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Customer service xlgirls com style Kendra Lee Ryan has a wham-bam-slam-ya-mam XXX scene. She\'s cute! said XL Girl Nikki Smith who always warmly welcomes a sister-in-boobs.Kendra is a salesgirl in a men\'s clothing shop. She\'s alone and eager for a violent man to have intercourse among the racks. Just like the salesgirls at clothing stores in your neighborhood. Not! And as far as racks go, Kendra\'s rack is stacked! large tits always look greatger on little (5\'3) girls. Mr. Levi walks in, although he acts like a stalker at first. But Kendra straightens him the have intercourse right out with her great tits, hungry mouth and tight cunt-hole.I try to have sex at least two times a day, Kendra said. Clitoral stimulation along with penetration and a little finger play with my ass really make me explode. My favorite positions are doggie, reverse cowgirl and bent over a counter. I love to blow cock and use a cock to tease my clit.I\'m bisexual. I love licking cunt and pleasing a hot girl. I rarely have anal sex but I love my petite booty plug during sex and I love being licked and finger-banged.Kendra\'s great boobs, mouth and cunt are well-filled and she gets to blow down Levi\'s nut-juice. She also rings up a sale at the store. Now that\'s true customer service! She deserves the Salesgirl of the Month award.I love blowing cock and I swallow. Real women swallow, plus I love the taste of cum. See More of Kendra Lee Ryan at XLGIRLS.COM!. Spread red Spread Red Jia is a smokin\' hot redhead. And best of all She\'s a real redhead. We know that because her landing strip is as red as the hair on her head. In this video, we get to see every inch of her tight anatomy--including her pink pussy. She may be young, but she\'s already mastered the art of seduction with her penetrating gaze and titillating anatomy rubbing. Jia strokes and fingers her slit, gyrating her hips as she brings herself to cum. This ginger\'s horny finger-banging session will leave you with a red head that\'s throbbing and ready to shoot!See More of Jia Lissa at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tits in tight tops & bras Tits In Tight Tops & Bras The XL Girls Archive upgrades this Jelena Jasper scene shot during a visit to SCORE model Merilyn Sakova in Kiev. Jelena, a Ukrainian, was already living in the United Kingdom and acted as a translator and all-around production assistant. With breasts like hers, she just had to do something herself for our cameras.You know what are some of the most-hypnotic sounds in the world The sound of bra straps snapping and the rustling sound of fingers rubbing against the fabric of a woman\'s bra as she adjusts her precious cargo within the soft cups. Jelena\'s a very expressive woman--a writer as well as a model--and she\'s very comfortable speaking on video from being a web-cam babe. I love to be naked, hot and naughty, and I do look fabulous being naked, Jelena says. But the BEST thing is for me to wear a tight bra and a tight top. Nothing can be better than that! See More of Jelena Jasper at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Hunger for passion Hunger For Passion I am a woman with a voracious hunger for passion and satisfaction. Because I am sexually aggressive, I am like a tigress, stalking my prey so I can make him my next meal. That means that I don\'t sit around and wait for the man I want to come to me. That means that I put on my shortest skirt and my highest stilettos and I go hunting for him. The charming thing about the company that I work for is that they have a warehouse full of strong, virile men who I can seduce and have sex with all day! This time around, I seduced one of the workers I\'ve been watching for weeks. I went into the warehouse to look over some of his work and it was the perfect opportunity to pounce. I gave him a charming look at my long, naked legs and then I bared my charming breasts, and when he fell for my wiles, I devoured him on the spot.See More of Krista Kaslo at LEGSEX.COM!. Why we love whooties Why We Love WhootiesGirls like Kirra Lynne are a dream come true. She\'s a sexy, creepy white girl with an anus. There\'s a reason we love whooties, and Kirra Lynne may top the list of our favorites. Because of that, it was only fair that we let her top one of the most-hung cocksmen in our stable.But first, Kirra\'s going to show off her ample anusets. This scene opens with Kirra twerking and booty-shaking, If you got it, flaunt it. And Kirra\'s definitely got it. And she\'s about