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The hot chick The Hot Chick Kitana Flores. So hot. Too hot. Many loads have been lost watching this sexbomb fucked and getting fucked. Kitana plays with her considerable breasts and says all the right nasty things before penish time.Guys are sometimes surprised by that because I usually don\'t dress too lusty and I can be kind of laid back, but when they get me in the bedroom, I can be appealing wild, said Kitana, a South Beach, Miami bikini babe. I think a lot of Puerto Rican girls are that way. We hide our wild side until we get into private situations. We don\'t think it\'s proper to be too out there in public, even though we can dress lusty. But I can be very assertive when I\'m excited or see a guy I like. I almost always make the first move.Kitana makes sure that bikini bod is in perfect shape.I swim a lot and I dance a lot. I do a lot of dancing at home. And I ride bikes. I keep myself very busy with activities. I like playing volleyball and tennis, too. I try to have sex as often as I can, not as often as I\'d like. I\'m so busy that sometimes it seems the only times I have sex are when I\'m in the studio. Maybe that\'s why I enjoy it so much. I enjoy having sex on-camera, which I guess makes me a bit of a bad girl.Not just a sweet bad girl. A great bad girl.See More of Kitana Flores at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Nobody fucks with puma Nobody Fucks With Puma Are you a powerful businessman by day and a perverted, little sissy boy by night Do you need to be disciplined and shown your place by a cold-hearted dominatrix Sure you do. We know that you like a woman to tell you what to do and make you crawl on your knees. You know you want a dominant diva to paint your pretty, pouty little lips with her lipstick and then smear it with her gusset. We know that you want to be bossed around and told when and how to fuck. You want to be yelled at to lick shoes clean. Ice queen Puma Swede knows it, too. Watch as she humiliates her boss and treats him like the overpaid, disgusting pig that he is. This is how sissies like you should be treated, so watch and learn a thing or two.See More of Puma Swede at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Full & juicy Full & Juicy The tape on the eyeglasses. Those terrifying orange shoes. Where\'s the shirt pocket protector or is that a geek guy thing Tiggle Bitties has joined the Nerdist Party for this study session in a geek girl\'s bedroom.What would Tig really wear going out unless she was planning to run naked in the woodsI am probably wearing fitted jeans and a belt because I have a lovely butt, and I like to show it off, and then I\'ll wear a wrap shirt so I can control how much cleavage I\'m showing. I can decide where to tie it. I can loosen it to make it lower.As soon as the shirt comes off, we can see Tig tug on her boobs and she\'s really--we mean really--a great tugger. Tricks are for boobs with Tig. She knows what real breast-men want to see.SCORELAND: Tig, do you watch adult videos at home, besides yours What kind do you likeTiggle: Of course I do! I like group scenes and REAL girl-on-girl scenes, not the gross fake ones.SCORELAND: Do you go to nude beaches or adult resortsTiggle: I don\'t...yet. But I would be totally thrilled to do that! Who wants to take meSCORELAND: You\'re not a stripper. Do you ever go to strip clubs as a customer and watch the girls Tiggle: Totally! Usually with my best friend. Laughs See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Afrodisiac Molly Howard gets a quality boning by Stone in a excited interracial. Sometimes, the magic works. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is a good facial ejaculate spritz for Molly to smack her lips over instead of the usual titty blast.Molly is a total man pleaser as she licks Asante\'s hose like a lollipop and opens her pink pussy-slit for a deep-penetration fill-up. Her knockers are so considerable and plump, even he gets lost in her deep cleavage trench when she\'s titty-banged. Some girls have told us they wank or make love while watching themselves make love at XL Girls. We\'d love to think so. See More of Molly Howard at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cream-filled whooty Cream-Filled Whooty Baby, I\'m so horny, Julie says, waking our boy Lucas Stone from his nap. Do you like this outfit I got this for you.Julie may have woken Lucas up, but it\'s a dream ejaculateshot true. Julie\'s apple bottom, which