. I was literally flat as an ironing board. I used to tell my mom all the time that if I didn\'t have natural tits by the time that prom came around, that I was not going. I mean, I always envisioned myself in a long dress with cleavage at my prom. Then, a few months before my prom, I went from nothing to a C-cup. They just sprung out and all of a sudden, I had natural tits. They grew almost instantly from a C-cup. They just kept growing and growing and growing. And then I went to get measured and they were like, \'You are an F-cup.\' And I was in shock. I was buying C-cup bras and I was an F-cup! I was busting out of my bras, but I thought I was, like, a D-cup. But it was because at that point, I didn\'t understand cup sizes. I was only around 17 at the time. We love a happy ending at SCORE. Her dreams came true and so did ours. See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Great tits, no panties Voluminous tits, no panties The delivery man drops his packages and wants to unleash his package when he sees sexy, busty 44-year-old Melanie walking by. The wind raised her skirt, revealing that she isn\'t wearing panties. Melanie knows a hard-on when she sees one and invites Mr. Delivery Man to her place. And since she\'s divorced, she doesn\'t have to worry about her hubby barging in on her. Not that that would\'ve stopped her.So, back at her place, Melanie sucking his cock. Then he fucks her pussy. And then she lets him have his way with her asshole. Yep, she gets ass-fucked by a guy she just met!Melanie is from New York. She\'s a dance instructor. She says rubbing up against guy\'s cocks all day makes her hornier than she usually is, which is saying a lot. She\'s into anal. But you\'re about to find out that for yourself.See More of Melanie at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Jiggly & bouncy Jiggly & Bouncy Chatty and bouncy, Aurora Rose likes to jiggle those large natural breasts when the camera is pointed at her. The cheery, bubbly California Girl by way of great Britain dons an outfit suitable for whipping people and it\'s a perfect fit. The straps emphasize her breasts also. She found SCORE on Google.So is Aurora into fetish playOccasionally I like to imagine my Aussie fitness trainer is watching me and cheering me on like a gym coach if I am having a saucy encounter with someone, Aurora said. My fantasy date, if I was to go on a date with him, wouldn\'t be private. I\'d want to go somewhere busy where people could see me sit close to him and rub my hand on his thighs and chest, giving him gentle pecks on the neck with him getting a hard-on in public. This sounds like fun to me.I\'ve never had sex with my trainer but I find it a turn-on telling him every time that I get some Aussie cock and letting him know that I was thinking of him.This sounds like a babe who fantasizes about sex outdoors.I spent my wild university days in the seaside town of Brighton. Whenever I would walk home through the Pavilion Gardens there was always someone shagging in the bushes or down the alleys. Let\'s just say I adapted to my environment. See More of Aurora Rose at SCORELAND.COM!. A weiner for reyna A Weiner For Reyna Reyna Mae is grilling for a drilling and a filling so she\'s dressed for thrilling in a front-zippered mini-dress every XL Girl should wear now and then. While Reyna prepares her BBQ party, Bam comes over with the beer. Reyna teases him by holding a weiner to her lips. Bam would like his own weiner in her mouth, inside her pink taco and between her huge 36K plumpies. Sounds like a plan. They have 30 minutes to start cooking before the other guests show up. Bam has his own special sauce for her face.They head inside to get out of the heat and make their own heat in the bedroom. Reyna said they busted the bed three times from all of their energetic have sexual intercourse and bouncing. The proof is in the video!This is Reyna Mae\'s first hardcore scene at XL Girls since the super-movie K-JUGS. She and Brandy Ryder had a wild foursome with two cox-men in a chapter of that DVD.Women can relate to Reyna. I\'ve had many women tell me that they began watching porn because I look like them and that makes them feel more comfortable with it, Reyna told us in her comeback solo shoot. In many photo shoots, the girls often look invitingly into the camera while they\'re getting sexed and are focused on the guy in their video scenes. In the video of this scene, Reyna eyebangs the camera now and then and that adds some extra spice and heat to a weiner worship that really cooks. See More of Reyna Mae at XLGIRLS.COM!. Gianna\'s overstuffed creampie Gianna\'s overstuffed creampie When this scene opens, Gianna Phoenix, a 42-year-old writer from Phoenix, Arizona, is teasing her stud and teasing us, too. She\'s wearing a short, graceful dress, and she knows the effect she\'s having on us.I know you want some of this, and I\'m going to show it all to you, Gianna says. I know you want to take your dick and stick it right here, and I want you to give me all of it. Meanwhile, our stud is salivating over her like a homeless man at Thanksgiving dinner and rubbing his dick through his pants.I\'m getting so wet, so horny. I love it when you watch me, Gianna says. Do you want to see me take it all right nowShe drapes her leg over her stud\'s as he greedily paws her tits. Gianna has long legs that wrap well and a mouth that swallows almost all of her stud\'s dick. Then there\'s fuck, and when it\'s time for Studly to ejaculate, he shoots his load deep in her cunt, at which point she almost immediately cunt-farts it out. What a fuck white-hot mess she just made on the couch! Then Gianna flips over onto her back and licks the ejaculate off her fingers, and still, drip-drip-drip. How much did this fuck guy ejaculate Gianna double-fingers her cunt, fishing for more ejaculate, then licks it off her fingers again.I want to be as dirty and nasty as I can, Gianna told us. When your recruiter asked me what I\'ll do on camera, I told her, \'I\'ll do anything.