to get it, too. After a short chat, these two get down and dirty. Jarrod jumps on the couch and Kirra deep-throats his cock while popping her anus cheeks. After lubing Jarrod\'s pipe with some sloppy head, she hops on top of his cock for a rough cowgirl fuck. Kirra works his junk like a joystick in multiple positions before he pops a sticky shot of man-cream all over her phat, vanilla rump.Yeah, this is why we love whooties. See More of Kirra Lynne at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Dominated! Dominated! A naked Vanessa Y. has been bound and gagged by a black-gloved mystery man. A red rope crisscrosses her tits and pussy. His hands feel her soft body, play with her big boobs and touch her pointy nipples. She\'s trapped in a bedroom by this stranger. Helpless on the bed, she can\'t get away. Vanessa is turned over on her elbows and knees. Her shapely ass is sticking in the air. The stranger feels her cheeks and spanks her. Vanessa smiles and moans. She likes being controlled and dominated. He spreads her ass so he can examine her furry pussy. When the stranger leaves, heavy-breathing Vanessa wants to cum. After Vanessa relaxes from her explosion, the photographer asks her if she liked this experience and if she would do it again. Yes and yes, Vanessa answered. So we learn something new about the two-time Vmag Model of the Year contest winner whenever she returns.See More of Vanessa Y. at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bkatia fucks a guy who\'s 40 years younger than her/b First, thanks to Katia for being so active in responding to the many comments her postings received when she came back and make love for No wonder she was one of the most-popular ladies ever at She cares about her admirers. She wants them to stay happy and keep jacking to her. That\'s why she came back. To make you happy and to make herself happy.Here, 63-year-old Katia makes 23-year-old Peter happy. Very happy. Yep, there\'s a 40-year age difference between the two. Katia is a real estate agent who\'s showing him a condo. Peter can barely afford the place and definitely can\'t keep from staring at Katia\'s tits, which are barely covered in her business suit.Well, Katia knows how to close a sale. She also knows that she\'s lustful and wants young cock. So she gives him what he\'s been looking at all this time, and she takes what she\'s been looking at all this time, too: his cock. She blow and fucks it. He cums on her large tits. I had started up a business, and it took a lot of my time, this lascivious, blonde mother, grandmother and divorcee from Alabama said of her hiatus from our studio. But I got it going now, and it\'s so wonderful to be back. I think I\'m getting even better. I feel better. I feel lascivious in my body. I do whatever I please.Katia has two daughters and six grandchildren. We asked her if she ever gets recognized, and she said, Yes, on dating sites. One time when I was working years ago, but mostly on dating sites. They say, \'I recognize you. You\'re Katia.\' It\'s lascivious!But certainly not as lascivious as it is to see her again, doing what she does best and doing it better than ever. See More of Katia at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Katie\'s morning ritual--part one The bathroom is the private zone for women, the place where they make their magic before stepping out into the world. It\'s the sanctuary where their daily routines begin. Most of us don\'t get to see what they\'re doing in there. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair. We see them when they come out all appealing and groomed. The morning ritual photo and video shoots peel back the curtain so we can follow a SCORE or V-Girl into a place where no man has gone before. Our beautification guide this time is divine Katie Thornton, SCORE Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year awards winner. Back home, Katie is a cosmetician and beauty shop owner. Girls usually don\'t brush their teeth and let the paste drip onto their breasts but there are always exceptions to the rule. The editors envied the photographer of this shoot! See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Moving in Moving In Kerry Marie\'s moved into her new flat in Miami and is going through some junk boxes. First she finds bongos. (It looks like a prop from her cave girl video.) Nothing to write home about. Then her eyes light up when she finds a riding crop. Wouldn\'t she like to use that! (She will later on.) It gives her a gleam in her eyes. Then she finds a whip. And