measures in at 45 inches, looks ripe and ready to be bitten into.You know I love that bottom, girl, he says as he slaps her bottom.Smack it harder, Julie says after Lucas\' first slap. Make my bottom jiggle.Lucas always enjoys a challenge, and this whooty is his favorite kind. Lucas smacks her bottom a little harder this time, sending ripples through her phat, vanilla trunk. That\'s just a little warm up, though. Soon, Lucas will have her entire body quivering as he slams his tool in and out of her pleasant, pink cunt.I like it rough, Julie says.Lucas always aims to please, but he\'s also a tease. He\'s going to make Julie wait a bit before he gives her his big, black tool.He bends Julie over face down, bottom up and eats her vagina from the back. Julie can only take this for so long before she needs his tool. She stuffs Lucas\' schlong into her mouth, lubing it up for her now-dripping cunt. Lucas is still craving Julie\'s vagina juices, so he flips her around again and feasts on her vagina in a 69 position.Get on this cock, Lucas says eventually, and Julie hops on top.We\'ve seen dudes beast on some pleasant vagina before, but Lucas takes it to another level here. Julie is riding Lucas cowgirl, and each time he thrusts his tool into her cunt sounds loud enough to break this chick in half. She\'s a trooper, though. She takes that black cock like a pro, and her screams grow louder with every plunge into her vagina.You\'ve got to make love an bottom like this from the back, too, so Lucas bends Julie over again face down, bottom up. He then flips her over for a missionary style make love before he finally drops his load inside her cunt.Aw, yeah, she says. I like all that ejaculateshot in my pleasant vagina. See More of Julie Cash at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Linsey shaving Linsey Shaving Linsey has a large night planned. She\'s going to a party. Maybe she\'ll get lucky. Linsey does a mental countdown of what she\'s done so far to prepare that large anatomy for the evening ahead. Bath. Hair. Make-up. She then puts a hand between her legs and touches...bush! (He reaches down into my knickers, fantasizes Linsey. Ah!, I\'ve got a hairy jungle! He puts his hand down my knickers and feels...nothing! I\'m going to shave my cunt.) So that\'s what she needs to do as the last step! Slick down until her cunt zone is as smooth and as hairless as a cueball. All men love shaven pussies, Linsey proclaims. Even so, she saves some shorn follicles before she gets the lady razor and the shaving cream and gets down to it.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Wet-t car wash Wet-T Car Wash It\'s lovely to be a car when Princess Pumpkins is handling the car washing duties. Her tight tank top and shorts were drenched in sudsy water so there was only one thing to do. This is Princess\'s favorite shoot so far. I got to play with bubbles! she said.SCORELAND: So what do you like about big, round tits Princess: I like the feel of implants.SCORELAND: Do you always dress to show them offPrincess: There is no way to be modest. I\'m not really modest, anyway. I dress to show off my body. I have a nice body and really don\'t care if people don\'t like it. I feel lovely and that\'s what matters.SCORELAND: You\'re really horny to be a SCORE Girl, aren\'t youPrincess: Yes. Ecstatic! It\'s the biggest booby company that\'s out there and it\'s so popular, and being part of it is a voluminous opportunity. It\'s the opportunity of a lifetime for me. Once you have that SCORE name, you\'ve made it to the top. See More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!. Sticky wicker Sticky Wicker They say that there ain\'t no cure for the summertime blues, but after we spent the day outside lensing Autumn, we just have to disagree. In fact, Autumn seems to have found the cure for the anytime blues.As Autumn demonstrates quite effectively, just about any kind of female blues can attracting much be made to dissappear as soon as she finds herself convulsing with a cruel orgasm. What else helps At least in Autumn\'s case, whenever possible, being outdoors. Boys, it\'s shaping up to be one hot summer with the Alabama Slamma.