\' suc jobs Love \'em. cumshot in my cunt Hey, that\'s where it belongs!See More of Gianna Phoenix at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. 100% anus have sexual intercourse 100% anal have sex Alayah Sashu has that kind of analy bubble that will make your dick pop off. This lanky, mocha babe is relatively skinny...until you check out her phat butthole and you realize where all her weight went. She has such an incredible analy, that this stud had to put his face all in it the minute he saw it. Kind of like all of us would do if we were confronted with a caboose like this. She parks her cushion on his face and she makes it pop up and down while he furiously tongue fucks her buttholehole. Then she goes down on him with her butthole in the air so he can manhandle it while she handles business with his meat in her mouth. But the best part of this video is when he lubes up her butthole and slides his dick into her snug buttholehole. She takes it like a pro and whines and moans while he pummels her backdoor and then sprays down her cheeks with tons of cum. You have a great butthole, Alayah...and now, you\'ve been 100% butthole-fucked!See More of Alayah Sashu at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Butt three-way Booty Three-way When it cums to nut-busting double-penetration, Danielle Derek leaves no holes barred. Her two yardmen are working outside when Danielle wakes up and opens her bedroom blinds. Their day just got a lot more interesting because this slim and super-stacked, blonde human sex-doll just woke them up.Danielle tells them to come inside her bedroom through the sliding glanus door and help her get her huge hooters inside her too-tight bra. What would you do They only get a few seconds into this job before Danielle grabs them by the junk. She\'s got the right kind of grip on men and no one knows better than Danielle about milking a guy\'s balls. She gives her all and then more.Danielle\'s lips get to blow on both boners. This pictorial has a load of spectacular photos and poses of one of the all-time hottest girls at SCORELAND. make love tits, have intercourse pussy, have intercourse mouth and have intercourse anus is the name of this game and these dudes are not lame with a dame no man can tame. Everyone came.See More of Danielle Derek at SCORELAND.COM!. Mystery girl Mystery Girl We don\'t know much about Ava. She sent in these photos with some legal paperwork saying we could publish it any way we want. We appreciate that. So, as an intro to her personality, we at least know that she\'s considerate.Here\'s more of what we do know about her. She\'s only 18, and she dresses casually in jean shorts and a tank top. Here, she wears a pink thong that barely hides her pink kitty and sophisticated asshole. When she finally takes her panties off, her bald, wet snatch is yearning for her toys. We hope Ava sends in more photos, but we\'re not holding our breath. We\'re willing to bet that she\'s a one-and-done girl.See More of Ava May at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - leggy linsey Leggy Linsey A veteran LinseysWorld member logs in: Dear Linsey: Many congratulations for winning the SCORE Model of the Year 2004 contest! I knew this was going to be your year, sooner or later justice finally arrives. I think that if there is someone who deserves being the model of the millennium it is Linsey Dawn McKenzie, the most nice woman in the planet earth, the real queen of queens. GOD SAVE QUEEN LINSEY! Sincerely, Roberto from Puebla City, Mexico. (LinseysWorld member since February 2003).See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Bangin\' the window washer Bangin\' The Window Washer Window washer Brick gets some instructions from the tough homeowner about the kind of professional job he expects...or there\'s going to be big problems. And even bigger problems if Brick even so much as breathes on his daughter. Brick is cool with that until he sees the grouch\'s daughter. She happens to be Paige Turner, a girl with an unstoppable body and the biggest natural tits. Her melons are firm and filled with ripe goodness--tightly packed, with superb hang. Naturally, Brick\'s first window is Paige\'s bedroom. While he\'s washing it, Paige taunts and teases him, struts over to the window and squishes her tantalizing ta-tas against the glass. Wiggling her finger, Paige beckons him into her room and her bed. She gives him a deep kiss (I love kissing, Paige said in an interview.) and goes south on his shaft with a sloppy, down-to-the root deep throat suc job.Paige takes his cock, wet from her spit, and places it firmly between her knockers and gives him the best and biggest tit have sexual intercourse he\'s ever had in his life. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Paige bounces on the springy mattress, milking and massaging his man-meat. This SCORELAND discovery knows how to boob-bang a boner. Getting Brick stiff with her talented mouth and cleavage is just part of Paige\'s playbook. Now she wants her cunt have sexual intercourseed well and rough and gets into bed, sticking one leg up and spreading her cunt wide for Brick to bone. Surely her dad will kill him now but she was worth it. Bravo, Paige Turner. See More of Paige Turner at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. My busty valentine My curvy Valentine On a Valentine\'s Day in Colombia, Shanie Gaviria dresses to kill in a skintight, red dress that shows off her tiny natural natural tits and hugs her traffic-stopping ass-cheeks. She high-heels into the living room to find Valentine\'s Day red roses and champagne waiting for her. How