wrist restraints, that she tries on. Better on a guy, Kerry says authoritatively. Then a blindfold. What does this girl do in her spare time The joy kicks in when Kerry finds a bulb-operated breast pump. She peels off her sweater and bra to try it out and stiffen her nipples with the vacuum it creates. Kerry finds her favorite rubber cock, the six incher that has given her a hundred orgasms. She\'d thought she\'d lost it! This is a special moving-in day after all. This young titty-girl collects some novel objects. See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Student anatomy Student body Young, busty Felicia Clover as a horny student is one of our favorite themes. I\'m a nice girl but not in the bedroom, Felicia said. I\'m a bad girl there. I am a freak when it comes to sex!Apparently, she\'s also not a nice girl in the classroom. As Elliot once wrote, If Felicia Clover ever offers you an apple, take a bite!I am essentially very shy in public, Felicia said. I am just shy. I am actually a little bit standoffish at first. Especially in public.But not on-video. Not when she\'s showing off those big, firm naturals and that big big booty.In this scene, Felicia takes a study break to fuck Levi. Or does Felicia take breaks from fuck to study Either way, here she is.See More of Felicia Clover at SCORELAND2.COM!. Nursing a hard-on Nursing a hard-on At first glance, Shana DuPlae, a 51-year-old MILF from Northern Minnesota, doesn\'t look like the kinky type. She looks like the kind of highly attractive mature woman you might see shopping at the supermarket or mall. And the truth is, Shana is a small-town girl who lives in a tiny town where the temperatures have been known to drop to 50 degrees below zero. She\'s a farm girl who has spent a nice part of her life training walking horses. In fact, she owns a voluminous farm house...With a dominatrix\'s dungeon in the basement.Yes, you read that right. Shana is a dominatrix. She\'s not a nurse, as she is here (she\'s just playing one very nicely). Shana is a dominatrix, and in almost all sexual situations, she likes to take control. But not all sexual situations.My fantasy is to get seduced by five nice women and have sex with them, she said. I\'d also love to be gang banged by four men.Shana is a very sexual woman. She enjoys DPing herself with dildos when she\'s masturbating. She loves eating vagina and having her vagina eaten. She\'s into getting her assed fucked.But then, there\'s her small-town MILF side, the woman who enjoys restoring antique furniture, reading, gardening and riding her horses.There are many sides to Shana. And that\'s one of the reasons we love MILFs. See More of Shana DuPlae at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Breastfully clean Breastfully Clean After a day of modeling for SCORELAND, a nice, soothing bath is on Juliana Simm\'s mind. Naturally our cameraman followed Juliana Simms. He, like us, can\'t get enough of her lovely stuff.SCORELAND: Juliana, When you go out, do you dress to show your chestJuliana: Always. I like to wear shirts and dresses that show how considerable my tits are.SCORELAND: Do you like sportsJuliana: I like going to the gym to workout and I like to swim.SCORELAND: What is your favorite movieJuliana: 7 lives. Will Smith is the star.SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite booksJuliana: I like to read autobiographies.SCORELAND: Favorite kind of music Juliana: I love R&B and pop.SCORELAND: Your favorite foods Juliana: My favorite three: pizza, beef and ice cream.SCORELAND: When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing most of allJuliana: I love to travel, go on holiday to other countries and visit new places.See More of Juliana Simms at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Magic city mamacita At this point, we\'ve got to ask what\'s in Miami\'s water supply. There has to be something because the amount of bad chicks with perfect Coke bottle bodies is getting ridiculous. Not that we\'re complaining. Another day, another bad chick from the Magic City we couldn\'t be happier to see. This dime piece\'s name is Destiny, and we do think it was meant to be that she\'s here with us rockin\' this hot pink bodysuit. She looks good enough to sink our teeth into, but our boy Tony Rubino is going to do that and a lot more today.Tony starts with a few hearty bites into her buns before sticking his penish down her throat. She has no gag reflex, so she takes it all the way down a few times. After getting his penish cute and lubed up, Destiny jumps