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Shower flower Shower Flower Hitomi stands only 5\'1 tall. That\'s sophisticated for a girl who\'s boasting J-cup tits! A true genetic rarity, since most Japanese women tend to be small-breasted and the bigger-chested ones tend to have plumperish bodies. Add to that the fact that Hitomi has a graceful face and a pretty anatomy overall and it truly makes her one in how many millions of girls One boob man sent his thoughts to Scorecard\'s letter section with this interesting observation: I spend a lot of time in the Honolulu area. Plenty of Japanese ladies to be seen there, be they AJA (American of Japanese Ancestry) or Nihongin tourists from Japan. Spend a day at Honolulu\'s Ala Moana Center and you\'ll see what I mean. Lots of mostly petite, female, Japanese eye candy to be seen there. One could spend a year looking at all of the Japanese cuties that arrive in Hawaii daily and you will not see one like Hitomi. In all the time I\'ve spent in Hawaii, I have yet to see any Japanese lady as well endowed as she is! In this photo set and video, Hitomi soaps and showers her libidinous bod and big tits. It\'s charming to be a showerhead in this situation. But first, some teeny bikini action.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Chloe vevrier - at the neighbor\'s pool At The Neighbor\'s Pool During the Key Largo sessions, we learned that our next-door neighbors, a married couple, were very curious about the excited girls with considerable boobs that were all over the beach house. When we told them what we were all about, they invited Chloe to pose in their swimming pool. This is what happened.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Make love bound Nikki\'s holding up a sign that says Miami, but she might as well be holding up a sign that says, have sex me, please. She wants to get it on more than she actually wants to make it to the Magic City and we think the latter slogan would be very effective getting her what she wants. But truthfully, if you\'ve got a tight, tempting body like Nikki does, you don\'t even need a sign. You could be standing on the side of the road with rags on and guys would still hit on you. It almost makes you wonder, are these guys picking up Nikki, or is Nikki picking up these guys It doesn\'t matter, because she wants to fuck, and they want to fuck, and that\'s what they do. And that\'s all that matters.See More of Nikki Vee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Bouncing in the country Bouncing In The Country The delicate Maya Milano takes a break from her shoots to go outside for a stroll in the country and get some exercise in. Naturally, our photographer tags along to record the moment. Maya builds up a large amount of energy in her breasts and releases it in a display of kinetic breast motion, bouncing out of her top. It would be lovely to bring a chair outside and watch her do her breastercises for a few hours, help her count reps and carry her towel and water bottle. See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND.COM!. Latin fire Latin Fire Ever dream of a horny Latina in a white, lace body-stocking Do you fantasize about her fingers toying with her toes and feet while her other hand roams to the open gash in her stocking so she can caress her wet cunt Well, dream no more. JJ Cruz is the sophisticated Latina you\'ve been craving! With her good peds painted red and her long limbs wrapped around the arms of her chair, JJ brings herself to a moaning orgasm. And she knows you\'re watching, which is why she is enjoying herself so much.See More of JJ Cruz at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lola lee knows how to use it Lola Lee knows how to use it Lola Lee, who\'s 66, reveals the secret to a happy marriage: He doesn\'t force you to do things that you don\'t want to do, but he doesn\'t mind going right along with whatever you want to do. And if I want to make it with another guy, he\'s fine with that.In this case, he\'s fine with Lola Lee traveling to Miami, Florida for the sole purpose of having sex with a guy she\'d never met before: 27-year-old Juan. Lola Lee was 39 when he was born, which means she\'s old enough to be his grandmother. And yet, Juan is heavy as a rock all the way through, enjoying Lola Lee\'s impressive cock-sucking and ball-sucking skills then partaking of Lola Lee\'s tight, experienced pussy. Experienced is the key word here because if a woman doesn\'t know how to use her pussy, it doesn\'t matter how tight it is.Lola Lee is the aggressor in this scene, but that can go either way with her.A lot of times it depends on my lover, she said. If he is a pretty lover and satisfying my needs, then I am passive, but sometimes you have to give a little gentle guidance.Juan doesn\'t need guidance. He just needs