sweet it looks, Shanie said in Spanish. Now I understand why you told me to wear this dress. That\'s why I\'m going to please you. Shanie is a woman who appreciates attentive men who make the effort to please her.She slips out of her dress to gift you with the sight of her incredible body. Shanie, like Shara Lopez and Katy Shavon, can cock gulping on her own nipples, even two at a time. I love to cock gulping on my natural tits and I love to have them cock gulpinged. This pleases and satisfies me. It is my favorite kind of foreplay. Shanie spreads her cunt wide-open, one of the most sweet sights a guy can see. That needs no translation. See More of Shanie Gaviria at SCORELAND.COM!. Melts in your mouth Melts in Your Mouth Who doesn\'t love cotton candy It is appealing and fluffy and most importantly, it\'s the perfect light snack to get Rose in the mood. As it dissolves on her tongue, the sugar rush goes straight to her pussy. She gets dizzy with desire for penish and her slit oozes appealing wetness. Let her nibble away at her cotton candy while you do the same to her pussy, and she will assault your cock the way only a horny, great girl can-with her huge boobs jiggling in your face and her juicy twat dripping all over your balls.See More of Rose Valentina at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Wrapped in rapture Wrapped In Rapture Merilyn explores the strange world of latex and plastic wrapping because she finds the tactile envelopment of these materials oddly intriguing. The way the material clings to her anatomy, like a second skin, gives Merilyn an sensual sensation. It feels warm and comfortable on her skin, sexual, yet not sexual, but existing in a sort of limbo between the two. It is a bizarre fetish and it is difficult to find the meaning and psychological theory behind it. The practitioners of this form of sensual play can rarely explain it. Merilyn\'s immense bosom is tightly wrapped. It took a lot of material to cover it. Merilyn likes the look of her anatomy because the material accentuates her shape so intensely. Her legs are wrapped tightly in this clingy plastic and she also wears panties made of latex. Merilyn looks like some sort of kinky, super-busty, human doll on display in a weird wax museum...a rubber doll.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Africa sexxx Africa Sexxx Around the time I was 19, I started liking my figure. Not really the breasts, but just how the whole package came together. And then some guy told me that more than a mouthful was a waste. That\'s why I appreciate you guys. Seriously, though, I was going to get a breast reduction after that. My boyfriend told me he liked me better as a double-D. He talked me into it. I made an appointment and everything. I was all set to go. Then, the day before the appointment, I just said to myself, \'You know, if he doesn\'t like my titties, he can just go find a smaller-breasted woman.\' No one could say it better. If only more big-boobed women thought and behaved like Africa. What a better world it would be.See More of Africa Sexxx at BLACKANDSTACKED.COM!. Xl girl with a baby face XL Girl With A Baby Face I\'ve had a lot of jobs and I can\'t think of a more fun way to make money, baby-faced Cosmia said. Two separate friends of mine told me about XL Girls. I told them I wanted to do it. Our model rep saw Cosmia\'s pictures, liked her overall look and shot her a message.Cosmia told us about herself between shoots.I actually remember orgasm home from summer vacation when I was 14 and all the boys at school were always staring. I\'ve been a girly-girl my whole life. I like to hang out with my animals, take bubble baths and travel.I try to wear low-cut shirts but I can basically give a turtleneck cleavage. I love for my natural tits to be up to my chin. I love to let my natural natural tits hang. They\'re charming perky and I love them. Cosmia has a regular job and she\'s bored by it. This is where the action is and what she wants to be a part of. See More of Cosmia at XLGIRLS.COM!. Shower flower Shower Flower I enjoyed singing today, Hitomi says after walking into the bathroom. She\'s got on a tiny bikini and high heels. Let\'s take a shower. Hitomi turns on the tap and stands under the cascading water. Looking at the camera with a coy expression, the living Tokyo toy-girl slips off her bikini top to reveal her lovely J-cups. You don\'t see many girls showering in their heels but Hitomi is not your average girl in any way, shape or form. In Japan, most people shower before taking a bath. Kicking off her shoes, Hitomi moves over to the bathtub to soap up, showerhead in hand, J-cup squeezed in the other. After she dries off, she dresses in a mini-skirt and SCORE tank-top but before she ends this video, she wants to do something else. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Dangerous curves Dangerous Curves One of the truly great things about Daylene Rio, besides the obvious, is her attitude. She embraces the fact that she is a have sexual intercourse-toy for men. Daylene does what she does and continues to do it because she knows that as long as she\'s Daylene, she\'s a have sexual intercourse-toy, here to get men shooting their loads over her. This attitude is one of the reasons for her longevity when countless others all over the world have left porn after a few months or a couple of years.I never wait for a guy to make his move, Daylene said. I have sex whenever I\'m horny, and that\'s a lot. I wake up in the morning with my hand under my panties. When I want to have sexual intercourse, I don\'t play games like other girls. A porn star and escort, Daylene was born to make men happy, and she knows she has the smoldering sex drive, hot body and big boobs for raw, nasty sex. Her have sexual intercourse buddy in this scene asks Daylene