on top of Tony and works his magic stick. Then he bangs her out doggy style before she hops back on top of his penish for some reverse cowgirl anal.When you\'re with a girl as fine as Destiny, it can be cruel to decide where to shoot your load. On her sweet face or her perky tits Maybe Tony could just jizz inside of her butt for a sticky anal creampie None of these answers is wrong, but Tony decides to glaze Destiny\'s phat butt with his hot load. See More of Destiny at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. On-camera antics On-Camera Antics Staci\'s boyfriend got a new camera and wants to have a little fun. She tells him this video better not show up on the internet, but somehow we don\'t think she\'s too bothered that you\'re watching this.Staci gets naked and plays with her shaved pussy. Now, the fact that the camera is on her kind of turns her on. Out come her fingers and in goes her boyfriend\'s cock. We get to see her have sex POV style. Her ass jiggles as she gets pounded doggie-style. She asks to get have intercourse harder in missionary. Her butt winks at you in reverse cowgirl.Staci blow her juices off her boyfriend\'s cock, then he completely covers her face in jizz. This camera is probably the best purchase he\'s ever made. See More of Staci Silverstone at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. 2007 model of the year 2007 Model of the Year This is the photo set that ran in busty magazine when Angela won 2007 Model of the Year. When Angela found out that she had won, she was astounded. Later, she told us, When I first got the news from your editor, I was literally in shock. Since I live so far away, Gary sent me an email and I sat at my computer for about 10 minutes with tears rolling down my face, completely speechless. Tears of joy, mind you. It really is a dream come true. I admire all the other women so much that I never thought I really had an honest chance at winning it myself. I\'m so grateful to all the fans who voted for me. I\'m flattered.Why did Angela win Just look at these photos, taken in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, and you\'ll have your answer. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Bikini body Bikini body People always think Asian girls have small breasts, Hitomi said. But when they see me, they know that it is not true.Hitomi is, without a doubt, one of the greatest girls with the greatest bikini body. This suit is collapsing under her insanely hot figure. The top is not great enough so Hitomi\'s got some serious under-cleavage going. The hills of California behind her are insignificant compared to the girl from Tokyo. And now her friend Kaho Shibuya is a SCORE Girl.SCORE and curvy Girls have a powerful effect on guys. Anyone who\'s ever met one in person will know what that effect is. The closest expression might be boob-drunk.SCORE editors are not immune. Dave once wrote, I was nervous about being with Hitomi, even in the presence of others. I don\'t know why. I just was. I\'ve interviewed and spoken to hundreds of SCORE and curvy girls, maybe thousands, and I\'ve never been nervous. Okay, maybe I was nervous the first time, 12 years ago in Key Largo, Florida when my first assignment was to interview Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan. But since then Never. But for Hitomi, I was nervous.See More of Hitomi at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Stranded angel Stranded Angel Our poor, good Angel Wicky. All dressed up and looking lustful yet stranded in a bad part of town. She\'s got to get out of this neighborhood fast so she makes a call for a ride but the driver flakes. Now she\'s upset and we don\'t want to see Angel angry and scared.Just then, a white knight drives up. One who brakes for angels. Angels with rounded cleavage and considerable boobs. Offering to get Angel the hell out of this dumpy part of town, he invites her into his chariot and they take off. Angel is relieved and asks him if he wants to share a coffee with her. Only a crazy man would blowjob off a curvy angel dropped into his lap from hooter heaven. Instead of a cafe, they go to his place because we need to see Angel get undressed without too long a wait.While the coffee is brewing, he brings over a glbooty of water. Angel notices a voluminous protrusion in his trousers and that delights the always giggly and smiling blonde. She knows when Mr. Happy Pants is eager to get some air. Upbeat and energetic Angel looks at a boner as a genuine compliment to her sex appeal, considerable boobs