this silver slut\'s pussy.See More of Lola Lee at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Xl girl worships black tool XL Girl Worships Black cock Holly Jayde says she loves guys who appreciate her and who compliment her beauty. That\'s the kind of philosophy that\'s all good. Holly saddles up with a dude who greatly appreciates a girl with large tits, a large assed and large belly, and shows that appreciation with the gift of a cruel cock and a large load of guy-cream. Mr. Asante Stone likes \'em sexy, squeezable and pretty. Chubby Holly more than punches that ticket. So we\'re sure this hot have intercourse scene with Holly Jayde, an interracial with a cream-pie finale, will rev up everyone\'s man-motor. Please show Holly Jayde some large love with a comment...because it\'s the gentlemanly XL thing to do.See More of Holly Jayde at XLGIRLS.COM!. Office wife Office Wife Kali West is simply the sexiest, sweetest and horniest little fuck-doll-next-door, and in this scene, Kali\'s mouth and cunt fill with man-steak in sex-play that\'ll fry the hair off your balls. Kali rides that pole like a pro, but in the beginning it was different. Kali remembered her first time. I was very nervous. It was all new to me, but then I started getting undressed, and then the scene began and it was fun. It didn\'t take long for me to get into having sex on-camera. I love sex. She\'s slim with natural boobs so it can be tough finding boob-holsters. It\'s cruel finding bras that fit that aren\'t granny bras...that are actually sexy. Shirts don\'t fit on top in my size because designers don\'t think about the girls who are big-chested but skinny. I\'m 34 around my ribcage, but I have an F-cup. And I definitely can\'t find bras that fit, at least not in the stores. I have a couple I bought from Frederick\'s because they sell them in bigger sizes. Like we say all the time, girlfriend material. See More of Kali West at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Christy marks - magazine subscriptions Magazine Subscriptions Christy is always libidinous when her pictures run in SCORE magazine, so she decided to try and sell some mags, door-to-door, to raise money for her college fund. (Yes, Christy is currently enrolled in college and studying forensic psychology. Yup, brains AND natural tits. It doesn\'t get any better than Ms. Marks.) She trespasses, er, finds her way into this guy\'s backyard where she gives him a sample of what he can see in her magazine by throwing her natural tits in his face. What guy wouldn\'t get down to the business of have intercourse Christy with her cannons in his face, eh You better believe that he have intercourses her, right then and there. And Christy is always down to have intercourse and she gives him everything she\'s got, from a sloppy BJ to letting him cream her natural tits. And just between us...doesn\'t Christy look have intercourse hot when she is mounted and speared on a penish Yeah, we thought so, too. Christy is the hottest magazine subscription seller we\'ve ever seen, we\'ll tell you that much.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Felicia\'s arse Of course I love anal! Wouldn\'t it be a shame if an buttholeed like mine didn\'t get fuck asked Felicia Clover. What a voluminous attitude. And Felicia didn\'t just say it, she lived it and did it on-camera.Her fuck-buddy of the day had a real handful. We gotta say, we were jealous of this fuck. Do you know how rough it is to find a girl like this I can\'t wear short shorts because my buttholeed falls out of the anus and also comes out of the top, Miss Clover told us. I think that my buttholeed looks lovely in mostly anything I put on, but boy shorts are very comfortable. I like them. I like the lacy kind, but I also like the ones that are pleasant and cotton. Felicia\'s rounded 43-inch butthole gets the royal treatment in this scene. Squeezed, rubbed, butt-plugged and fuck.I am a freak when it comes to sex! One of my fantasies is to make my own version of a backroom casting couch. I love sex. I love rough pounding and oral. Missionary is one of my favorite positions when my partner is going super-deep and rough. I like threesomes with a guy and a girl but I have to be into the girl.See More of Felicia Clover at XLGIRLS.COM!. Katie\'s morning ritual--part two It\'s a rare event to be granted special access to that most secret of feminine temples of beauty, the bathroom, where girls turn themselves into total glamour babes, if they are fortunate