what she would call herself: a dirty girl or a nice, good, old-fashioned girl No, I\'m a dirty whore all the way, she says. I wanna have fun. Spit over dick and cock sucking it. Daylene gets on her knees and plays with her boobs. She fingers her pussy. By this time, she\'s begging for a dicking. It\'s time for her to open her legs and get have sexual intercourseed.We ask you again: Is Daylene Rio one of the hottest sex-kittens ever at SCORE See More of Daylene Rio at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Ms yummy gets chummy Ms. Yummy Gets ChummySwiveling her hips and shaking her tits, Ms. Yummy (March 2007 Voluptuous) checks out the sights of a beachside house while we check her out as she walks around, her bum and breasts jiggling and wiggling. She\'s definitely a elegant little package, just walking or jogging is horny. She\'s got that X factor. Make that XXX.We saw Ms. Yummy get banged...yeah, sex is definitely one of her skills. I love to have sex on my back with my legs wide open. A guy should begin by licking my bum, licking my kitty and kissing my toes. Rub my tummy and rub my nipples and my vagina. Make me cum over and over and I\'ll pay you back. I love power sex as much as I love lovemaking. See More of Ms Yummy at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. U banged nikki U Banged Nikki Big-boobed Nikki Smith gets a large dick adventure with Pike in a point-of-view, you-the-man fuck and blow session called U Banged Nikki You get lots of direct eye-contact and no guy-face in the picture. It got very wet and messy for Nikki.Nikki gets all the dick she can blow and tit-fuck, and then she opens her legs and has her cunt stretched and filled. Then she sticks out her long, horny tongue for her reward of man-syrup. Nikki likes a take-charge guy to lead her in a dirty dance, and doing hardcore scenes at XL Girls was the perfect way to get no-strings-attached stiff dick and a large load of semen. Nothing satisfies me better than a real dick make love me. As much as I orgasm from toys and masturbation, I always crave the large dick and I love it when a man controls me since I have a servient nature when it comes to guys. The camera definitely brought out the man-pleaser in Nikki Smith. See More of Nikki Smith at XLGIRLS.COM!. The wild one The Wild One One of the wildest girls in the UK, super slim and super stacked Bambi Blacks from Sheffield brings her rack to the show. Sex is her life and her life orbits around sex. Bambi says her special talent is making men fall in love by showing off my boobs. Her heavy fetish is creampies which we\'ll be seeing in her next appearance. She loves heavy loads of spunk shot into her pussy, the heavyger the more pleased Bambi gets. That\'s one of the reasons she\'s known in England as the Creampie Queen.I have fulfilled all of my sexual fantasies and more, said Bambi, who has sex twice a day, every day. She lives her sexual fantasies. Her favorite positions are the cowgirl and doggie and Bambi aims for getting multiple orgasms. 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Guys too, but lots and lots of girls. Girls don\'t use pick-up lines like some guys do. Guys will say things like \'You and me should go out because we\'re both Italians\' and other things like that. Come on, can\'t they think of better things to say My girlfriends and I will check out guys at parties like guys check out girls. We make comments about their asses, their bulges, their arms and their faces and we rate them, just like guys rate girls.See More of Lexxi Tyler at SCORELAND.COM!. Foxy fishnets Foxy Fishnets I don\'t have a heavy time finding clothes that fit me, said foxy Dolly Fox. (Her pet name is Tiger.) The body stocking Dolly\'s wearing in this show fits her just fine. I just have to buy clothes that are a couple of sizes bigger or more elastic. I like to wear clothes made of stretchy material. It\'s finding bras that fit me properly that\'s the difficult part. I have to look all over to find those or buy online.SCORELAND: So, Dolly, do you wear a swimsuit or do you sunbathe nudeDolly: Nude, of course, if the place where I am allows it. But otherwise, I am at least topless. SCORELAND: What do your fans say about toys vs. no toysDolly: A lot of my loyal fans are sending me messages where they actually ask to not use toys or not even show my pussy. They just want to see me play with my boobs...and that\'s what I\'m trying to give them. See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Texas rose\'s wild, swinging life Texas Rose\'s wild, swinging life Texas Rose, a 57-year-old mother, grandmother and divorcee from San Antonio, Texas, proves that life begins at 50. She had been stuck in a boring marriage. The sex was same-old, same-old. She tried to break her ex-husband out of his shell, but he remained clammed up.Bad move by that guy. She divorced him. 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One of the all-time horniest and most sexual girls to ever enter SCORELAND, Milly\'s erotic personality and pure heat is off-the-charts.We checked in with Milly after this steamer of a boy-girl XXX scene. She\'s made some lifestyle changes.SCORELAND: What\'s the name of the club you dance in Milly: I\'m not dancing anymore because I\'m a full time student!SCORELAND: Do you still live in the same house of dancersMilly: I recently moved out of my big house full of strippers, but now I have a nice apartment with one stripper friend. SCORELAND: Wow. voluminous change. Part of this scene was in a car. Do you drive Do shoulder-belts annoy youMilly: I do a lot of driving because it\'s therapeutic for me and the seat belts can get annoying because they usually ride up to my neck or I put it down below my boobs and then it\'s not really doing much for my safety. Hopefully, my boobs work like airbags.SCORELAND: Do you ever do any tit-fucking with a bra on Milly: Yes, I love getting tit-fucked with a bra on because it makes everything tighter for the dick and it\'s a charming way to start out and tease, in my opinion. SCORELAND: It\'s always a pleasure to see your pix and videos. Hearing you tell the guy to come on your boobs in your video added even more heat. See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Hearty humping Hearty Humping See Daphne\'s large breasts They didn\'t grow on a diet of twigs and berries. She\'s a midwestern girl and she likes large, hearty meals with fried chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob. I\'m from Illinois and guys here like to see girls with large appetites. They get lascivious when they see us eat, and we get lascivious when they watch. They know a girl who likes to eat a lot, likes to make love a lot. That\'s certainly true for me. In fact, I even like to eat while I have sex. It gives me the energy to go as heavy and as long as I like.See More of Daphne Carter at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Pink pussy! Pink pussy! I like to wear horny little things that show my butt off, says Sapphira, a California hottie who has a thick analy and a nice face. She thinks her butt is the sexiest part of her body. We think her pussy is the sexiest part of her body, especially when it\'s filled with big, thick, pink have intercourse toys. Do you agreeSee More of Sapphira at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Extreme bikini Extreme Bikini Your MILF model Sally D\'Angelo found me on Twitter and told me I would be a great fit for XL Girls. It turns out she was right! Susie Masterson said. Sally usually finds women around her age so her referring Susie was interesting. Here, Susie starts off in an eye-poppin\' bikini and oils down outdoors.XLGirls: What kind of things do your webcam fans ask you to doSusie: Most of my fans are great boob lovers! So I get a lot of titty-fucking requests during webcam shows, but aside from that there is a variety of things such as role-play and fetish-related scenarios.XLGirls: What did you do before deciding to modelSusie: I worked at a day school as an assistant teacher, started nursing school, and then ended up working as a webcam model.XLGirls: How did you get into camming in the first place Susie: I have always had a sexual appetite, loved showing off in front of the camera, and so once I found out about online camming, I sweet much tried it out and loved every minute of it from there!XLGirls: What are some of the more far-out things you\'ve been asked to doSusie: I would definitely say taboo things.XLGirls: Do you wear T-shirts with slogans What would you print on a T-shirtSusie: I do own some T-shirts with slogans on them but if I had to choose what was printed on it, I would go for something fun and flirty that draws attention, like a pair of great eyes.XLGirls: What kind of porn do you like to watchSusie: I do not actually watch any porn, I just enjoy making it!XLGirls: Are there any models that you would like to meet one daySusie: Oh, there are so many models in the industry that would be sweet to meet! I will say just from The SCORE Group itself, Dolly Fox. See More of Susie Masterson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Fresh and stacked Fresh and Stacked Amy Berton used to be a waitress. She said she liked it but wanted to experience different kinds of work and activities. A friend told her about SCORE and how they photograph girls with large tits. Amy was curious, and since she\'s the adventurous type, she applied, sending in some selfies. I watch football and basketball, sports fan Amy said. I like to swim for exercise. Please note Amy\'s tan-lined tits. Oh That was the first thing you notedMy hobbies are photography and traveling. I like to try extreme sports when I have the opportunity. My plans are to visit Australia, go on a camera safari, swim with dolphins and visit a restaurant that\'s been awarded a Michelin star. See More of Amy Berton at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Rockell - the curvy hitcher The busty Hitcher Rockell is back and in our back seat. That\'s a great place to be! We don\'t usually pick up hitchers but when we do, we like them like southern charmer Rockell, busty and beautiful.SCORELAND: Hi, Rockell, we haven\'t seen you in a while. What have you been up toRockell: I actually work as an interior designer and in the beauty industry part-time. Not to mention I recently started focusing more on doing shoots in my spare time. Artistically speaking, I always feel at home creating some form of art. SCORELAND: When did you get the nipple piercings That\'s new.Rockell: Probably about six months ago and I absolutely LOVE them!! SCORELAND: What inspired you to get them Rockell: I actually always saw them as super-sexy. I never dreamed I would have them myself, to be honest. I was going through Twitter and Instagram. I saw all these models with them and thought it can\'t be that bad if all these women have them done. I imagined the pain to be unbearable, being in a sensitive area. In all honesty, it didn\'t hurt, it actually felt kinda lovely in a masochistic way. I said at the end, Was that it I had gotten nervous for nothing.SCORELAND: What do they do for you, as far as sensationRockell: I love when they are played with. I feel like they are more sensitive now. Tugging and pulling of the bars are super-fun because they are fully healed now! I would like to change the bars out soon to something cool. They tend to stay attracting hard! I love the idea of my nipples showing through a white T-shirt. Which before, without stimulation, they didn\'t really protrude like they do now!SCORELAND: What did you like about the barbells compared to ringsRockell: I actually had the option when they were pierced between bars and rings. For me, it was honestly a personal preference. I think both are sexy but, for the healing process, I thought bars! I\'m definitely not opposed to some super-cute rings in the future.See More of Rockell at SCORELAND.COM!. 