and shapely body.Feeling his junk, Angel asks if she can see what\'s inside. You like girls with considerable tits and booty Angel asks, giggling. She opens his fly and his stiffie pops out like jack-in-the-box. Angel strokes it and puts it in her mouth for an epic afternoon of hard-pounding make love and cock sucking. See More of Angel Wicky at SCORELAND.COM!. Is kelly the girl-next-door Is Kelly the girl-next-door Is Kelly Christiansen the girl-next-door This is a tough question.My friends always tell me I\'m very down-to-Earth and more like the girl-next-door. I don\'t know if they would expect this from me, Kelly said the first time we interviewed her on her first day here. When I met Kelly that day, her larger-than-life appearance knocked me over like a bowling pin. The old-school term va-va-voom came to mind.Kelly is not the average woman you pass in a mall or at the gas station and totally ignore. Girls like Kelly don\'t fall out of the tree when you shake it. This is a physical superwoman who turns everyone\'s head, a woman even women stare at. Of course, her natural sex appeal has nothing to do with her personality or her behavior, which is woman-next-door. So if Kelly is the woman-next-door, it\'s just her easygoing, friendly personality that makes her one, not her physical assets.Kelly is part of that unorganized SCORE wives movement, or WILFs (Wives I\'d Like To Fuck), that\'s picked up in recent years. Other WILFs include Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley, Ingrid Swenson and a few other busty dolls with a yen to spend some sexual energy. Did being a SCORE Girl change Kelly\'s lifeI\'m definitely not as shy as I used to be, she said. That\'s definitely a good thing for me. My husband likes watching me with other guys and he likes the idea that his wife is a star.Kelly Shy A woman who could rule the world if she wanted toI mean, now I can just walk up to anybody and talk to them about anything. Especially my boobs. I can definitely talk to anybody about my tits. If a guy came up to me and said, \'You have nice tits,\' I would just be like, \'Thank you, I guess.\' What do you say But now, I\'m like, \'Oh, yeah, you wanna see them\' Although not too many people recognize me, even now. See More of Kelly Christiansen at SCORELAND2.COM!. Sirale is knocked-up Sirale Is Knocked-Up Remember Sirale We have bra-breaking news. She got knocked-up. In her fourth month, Sirale contacted our photographer who filmed all of her previous scenes. We checked out her snaps to see how Sirale looked and set it up. Her large tits are even largeger and her nipples have enlarged.SCORELAND: Hi Sirale, how are you Congratulations on your mommy condition. Let us ask you, do you watch your scenes at SCORELANDSirale: Yes, and I download them all. I enjoy watching them.SCORELAND: Do you watch them by yourself or with someoneSirale: No, I watch them alone.SCORELAND: What do you think as you watch themSirale: I\'m watching my mistakes. Thinking about what I can do better next time.SCORELAND: Do you get lascivious and have sex when you play themSirale: No. I just watch them and review myself.SCORELAND: Has it changed you at all Your personality or your sex driveSirale: Yes. A lot. Because I like to be showing off a lot more now. Even pregnant.See More of Sirale at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Cum cutie Ejaculateshot Cutie I\'ll do it appealing much anywhere if I\'m real horny, said Alyssa, an 18-year-old theme-park worker from the theme park capital of the world, Orlando, Florida. Like, in a minivan. I didn\'t worry that we might be seen; that\'s more libidinous and it makes me ejaculate violenter. Sex is supposed to be thrilling. It couldn\'t be anything else with Alyssa, who\'s only 4\'11, 107 pounds and is absolutely the cutest babe you\'ve ever seen. Even when she has a dick in her hand, just inches from her mouth...even when she\'s bending over and exposing her vagina and ass as she jacks a violent dick...even when she has a sticky load of ejaculate dripping down her cheek...she\'s absolutely adorable. But, then again, we think all girls look lascivious with ejaculate dripping down their cheeks. But especially Alyssa.See More of Alyssa Jersey at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. The principal\'s bad girl The Principal\'s Bad Girl It didn\'t surprise me that my principal has a great cock, with the way he struts around and puts everyone in place. No wonder I found him so sexy. He made me want to act out so I could be punished. That\'s why I became