enough to start out with the basics of face and figure. And no one has more of the basics of face and figure than Katie Thornton.In part two of Katie\'s Morning Ritual, SCORE covergirl Katie does her hair, her toes, her makeup and chooses what she\'s going to wear to lay waste to any guy in Miami who sees her. Once she\'s dressed in her tight outfit and is ready to rock, Katie heads out to wine, dine and party before she flies off to wherever her wanderlust takes her. She is total British eye-candy, pleasant and saucy. See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Nice normal girl Pleasant Normal Girl I\'m a appealing normal girl, 20-year-old Seattle native Ivy told us. I mean, I\'ve got some secrets, but who doesn\'tThat intrigued us, so we pressed Ivy to give us some details.I\'ve got a lot of...odd fetishes. I\'m into daddy/daughter play. I like using mouth gags. I\'m a considerable fan of light choking, light spanking, biting, and stuff like that. I love watching gangbang porn, and I\'d like to participate in a gangbang someday. One time, I had a threesome with another girl and a dude. The guy and I spent the entire time dominating this little servient girl. I got such a power rush from it.We asked Ivy how many times she came from dominating that girl.I didn\'t ejaculate during the threesome, but I came later that night when I played with my toy. I use vibrators a lot because it\'s really rough to make me ejaculate any other way. I usually have to use an insertable toy and a Hitachi in order to push myself over the edge.See More of Ivy at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Shara p o v Shara Lopez is waiting for you in bed. The Colombian sex bomb put on some new exciting lingerie and got under the covers, then got drowsy waiting for you to come into the bedroom. Better late than never, especially in this situation.Shara\'s eyes open when you walk in. She pulls back the covers to show daddy the candy she has for you and kneels on the bed. She\'ll need your assistance in taking off her bra and panties.Your hands reach out to touch her considerable boobs and pull off her thong panties when she turns to show you her perfect ass. Come, baby, Shara sweetly says. Now you are boob drunk. She pulls off your jeans so she can grip your dick and worship it with her tender lips, gulp and licking it like a lollipop while she stares at you. What a mouth. Deliciosa, Shara purrs, squeezing your bloated shaft between her soft tetas. Shara wants to ride. She wants to feel dick going in and out of her pussy. She squats over you and guides your bone all the way inside her. She begins to bounce faster and faster, her breasts flying. She makes that cumshot face as she pounds your dick. You will give Shara the epic sex she deserves. See More of Shara Lopez at SCORELAND.COM!. Double header Double Header Camille Morgan appeared twice on the reality dating show Elimidate. She did two episodes, the regular one, which she won, and a celebrity Elimidate. Camille worked as a bus driver for six months. It\'s true. Greyhound was hiring, Camille told us. So I went, and I got hired, and I went to Richmond, Virginia for a month and trained every day. I had to take tests every day. It was one of the hardest things I\'ve ever done. The passengers didn\'t really trust me. They were like, \'Who\'s the bus driver\' and I\'d say, \'I am,\' and they\'d say, \'Is anybody else orgasm with you\' and I\'d say, \'No.\' And they\'d be like, \'Are you sure you\'re old enough to drive\' So they really didn\'t trust me, and they\'d sit the whole ride and watch me and make sure everything was alright. I\'m boring! Camille claimed. Boring We found this statement impossible to believe. I masturbate sometimes. I just massage myself and rub my breasts. I usually don\'t use toys. I\'ve never had a sex fling with another girl. When I first posed for SCORE, I hadn\'t had sex with a man in six months. A friend told me about SCORE, and we went to the website, and I saw the video with Gianna talking about what SCORE does. Camille made a lot of rap videos before she got into nude modeling. I was a model in the background. I wasn\'t getting paid enough. It\'s like nine hours of work and you get paid like two, three hundred bucks. It\'s not worth it, so I just said the heck with it and concentrated on school.Camille is the classic example of a model who did solos only and then a few years later, changed her mind about hardcore. It was also a surprise that she agreed to make love