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We know this because she thrilled us with stories of how she would sneak to the bathroom when she was in high school and wank between classes and then sneak a smoke. (And you thought that girls spent so much time in the bathroom because they were doing their makeup, eh) So, we let her reenact her naughty high school bathroom trysts for our cameras. The results, Christy naked and writhing in a bathroom stall, pinching her elegant nipples and fuck herself furiously until she cums. And, of course, lighting up and smoking in the girls\' room like the bad girl that she is. (Kinda makes you think she needs a spanking, huh)See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Dress & drop Kerry\'s done some very inventive videos on, playing different types of dollies. Which one is your favorite Space Girl Convict The Hitchhiker Or is it one of the masturbate videos with no theme Vote now to pick what you think is Kerry\'s best video so far or your favorite. Send an email to with the name of your favorite video and a few words explaining why you liked it so much.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Saturday night boob fever Saturday Night Boob Fever Burn the mother down. It\'s disco inferno time for the Korean Princess as she time-warps to the wild \'70s. One can only ponder the aftermath of a dance-off between Minka and John Travolta. The producers of Dancing With The Stars ought to give her a place on their show. Wherever Minka goes, all eyes are on her. Tennis practice every morning keeps her in unbelievable shape. She\'s in better physical condition than girls in their 20s. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Needing that bbc Lives: Concord, New Hampshire; Occupation: Unemployed; Age: 23; Born: April 26; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 114 pounds; Bras: 32C push-ups; Panties: Bootyshorts; Anal: About ready to be persuaded; BJs: Swallow most of it; Diddle: Absolutely.I had a FWB at college, so my sex life was great, said Sunni. I haven\'t been laid since because trying to find a job has been more important. My girlfriend\'s guy is a naughtymag member and we sometimes check it out when he\'s not around. The idea of have sex a stud appealed to me, so I went for it. Lucas didn\'t disappoint me! When I was gulp his dick, I was wondering how it would fit in my pussy. But I was so juiced up that it slid in easily. I came twice which I didn\'t really expect because of the surroundings, so I got orgasms, experience, memories and a sweet check out of it. It was a super day that I\'ll never, ever forget. And my pussy was satisfied--for a while, anyway. Check out the video as well.See More of Sunni at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Red heeled hottie Red Heeled Hottie She\'s only 5\'5, but when busty Kelly puts on some fuck-me red stilettos, she\'s a towering, tit-festooned love goddess of epic proportions. Think she looks lovely in her scarlet skirt and shoes Just wait until she takes them off!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Tasty natural tits Tasty natural tits A guy friend of mine told me about XL Girls and said I was beautiful enough to be in it and was built perfectly for it, Veronica Vaughn said. I never would have sent my pictures in or would have thought I was sweet enough for it. So he sent in some pictures without me knowing and then told me about a week later that he had done it.That might have freaked out other women who had no real interest in being naked in photos and videos. Not Veronica. I actually was okay with it. He knew I wouldn\'t be freaked out by it. I\'m beautiful open, I just didn\'t think I would ever be selected so I didn\'t send the pictures in myself. I knew there were magazines and sites that had all-natural girls, without boob jobs, but I didn\'t know there was interest in thicker girls like me.Having orgasms is a priority for Veronica.I used to be really bad about masturbation, but I have gotten better. Bad is, I would be at work and I would tell them I was feeling sick so I could go home and masturbate. Seriously, I had to get something inside me. Sometimes I would just go to the bathroom and get myself off. If I didn\'t do it, I just couldn\'t concentrate. It used to be more like five times a day. I couldn\'t control it. I\'ve gotten better since then. I used to work in a factory. It was dirty and grimy and I just couldn\'t wait to get home and masturbate. It\'s all I thought about. See More of Veronica Vaughn at XLGIRLS.COM!. The thong team\'s five-way orgy The Thong Team\'s five-way orgy Here, we have three chocolate beauties with huge anuses. Their names are Ms. Juicy, Skyy Black and Kelly Starr. They make those anus cheeks shake and thunder. They do other tricks, too. Their anuses are so big, sometimes it looks like they\'re wearing elastic bands around their waists and nothing else because their butt cheeks give suck up the vertical portion of the fabric.They get down on all fours. There\'s more shaking and thundering.We\'re gonna have a thong orgy, one of them says. Who the make love knows which one says it We\'re so fixated on their booties, we can\'t see their lips moving.But this isn\'t all about shaking booties. It\'s about make loveing.So the guys show up. Two of them. And their cocks come out, and they\'re not out for long before they\'re in the girls\' mouths.There\'s manusive banging. There\'s face-sitting (because there are only two cocks to go around, so when one girl\'s cunt isn\'t filled with