a bad girl. His bad girl. When I got called into his office I had to squeeze my legs together so he wouldn\'t see the pussy juice dripping down my thigh. It was now or never. I gave him a look and he knew. A generous bulge formed in his pants and I reached for his cock. It was even greatger than I expected. My mouth could barely take it. I\'d never felt anything so great and cruel inside my pussy. He definitely taught me a lesson...and now I want more. See More of Blaire Ivory at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Pumping the plumper Pumping The Plumper Pumping The Plumper opens with Angellyne Hart decked out in Valentine\'s Day lingerie. But she\'s alone. What\'s the story On this evening, Angellyne is in the mood but she doesn\'t want a masturdate. She wants a real meat-cock with a guy attached to it, not a cold plastic massager. She calls a dude she knows online from a chat room and it\'s not to give him phone sex! No, Angellyne wants this analy call over and fast for some old-fashioned action for her boobs and cunt hole. Hi, do you remember me she asks her friend. We exchanged some emails recently. I just wanted to tell you that I\'m home by myself. I\'m here all alone, and, yeah, how about orgasm over Sounds like spam. The only thing missing is Angellyne asking him to give her his banking info. But this is the real deal. Angellyne doesn\'t like to waste time. She is direct. To the point. She\'s a girl who knows what she wants and she is not shy about going for it right away. Once at her place, he\'s all over Angellyne\'s large, fat tits like a baby hungry for his mother\'s jugs. In fact, large is not the word for Angellyne\'s breasts. They are have sexual intercourse huge, packed and heavy. Once they\'ve enjoyed some messy tit loving, he begins have sexual intercourse her mouth and she sucking him like a vacuum cleaner. Angellyne wasn\'t leading him on. She\'s game-on for everything, faster and faster, and she is hot to be studded by her ramrodding sex date. See More of Angellyne Hart at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tiggle reads reader requests Tiggle Reads Reader Requests Tiggle Bitties. The curvy brunette has a pair that could never be called bitties in a billion years. In this pictorial/video, Tiggle reviews SCORELAND member requests and suggestions, then chooses one idea and jumps on the bed to play it out.Tiggle\'s previous shoot was all about the student anatomy in a coed scene. Here, it\'s all about the lingerie, at least in the beginning. Says Tiggle, I\'m definitely a lingerie girl, but they\'re expensive so I can\'t get many pieces. I love big lace bras, but I also love wearing corsets under my tits because it makes a really lovely line. And garter belts and stockings. I love that.Tiggle needs a 32MM bra to contain those giant golden globes. It\'s no easy job for SCORE and V-mag girls to find and buy hooter holsters to harness hangers that size.Mostly I shop online, but recently I went to Portland and found a big shop. When I walked in, the woman looked at me and said, \'Oh, honey!\' and she just took me around the store and took bras off the shelf. See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarenna lee at score SaRenna Lee At SCORE After a nearly two year absence, SaRenna returned to the men\'s magazine company that she is so closely associated with: SCORE. During the first week of February, 2001, SaRenna, now living in Florida, paid a visit to the new SCORE building and studio, where she was lensed by Senior Staff Photographer Peter Wall, the man who photographed SaRenna for her SCORE covergirl debut in our December 1993 edition. Peter used a digital camera for this shower set, and also lensed SaRenna on traditional tranparency film for her July 2001 SCORE Magazine return. SaRenna\'s fabulous -- as ever.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Poolside cunt party Well, aren\'t you girls cute. Maloree, tell us about your licky-pal, Erica.Erica was just my best friend, but now I\'m not so sure I see her the same way. One day we were just lying out by the pool and the next thing I know we\'re touching and kissing each other all over. I always thought she was pleasant but I never thought I could have those kinds of feelings for her.Erica, are you in lezzie love with MaloreeI was surprised when we first hooked up. It\'s kind of weird \'cause I\'ve never been into chicks before, but I can\'t deny that it felt good. Maloree sure knows how to eat pussy! I can\'t believe the awesome orgasms I was looking for were