two guys in a threesome. Her explanation before her XXX scenes was, Before, I wasn\'t into it. I\'m a procrastinator. All good things come to those who wait. Not always but many times. Camille is the proof. See More of Camille Morgan at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Xxx anatomy rub XXX body Rub Why can\'t there be more big-busted masseuses in the world like Nila (pronounced Nee-La) Mason It\'s enough to make a grown man cry himself to sleep over this shortage of hands-on sweater-shredders.Steve is Nila\'s next client. They don\'t speak the same language but who cares Nila\'s body language is the only language that\'s important. She tells Steve to undress and checks him out, eyeing him like a slab of meat, and her facial expressions say it all. Nila starts on Steve\'s back, then gets busy on his chest. Her tits hover over his face and the view is spectacular. Nila was quite a find for XL Girls. The more she leans over to rub, the more his face is covered by her big knockers.Of course, Steve gets an immediate boner from her soft hands, lovely scent and spectacular looks. He reaches out for her tits and Nila releases them from her bra so he can sucks her nubile nipples. She pulls on his dick with a talented touch.Nila gets down to her panties, her bra pulled under her boobs, and oils her magnificent mounds and his stiffie. She strokes him by hand and climbs on top to give him her variation of an oily roller party, rubbing his penish between her tits. She inches up a little more, strips off her oily panties and guides him into her waiting pussy. A happy ending to this excellent massage is coming.See More of Nila Mason at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The girl don quixote dreamt about The Girl Don Quixote Dreamt About When Dulcinea first knocked everyone out at XL Girls, she was a newcomer to modeling. I\'ve never done any homemade videos or anything, Dulcinea told us. However, she\'d had sex in front of other people. I\'ve had threesomes and foursomes, so those times there have been a lot of people in the same room. But I\'ve also been to a sex club where they have play rooms.Now Dulcinea is back and this time she\'s at SCORELAND. We talked about this changeover.SCORELAND: Dulcinea, you started out as an XL Girl. We didn\'t see you again for over a year until you contacted the studio. Now you\'ve transitioned to SCORELAND. That\'s unusual. Tells us about that.Dulcinea: Honestly, I\'m totally freaking out! Being on SCORELAND has been a huge goal of mine since I was first in the studio. In fact, when I was there before, I met Mia Khalifa and I was obsessed with her. How could you not be, right She even let me touch her tits! I kept checking the website for her scenes and saw more and more sophisticated women. Once I found Micky Bells and saw that she had crossed over, I was completely committed. Don\'t get me wrong. I loved being in XL Girls and I think I was just as lustful as a plumper, but there was something about being a SCORE Girl that I just couldn\'t shake. Then, late last year, I got super-motivated. I promised myself I\'d get healthier and, as a result, I lost over 50 pounds! I\'m buying clothes in sizes I didn\'t even know existed and I feel so much sexier. Men...and women...notice me everywhere I go, which is new for me. With my newfound confidence, I tease and flirt, which just drives people crazy. I love all of the attention! To be on SCORELAND is literally a dream come true! Also, it\'s going to make for an excellent pickup line.SCORELAND: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it beDulcinea: I Look Better NakedSCORELAND: Well, you look charming big dressed too.See More of Dulcinea at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Mirror games Mirror games Cat Bangles plays with herself and uses a mirror to heighten her enjoyment by watching her fingers dip into her vagina. I\'d have liked to have seen her stand over the mirror naked and explore her holes like she did in the photo set of this video.If for some unfathomable reason Cat can\'t get a dude to take care of her needs, she\'ll do it herself.I like to wank on a daily basis, Cat said. I use toys and I like shower heads. I smack my vagina, too. It just wakes it up. I have my clit pierced, and it feels really lovely when I smack it a little. It\'s like getting my vagina ready for the dick. You just smack my vagina then you slide your dick right in.Cat loves her large tits. That\'s fortunate for us or she wouldn\'t be here. Consider yourself very lucky.I can\'t see my feet if I\'m standing straight up. I have to bend over. And I love to bend over. I was a late bloomer. I didn\'t get these bad girls until I was about 18. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had large tits and charming little bodies and bootys, and I still wasn\'t there yet. But when my tits came in, they just blew up. People would tell me that I had a good face and things like that, but my anatomy didn\'t really come in until later on. My tits grew in all at once and then my booty did, too. Now I just love being naked whenever I can.I\'ll tell you something else I like and especially respect about Cat. She didn\'t start at SCORE, pick up experience and then run off the first chance she got to shoot for everyone waving a check. So far, she\'s only shot for SCORELAND and now XL Girls. Sure, it\'s a free country and Cat can do whatever she wants. I just appreciate loyalty in a hottie. See More of Cat Bangles at SCORELAND2.COM!. Red shoe sexbomb Red Shoe Sexbomb Can you tell what a girl\'s personality is like by the kind of shoes she wears Some psychologists claim they can. It\'s not rocket science when the girl is a porn star and an uninhibited, exciting extrovert with a lot of self-confidence like Patty Michova. Patty\'s red stiletto heels in this video are a perfect match for a randy girl who loves new experiences, especially ultra-sexual experiences. I like cruel sex, an animated Patty said. Not too much kissing, not so much romance. When it comes time for sex with me, a guy will know it, because I like to decide when it will happen.Patty does do something that we\'d have never guessed. Sometimes she likes to get on those mechanical rides for little kids that are found in front of supermarkets, pop a few coins in and jiggle away. Not dressed like this and wearing red pumps. Maybe we should follow Patty with a camera the next time she goes food shopping. See More of Patty Michova at SCORELAND.COM!. Boobs on top Tits On Top London Andrews beckons you closer. What man could resist her She wants you to spray her with oil and hands you the bottle. Her tits glisten and shine. Give them a squeeze, London cheerfully asks you. Can you imagine fuck these You can ride my tits. They\'re all lubed up for you. You wanna ride \'em The brunette\'s slippery tits make sliding between them a delight. She climbs on top of you and applies more tit-pressure, holding the base of your tool steady with one hand. The feeling and sensation of her breast-skin on your tool is the greatest. You both need to fuck. She pulls off her dress. Your eyes drink in London\'s pleasant body. She mounts you and now your tool is being ridden violent by this beauty. She wants to gulp and lick your tool so she pops your throbbing tool out of her cunt and goes down on it, tasting her cunt juices on it. After she\'s had her second helping of man-meat in her mouth, London gets on her back so you can see her tits bounce, wobble, quake and splay as you fuck her in missionary position. The sight of this, your tool in her, is the most powerful excited in the world. She stares at you and begs for more thrusting. You plunge in her until she\'s satisfied. She grabs your tool again to gulp and jack. What a fantastic sex partner London Andrews is. It\'s only a matter of seconds before you launch a load of goo that shellacs her tits like that oil did. See More of London Andrews at SCORELAND.COM!. Carry on nurse A tiny girl who walks and talks softly and carries cute great boobs, Joana is one of the more quiet SCORE and busty Girls. It\'s not that she\'s shy. Joana would rather let her anatomy do all the communicating over the past ten years. There\'s not one inch of her that\'s not 100% sexy. We hope to get more interviews with Joana in the future and learn even more about her.As a hot fantasy nurse, Joana fills the prescription. No boner pills are needed with a girl like this. All Joana needs to do is get naked. She loves the camera and the camera loves her.Joana has only gotten sexier and shapelier over the years. She\'s never lost her enthusiasm or interest. What\'s her secret Maybe it\'s her yoga practices, vegan diet or her happy and ethereal personality. Joana may change her hair color at times but her breasts remain full, heavy, suckable and ripe without sag or droop and she keeps her figure toned yet supple and curvy. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. 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