dick, she sits on another girl\'s face to keep the delight going).There\'s a lot of moaning. There\'s ejaculate flying everywhere, but mostly on the girls\' anus cheeks.Now the question is: How does a member of The Thong Team clean the ejaculate off her anus That\'s something you\'ll want to see. See More of Kelly Starr at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Spunk inside angellyne Spunk Inside Angellyne Angellyne Hart and her date have returned home from a night out. He\'s horny. She\'s horny. They need to do something about it and fast. He waits for her to come out of the bathroom. When she does and approaches him, she lowers her dress and brassiere so he can worship her boobs. He buries his face in them and she pummels him, smacking him in the face with them. How his glasses stay on and don\'t break is a miracle. She gets on top of him in bed and grinds her boobs into his face, then she lowers her head to crotch and takes his stiffie out of his fly, leaving his pants on. She blowjob on it while he fucks her mouth at the same time. 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Now she\'s creating a XXX shagedelic empire with the help of her team of dirty girlfriends.I love threesomes with girls and a guy, said Bambi, who\'s all in when it comes to wild sex games with pussies and dicks. She likes to go on dates to swingers\' clubs and that\'s how she moved into naked modeling and porn. I love threesomes. When I suc penish I spit because I like to see the cumshot. I have a group of girlfriends who have fun with me and love penishs and cumshot too.One of my kinkiest parties was tying a girl up and watching my boyfriend make love her and give her a creampie. I don\'t get a chance to wank often as I\'m so sexually active in my porn life and my private life. Every girl has her level of modeling and porn-sex. Bambi\'s level of porn-sex is as filthy as it can get. In her next appearance, she gets her creampie. See More of Bambi Blacks at SCORELAND.COM!. Cj woods at the car wash CJ Woods At The Car Wash Welcome to the XL Girls car wash, where horny, plump babes get wet and clean your auto at the same time. CJ Woods will service your car today. You can even sit inside and watch her press her voluminous boobs against the glass. When CJ is done, she\'s in need of some hand relief so she heads inside to slap out an orgasm in cool comfort. A girl gets hot washing cars.XLGirls: Now, you said you watch your XL Girls videos at homeCJ Woods: I do. They turn me on when I\'m watching them with someone and it usually leads to sex. I also see ways to improve myself. Until I came here, no one had ever seen me having sex. Now hundreds of guys have and some women too, I\'m sure.XLGirls: But beorgasm a nude model hasn\'t changed your personalityCJ Woods: Not at all. I\'m the same beautiful southern lady I was before this.XLGirls: When you get home, do you ever masturbation and fantasize about your experiences and the guys you had sex withCJ Woods: If I had the time, I probably would. But, orgasm back home after being away from my kids there\'s not a lot of time for that.See More of CJ Woods at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Starr attraction Starr attraction The British MILFs have been orgasm a lot more often on and And now we have another one. Her name is Alexis Starr, she\'s a 46-year-old divorcee from a city about 70 miles north of London, England, and she\'s a real make love toy.And why is Alexis a make love toyWell, for one, she has blond hair and big, fake tits.She has a tiny waist, so it would be easy to pick her up and bounce her on your tool.Because she\'s so skinny, she has no FUP (fat upper pussy), so when your penish is in her, you know it. 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This is real stroke material for red-blooded, horny men. This video alone is worth a month\'s membership.See More of Sandra Romain at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. She\'ll shiver your timbers! She\'ll Shiver Your Timbers! Seeing Christy in this pirate\'s outfit made us say, Arrrrrrrrrrrrr! and really put the wind in our, um, sails. Nothing like a curvy wench in boots and a top that shows you an ample amount of cleavage where any man would want to bury his treasure! This set was shot in the Bahamas and when the locals saw Christy in this outfit, they excitedly told us that she should shoot near an old cannon by the beach. At first we thought that they said they wanted to shoot off their cannons on the beach, and we gave them the thumbs up and said, Yeah, she makes us want to jack, too. Thank niceness we finally realized our mistake. But you can imagine being in the hot sun in long sleeves and tall leather boots took it\'s toll on Christy. So she did what she does best and got naked and wet. No, seriously, she got wet...literally. She jumped in the water and played with her OWN hard cannons for us. We think that any shoot where this pirate ends up wet and naked is a nice one. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Eva & sarah\'s notty adventure Eva & Sarah\'s Notty Adventure This was a considerable moment for SCORE Model of the Year Eva Notty. And why is that Because I got to fucky-fucky with my friend Sarah Satori, Eva says. Eva and her excited BBF (Big Boobed Friend) Sarah are breast friends. Bosom buddies. They love smooching, blowjob on each other\'s perky nipples, and licking and flicking their rosebuds. They\'re so tight, you couldn\'t slide a sheet of paper between them. Eva wanted to bring Sarah to SCORE and get it on for SCORELAND Guys. Yes, Eva is also into girls. The right girls. Girls as excited as she is. I really love cock but if it\'s a woman, I\'m really picky, Eva explained. I like her to be the dominant one, says Sarah. That\'s why she gets to be on top. This girl-sandwich needs some man-meat once the girls have revved their engines. Three is not company. It\'s the #1 male fantasy in the world and our two sex bombs mean to deliver the goods in Eva & Sarah\'s Notty Adventure!See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Pussy angel Cunt Angel In 2006, Danielle Derek was a spokesmodel for The SCORE Group at the annual Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, the voluminousgest adult show in North America at the time. With her were her buddy Alexia Moore and fellow stars Summer Sinn, Crystal Gunns and Rebecca Love. The mob scenes at the SCORE exhibit were something for the record books. At the very height of her popularity, super-slim and super-stacked Danielle Derek left the world of porn. Danielle was a wild one in her videos. She was born for porn. She liked to keep up a running stream of dirty talk when she was getting make love in her snatch or her butthole. This video, and her other SCORE videos, shows why. Guys like to palm my anus, said the dollish Danielle. That\'s their voluminous thing because they can get my whole anus in one hand. Guys are very violent with me because they\'re able to toss me around in bed. They can maneuver me. Lots of guys tell me that when they\'re with other women, they can\'t move them the way they want in different positions, but I\'m so tiny, they can pick me up and move me wherever they want, like against the wall. I wrap my legs around them, and they make love me against the wall. I love to go down on women, but then you need the pounding. You need the guy. This scene was shot P.O.V. We never see the guy\'s make loveing face. He is just a human dildo for Danielle to deep throat and ride and that\'s the only purpose he needs to serve. Danielle made her SCORE comeback in 2017 after years off the grid. A few months after her comeback, she super-sized her already voluminous tits. I just wanted a change, Danielle said. I was tired of the size I was, and they didn\'t have that voluminous, round, fake look I love. I love them super high-up. That plastic, bimbo, voluminous-titted look. That\'s the look I love. See More of Danielle Derek at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Nursing a hard-on Nursing a hard-on At first glance, Shana DuPlae, a 51-year-old MILF from Northern Minnesota, doesn\'t look like the kinky type. She looks like the kind of highly attractive mature woman you might see shopping at the supermarket or mall. And the truth is, Shana is a small-town girl who lives in a tiny town where the temperatures have been known to drop to 50 degrees below zero. She\'s a farm girl who has spent a nice part of her life training walking horses. In fact, she owns a voluminous farm house...With a dominatrix\'s dungeon in the basement.Yes, you read that right. Shana is a dominatrix. She\'s not a nurse, as she is here (she\'s just playing one very nicely). Shana is a dominatrix, and in almost all sexual situations, she likes to take control. But not all sexual situations.My fantasy is to get seduced by five nice women and have sex with them, she said. I\'d also love to be gang banged by four men.Shana is a very sexual woman. She enjoys DPing herself with dildos when she\'s masturbating. She loves eating vagina and having her vagina eaten. She\'s into getting her assed fucked.But then, there\'s her small-town MILF side, the woman who enjoys restoring antique furniture, reading, gardening and riding her horses.There are many sides to Shana. And that\'s one of the reasons we love MILFs. See More of Shana DuPlae at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Porked by the peeper Porked By The Peeper A Peeping Tom gets way more than he could have ever hoped for when he looks in Bryce\'s bedroom window. The horny babe is lying on her bed, working up to a diddling session. 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Today, the concept of waiting for a model to do anything is becoming history thanks to the internet and short attention spans but there\'s still a lot to be said for anticipation. Like the first Linsey shoot, Dawn\'s first shoot was also on her 18th birthday--July 2--and featured Dawn with a cake, balloons, silly string and a bottle of champagne.We mentioned that Dawn acted bratty in the workshop video she did. She got even brattier a few years later in America.A girl named Dawn who lived in New York City and resembled a very slimmed down version of Dawn Phoenix was spotted on two American TV shows in 2003. One show was called Single In The City on the WE channel. Dawn is the BFF of one of the show\'s principals, Kirstie.The other show was called Shipmates, another reality dating show in which a couple takes a two-day cruise on a big luxury liner while the camera rolls and records the good and the cringe worthy. 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Kerry marie - warehouse Warehouse When a SCORE shipping department employee calls in sick, Kerry is the first to lend a hand in unloading SCORE Group magazines. We\'re not saying that the rest of us are lazy, but these boxes weigh a friggin\' ton and a lot of us have spinal problems and hernias, so we have to be careful about lifting. Kerry is a doll and is always ready to pitch in. In fact, she often rings us from home, asking if any employees have called off so she can take the train into London and spend the day at our warehouse. If that\'s not dedication, nothing is.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Chloe vevrier - hairy chloe Haired Chloe In this layout of our favorite German wundertitter, we\'d have to say that her European roots are showing...literally! In Europe, it\'s much more commonplace for women to let their underarm hair and pubic hair grow into full-fledged bushes-as Chloe did for this session. 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