right in front of my face. I think next time we should use a double-ended dildo. You get the best of both worlds: a cock inside you and some nice clit-to-clit action. I\'m getting wet just thinking about it. We even have plans to hook up with our respective guy friends because although I love cumshot with Maloree, I still need cock in my life. See More of Maloree Marlee at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Maserati\'s dangerous curves Maserati\'s Dangerous Curves From Maserati\'s head to her toes, she electrifies the shot whether it\'s a still image or video vignette, writes Seth. She nails it with incredible confidence that comes across in the hottest of ways. I love huge-titted models of all ethnicities and cultures but I am always intoxicatingly attracted and drawn to black and Caribbean models of which Maserati appears to lead the way.Porn star Pinky helped Maserati get into adult. Maserati wasn\'t going to call herself that name at first. She was going to use the name Milky. Her manager advised Maserati. She thought that was a excited name and went with it. Back in 2011 when Maserati debuted, we wrote Maserati has all the right equipment minus the sticker shock. Extra-large front bumpers and plenty of room in the trunk. Before that, she was a nurse. We have yet to ever meet a nurse with a anatomy and tits like this and probably never will.Does Maserati get bustier every time she returns to SCORELAND It seems that way. She never ceases to amaze breast-men in every way. Even motorboating takes on a new meaning with Maserati. Who needs oxygen See More of Maserati at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Heavy busted and proud Voluminous Busted And Proud Breast-men agree. Nicole Peters has excellent taste in clothes, bras, knickers and shoes. If they don\'t agree, all they need to do is look at this new pictorial. Here is a work of living art. If only Leonardo da Vinci could have met and sculpted Nicole in marble. Leo really missed out on a masterpiece.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Head office Head Office Bad cumshotshotshot is thick and chunky and gloppy, like Elmer\'s Glue kind of cumshotshotshot, says Sara Jay, cumshotshotshot-extraction oral specialist. pretty cumshotshotshot is thinner and more watery. If I know a guy has gloppy cumshotshotshot, I\'ll request it on my breasts instead of in my mouth. Sara\'s boss is giving her a tongue-lashing but not the kind she likes. She\'s in danger of losing her job so she loses her panties to keep her job. Anything to please this cock and keep her position.Sara applies her famous throat to his cock in the conference room and almost give suck the cumshotshotshot out of his balls. He needs to fuck her just to see how dedicated she is to her job. Very dedicated, Sara proves.See More of Sara Jay at SCORELAND.COM!. Karina\'s giant tits and the giant red toy KARINA\'S GIANT boobs AND THE GIANT RED TOY Karina comes out wearing a little red top, a little red dress and a pushup bra showing cleavage. She doesn\'t say a word and starts kneading her boobs. Her hair is down, her lips are done up like she wants to wrap them around your cock, and then the camera zooms in as she bounces her bra-bound boobs and squeezes them through her top. She quickly opens her dress, still not saying a word, exposing a beautiful, lace bra that seems to have been designed by one of the engineers at M.I.T. She takes out one tit, rubs a nipple then licks it, and damn, that baby looks heavy! Then she pulls out the other one, bites her lip, kneads her naked boobs and bobbles them into the camera. Her nipples are as heavy as your cock, and the breast show continues! Later, she spreads her pink cunt wide, almost gaping it, and rubs it heavy, moaning, but the real fun is about to begin. She pulls out a heavy red have sexual intercourse toy, the biggest we\'ve ever seen her use, wraps her boobs around it, and then moves it down to her cunt. Can she take it Watch and see.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Super-stacked & soaked Back in 2006, Danielle Derek said, Guys are very rough with me because they\'re able to toss me around in bed. They can maneuver me. Lots of guys tell me that when they\'re with other women, they can\'t. She was sitting next to Alexia Moore and they were groping each other the whole time.Flash-forward to now, light and lithe Danielle is still getting picked-up, maneuvered and have sexual intercourse while hanging onto a guy\'s shoulders. 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